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There’s No Love In the Deathzone (BL) Original

There’s No Love In the Deathzone (BL)

LGBT+ 517 Chapters 1.2M Views
Author: Aerlev

4.82 (32 ratings)

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Zein was a rogue Guide living in the god-forsaken land of the red-zone, guiding for money and survival. Until the guild he used to work with caused a tragedy. Driven by sorrow and guilt, Zein became a mercenary guide in the land bordering the forbidden Deathzone, working like a suicidal monk. One day, an overbearing Esper suddenly appeared and told him, “If you’re so hellbent to die, why don’t you come with me to the Deathzone?”

A strange proposition, a nostalgic smirk. Had Zein actually met him before?

Following the man into the deadly zone, will Zein find the respite he seeks, or will he get engulfed in a storm?

But there’s no such thing as love in the deathzone...is it?

* * *

The story is set in a sentinel-verse, so there will be:
- Sentinel (Esper) and Guide
- Dungeon!
- Romance
- Action
- …smut? ;)

It’s a (kinda) love story wrapped in dungeon system shenanigans, with abilities and action and whatnot

No One 17 and Under Admitted


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    I love the writing and I recommend it bruh read it no regrets

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    All star review, one of the best written books I’ve read on this platform with mature understanding of emotions and human psyche. Proper world building in balance with the plot moving forward 😳 Totally recommend for everyone!

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    Well written and the world is very interesting. This is the first time I have come across this type of apocalyptic world setting. The main characters are well written, and I enjoy their personalities. The supporting characters have just enough to like them to, and the balance is great. I am already hooked on the story with the right amount of information at the right pace to move the story along and keep your interest. Really good, don't pass it up.

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    Well written story with a world that has plenty of potential, characters that are memorable and so well written it feels like they are real. Only fault I can find is that I am now addicted to it and need more updates.

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    The story is very nice and I like the writing style[img=recommend]

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    I really love this book I get excited when there is An update

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    This book is a gem in everything, plot, character development, world building and so forth and so on. There is nothing that I can add more that has not been already told by others. Just start reading and you will find yourself living with it.

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    LV 13 Badge

    very well described, without redundant words and periods, with well designed characters. As a lover of sci-fi' book since my childhood I have greatly appreciated the plot.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Okay, as someone who is obsessed currently with the concept of Esper and Guide, I can say without a doubt, this is a fantastic read. I have enjoyed every second of reading (even if the moment hurt), and the way the plot has developed has been wonderful. The groundwork put into place before reveals has been beautiful. It is truly a well writen story, even with a spelling mistake here and there. I feel like I could gush more, but I also don’t want to reveal any spoilers. I don’t normally write reviews for books I’ve read, but as someone who has enjoyed not only this work, but the author’s other work as well, I felt the need to. Thank you so much for putting this story out there. I have enjoyed it immensely, and will continue to until the end.

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    Absolutely love these characters and this world. Some grammar issues but easily overlooked. The pace for character development and the romance is perfect so far. I don’t feel over frustrated nor like it’s rushing to and endgame. Hope this story goes on for awhile. Love and thanks author!🖤👾 PS. My brain keeps reading the title as “No Love in the BLzone” (DEATH)

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    I really love love love loooove this book , its so well written and I can imagine it really well I'm on chapter 52 and I can't wait to finish this off because it's so good and I recommend this

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    LV 12 Badge

    Can anyone tell me if the MC is the top or the bottom? Hate when i get into the story and BAM another bottom MC what a shocker.

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    This book is so unique and well put together I love it so much 😩🔥

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    I'm loving this story so much love all characters. I love seeing the character development.

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    This novel is way better than great, l recommend you read it.

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    I am obsessed with this story, can’t stop thinking about 10/10

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    I may be a little early to add a review (I'm at ch 54) but I just can't help it. tbh it's hard to find any good stories and when I saw this I was like "mehh let's gave it a try" AND when I started I just couldn't stop, everything is just so perfect d( ̄◇ ̄)b💯 the writing style, character design, world design, story development, their interactions, chapter size and many many more that I don't know how to say😅. the grammar to, I haven't found any grammatical mistakes so far and I'm so happy😊 I won't spoil anything so just know that this story is just 😍🤩😻😩😳🤤🥵💯✨👌👀💖👑👑👑 this is my first ever review on a story so I hope it's not that bad and dear author you are my favorite of all♡

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    Beautiful read, binge read the free chapters in one day 😍

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    I want it in a paper book 🥰😍. It is soooo worth of your time to start reading it and immers yourself in the deadzone world.

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    Love the characters and the way the story is developing. There are many grammatical mistakes throughout which can be distracting whilst reading, however it’s still entertaining enough to want to persist. Overall, very enjoyable read so far.

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    Author Aerlev