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TOP SECRET - Adventures in the Dark Continent

Fantasy 501 Chapters 1.4M Views
Author: _chomps

4.08 (28 ratings)

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After graduating from university, Liu Yang and his group of friends went to drink at a bar. The group drank until they couldn't take it anymore.

Liu Yang was so drunk that he didn't know how to get home, so he intended to rent a hotel room.

The next day, Liu Yang woke up inside a hotel room, beside him was a beautiful naked young woman. They were both naked.

After enjoying the remaining time with the young woman, Liu Yang passed out again. He only woke up several days later, this time, he was in a boat being taken somewhere strange.

The place he was being taken to was called the Dark Continent.



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DATE: 13/03/2021

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    Its quite good the start and all but the harem is too force they all wanna sleep with him even after just hearing about him if ure expecting some kind of romance there is none they just f*ck and they’re already together

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    The author start with a massive plot hole by saying no newbie lv 9 or lower can be killed by other no even indirectly but after that he simple ignore this and time an time again show low level people are killed

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    Good book love comeing from my friends I love it best book ever it's so good and I realized some people have amazingly great talent and books are cool.

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    Good. Love the mystery of it. That's all. I've read the other books of this author and I hope this novel won't disappoint like the rest of them

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    I mean wow. Character is an idiot and incompetend. Attributes make no sense. Writting quality is eh, not the worst but also miled from good. Writing style is jumpy and nonsensical. The rough idea of it is decent, but the execution is very lacking.

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    So i downloaded the webnovel app recently and this was the first book recommended for me to read and i read 40 chapters of it before making this review. - The translation/writing is okay, it's got a lot more grammatical and typos than average but it's not the absolute worst i've seen. - The story is a system + harem with *** scenes occurring at an average of every 2 chapters, plus the MC is noted in the beginning as having a really high libido which only gets worse as he becomes stronger. - What's actually nets this review a lower score, is the way everyone interacts with the MC. All the girls make him out to be a "protector of women's rights" when he constantly takes advantage of women as well. Everything else is okay i guess, but the story is still pretty much in the prologue 40 chapters in and the harem is already at 5 wives (who were all virgins even though one was the owner of a brothel apparently) and that's not including one night stands, "concubines" and a 15/16 year old child...

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    You set the bar high in the prologue, and it's intriguing and I have the feeling it would be unfolded supeeerrr slowly! Just don't do it much because readers will lost interest unless you have something spicy up in your sleeve LOL, good luck author! Thank you for sharing this story!

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    It is good keep going space out updates so people can catch up but also not to long or to quickly and done now to 140 letters.hrgrhrhhrhrhrr

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    I haven't read it but why is it called top secret adventures in the dark continent rather than with out the TOP SECRET. I don't understand so can someone clarify for me? As long is reasonable and not some like click bait or edge.

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    Well I been following Chomps work for a while now and this story seems to be a new idea. Magic realism seems the theme but not sure yet as is just beginning but for sure should be some game elements with the Tutorial still to be shown ehehe

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    A good story that shows the dark side of the world charismatic main character you root for him and I was very moved by the ending I eagerly await the continuation of the new story

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    greatly enjoyed reading this to completion. Seemed a little rushed to the end, but curious to see if the author will continue like he said

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    the least u can do on your own books is make sure u type right, stop switching he and her and pay attention nobody wants to read somethen like that

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    where to start... 1. to many plot holes in the first 10 chapters to even count. 2. pls do NOT use logic in any form while reading this book. Even basic abilities to function as a human are being thrown out of the window. 3. Bad writing quality, lots of words missing and no grammar program etc. was used to help the lacking vocabulary. 4. the MC is dumb as a brick, not sure how he functioned as a human being before but he appears to be incredible in bed 5. do not spend money on that book!!!

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    I Made it to chapter 36 i liked it but the harem was forced i feel like. All my man hade to do was have *** with them then they just were loyal and did whatever he said Like come on

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    a fucking gem [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    To be honest I read these novel to chapter 50 it's a good novel no doubt about it good background and easy to understand but the MC of the novel is perverted and the heram tag prove it in the novel you don't go for romantic them it's brutal world the stronger you are the more woman you get in starting the MC is mature but after few chapter he became to childish so that's it

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    Too excessive in exclamation lose the class and impact in words unlike some with the right flow of the story. Started with a bang then ended in a stretcher. Too narrative the story should tell itself

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    Author _chomps