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Lith is born as the son of the strongest being in the world and after he realizes that, he gives up any hopes for world domination. He decides to lead a slow and lazy life and work just enough to not tarnish his family's reputation. However…

Will he be able to do that though?

Welcome to a world of magic where different races reside, resurrection is possible and so is reincarnation.


[Warning: The novel contains Gore and Incest. Discretion is advised.]

Read chapter two’s disclaimer properly and keep tissues ready, you’ll need them… for wiping your tears of course.

This story is really emotional :(


It’s as degenerate and wholesome as it could be.

Hop in for a wild, never before experienced experience. Your degenerate heart’s gonna love it.


No One 17 and Under Admitted


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    This story gives, I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace, vibes. And by going by how enjoyable that story turned out to be and how this story is shaping up I am thoroughly exited. It's been a while since I found a genuinely enjoyable story. Keep up the good work! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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    Have a question? Ask and I'll try my best to answer :)

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    good novel, lots of potential, 8 chapters at this moment but i already enjoy reading it a lot. mc its to my liking so far hope he keeps walking this path away from the authors who like monk mc and green prairies in their head. keep the flame alive and feast in your desires.

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    I had high hopes for this novel. The story development and character design is below average. It simply has no taste in short, I don't know why someone recommended me this

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    Around chp 127. Honestly it started really well and I liked the family stuff, the emotions seem real and thoughtful and the chapters are interesting..... however this takes a major nose-dive in the second volume. it just becomes sooo boring and monotonous, lith literally does nothing for the majority of the time and anything mildly interesting happens to other characters but you dont really care or have any emotional attachment to these people as most are just character traits embodied fully and silly. I understand it's a slice of life and that's fine, but it's a boring slice of life, it's literally saying the actions hes going through beat for beat and that too would be fine but he doesnt ever really do anything interesting it's just going to class, drinking tea and sleeping. even during the capture the flag nothing particularly noteworthy happened. the only characters he interacts with in the academy are his 2 male roommates and flamboyant teacher with no redeemable values who apparently is gonna be apart of the harem (bleghh). oh and another thing is this is a harem slice of life novel during an academy arc and not one female student has been introduced, no shenanigans, nobody that provides some interactions, be it flirting or whatnot, for the mc. yaya I get it your trying 'different' and not have all female characters falling over the mc drooling but to reduce that number to 0 just makes it boring when your trying to be different and 'mature', theres a reason people flock to things like that. all in all good start but dropped off considerably, part of me wants to keep reading to see if it gets good again but I just dont care about reading from so many other ppls perspective when the mc is relegated to being boring and mature with nothing note worthy to do

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    This novel has several problems and most of them come from the fact that the protagonist keeps the memories of the past life. after reading about 200 chapters I can say that the author has no idea what he was doing and seems to have gotten lost. the fact that the protagonist has the memories of his past life, did nothing but make him weaker mentally and a person who seems to be bound by the laws and cultures of his past life, I didn't see any benefits from having the memories of the previous life. and that only made him pathetic. all this just to spend hundreds of chapters for "evolution" of the protagonist.

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    Story development is disappointing, the mcs choice of attending school just doesnt make sense as he is just wasting valuable time that could have been spent to train, instead using it to help other people that he barely knows. World background, giving a low rating due to the constant info dump throughout the novel

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    couldn't continue after chapter 16, its all about sucking milking and cuddling, not for me.

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    A little bit of yuri is fine, but holy heck is this excessive. MC is basically a 3rd wheel in this story and not really about him at all. Always feels like the girls completely just forget about him and he gets almost no character development. His entire 19 years of life on earth was thrown out the window wayyyy to easily. Sure I get he can grow out of it but in like 3 months?!? This story would be 1000% better if you only just turned the yuri down and it’s not always behind the MCs back (which does feel like he’s almost getting cheated on).

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    since it doesn't support stones i write review well pretty cliche but well written its just few chapters but I am pretty much stuck to it I think will need daily dosage of it

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    Story has a great start but from academy ark it became really boring, mc just a side character, he has less screen time from either one of his friends and enemies, i'm currently at chapter 206 and i can't read it further. From what i see he would be a side character, or one of many mc in his own slice of life story. Why i think so? because he wants to travel with his friends in the future. So if you like story with several mc's, you would like this story, if not it would be boring and a waste of time. It has a great start though, i really liked it.

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    the mc doesnt feel like a mc, the other reincarnated ones feel more like an mc. lilith is more of a protagonist than the mc the character development of mc is nearly not there at all. no uniqueness to him, no purpose in life or ambition,

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    It's a novel to read only if you really can't find other novels to pass the time. This is the third time that my review has been deleted despite having given a 4 star rating, i will repost my review as many times as necessary because i don't like it when the author deletes reviews that he don't like and leaves what he wants. It's a novel to be considered as a H*ntai or dirty novel, the novel is filled with 95% of Yuri relationships, so you don't need to get attached to any character, we have an MC who is reincarnated in a fantasy world with an ultra powerful mother, but there is nothing unique for this MC, even his talent, genius, training, technique, others have the same, even the system ( another reincarnated character have a system since the beginning of the novel and the MC does acquire the system around chapter 520 which is absolutely useless ) and even when the author has finally done something worthy of an MC and his talent since he skipped the Rank of cultivation from Half-Saint to Saint directly, we get a BS that the MC can no longer cultivate for 100 years because his body does not support the progression, so everyone catches up easily after 100 years and still loses something unique, if you really want to consider an MC for this novel it's his mother, she's a person who does what she wants when she wants and very powerful from the start being at Legendary rank ( A true God ), if she wants, she f**ks with her son or her daughter or both together, if her children are not there, she f**ks with her close friends (she no longer does so since she f**ked with her children) or with her maids, and in the last chapters around 684, she progresses towards a level never seen before ( Infinity Rank, to put it simply, at this rank you can do anything, you are omnipotent and omnipresent at this rank), which is impossible for the real MC of this novel to complete even if we give him billions of years or more, so you can simply consider her as the Female MC in the novel revolves around her ( I doubt she even loves him in a romantic way, but she loves him because he is her child and wants to pamper him, because he has absolutely no way of dominating his mother with his character and his strength if he was not her child ). The only thing that can make you read this novel is S*ut and lemons, but even that is messed up with 95% of Yuri in all relationships, but there are always readers excited for scenes like that and that's it. This is why i ask the new reader to consider it as a dirty novel or H*ntai if you want and to skip chapters in my opinion ( the MC has a Harem of wives, lovers and maids, with Yuri relationships served as milk to a child ) Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but you can read the novel or other reviews from other readers to get an idea.

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    It truly lives up to the Slice Of Life part, even then if you can get past through him being shameless towards his own mother you can expect a good story, I enjoyed my time reading it. The +18 scenes happen more at the beginning and at later chapters are scarce so if you're here for that only I wouldnt recommend. His relationships, be it with his family, friends or possible love interests are good and we dont get all girls falling for MC just because, he respects boundaries, takes his time and tease the people around him all while trying to get them to do what he wants, which is seggs. The story looks like it isnt even 40% done (chapter 263 now) but its doing a good job of making me curious and wanting more, in itself its similar to other novels like "I am the Young Master" or "I am the fated villain", but only in the sense that other people also can reincarnate to this world hes in and we have the stereotype of "hero complex MC against the heavens slapping Young masters" and in this novel our MC is the Young Master. Our MC is smart but not scheming, goes berserk only when someone insult his GOD-Level powerful mother and doesnt try to stay away from other people for whatever reason. And also no father 😎

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    Though this novel has small no. of chapters, I already like it. Author give us more chapters. .

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    Do you want mc that is cuck? Do you want yuri cuck? Do you want no real love bcz girls love yuri more than mc? read this novel

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    the whole people don't die thing was a bad gimmick cuz it only comes to bite the mc. while Liam the delusional is able to kill someone day one of his reincarnation. at about 170 I realize that the author lost the plot. Liam and Lucas get so much screen time it's become there story and lith is just an observer. I don't like skipping parts of stories but the author literally put 2 chess games back to back. again Liam and Lucas are getting to much screen time and Liam should be dead by now. I can't honestly keep reading this woth how little of a role the mc plays in his own story.

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    Surprisingly good I must say , Didn’t expect what came out even to be honest … Keep up the good work , I can tell that author san has a bright writing future up ahead . Well wishes .

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    Nice. A true gem in progress. Hope power stones come online quickly to this novel. It will deserves to be in the top of orignal rankings. Just wanting him to grow quick and have these as moments as flashbacks

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    After the Academy arc(chapter 74) the mc became a side character which made it annoying to read. Everything was about the side characters and I'm not going to read that

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