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"Grey, elemental affinity, zero" The Elder announced the result loudly

On hearing this, it was like a bolt of lightning struck Grey, he stood there dumbfounded and just stared at the Elder.

Shocked voices could be heard from the people and there was some which were also filled with scorn.

Grey stood dazed amidst all the noises without any reactions. One word was constantly reverberating in his head, 'How?'.

'Why, why did this happen to me?' Grey asked himself over and over again

Unbeknownst to Grey, something greater lies in wait in his body....


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P.S: When I started this book I had zero writing experience, so the first chapters aren't that great, although, my writing quality has improved over time. Also, English isn't my first language, so there are some instances where my choice of words are not good enough for what I'm trying to portray. A heads up, the book will be using a medieval setting. My world building is not the best, but it gets better over time, so bear with me on the early chapters!

P.S: Cover art not mine I just edited it. If you're the owner and want me to take it down you can notify me.

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    Notice To New Readers! My first few chapters' writing quality is quite bad and can be said to lack creativity, as I was still a newbie at the time, but gets much better as the novel progresses! I can't say my writing quality is the best now, but compared to when I started, it's much better. I know my story isn't the best on the site but there are at least some things to like about it! Hope you stick around! Also, there will be No Harem on this book. The MC will have a single partner and no more than that. Thanks for reading this review, and I hope you stick around with the book to the end.

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    Easily addictive once the author finds himself after the 1st few chapters. This is a masterpiece I would love to see this animated it’s a joy to read and I want more.

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    i apologize to the author for almost quitting this book at around chapter 230 and say that this is my 2nd favorite book on here right now and plan on rereading it for years to come after it's finished

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    24 chapters in and I'm already adding this novel to my favorites. so far this novel has an interesting main character with the supporting characters that have been shown (mainly family) having a vast room for future development. the world itself seems really interesting. Though it is easy to mistake the world for a modern one, the author has specified that it is medieval era style world due to the lack of specifics in the daily life. said lack of specifics however does (in my opinion) enhance the flow of the novel and allow the reader to use more imagination to set the story in their own minds.

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    All around this story is average. It's a cultivation novel with typical cliches and a few typical features, but I haven't seen anything new yet. Sometimes that's good, because you just want to have an enjoyable read, and indeed some people love how "fast paced" the novel is, but not me. The grammar is near flawless but the author's command of the English language is lacking. Moments seem to drag on forever and the writing seems to circle itself in a repetitive manner. These things happen mostly due to a bland, unvarried word choice. For readers like me, with higher expectations, I'm simply bored from reading it. Plot-wise the story is average too. The world building doesnt seem very deep and there aren't very many characters, as if the author doesnt want to put the work in to making a large world. The time period and cultures aren't established (with either the use of objects, technology, or references). Nothing. Furthermore the magic system is lacking. Even by chapter 30, when the MC has broken through two planes, I still dont know what the planes are, what the consequences of cultivating improperly are, what the elements are, or how the elements are used (in combat) ect. Even by chapter 30 there has been only one fight and it was totally lackluster. Missed opportunity for demonstrating the magic system in action. Over all I would say average. I am still very impressed with the grammar, but there's unfortunately no character or charm to the writing. So even though it isn't distracting from the story, it is still detracting. Author should go back to rework scenes and actively use synonyms. Every adjective in a chapter should be unique. Every verb should be specifically chosen to best describe an action.

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    Hello, author here. If you're reading this, then I do hope you try out the book. I cannot say the early chapters are my best work, but it is my first book so do give it a try if you are willing to give this book a chance and allow me to entertain you.

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    LV 14 Badge

    I feel like this could be a gem if the author plays his cards right. Characters are fun, stability of updates is great, but the writing can be chaotic sometimes to the point that I don't really know what's going on. Especially during POV changes. But hey nobody is perfect, right? So dear author I would recommend getting an editor because this novel has a LOT of potential and chaotic writing may scare potential readers away. Much love! ♥

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    Very basic beginning, but that's fine. What isn't is the Gary Sue MC who has no emotional baggage despite being traumatized at 12, constantly bullied, and oh, trains with no goal or motivation, not even sadness or to escape from his predicament. You know the guy who at 15 looks all muscular because his parent casually mentioned excercise once, the guy who never hurts anyone because "good guy is lawful good, not hormonal teenager," and of course, is always upbeat.

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    Well, I am a fan of Cultivation novels; So, I just got struck into it as I saw its genre♥️ To be honest- The plot the novel bears has great potential and intriguity😍 I think the novel gets more and more love from the readers- and, kindly re-visit and re-edit your initial Chapters for errors✌️You may find some more ideas while reading them again!

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    The story is good so far.. Writing Quality: There isn't much to complain about. Character Design: It's okay imo World Background: It's good also. Update Stability: 1 chapter a day. Story Development: Going at a good pace currently, again imo My Rating: 4 stars, but I'll give the author a 4.6 stars rating to encourage him. Recommendation: I'll advise you read it as it is a great story imo. Also if the first chapters are disappointing to you, I suggest you read till about chapter 40 before you decide if you want to drop it. The first chapters aren't really that good imo, but the book started getting better for me at about chapter 30 or so. Also there are some places I personally feel the author didn't execute properly, but since he's new, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. If you check my write up you'll see I put imo in most of the places because they are my opinions. My thoughts are different from what you'll think about the book. Read it... Only then will you know if it's good.

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    this novel is one of the newer ones but it has so much more potential to be a great novel. i especially like the steady plotline. thx for the chapters

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    Currently in chapter 944. I loved the book and its world-building. I had high praise for it in the earlier chapters, however, it got repetitive. It has a lot, and I mean A LOT, of tournaments with different formats but similar premises. I found it tolerable when I was still binging the book and even found it interesting. But when I caught up to the latest chapters and the plot's progress hints at the same premise, it gets frustrating. Additionally, the updates became 2 chapters every 3-4 days. This became a deal breaker for me since I subscribed to the book's privileged chapters. No announcement was made about these delays. I understand that there might be some unforeseen circumstances but a head's up would be appreciated since it has been a few weeks.

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    author hi thank you for this novel and I like it but is it normal that it is so much to filler with the last chapters one has the impression that it does not advance at all the novel is cool but if there was less filler it would be more interesting 😣

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    LV 3 Badge

    70 chapters in right now and its a very good story I really love it especially the no harem thing 😌 thou sometimes things goes really fast like how u skipped almost 2 planes of his cultivation and how there was really nothing much to his academic life some other ideas could have used but still I read comments and I guess quality is going to improve so I am hoping for it too be more good I hope I can give u full stars on my next review

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    I'm fan of cultivation novel, this is one of the good so far I've read. The story has so much potential. Currently I'm at chap.150 and I wanted give few advice if author don't mind . 1. I noticed you skipping 90% of fight just by announcing the result. IMO it'll be more entertaining if add how he defeated hus opponent or how he was defeated in a fight. 2. In important fights even try to the give description of the technique, stance how the weapon look like etc 3. Add more detail while describing character because it help us imagine the in head. Like what their height how their figure ( silm, skiny, well bulit etc) how the look like, what they're waring etc. 4. If you can then give us a auxiliary chapter regarding details of cultivation realm, like the name of the initial level, grades of alchemist and formation master, also level of the alchemy item (Pill, Potion), array level, weapon grade etc.

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    This story is direct, concise, and focused. The writer writes every sentence with a purpose. These are usually strong elements of writing, and most stories fail in these areas, but not in this case. This story is like pure alcohol, it does it's job so well there's no room for flavor. I'm early in the story, so things may change later on, but in the beginning the main character never really has time to leave an impression. He does things, and things happen, but no particular attention is given to him as a character. Because of this, I lost interest in him.

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    Good Book with amazing potential i hope the author can continue with the book for a long time to come and i Wish the author the best of health.

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    Read up to ch47: The MC is Naive with Hero Complex who fights unprepared and without foresight. The enemies and bandits are dumb as they don't kill and clean up potential revenge plots. Students from other academies are naive and ignorant unbecoming of a world where strength rules. Maybe their trainers don't teach them how the world works (Spoiler: Imagine sending your prized students to their death by not teaching them common sense. ) We are brought to a world where the strong rules yet dissemination of life preservation knowledge is lacking in refinement

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    Now this is a must read novel. I particularly love the friendship and humour in the novel. I laughed alot and also enjoyed an amazing read. In Void's tone: I swear on all things shiny, that this book is awesome. Klaus: Read this book or I use my ultimate nutcracker technique on you! Reynolds: I agree with Klaus. Do as he says or elemental warrior would get involved. Alice: Wanna spar? I win and you give this book a trial. Grey: "smile" My friends are the best. Do as they say or I go into the fusion state on you😏😏😏😏. Chris: If you don't do as the kids says, don't even bother trying to step out of your Room today! Almost st 300 chapter and I just couldn't stop. Good Job author. I love it.

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    its just plain and generic.there is nothing New in story and most imporant thing is if you read top many Novel like me this thing is BORING.

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    Author Springs_Halo