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3.17% Versatile System Online / Chapter 13: Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 13: Calm Before The Storm

"It seems that we don't have much more time", The chairman of 'The System Users Association said as he looked at everyone present there. All of the people present knew that there wasn't much time and it was better for them to leave aside their differences and make full use of the time they still had and try their best to save humanity. 

After the chairman sat down, a middle-aged that had a trimmed beard along with neatly cut brown hair with greyed edges stood up. The man barely looked 40, and as he stood up and spoke,

 "On the behalf of Earth's federation, I am here to state the new changes that would happen to the system of Earth for the betterment of our society and to give us a chance against what's to come next. Therefore, from today onwards, all of the countries would start operating on a military system as they would make academies for enrollment of every system user and all of the new system users would be recruited into the military as soon as they obtain a system. Other than that, all of the elite system users from all around the world would be transferred to the "Academy For System Users" for them to be trained by the best instructors. Other than that, all of the world powers would make elite teams of their own that would be commanded by generals that would be elites amongst the elites of the academies, who would then be under the jurisdiction of the main team which would be from, "Academy For System Users", this way all of the academies would have a stronger base along with military strong enough to be a backup plan in case our soldiers at front lines fail. Lastly, all of the resources obtained would be used in more efficient methods and the tournaments between academies would be held by the military to better check and balance on strength of our future generation. More information along with other rules and regulations would be sent to all of you through encrypted mail. That's it for now, meeting is adjourned" 

After his long speech was concluded, the representative of Earth's Federation left the meeting hall while all the other people followed behind him. However, all of them had a complicated look in their eyes as they knew what this speech was about. After all, how could they not know what this speech was about? they have been in their position for long enough to know about such scenarios, and the scenario right in front of them told them that all of it was nothing but a calm before the storm. 

In System Online,

Within a forest covered with thick trees that were so dense that even light did not pass easily, a young man was standing amongst corpses of several beasts, his body covered in blood with his chest heaving up and down while a faint yellowish barrier covered his body. The man stood there unaware of anything happening within his world as he trained by fighting against basic tier beasts. The young man was none other than Ray, who at this moment had killed around a dozen or more beasts within the past couple of hours while a few of the beasts were even pseudo intermediate tier beasts. 

Ray had been in the forest right after taking several quests in a bid to get stronger and level up while earning some gold coins to support his family. After all, at the end of the day, everything he did was for his family. 

After his breathing calmed down, Ray noticed that his strength had increased tremendously compared to the last time he was in the forest. Moreover, he also noticed that he felt more attuned and in sync with his body. Therefore, he realized that it must be the effect of fusing his system that not only increased his strength but also made him a bit more aware of himself.

After he was done with his thoughts, Ray moved forward and cut open all of the corpses around him to extract their spirit cores. After extracting the spirit cores he also stored the bodies of the beasts and thought of selling them later to the 'Guild's Association. While he was doing all of that, Ray also kept a count of the beasts he killed and noticed that he killed a total of 18 beasts among which 3 were of pseudo-intermediate tier while 15 were of basic tier. After all, there were no intermediate tier beasts as he was in the outermost region of 'Silent night forest' where only basic tier beasts and pseudo-intermediate tier beasts lurked. Moreover, he also noticed that all the basic tier beasts had a pseudo-intermediate tiered beast as their leader. Yet he did not give it much thought and dashed out of the forest to recover his strength and obtain more quests to level up and continue to train him. 

As he was dashing out of the forest, Ray thought back to the last time when an uncannily strong aura locked on him, but he just shrugged this thought as he blamed it for his imagination or his exhaustion last time. Therefore, he proceeded to check his system interface and noticed that he had leveled up 4 times, reaching level 14 while all of his skills leveled up either once or twice. Then he checked his stats that came up to him as:-




-Strength:- 19

-Agility:- 21

-Stamina:- 24

-Endurance:- 22

-Dexterity:- 25

-Mana:- 140

-Perception:- 5

 (Stat points:- 17)

After checking his stats, Ray noticed that all of his stats had increased tremendously while some stats had even doubled. Moreover, he also noticed that he unlocked a new stat which was precise 'perception'. Ray then proceeded to check more information available for the stat,                         [ "Perception:- Stat that allows the host to perceive any danger or anything around a certain area depending on the number of points available in the stat. The host could normally increase the stat by fighting enemies in large numbers or by fighting against enemies in areas with many obstacles" ].

Ray found this stat very useful as it would even allow him to perceive danger from before and he would be aware of a certain area around him. Moreover, he believed that when reaching higher points this stat would increase his sensory abilities tremendously. Therefore, he paid great attention to this stat and thought about increasing this stat as well. Thus, he added a total of 10 available stat points he had in the perception stat, raising it to 15, and just as he raised the stat, Ray could immediately sense the area around him better as his 5 senses got more in tune with their surroundings and Ray believed that now he might be able to sense life and death situations when suddenly attacked and would be able to move out of attack's trajectory.

After he was done checking his stats, Ray chatted with Aurora on the rest of his journey and entered the city sometime later. He did not have any problem after entering the city as even the guards recognized him now. After entering the city, Ray went straight towards the Guild's Association while wearing his beast soul armor as it would have a tremendous effect on his surroundings and no one would bother him within the building. He went onto the counter and submitted his quests and gained the reward on their completion, while he sold the corpses to the association as well.

Then, just as he was about to turn around and leave, the man behind the counter timidly said, "Sir, you have done two mid-grade quests upon yourself within the least amount of time, therefore you are eligible to level up your current traveler rank from beginner to novice, with it you could take higher tier quests and also obtain more benefits from the Guild's Association itself"

Hearing this, Ray halted his steps and turned around intrigued by the man's words while a smile came upon his face as he said, " Oh! so that's how it is, why don't you tell me more about it".

The young in front of Ray naturally dealt with many people daily but he was scared out of his wits when he saw Ray's smile that looked like a devil's smile as his face was smeared in blood from his previous battles. Therefore, the man gulped and started explaining everything to Ray.


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