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Chapter 23: Escaping depression & You are Mine - The Transmigrated Novelist - Chapter 23 by crazy_immortal full book limited free

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Escaping depression & You are Mine

It was needless to say that the barbarian beauty thought that she was going to be their food the next moment.

After all, one of these beasts was already too much for her, and right now she was facing 12 of them, her chances of her escaping with her life were infinitely close to zero, to not say zero.

Only a miracle would save her from this new tragedy looming over her head, making her situation from bad to worse.

Unconsciously as she was afraid she started moving closer to Roy, more than a feeling of security, it was a feeling of approaching some who would suffer the same fate.

The worst part about this situation was the fact that those damn beasts were approaching her slowly, without any kind of killing intent or anything like that.

In fact, more than full of killing intent they seemed worried. Why the hell would beasts like them feel worried in front of her, and this white devil, it didn't make any sense.

Even though it seemed like there was nothing she could do, she didn't want to go down without a fight, as she turned towards Roy and screamed,

"Man up! I don't know what is wrong with you, but we have to fight for our lives right now!"

All this time Roy had been thinking about what he had just done, while it seemed simple talking about it, taking a human life was really taxing mentally.

Right now, he felt like he had just committed one of the biggest crimes of his life, and was even questioning his life after this.

He had decided to reach the peak of the food chain and was prepared to do whatever he had to in order to achieve it.

But now after he had just taken his first human life he was seriously doubting, and questioning his reasoning, doings, and his future.

Was it really okay for him to do what he had just done? He had taken a human life, after all, these guys could have parents, kids, wives, siblings.

He had affected so many people's lives with just one action of his, and he had done that pretty easily, and knowingly.

Even though he didn't know this guy would die so easily, he had still willingly hit him on the head. So, he had sort of caused the guy's death willingly.

If this was still on Earth, then he would get convicted for many years, as he had just committed murder in cold blood.

He had become a murderer now! He would never be the same again. His life would never be the same again.

Slowly he was falling into depression, as the only thing he could do was vomit and get disgusted at himself, it wasn't something easy to accept.

He had just killed somebody with his bare hands!

As he was slowly drifting to his depressive state, he felt the shaking and the loud voice of the barbarian lady.

He would have never expected that in his lowest moment, the one to help him would be precisely this woman.

Her words didn't carry any meaning, but he was able to get out of that gloomy attitude really easily. This wasn't Earth anymore, and this wasn't the old him anymore.

Whether he liked it or not, he was a new Roy, one who had the memories of three people altogether.

A new Roy that had taken over the body of a prince in the Illyrian Empire, in a new world. A world of magic power, strength, and fantasy.

He had decided to make the most out of this new opportunity he had, as he wanted to reach the peak of the food chain, and then look at the universe from a different perspective.

Such a gloomy attitude shouldn't be part of his life, after all, even if they accepted him or not, he had a new family in this world.

Those would most certainly want for him to grow strong and happy, they had even sacrificed their lives for him.

He couldn't allow himself to fall into a depression like this. He had truly taken a human life for the first time, but was that guy anything good?

No, he was a scum who was about to **** a woman, even if she was a forest barbarian she was still a woman.

Furthermore, he had already decided on his goal for the future, and he had no plans of changing it. But to fulfill his goals he would have to step on many people and kill many more.

This was just the first of the many, while he still felt disgusted with himself about what had just happened, he slowly started to accept the reality.

Since he had decided to become the carp that jumped from the river to become a dragon in this new him, then he would have to do his part.

There were no vegetarian dragons out there, and most certainly no vegetarian dragon would be at the top of the food chain.

Most of his thoughts didn't seem to make any connection, as his mind was jumping from one place to the other, where he could feel better about himself, but it was still a good start.

It was at this moment that he finally cleared a big part of his mind, and took a deep breath in order to calm his palpitating heart.

Finally, colors returned to the world in front of him, and he was finally able to feel a bit better about himself.

But as he was thinking like that, and getting relieved, and better, the barbarian woman seemed to be on the end of her ropes.

These damned beasts weren't attacking, they were just slowly approaching at first and then stopped almost immediately.

Sitting around her, and taking care of their fur, or resting on the ground. Just what the hell was going on there?

She had no idea whatsoever what these beasts were thinking to do. Or why they hadn't already jumped onto her.

At this moment, Roy who was behind her finally managed to open and say, even though in a kind of agitated, and emotional voice,

"Thank you! Don't worry they won't hurt you! Even though they look cruel they are quite obedient."

The barbarian lady was clearly startled at Roy's voice and then shocked at his words. She heard them, and she could make a meaning out of them, it was just that the meaning was unbelievable.

Their tribe had more than a few animals in their area, as they were needed for the food, or their fur, or their products, but they never had even thought of having a titanic cat, or a sharp-toothed wolf in there.

After all, it should be impossible to be able to raise these things and even more to make them obey every wish, and order that one had.

These were called beasts for a reason! And yet right now in front of her, she was looking at 12 beasts resting there, and obedient to none other than a white devil.

For a moment she thought that perhaps she was inside some kind of illusion, or some kind of dream because this shouldn't be possible.

Thinking like that, she bit her lip as strongly as she could in order to feel the pain, but the scene in front of her didn't change. It was still the same.

The 12 beasts were resting in there, while Roy was looking at her with a grateful, and lusty look. It was only now that she realized his look, as she felt a bit afraid of it.

Seeing her act like that, Roy managed to contain his look a bit, as he said,

"I am not going to beat around the bush. I know that barbarians respect the strong, and obey them if they are defeated, and I am stronger than you!

I saved you from those guys not because I pitied you or your state, I saved you because I wanted you for myself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

From now on, you are my woman, my thing, my possession. If I tell you to go left you won't even think of going right, if I tell you to undress you won't even think of being ashamed!

If you aren't convinced, then you can try and fight me, but I won't show any mercy!

Are we clear!?"

The barbarian lady was most certainly stupefied, after all, this just made her situation even worse. She had fallen from rain into hail.

The only difference was that now she wouldn't belong to those three scums, but to a white devil, and she wasn't able to even differentiate which was worse.

She didn't want to, she wasn't willing to, but she had no other choice. The truth was that she found him attractive, especially after beating one of those guys to a pulp, and killed another.

As for his strength, she had seen with her own eyes him taking down the trio that managed to defeat even her father, so her chances were zero.

But she still didn't want to be this white devil's possession just like that. Her whole tribe would hate her for doing that, and her father would most certainly disown her.

Her life seemed really difficult and complicated right now. It was like a damn rollercoaster, moving at high speed, and making her feel like she would fall and die in every corner.

Did she really had to give herself to Roy, and accept her fate just like that?

As she was thinking like that, suddenly the beasts around her seemed to have noticed something, and then looked at Roy, who made a sign for them to leave the place.

The next moment they had totally disappeared from there, as finally she was able to hear some loud shouts, and screaming in her own language.

These were the warriors of her tribe…

crazy_immortal crazy_immortal

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