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Chapter 1: Where Am I?

It's morning, 7:15.

Early golden rays of sunlight slip through the corner of the curtains and fall on a lady lying comfortably on the bed, showing her backside completely open.

Her pale and white pearly bare back and a small black birthmark on the right side of her upper back, along with silky black hair swinging on the pillow.

When the sunlight reached her eyes, her black eyelashes trembled for a moment, then she slowly opened her emerald green eyes and yawned.

"Ah ... what time is it? Do I've class today?" Her hands moved unconsciously, for she had a habit of checking the time after waking up.

In her half-sleep state, she moved her hands from left to right, but there was nothing within her reach except a blanket and a pillow, "Where's my phone?"

When she couldn't get a result even after searching for a while, she lazily got up, pushed the blanket aside and started looking for her phone on the bed,



Suddenly a gust of wind passed through her, making her shiver, and then she realized that she had no clothes on her body except for her inner clothes, she processed this information in her head for a moment, "Wait..."

Then she screamed at the top of her lungs as she covered herself with the blanket, "Ah... Where are my clothes? And where is this place?"

At the same moment she realized that she wasn't in her room, but in a strange place: "This... is a hotel. Why am I here?"

Many questions appeared in her mind, but she kept a cool head and immediately started thinking about yesterday.

'Think about it. Tina Tung, what did you do last night?' She focused on yesterday's events, and after trying so hard to think of it, some blurry images of last night appeared in her mind.

'I was drunk! And went out on the street last night.'

She muttered to herself.

'Then I saw a girl screaming for a man who had obviously left her.


"What did I do wrong? Why are you leaving me?" A not so beautiful woman was crying on the street in front of a man.

This man looked rich, like a young gentleman or the heir of a big company, and he was wearing a luxurious suit, his short black hair and pale white skin were a deadly combination, he was like a nobleman, judging by his appearance, when he coldly replied, "It's not you, women are clothes and I've to change them when I get bored."

In the middle of their conversation, Tina came up to him in her drunken state and yelled at him, "Phew, what an idiot! Let me tell yousomething... If women are clothes, they're designer clothes you can't afford."


Then she tore herself away from the memories of last night: 'I can't remember anything after that

After stepping away for a moment, a thought suddenly popped into her head and she said aloud, "I didn't ... lost my virginity, have I?"

Suddenly she heard the sound of a shower, "Rustling...rustling..."

She stood up, walked to the bathroom and tried to see through the murky glass door of the bathroom, 'What is that? Someone in the bathroom?'

She quietly opened the glass door, the sudden flash of bathroom light rendering her unable to see for a moment as she pulled back her pupil and focused on the person in front of her.

The body of a man appeared in her field of vision, toned muscles, great shape, almost like the body of a celebrity, she moved her gaze up to see his face but couldn't do so because of the steam.

Her gaze began to fall downward, from this man's neck, then from his muscular chest, then from his narrow waist, and when he wanted to go down even further, she immediately withdrew her gaze and turned around with her heart pounding hard and a blush like cherries on her face.

'No! I can't give up my morals!' Immediately she covered her already blushing face.

And then thought after a moment,

'Is he the one to deflower me? What should I do?' She thought about how to face him and ask him about last night, but when her eyes fell on the clock, she immediately remembered something and straightened up, 'I don't have time for this. I've to go now

She started looking for her clothes, she found her t-shirt after a few minutes of searching, but it had a big stain on it, probably the stain from vomiting because she was drunk last night, "uh Gross"

She looked around and found a set of men's clothes. Then she immediately put on the shirt, threw her dirty clothes in her bag and went to the door.

'I've to go.'

But before she was about to leave, a sudden thought came to her, 'Wait... i'm not sure what that guy did to me...if I left now, it wouldn't be...

Then she looked in her purse for a moment and pulled out a red lipstick, "Here it's. I've an idea."

She grinned like a little demon.


A few minutes later, the shower stopped running: "Drip... drip... "

The guy came out of the bathroom with one towel around his waist and wiped the water out of his hair with the other.

The memory of last night came to his mind and he sighed in exasperation

, "Uh, what a disaster."

Last night he had brought an unconscious, drunken girl to this hotel (Tina) to have his way with her.

She was wriggling on the bed and he was sitting on her legs, slowly undressing.

The girl slowly cried out, "Ah, what are you doing?"

She was unable to do anything because she had no strength to resist.

With a grin, he said, "Girl, let me tell you that there are no designer clothes that I can not afford."

Then he began to take off her clothes as well.

"What are you doing? Stop... uh....", she covered her mouth with her hand.

"Wow... What a pretty face!" The man got even more excited about her stupid actions.

The girl felt very dizzy, "Uh... i feel bad...."

He said confused and with a feeling of fear on his face, "Hey, do not tell me you are going to....."

And the girl suddenly threw up on him.

The disgusting smell got stuck in his nose, and with a big stain on his body, he said with a vulgar expression, "Now I am not in the mood."

worst hotel s*x flirt ever!


Back to the present,

He went to the bedroom and saw that she was gone, "Where is she?"

He looked around the room and noticed a sticky note on the bed, "What's that?"

Gingerly, he picked up the note and looked at it: [This is for you. Goodbye. We will not meet again!] It was written in red lipstick, along with a sign for a kiss.

Aggressively, he pressed the note into his hand, "What, is this my reward for this night?"

"We are not going to see each other again. Huh?" Furious, he tore the note and muttered to himself in a dangerous tone, "You will come back to me on your own!"

To be Continued :-

Alone_writer_ Alone_writer_

Readers I hope that you all would like this story and support me.

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