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0.98% Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel / Chapter 1: Between two worlds
Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel original

Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel

Author: Warcry_Ayms

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Chapter 1: Between two worlds

So Mark Johnson was stuck within a weird three story building with a late Victorian design, he found many rooms that were labeled with a language he couldn't understand and couldn't open. He wandered around and found only the main bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and a weird door which led to a room that looked like it was a shop of a con artist selling voodoo items. As soon as he discovered the room he heard the weird voice inside his head again and a strange blue screen popped up in front of him.

[Host has discovered 'The Shop']

[Congratulations you have been awarded by a basic gift pack x1]

[Mission Issued: Where are you?]

[-Host must discover where you are and what or which worlds you can access.]

[Mission Rewards:]

[*Access to your Backyard (The Garden)]

[*Access to Front Door (Mission World: ########?)]

[*Time wallet will be opened]

[*Survivor Gift Pack]

[*Access to Points Shop]

[*Access to General Shop]

[*Limited Inventory access (2500/2500)]

[Mission Failure: Death]

[Time limit: 24 hours]

[Congratulations on your first mission, good luck Host and don't die]

"The Fuck is this?! Penalty is death?"

Mark then realized there were two entrances in that small shop that leads outside, he went to open one door and was greeted by a scene of a burglar shooting two adults and leaving a child crying. Mark instantly closed the door as he got scared he witnessed a crime happening.

"Nuh Ah, not looking! I'll look later after the killer is gone, sorry kid you're on your own."

Mark then opened the door on his right and saw a street that seemed quite familiar to him. He looked outside to see clearly and realized this was in Harlem, a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan New York.

"Shit I'm free!!"

Mark instantly ran outside feeling he was free from that imprisonment when he suddenly felt sluggish and couldn't take ten steps away from the door.


[Host is advised to stay in the nearby premises of the building. Host has no 'Time' yet to spend for the meantime.]

Mark cursed inside his head as he gave up, he remembered this so called System gave him a list of a few rules to abide by when he woke up in the main bedroom earlier. But as he was grumbling about he noticed that there was a mailbox in front of the shop, he looked around and saw the building he was staying on clearly. It didn't look out of place at all in the neighborhood, he got the newspaper near his door and was stunned immediately not because the date was in 1991 but the name of the newspaper.

"The Daily Bugle?"

Mark was stunned and immediately ran back inside to open it and saw the headline. 'Howard and Maria Stark Die in Car Accident'. Mark had a face of realization and ran back to open the other door slowly to peek only to see the police are already present in the scene of the crime and the boy is being cared for by a police man. He looked down to see scattered newspaper in the street and saw the name 'Gotham News'.


[Mission completed!]

[You are in DC and Marvel now kid! Now you understand why you should stay put in the shop!]


[*Access to your Backyard (The Garden)]

[*Access to Front Door (Mission World: The Old World)]

[*Time wallet is now open]

[*Survivor Gift Pack]

[*5x Bronze Chest]

[*1x Silver chest]

[*Access to Points Shop]

[*Access to General Shop]

[*Limited Inventory access (2500/2500)]

[Mission has been completed in record time, extra rewards has been given.]

Mark could only say two words when realization dawned upon him.

"I'm Fucked!"

[Two Months Later]

Mark Johnson sat in his shop alone looking at the goods displayed which was a random mix-up of various items. The place looked like a voodoo shop selling questionable goods but all of this was real and his shop only accepts fateful customers which were one of the rules besides not going out of the building. There were many rules he should abide by or else some form of punishment would be meted out like on his first day when he tried to walk outside the Marvel universe. When he got more than ten steps he was teleported inside the House and was given a painful punishment through electrocution.

It's been two months since he had stayed here and he had now finally accepted the truth of his situation. He's now stuck in a weird building which has access to two of his favorite worlds. Namely DC Universe and Marvel Universe, yet he couldn't wander about unless he 'earned' it said the system.

Since the first day he had developed a trauma towards wandering out, the punishment of his only lasted two minutes but it felt like ages for him. But he did figure something out just from the newspaper he had picked up.

All he has found out is that both worlds might be a mixture of the movie franchise and some elements from the comics. He realized he might not to spend a long time outside in case he gets the attention of various cosmic beings. Even when his system the 'Total War System' says that no singularity could detect host as long as he has some 'Time' in his pocket. Which there is none, if not those beings ever detects him then they might open him up because he was sure that he is something like an anomaly to those powerful beings.

Thankfully the not one of those beings hasn't noticed him yet if they too exist in this Universe, hopefully that the system could help him survive. He already opened the five bronze chests and was given five chests full of creepy items like dried severed hands, jar full of eyes, dusty leather scrolls and many more. At least he got at least two sets of medieval looking armor and three swords, a Zweihander, a short sword and a Claymore. So no 'anti-cosmic beings' items yet for him.

Not sure what he should do with those but it was really cool looking so he put them on display. From what the system said he could buy stuff with in the General Shop which could be purchased with money that he has earned (not given) and magical stuff in the Point Shop using something called 'System Points'. And he could only earn said points by doing missions in the so called 'The Old World'.

Mark was still not sure where that is or what kind of world it is but from what he could tell when he came out one month ago that it was in a medieval world and he was in a small town near Castle Rachard on a Dukedom called Mousillon. Not sure where that is but all he could tell was that he is in a place with Knights.

Thankfully he found some clothes in the Bedroom Cabinet which is composed of three sets of coats, waistcoats, and breeches. It also included a pair of silk stockings, a jabot, a linen or cotton shirt with decorative cuffs, and a cravat (a neckcloth).

Kind of what noblemen in the 18th Century wear, Mark walked around the city feeling posh about the get-up. Luckily he knew how to wear them because he had once worn a similar outfit during a reenactment of the French Revolution in his school. He was surprised by the courteous attitude of the people around him and how the knights even nodded in his direction when they trotted over. He frowned also seeing the difference in treatment towards those poorly dressed. The distinction was so obvious that this is a society of Peasantry and Nobility.

Mark put those thought behind his mind as he looked for places for general information. He then saw a tavern few blocks away and went in. Seeing the various people inside, he went straight to the bar and used a gold coin which he found in hundreds in the bronze chests. Thank fully the system registered them as currency and each coin was worth $100 when converted to General Shop currency. All he could find in the Tavern was weird information about some Lords recruiting some of the peasants in their army to provide reinforcement in the frontlines.

Rumors about various Lords going to battle to gain more land, Kings, Queens, even something called Bestial Warlords wandering about and some talk about Dukedoms planning to rise to the throne. Great this means that some Game of Thrones drama is gonna happen about some legitimacy mumbo jumbo. Also he also heard about the neglect the Nobles in maintaining the Dukedom, Mark didn't hear much because he went out not staying in the tavern any longer.

Mark was unsure of his presence here would warrant weird looks from the local nobles but at least none have questioned him yet. But he did feel the weird gazes of the poorly dressed people, he wasn't sure what some of those expression were but he knew one of them very clearly, Greed. It seems the neighborhood is not entirely safe, at least dressing up as a noble gave him some sort of protection.

The gazes of the bartender when he gave the gold coin was quite intense, those in the tavern also shifted their attention to him. If not for his noble attire they might have robbed him already. There are Knights in the town but it seems security is something I must acquire myself. Better stay inside the Manor as he had now a vague idea of his environment.

So he spent the next month in the Shop, thankfully the General Shop sells ready-to-eat food so he didn't need to wander about. He was a good for nothing lazy person and since he was insecure to get out, he spent his time moping around and sleeping. Hoping this was all a dream but gets disappointed every morning. He doesn't want to spend his life in a dark ages type of world, there is also a high chance of cults and religion fanatics existing in this world.

Mark thought about what to do to survive here, his noble Identity might be able to get him something beneficial. Mark thought about the times his grandfather would give lectures about how to handle their family business. He listened of course because if they weren't able to answer correctly they would get the lashing from their grandpa. He just found it unnecessary when their company has no rivals in their industry.

Thus he just sat there waiting for someone 'Fated' as the Systems said to be. But no customer has even walked in the shop, not like they would be interested in cold weapons and stuff like that. Last time he checked it was in the 90's in both DC and Marvel Worlds and since people were mostly Americans, it was more probable if he sold some 'freedom' in here then customers would flock inside.

And also the rule that what he sold must either be made by him or earn from the Mission World made him stumped. But the gold coins could be sold but that would attract unwanted attention, selling gold coins in a small shop in Gotham. Yeah right, that's a recipe for disaster. Mark thought of other places to gain money but his brain cells gave out on him.

"AGHH!!! I'm BORED!!!! System you got any games? Why does this house have no electricity by the way? The light work and the fridge functions but why are there no outlets at all?"

[The System has no games of any kind. The appliances work through magic relevant to this world thus the Host has no need for any sort of gadget here. But it is possible for host to own phones if you could acquire it on your own. The system would try to camouflage it from the inhabitants of this world, all they could see might be a gadget of similar functions.]

"Yeah, yeah, I am not allowed to talk about any information about the existence of another world other than those relevant to said universe yada yada and all of that. Wait, this world has their version of a phone? Do they have internet?" Mark was bored as hell these past days praying that he does wake up to his past life but every morning was a disappointment for him.

[Negative, this world has not yet developed anything similar to the internet.]

Mark was stumped by the reply, he is now able to go to DC and Marvel yet he couldn't go out and interact to his favorite characters, even though none of them are heroes yet or awakened from ice. He could at least remember the closest event happening is that maybe next year the Dark phoenix would happen, which also meant those D'bari aliens are now here on Earth.

So many things would happen and he was not sure what he could do about his situation. He then remembered he had access to the Backyard which he still hadn't checked, as well as the two unopened gift pack he received and the silver chest.

"Okay let's open the Survivor Gift Pack and the basic gift pack!"

[Basic Gift pack has been opened]

[Earned: 5x Random Minion roll

1x Ring of Fire (Can cast a fire ball the size of watermelons)

(5/5 charge) (Fireball/30 minutes)

500 gold coins]

Warcry_Ayms Warcry_Ayms

I'm a new author here, I trying to release some stress into making a fanfic of my two favorite Superhero Universe and a favrite Game of mine. Total War Warhammer. I'll try to make lore as close as possible but I'll make some changes in some characters once they are introduced.

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