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Chapter 71 My name Jeff 4 - Vector Control in MHA [COMPLETED] - Chapter 71 by DJDAN full book limited free

Chapter 71: Chapter 71 My name Jeff 4

Rumi came flying with a kick right to the nuts. Thankfully, those nuts aren't mine. I mean, this woman has the leg strength to kick off a giant thick steel door specifically designed to make strong impacts. I took a couple of those kick for myself during our spars, in fact.

Thankfully, [Vector Manipulation] had my back. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for right now. If Daishin-sensei knew I got hit by All for One he's come back from the dead to beat my ass.

Back to the matter at hand, however, All for One is still standing there, monologuing and stalling for time while trying to mentally recover. Super regeneration or damage reduction abilities or not, having your balls obliterated will leave some kind of trauma.

Arata- "I thought I told you not to come here."

I whisper to the figure to my right. I mean seriously, this woman will be the death of me! This is All for One, a villain overlord who's strong enough to go head to head with All Might. If Rumi gets hurt here-

Rumi- "Arata."

I look at her. She's looking back at me. My void black eyes meeting her ruby red eyes. She doesn't say anything, but she doesn't need to. I know what she's trying to say after all.

'Trust me'.

I'm scared. Not for myself, but for Rumi. Throughout the fight with All for One, I never felt scared or frightened. I became anxious, sure, when I realised I couldn't take this guy down solo, but I never feared for my life.

But as soon as Rumi came, I got scared. Scared that All for One will somehow kill her, scared that Rumi will get badly hurt.

But I seem to have momentarily forgotten. The only reason I wasn't scared was that, no matter what All for One does, he can't ever stop me from running away. I can at least guarantee my life. The quest I received never said anything about defeating and locking up One for All.

Rumi is also the same. Something I've found to be a pleasant surprise is that there are very few people in Japan who are faster than her. If she wants to run, All for One can't do shit.


I'm such an idiot. Rumi isn't dumb, she knows I can run away and if she can, she won't risk her life.

Arata- "I'm sorry."

I'm sorry for doubting you. Rumi, who heard my apology, just smiles. We haven't been together for long compared to other couples, but I dare say we understand each other better than most.

Now paying attention to her, Rumi also seems to be wearing her hero outfit. A white leotard with a yellow crescent moon on her voluptuous chest with blue outlines. Looking closer, she's also wearing the bunny leggings I gave her after my internship ended. As always, she looks incredibly sexy. Her white hair is quite beautiful under the moon as well.

All for One- "Y-you…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

All for One seems to have recovered from the mental shock he received. He seems pissed though. Does he not like that we're completely ignoring him?


Rumi pushed off the ground, causing it to rupture, and sent a flying kick right towards All for One. All for One has the majority of his quicks in use due to his fight with me so he quickly blocked Rumi's attack. He grabbed her leg and prepared to throw her, but she just used this chance to twist around and send her other leg flying right towards his face.


Ouch, definitely some broken bones. That damn damage reduction effect of his Divine Augment is annoying too, that kick should have blown the average person's head off. But now that Rumi experienced it, she won't hold back her attacks any more.

Still, this gives me a thought. Before I was using [Unarmed Mastery] and my improved physique to fight head to head with All for One. But this guy didn't sense Rumi sneaking up on him from behind. Maybe he was thinking that he could get Ragdoll and steal her Search quirk so he never bothered stealing another sensing type quirk.

But since I thwarted his plans, he came unprepared and can only rely on his sight and maybe his other senses to a limited degree. If that's the case…

[Vector Manipulation]


I began focusing more on speed than strength… and it worked wonders.

Hit, hit hit, miss, miss, hit, hit hit, miss, hit, miss, miss, miss, hit, hit, hit, hit…

I gradually landed more and more strikes on All for One. If his destruction attribute can erase most of the damage I deal with, then I just need to deal with damage quicker rather than harder.

*Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!*

Arata- "Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!"

In under a second, I dealt more than 100 punches, each with the force of a sledgehammer. All for One kept on groaning more and more, I can't but feel like he wants to say something but why the fuck should I care?

Rumi wasn't slacking off either, she's constantly jumping around All for One in circles while sending one kick after the other. Normally she would be at a small disadvantage. She fights better in enclosed spaces or in between buildings when she can get the best mobility from bounding on the walls and roof, and in this flat devastated area, she can't do that.

But with the bunny leggings I gave her, she can replace the walls with the force field jump pads that the leggings form under her feet.

I guess that's the difference between us in experience. Most of the people I fought was too weak, I couldn't hone myself as a fighter.

As soon as Rumi landed the first hit she realised All for One's weakness towards his senses and continued striking at his weakness. On the other hand, I only figured it out after 40 minutes of non-stop fighting.

I've got a lot to learn.


A/N: So much for 10k in WIS.

MC: Shut up. you're the one who wrote this, I bet you just forgot!

AN: I-I didnt forget! It's just...

MC: Just what? Come on! Tell me!

AN: ...

MC: ...

AN: Ok fine! You win! I forgot!

MC: I knew it.

Let me know if I missed anything!

Also consider dropping some power stones!

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