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Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

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Author: RealmWeaver

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Hardworking Protagonist: Yes, Interesting Side Cast: Yes, World Building: Yes, Overpowered Protagonist: Yes, Transmigration: Yes.

Atticus faced the worst day of his life: his heart was shattered, and he was suddenly killed in his home, only to wake up in a magical realm as the heir to one of the most powerful families in the human domain.

Fueled by determination, he vowed to grow stronger and exact his vengeance on whoever killed and brought him to this world, no matter the cost.

1. There's no harem.
2. The MC cares only about himself and his family. He doesn't mind crossing the line if it means he can keep himself and his family safe.
3. He has an extremely vengeful personality. Regardless of the reason or what you're going through, he doesn't care. What matters is that you hurt him, and that's all he needs.
4. There will be no 'hiding of strength.' He'll be cautious about what he shows, but he won't lose if he can help it.
5. The MC works hard for his strength; don't be fooled by the system tag.
6. Lastly, if you have any semblance of liking for this novel, give me your everything, hahaha. Just kidding, please give me power stones and drop reviews. Thank you!

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    If you told me the main character was based on Vergil from Devil May Cry, I'd absolutely believe you. Now, onto the review. Also, spoilers. KInd of. Alright, let me get this out of the way. White hair, wears a trench coat, has a katana, blue eyes. I don't know why, but it just screams Vergil. Heck, he even has a move that reminds me of Judgment Cut. Okay, enough rambling. Do I recommend this novel? I do. Despite the synopsis that clearly feels like it's just listing the tags of the novel with extra steps, so far it's done exactly that. MC is pretty overpowered for his peers. Unbelievably so. Although the beginning of the story might turn some readers off at how edgy he felt, don't worry it loses that cringe edginess rather quickly. And thank goodness it did that. I think the one thing a reader needs to know when reading this is to have an open mind. If you're the type to be overly sensitive when a female gets hit, even if she deserves it you'll probably be turned off very quickly to this novel. If the violence bothered you then you really shouldn't be reading fantasy novels. Atticus our MC is one of those Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth kind of individuals. Mess with him and he'll mess with you back, just with more ferocity. I feel I could make this review way longer but I'll just get to the End. Maybe one day when this gets published on Amazon I'll leave a full review but Yes overall I recommend the novel. Yes there's no harem Despite feeling like it could have happened if the Author wanted it too. Overall Score: 8.9/10 Personal Score 9.6/10

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    One of the best novels I read!!! This MC HAS BRAINSSSS.. definitely not one of them dumb mcs.. the MC is not a simp. He trains very hard for his power despite his talent.. He uses one of my favorite type of weapons so that like extra plus. I hope the author don’t drop this is a good master piece. Definitely deserves more recognition!!

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    Honestly the story is using complicated words and extra description way to much for no reason. It’s like the author is trying to compensate for the lack of a good storyline and the cliches that come with it.

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    This is very well-done novel. The plot is still young but the author has done an amazing job so far. The MC is strong but hardworking, kind to his loved ones, indifferent to strangers, and cruel to his enemies. His Dao is "Mess with me, I mess you up." I'm really looking forward to how the story develops. With time and if this quality of writing is maintained, I think this novel will become really popular kinda like "I Will Kill The Author". All the best, Author (I always give you one of my 2 power stones 😁👍🏽)

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    start was good but when MC goes to academy story doesn't seems to progress at all author just repeating same chapter again and again

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    This webnovel shows a lot of promise in the beginning but falls down hard! The author is still finding his writing voice, especially in dialogues and fight sequences. The novel is full with complex words and descriptions, you will find very few interesting interaction between characters. Also, some parts of the novel might feel very familiar, like you have read something similar before.

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    Author has potential. Interesting story, alright world building, intriguing characters. Author is just new to writing so suffers from some major things that made me not want to continue reading. Author's main flaw is DIAOLUGE. Author will have a huge build up to a scenario. Using grandiose words, and verbiage, then when it comes to executing, the words just fall short, or sometimes don't come at all. Almost like the author doesn't know what he wants the characters to say. Second, in an effort to make the antagonists more capable, the author makes the protagonists seem a little incompetent. In an effort to not make the MC naive, he becomes borderline annoying. Last, the chapter lengths are just too short. Feels like so much is skipped over because the author set himself a limit on chapter lengths. Which solidifies my believe that stories with short chapter lengths end up being subpar. All that being said, give this a chance in you're bored though.

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    After Mc goes to the academy, the story moves very slowly. If you read it legally, you will be throwing your money away. 368 chapters read.

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    It's good. The only problem is that many chapters are completely filler. Example Ch 293 and 294 both were just about Atticus going to the new classroom. Nothing happened in between except small talk with Kael. I wouldn't mind fillers as long as the chapters are longer.

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    good novel and i havent dropped it yet 😁 only thing is that I'm not willing to spend even a single cent on WebNovel🖕so i can only read 3 chapters a day with the ads and fast pass :/ also no free reads online 😢

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    Honestly love the story so far, a gem amongst the garbage most authors publish on this app. The MC has the right mentality towards everything including his family/enemies. Looking forward towards the future of this novel and I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy a Smart & Rational MC with a system in a dangerous world.

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    A good read! Things that I liked, - Good length and pace - Visuals, very descriptive when it comes to appearance. I liked being able to envision that - Word choice, author can implement ‘fancy’ words without making it look like it was thrown in There’s barely any critiques I have for this novel. The author does good with grammar, the only one I can think of is the characters way of speaking to each other. If it’s a tough moment one would have an outburst and maybe even tried to be violent but with the MC personality I don’t think they’ll do that and remain calm to a point. Otherwise good work author [img=recommend]!

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    The storyd's good but sad to see author providing very less content per chapter.

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    Review as of chapter 58. The writing style is smooth and mostly without mistakes. If there are mistake that occur there are few and little. There isn't much to say about the story as of now, nothing you haven't seen before, which doesn't mean that it's bad. Despite the typical tropes of reincarnation and transmigration the author does a good job to deliver an interesting story. Characters as of now are rather flat and cliché, we have the doting mother, the stern but with a soft spot grandpa etc., sure, the story is at this moment just at its start, but sometimes you wish for more indepth characters. The protagonist is smart and rutheless, yet understandable and emotional regarding his family. On the other hand, the "family loving" main character, doesn't even shed a tear or second thoughts after never seeing his "original" mother on earth again. Furthermore, he just accepts his new family and instantly feels an emotional bond. To add, I don't like an adult (highschool age) person to just simply revert back to act as an infant or small children, even if it is just for show, though that's only my personal liking. Overall, the story is entertaining and provides a good time if you are into a typical transmigration, reincarnation and op protagonist story. All the best to the author and may this novel be successful.

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    The author: there's no harem Me: sign me in brother 😎 👍

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    Hey there, fantastic readers! I just wanted to take a moment to connect with all of you. This message is an open invitation: if you have any questions, thoughts, or simply want to share your impressions of the novel, please feel free to drop them here. I’m here to engage with you, answer your questions, and discuss anything related to the story. Your insights and opinions mean a lot to me, and they help shape the narrative as we move forward. So, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s embark on this adventure together and make it an unforgettable journey. Thank you for being part of the ‘Atticus’ world, and I can’t wait to hear from you! Warmest regards.

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    i'm not really good at giving reviews but in short this novel is gold it's just that recent chapters have been pathetically short i've read novels where the 2 chapter have decent amount of words per chapter and what's with the word spacing as if deliberatly wanting to make it look long each wasted space could have an added sentence in them like bruh don't be lazy your novel is a masterpiece in the making don't ruin it

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    It has been a long time since I am excited to read a webnovel and waiting for the upcoming chapters. Maybe the general outline of the story is still the same with some others but the author manage to develop the storytelling in a fresh way and not so predictable. I do not know with more chapters and new arcs, how the author can avoid repeating the plots. But so far it is great, and i am still hooked to read more

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    It is a good novel that has the potential to be great. I like the MC's character. This novel has the most unique Academy Arc, I have seen. Its more of a Kingdom-building arc than an actual Academy Arc. BTW is Zoey the Female Lead?

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    Author RealmWeaver