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Chapter 21: The Test 2

"Welcome to our top-of-the-line training room for the special class. This is where your test would be taken.". The instructor spoke. 

He then proceeded to say, "I will call out your names and according to that you would come here and fight the combat puppet, Moreover you would be given points according to your performance and they will be added along with points of the second test so that you could be ranked accordingly".

The instructor then started calling out,

"Nia Jhones", he called out the name of a girl.

 A girl stepped forward, she had an average height, about 5ft 6in tall along with blonde hair that flowed down to her hips. Her eyes were of a hazel hue that along with her blonde hair gave a perfect combination coupled with her slightly oval face free of any blemishes, that was as pure as snow. With all of her features combined, she gave a charm that was hard for many men to resist, along with her plum bosom and hourglass figure caused most men to sneak looks at her while some even looked at her with eyes filled with lust without any need for hiding them.

Even Ray looked at her once and thought of her as beautiful but did not bear any lustful nature towards her. Instead, he kept a watch on her battle to have a general understanding of everyone who was participating in the exam. 

Meanwhile, Nia, who seemed oblivious to all the stares she was getting walked forward. The battle puppet has been prepared in the middle of the room. Therefore, she walked to the middle of the room and took a sword out of thin air. Instantly, many gasps were heard as an inventory was not a common feature, to begin with, and only rare systems had them. So having the first participant take a sword out of inventory was a shock to some. Moreover, the sword seemed to be a magical artifact from System Online as it had many runic engravings on it that gave off a magical aura.

As Nia took her sword out, the combat puppet also came to life. The combat puppet then held its sword diagonally and moved forward while it slashed at Nia. Seeing that her opponent had started to charge out at her, Nia simply side-stepped and stabbed her sword forward stabbing the puppet at its abdomen. After the initial confrontation ended, both parties took a step back and prepared for another attack. While the puppet stabilized itself, Nia finally activated her system ability. Immediately after, rays of light shone upon her figure while her hair fluttered in the wind. Making her seem like an immortal fairy that had come upon a world of mortals to purge out darkness. Everyone looked at her with reverence and the battle pursued between the puppet and Nia.

As everyone was watching the battle, Ray had a thought cleared from his mind. Because from start he seemed to have heard Nia's last name 'Jhones', and only after seeing her magic did he realize that she belonged to the famous Jhones family who had a lineage that allowed their kin to have control over light-based magic. However, the extent of ability for every member changed as one with an outstanding physique and purer lineage would be able to fully control light and use it in a multitude of ways while someone might not even be able to use light rays to change colors. After all, System Online was a fair game and it only allowed people to systems based on their potential and talent, while things such as lineages were always secondary to them.

The fight between Nia and the combat puppet went on for a total of 10 minutes until the combat puppet was decapitated by Nia with a slash of her sword infused with light rays that had high penetrating power. 

The instructor then came forward and assessed the battle while Nia expressionlessly walked back to her place. After the first battle ended, many people continued with their battles and only a couple dozen were able to defeat the combat puppet as a level 8 combat puppet had the strength of a basic tier beast at its peak or a pseudo-intermediate tier beast at its beginning stages. Among those who passed were many ability users with a few rare abilities but even they took at least half an hour to defeat the puppet. Moreover, there were only three performances as great as Nia's and they were from system users belonging to prominent families. One was a teenage man, named Adrian Blake. He had a dark elemental affinity-related system that allowed him control over the dark element and also allowed him to cast curses to some extent. Other than Adrian, there was Josh Wilfred, who had an earth elemental affinity-related system that allowed him control over earth elements with a strange attribute that granted his attacks formed from the system a metallic characteristic to them. Lastly, there was a young teenage girl, her name was Hailey Kent, she had a plant elemental affinity-related system that allowed her control over plant elements along with a poisonous attribute.

As the battles continued, the instructor called Ray's name,

"Ray Xander",

After Ray heard his name being called, he moved forward and stood in front of the combat puppet. The combat puppet activated and pounced on Ray while Ray did nothing and dodged to his right.

Swerve!, Swerve!,

Ray continued dodging for a couple of seconds until he got a good judge of its strength. Then, he activated his magical affinities to end the battle. At first, he used his newly acquired spell,

[Lightning Web],

It allowed him to lay a web of lightning around a radius of 10 meters, which allowed him to stun the enemy. Then, he cast his other fire elemental spell,

[Fire Ball],

Currently, it was at level 9 after fighting against multiple beasts for the past few days. Therefore, it instantly obliterated the combat puppet in one go. Ending the battle within a minute after it started.

After the battle ended, Ray walked back to his place while the dazed instructor moved forward to asses his exam. Moreover, everyone has also been dazed to the point that their minds went blank as they were unable to fathom what happened. After all, for the first time in their life had they seen a 16-year-old wield two different magical elements and that too of extreme destructiveness. These things were only head for extremely rare geniuses whose talent was one in a billion. 

Meanwhile, the instructor did not say anything and continued with the examination. On the other hand, Ray was extremely satisfied with his assessment of the combat puppet and his strength along with the way he dealt with the combat puppet. After all, he knew that people were having a system that allowed them to wield multiple magical elements at the beginning stage of their strength. Therefore, Ray only showed a small amount of his power. After all, the current strength that Ray possessed allowed him to defeat pseudo-intermediate tiered beasts at peak stage while he could enter a stalemate against intermediate tier beasts at early or mid stages of their strength.

Soon, the instructor ended the first stage of the examination. In the first stage, only a total of 35 students passed amongst the original 100, and about 7 of them defeated the combat puppet with ease. The instructor then stated, 

"All those who failed to defeat the combat puppet, please return to the waiting room. A person would escort you out of the academy while all of those who passed, please follow me to the training room for the second part of the test".


 [A/N]:- Will be releasing a bonus chapter at end of the week.


Have a good time.

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