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Transmigrated Into A Historical Novel As A Villain Vampire god

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Author: Mel_goddess123

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Zhang is a powerless young man who lives a very shitty life on the outskirts of the city, his life becomes very difficult after his parent's death and he toils to make ends meet but with no success.

He naturally gets exhausted from his shitty life and has only one resolution to make it better, death.

Before he commits suicide to evade the brutality of the harsh world on him, he comes across a historical fantasy book in which the villain is a powerful, ruthless, and affluent vampire god.

He finally commits suicide but after being trapped in what felt like an eternity of infinite darkness, he opens his eyes to find himself in a completely diverse world, as the villain vampire god.

Zhang feels as though he has been granted a second opportunity at life, but as a villain in the historical novel he once read, he must be wary of what is to come for he is clueless about the plots and adventures that await him in the enigmatic novel.

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For those that want to contact me about the book, feel free to dm me on discord: Mel_goddess123#0675
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    Writing a cultivation novel for the first time, is love thought on it

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    So far, I love how the story goes. The start didn't really get me hooked but as I continued reading, every piece falls into place and it gets interesting. Keep it up!

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    LV 11 Badge

    I'm not really into this kind of genre but I have to say, the story has been interesting so far. The writing quality is amazing and the pacing of the story is just right. It's a good read, give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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    This novel has a very intriguing plot with characters that have a lot of depth to them. The pacing is on point and the worldbuilding is getting better every chapter. Overall, it's a good read and I definitely recommend.

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    amazing novel with great background and world building this novel was worth a read and full of suspenseful adventures you'll never see coming

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    I had the pleasure of reading a unique and thrilling novel. The book tells the story of a poor guy who fails to make ends meet and ultimately decides to take his own life. However, fate has something else in store for him as he wakes up as a vampire villain in a fantasy book. One aspect of the book that stood out to me was how the author handled the character development throughout the story. At first, he is a helpless and downtrodden individual who seems to have no control over his life. However, as he becomes a vampire, his personality transforms, and he becomes more confident and assertive. There are moments where he struggles with the morality of his situation, but he ultimately embraces his identity as a villain, which makes for a dynamic and exciting character.

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    I'm a sucker for cultivation and transmigration novels! So this should be just what I want! There are a few errors but nothing too serious, and I would really like the chapters to be longer! Keep it up, author!

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    LV 13 Badge

    It was an interesting read! Though this isn’t what I typically read, I like the general idea of a vampire MC. However, as another review said, the writing is a bit difficult to read. Because most sentences begin with the same words, it feels somewhat repetitive and hard to read as you progress through the narrative. Some parts also feel a bit rough. However, this was still a good a good read! Keep it up, author!

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    LV 11 Badge

    This genre is not usually one I read, but I am in no way allowing that to change how I review this novel Sentence variation is very much needed. Reading dozens of sentences that start with the same word disconnects me from the novel every single time. As with most young authors, they have good ideas but not the skill to implement them well. Frequent updates are a plus, and the story seems to be developing well, but the characters, the world, and the writing need a lot of work to make this something I would continue to read. I expect a lot from this author as their writing style and their skills continue to grow. They have the potential to grow so long as they work hard. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this book and update my review once the story is edited.

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    This cultivation novel is really very interesting. The plots are way too thrilling and intense. I hope the author will continue to write more .

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