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TOP SECRET - Adventures in the Dark Continent TOP SECRET - Adventures in the Dark Continent original

TOP SECRET - Adventures in the Dark Continent

Author: _chomps

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"Hey!!! Will you be able to take another round? " A young man looking 23 or 24 asked while holding a glass of beer.

"Let's drink more !!!! This is our university graduation night !!! " A young woman commented. She was also holding a glass of beer and rocking from side to side. She was already drunk.

"We are going to drink a few more rounds. Barman, can you bring us another round?" Another young man replied. He lifted the empty glass and asked for another round.

"It's coming soon" The barman saw the glass raised and went to get more beer.

"This is the happiest day of our lives !!! We finally finished college and graduated"

"Yes. After today, each of us will have our own jobs "

"Were you accepted in your work?"

"I passed the company's tests and was officially hired"

"I had some problems with my supervisor, but my uncle is the general manager of the company. So there should be no problems "

"It must be great to have a relative within the company to receive a recommendation"

"Hehe ... I'm just lucky"

"What are you going to do from now? I am thinking of traveling a bit to rest "

"I am thinking of going home and visiting my parents. My work only starts next week "

"I need to work tomorrow. The company is being very demanding with newbies"

"Work hard"

"Dear customers, here are the beers" The barman arrived with three more large glasses of beer.

"A cheers to our graduation !!!" The three young people cheer each other before drinking the glass in one go.

Tring… Tring… Tring…

The bar was full of university graduates. The dream of all of them was finally fulfilled. The graduation.

Tonight was the day to drink until they forget their name.

The group continued drinking until they didn't know what time it was. Thus, they could only take a taxi or go to a hotel to sleep in.

The next day…

Inside a hotel room next to the bar…

A young man opened his eyes slowly. He suddenly felt a great headache.

"Ahhh… What happened? Why is my head hurting so much? " The young man shook his head because of the pain. His blurred vision was clear seconds later.

"Hmm ..." The young man put his hand to the side and felt something soft. In the same instant, he heard a seductive moan.

"!!!!!!!!" The young man tensed when he heard the moan. He swallowed some saliva and looked to the side.

(A beautiful girl !!!!!!!) The young man shouted mentally.

He never saw this girl before, but she was very beautiful. Although her body was not sexy and hot, she was beautiful and refined with the right proportions for each part of her body.

Squeeze… Squeeze…

The young man pressed a few more times to make sure what he was seeing was real.

"Hmmm ..." The girl beside him moaned again. She was taking pleasure in his touches.

(What is happening ??? !!!!!!!!!!! What did I do last night ????? !!!!) The young man was shocked by this sudden event.

Last night's scenes started to pop into his mind.

(I remember I was drinking beer at the bar with my friends until I almost passed out. After we decided to leave, I was walking alone looking for a hotel to spend the night. What happened in that alley ?? I remember that I was walking through a dark alley and some people were wearing black clothes and hats talking. When they saw me, I passed out. Ahhh ...) The young man tried to remember things from last night, but soon after, he felt a headache.

(This pain ... It seems that someone hit me very hard yesterday) The young man was in pain because of a blow.

"Did you woke up?" The beautiful young woman opened her eyes, they were beautiful and look like two shiny gems. She stood up and stretched out her arms.

"Who are you?" The young man did not know what was happening and how it happened.

"Have you already forgotten? Our night was quite wild. I didn't imagine that a thin person like you would be so willing, even though you were so drunk" The young woman did not seem to care about the young man's words, but she spoke resentfully and coquettishly. It looked like she was completely satisfied after a long and wild night.

"..." The young man did not comment on her words and was silent.

"You don't have to worry about what happened last night. What happened, has already happened. Besides, we have a few hours before we part ways. Ohh... It looks like you are ready again" The young woman looked coquettishly towards the young man. 

"What are you doing?" The young man felt great pleasure when the young woman starts her service. He even closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure he was receiving.

"I'm doing what I was paid to do." The young woman said before opening her mouth. 

"Hmmm ..." The young man was feeling like he was in heaven, he couldn't take a minute of pleasure before he exploded.

"Thank you for the meal" The young woman licked her lips. 

"It tastes as good as it did last night. Do you want to continue? We still have three more hours to go. "The young woman looked at a watch and commented. She makes it look like she was a call girl paid by the young man for pleasure.

"Did I pay you to spend the night with me?" The young man did not remember doing such a thing.

"Your friends who paid me. You don't have to worry about that. Just enjoy the time until the end." The young woman whispered in the young man's ears.

She stood up and her body was fully shown.

"Beautiful" The young man couldn't help but praise. He had never seen such a beautiful girl in person.

"I'm happy for the compliment" 

"Let's enjoy this precious time" The young woman whispered in the young man's ear before kissing his lips. 

"Yes ..." The young man's eyes suddenly became lifeless. He looked hypnotized or something else. 

The pair did activities for three hours before stoped.

Three hours later...

"What's happening?" The young man felt like he was being carried by something or someone. But he didn't know what it was.

His vision was blurred and he couldn't see anything.

"It looks like he's still conscious" A distorted voice was heard.

"This is interesting ..." Another person commented.

"Who are you?" The young man did not know what was happening, he just knew that someone was talking about him.

"Sleep well" The young man felt two soft, sweet lips pressing against his lips. The young man closed his eyes and slept.

"Take him to the designated place."

"It looks like you had a very busy night. You even took it easy on him "

"I can only say that he was very good in bed. Do you want some too?"

"No, thank you. I don't want to be in the place of those who are devoured by you "

"Hehe ... I would love to meet another candidate like him in the future"

"I'm afraid this is going to be difficult"

"Let's go back. Transport will begin "


"I'm looking forward to seeing what he does there."

"Me too. Someone capable of satisfying you in bed is not just anybody "

"The Dark Continent. The Prison Continent. The place where sinners and unlucky are taken"

What happened to the young man? Why was he being carried on a stretcher somewhere?

The young woman, who was with him, seemed to be used to doing this kind of work. Who is she?

What will happen to the young man?

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