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1.74% Vampire Overlord System in the Apocalypse / Chapter 1: I Will Change my Fate!

I Will Change my Fate! - Vampire Overlord System in the Apocalypse - Chapter 1 by PancakesWitch full book limited free

Chapter 1: I Will Change my Fate!


A young man darts through the long corridors of a large building.

His entire body is shrouded in sweat as he breathes heavily, filled with the exhilaration and the adrenaline of what he had just done and the consequences that might come afterward.

Grasping something within his left hand and then putting it inside a pocked within his clothes, he runs even faster than before, disregarding any of his body limits, even to the point that the weak and slim muscles of his legs begin to ache terribly, burning fiercely as he pushes himself to his limits.

Running directly towards a wall, he quickly moved to the right, but what greeted his sight made him skip a beat.

A group of three men, grinned maliciously at him as they released a tremendous bloodlust.

The young man tried to quickly move his body and run away, but one of the men ran towards him with an impressive speed and pulled him down into the ground with a stregth akin to a superhuman.


The young man hit the ground as he clearly felt like one of his ribs cracked a bit, filling his mind with agony, gnashing his teeth, he resists the pain and glares furiously at the man that pulled him down into the ground.

"I don't have it! Let me go!" he cried.

"If you don't have it why are you running away from us, shithead?" asked the man at his side.

"Give it away!" roared another of the men, running towards the young man and kicking his stomach, the strength of his kick was not that of a normal human, making the young man's stomach twist in pain as he vomits a mouthful of blood the moment after.

"Ngaah…! I… don't have anything…" the young man mutters, as he twisted his entire body, grabbing his stomach and resisting the pain.

"Then who the hell could have stolen it if it wasn't you?!" asked the third man, kicking the young man's face!

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The sharp pain is so immense that the young man feels as if his entire face becomes dull, and the vision of his left eye is filled with crimson red.

"Agh…! I… don't have anything…" the young man says once more, leaving the three men in front of him baffled.

"We just attacked him with all of our strength, and he keeps saying that he doesn't have it,"

"Maybe this idiot doesn't really have it then?"

"Well, he always has lived his life like a moron, so maybe he couldn't even have dared to steal it…"

"Oops, our bad then?"

The three men laugh at the young man in the ground, as they spit on him and slowly walked away…

"Get the fuck out of here shithead, if you don't want to get beaten down again, free of charge!"

The young man keeps breathing heavily… he somehow survived the attacks of three Awakened Humans and managed, by chance, to not be discovered of what he had stolen.

Of something precious within these headquarters.

The young man slowly moved his pained arms around his chest, grasping the fine red jewel that he was protecting with his life…

He smiled wickedly, as if he had done something that he could have never imagined possible…

All because of this jewel and the voice within.

The voice of something calling into him, something calling him to grab it for himself!

Since he heard about this strange jewel that these students had brought into the military school that he had begun to hear this voice, even when he went to sleep.

And through this voice is that he committed something that he would have never thought he could ever do.

After all, Noah was a mere wimpy and non-awakened human who, by chance, got into this school.

He was already bullied and getting beaten down every single day…

How could he possibly imagine that he could steal this and get away with it?

And yet…

"I did it! Did you hear me, you stupid voice?! I finally found you! Will you stop annoying me in my dreams now?!" asked Noah, as the red jewel shined in front of him eerily.

"To tell you the truth, I am rather impressed that you even took that beatdown, you should be dead by now…" said the voice of a man resonating within his mind as the jewel glowed brighter.

"Shut up already, I am tired of your… cocky attitude… You said that you would give me power, right? If I… stole this… I would… get the power I've always wanted, right?!" asked the young man, his stare seemed completely insane, as his emerald eyes shined eerily.

"That's a good look! Not like the wimpy kid you always pretend to be, Noah! It would be nice if you could wear that look every single day, to be honest," said the voice.

"…I am done with your shit, will you help me or not?"

"Help? I am not doing this out of goodwill, you know? We shall have what's called… a blood contract, little lamb…" said the voice.

"Blood… Contract?" asked Noah.

"That's right! After all, what you are holding within your hands is my heart, the Blood Core extracted from my original body, which now must be already butchered and processed by you humans… What a terrible fate!" said the voice.

"I had my doubts at my first… So you're really…!" muttered Noah.

"Indeed… I am the mind of the SSS-Rank Boss that you humans call, 'Blood Progenitor'!" said the voice.

"That's…!" murmured Noah.

"What you're holding in your hands is so precious that even the whole nation would kill you if they were to know that you're holding it in your mere and filthy hands! Rejoice, Noah!" laughed the voice.

Noah glanced at the jewel as his emerald eyes shined with enormous greed, he swallowed his saliva as cold sweat kept showering his body.

He quickly ran away from the school, and without even saying another word, he ran back to his room, closing the door.

"A time of change has finally come… Do you accept this Blood Contract, Noah?" asked the voice, as the crimson jewel began to float in midair, gleaming eerily.

Noah glanced at it, considering everything he had gone through, since the apocalypse came to Earth since the world was devoured by catastrophe, where humans awakened powers, and where animals became monstrous creatures…

Since that time when his parents were brutally murdered where he could not do anything at all…

Since that day where everyone got Abilities and awakened… while he was left completely powerless.

Now, finally.


He had a chance to change it all, to change his fate!

No matter how evil, no matter how malicious this entity that offered him power was…

Noah only had one single answer for him.

"Yes, I accept," he said.

"Good… Very good!" laughed the voice, as the jewel floated high above, almost touching the ceiling, releasing a stream of red light, and impacting Noah with it!


Noah felt a painful rush of power through his entire body, as the jewel clashed like a meteor into his chest, burying deeply into his bones and flesh!

Noah could not help but scream in agony!


"Embrace this suffering! Embrace this power, Noah! Reject your humanity!" laughed the voice, as Noah's entire self was born anew.


PancakesWitch PancakesWitch


Author's Note: If you like the story please give any powerstone you could spare, if we reach a nice number there will be bonus chapters at the end of the week, it all depends on you!

Thank you very much for reading!

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