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92.75% The Theory of Nihility: Chaos and Creation / Chapter 63: Class Zero - Part 3

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Chapter 63: Class Zero - Part 3

A hint of nostalgia showed on current Asura Ryuu's face as he walked among the group and recalled those glorious scenes of his old life. It would be a lie to say that he didn't miss his old world but the reason why he did so is only because the psychological gain of his last Trial of Samsara - his last life was something that couldn't easily be suppressed by the potential of this new world.

Asura Ryuu was a born leader in his every life. Even now, he felt that his future would be one of a very huge responsibility that might even be heavier than the one he held in his last life on Earth.

At this moment, a wave of pain came from his forehead, followed by a burning feeling. When his attention returned to his current self, he noticed the cylindrical object falling down after having brough the pain he felt. It was something made of Spirit Energy, hence it immediately disappeared after hitting him, not leaving any time for Asura Ryuu to clearly see what it was.

Xun Feng: "Oy, you brat!"

Asura Ryuu suddenly realized that he probably did something he shouldn't have while daydreaming.

His eyes stared at the old man who was full of anger, but when their eyes met, the anger in the old man's eyes subconsciously lessened to irritation. The cause was naturally Asura Ryuu's own powerful Spirit Power that silently suppressed the old man's mind.

Xun Feng: "Did you hear what I said?"

Asura Ryuu's mind flashed and a bunch of events that happened while he was daydreaming came pouring into his mind like a wave. The cause of this was none other than the girl in his Divine World sharing the same fate as him. Even if he didn't pay attention, she would naturally feel everything the way he did, and that included his senses.

Asura Ryuu calmly replied: "Naturally."

Xun Feng: "Then explain what I was talking about all this time."

"Hmph! Stinky brat. I will show you that you can't ignore elders just because you have a bit of talent. Kids these days surely are an arrogant bunch.", Xun Feng thought.

Asura Ryuu could vaguely make out the old man's thoughts and smiled. He didn't blame the old man because it truly was his fault for wandering off like that when someone else was speaking. He should at least have paid attention out of respect for the elder person if nothing else. But he was at the same time feeling sorry for the old man because he was just about to lose his face.

Asura Ryuu: "Esteemed Elder was explaining the conclusion that has been reached at the yesterday's Conference and the future of our Class Zero. Our class is different than others and it didn't receive much support because none of the other Elders are confident enough in us to pour enormous resources that the esteemed Elder Xun and esteemed Elder Lan have requested for us. That is why we will only get the doubled resources of other classes until the first test in a month's time after which the future of our class will be discussed again."

Xun Feng's self-satisfied expression turned dim when he heard the detailed explanation coming from Asura Ryuu. The thing that annoyed him the most is the detail to which Asura Ryuu repeated everything that he had said, even the tone of voice and fluctuations in it were the same as when he was speaking. It's as if someone else completely imitated him from a moment ago.

Not wanting to give up just like that, Xun Feng snorted and asked for another explanation.

Xun Feng: "Hmph! What else?"

Asura Ryuu scratched his head with embarrassment because he obviously felt Xun Feng's dissatisfaction with himself. Losing face to a six-year-old isn't very comfortable. But still he couldn't back down. His own pride would never allow himself to go against his own way of doing things.

Asura Ryuu: "The way how our classes have been planned out is like this; The first day of every Nine-Day-Cycle will be theoretical knowledge. The second day is reserved for practical knowledge. The third day will be the combat classes. The fourth day is a free day where we can rest and the following five days are reserved for optional classes that we choose afterwards as well as the academic activities."

Asura Ryuu was satisfied that he came to know about this world a little more. From what he understood, the week's days on this planet cycled in an order of nine instead of seven. That means the rule of Earth's week which had seven days didn't apply here. This world surely had an even more complex way of calculating time than Earth, but Asura Ryuu still only knew about the Nine-Day-Cycle, which was equivalent to a week on Earth. Sadly, he didn't even know how it was called here. But he was sure that it wasn't called a week.

The thing that troubled Asura Ryuu was that he didn't know why would the years here be counted the same way as on Earth, even though the week and the duration of each day was vastly different.

One day here was one week on Earth.

Nine-Day-Cycle actually meant nine days according to this world's law, and that made for the nine weeks on earth. That meant that every Nine-Day-Cycle would actually be two months and seven days on Earth!

According to these calculations, each day they had in this academy would mean 7 Earth's days of length, and that meant 7 Earth's days of doing one and the same topic in a single sitting.

Changed for Earth, the class arrangement would be like this:

7 Days Theoretical Knowledge

7 Days Practical Knowledge

7 Days Combat

7 Days Rest

35 Days of Optional classes and extra activities

At the thought of this, Asura Ryuu suddenly felt his stomach twist.

He wasn't a big fan of going to school because Earth's education system was kind of ... yikes.

He could only hope that this world was different and give it his all to survive in these conditions.

But then again, he was curious as to what choices will there be for optional classes.

Noticing that his mind wandered off again, Asura Ryuu's cheeks turned rosy, which Xun Feng interpreted as Asura Ryuu being ashamed because he was questioned and caused the old man to lose his face. Thinking that Asura Ryuu's embarrassment was caused by respect for him, Xun Feng suddenly felt a lot better.

Xun Feng: "Very good! Next time pay attention when someone is speaking, even if you don't like it. That's what we call respect, understood?"

Asura Ryuu raised his voice a bit and replied: "Yes, Elder!"

Seeing a military-like stature of the little kid, Xun Feng's eyes shone with excitement. Each time Asura Ryuu did something that caused him to appear more mature than his age, Xun Feng felt even more content about the choice of his disciple. The only problem that weighed on Xun Feng's mind was whether Asura Ryuu would accept his offer to become his disciple. If he denied... where would the old man put his face?

Xun Feng dispelled these worrisome thoughts and said: "We're here."

The group passed through the big doors above which hung the sign 'Class Zero' and came into an empty purple-colored room made of stones that only had 26 soft mattresses on the floor. Seeing the difference between this room and the classroom in his past life, Asura Ryuu's happiness vanished and a disappointed expression overflowed on his face.

It was not only him. The others were all more or less disappointed to see that they were basically given a basement with 26 mattresses to sit on as their classroom.

Lan Yao saw the disappointment on their faces, and her strangely attractive voice resounded after all this time of staying silent: "Are you disappointed that your classroom isn't what you expected?"

The Princess having been brought up in much better conditions naturally objected to such treatment and was the first one to agree.

Seeing her pouting face, Lan Yao smiled and patted her gently on the head.

Lan Yao: "It may not seem like it, but this classroom is actually the peak of the technology of our Academy."

Asura Ryuu's brows furrowed as he glanced once again at the purple stones the classroom was made of, but after not noticing anything strange, he gave up. In any case, they would soon find out why it was a 'top-notch' classroom, even though it was practically a basement with no windows. The only plus side is that the air was somehow still refreshing and pleasant, which usually isn't the case with closed rooms. However, except for Asura Ryuu and Asura Tenka, no other kid noticed this strange occurrence. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lan Yao and Xun Feng sat down on the two mattresses at the furthest place, facing the kids, and said in unison: "Welcome to the Class Zero - The Class of Monsters!"

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