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50% War Machines: Order vs Chaos / Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Revelations of dismay

Chapter 3: Revelations of dismay - War Machines: Order vs Chaos - Chapter 4 by RDZ96 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Revelations of dismay

Central Tokyo, Japan

The battle has being going of for 20 minutes, and Touma was getting tired. "Well fuck. I need as much help as I can get. And no one comes to help me." A girl appeared running from the ravenous monsters trying to eat her. "Help!! Please help me!!!" She begs Touma. Touma rushes in and cuts five zombies before they can use their abilities. He sighs, and looks at the girl. "What's your name" He ask, his stoic demeanor has loosen up some due to the circumstance they are in. "I am Hoshi Saku. I was going to get to the train for Kyoto. When all of this started." Saku was a petite looking girl, who has an athletic built. Although is of average height, her slim figure makes her looks smaller than she is. She has black hair that reaches her neck, and hazel eyes. She is, quite frankly, beautiful.

A zombie appeared from behind her and got instantly stabbed in the head by Touma. "Listen. If you're not going to help, then please leave. Do you have an ability or something!?" He ask her as he sliced another zombie. It was large and had a rock hard skin. He gave his legs a clean cutting the ankle, a weak spot, and stabbed it's head. "Yes I do. I can copy any technique, including another ability, and add it to my arsenal, with multiplied power. The problem is, I don't know how much I can copy. And if I do it too much I'll collapse of exhaustion, plus if the power that I copy can even harm me." She spoke while jumping out of the way of a zombie with the ability to run like a locomotive. The zombie went straight to Touma, who sliced the top of the head clean off. "I am a pure. So I don't have any abilities or enhancements. If you can copy. The grab my other sword, and defend yourself." Saku nodded and did as told.

Dodging a new zombie, and kicking a another one in the face, Saku picked up the katana from the bag. She then proceeded to copy, and give more power to every.single.move that Touma did earlier to all the zombies that came her way. Even saving Touma by stabbing a zombie that crept behind him. "Heheh. You were not lying huh. Okay. Let's get rid of these suckers" Touma speaks and they kept slicing everything that wanted to attack them. It went for about a minute, when Suka suddenly saw something falling, it was going directly to the center.

After she saw it. She immediately gave the warning to Touma "MOVE. IT'S COMMANDER HATSUDENJO!!!" She screams and they both look for cover, Touma grabbing his bags before the impact.

What fell on the center of Tokyo, Japan, was a 978 ton physical specimen. He fell with all his weight. Leveling the city. The buildings and streets where shattered, homes were destroyed. And a lot of civilians and officers couldn't evacuate in time. All the zombies were dead. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was the man who jumped from the G.M.A rooftop, all the way from Kyoto. He is as imposing as one could imagine. He has spiky crimson hair. It was short on the back, and upwardly to the right side on top. He also had a prosthetic leg, made of carbon steel and chromium. He's wearing a tight navy blue t-shirt, black shorts, and crimson red shoes with black lines. His hair covered the right side of his face, hiding a horrible disfigurement. It was burned, to the point were the skin from his body needed to be use to cover the right side. The skin got very rigid and jagged. The skin goes slightly above his right eye, to his right pectoral It also has deep gashes on the rugged skin. Four of his fingers slashes were from the top center of his forehead, to below the neck on the right side of his face. This where made due to his constant and forceful scratching because of the itch and the constant near separation from the skin. It looked atrocious. If it wasn't for that, he would have been considered handsome by the ladies.

The teens got out of their hiding spot. Which was a hole they found when they were running. Suka went to him. "Sir? Thank you for saving us" He looked up at her, and then saw a boy looking into what appeared to be an extremely oversized blue backpack. "What are you after." He spoke with his deep voice. "Sorry child. I have things to do and zombies to kill. Your extremely powerful though. Ever thought of joining the army?" Touma told Mitsuki. Mitsuki Hatsudenjo is a commander who lost his leg and part of his face. He is one of the very few who can take on multiple titans and other transcendental hybrids by himself. His abilities are Blood Control, which is self-explanatory (it allows him to control blood) and W.M.D (weapon of mass destruction) which gives him an absolute body, and allows him to make explosions with double the impact of the Tsar Bomb from each attack when he desires. His only problems are that he needs to cut himself or the opponent to use the ability, and that he weights 978 tons, and that weight and strength is bothersome for some tasks. He is also 45 years old.

Touma grabbed his RPD Colossus light machine gun, and aimed at a specific zombie. "That is the bastard who caused all of this. He was the only one not rushing in." Suka looks at Touma, and Mitsuki gets close to him, causing tremors around the area. "Are you sure?" He questions the boy. "I am as sure as you are short." 'He's freaking heavy!!!' Touma thought, because Mitsuki leaned a bit, making Touma feel his weight. "Ummm. Can you please not lean on me? You'll kill me" Mitsuki just leaned back, away from Touma. Mistuki then saw as the boy aimed and fired with one simple pull-and-let-go-of-the-trigger. 'It seems that it might be an automatic light machine gun. The RPD to be exact.' Mitsuki thought.

The bullet got the man that was running to escape right in the head, through the temple. Killing him instantly. Touma put his gun away. "May I ask the names of both of you?" Asked Mitsuki. "I am Hoshi Saku. I am a soon to be student of the G.M.A . It's an honor to meet you Commander Hatsudenjo." She speak educationally and with respect. "I am Touma Novak. I am also a- Hold on a minute." Touma turns to Saku. "Did you said Commander Hatsudenjo?" He asks Saku. Saku only nods. "Yes. He is Commander Hatsudenjo. One of the strongest beings ever!!" She answers Touma's question, with a little bit of fangirling. Touma looks at Mitsuki and then bows ninety degrees. "I apologize commander. It will not happen again." Afterwards, he straightens up. "As I was saying before my stupidity took over. I am also a soon to be student of the G.M.A." Mitsuki smirks. "Good. Let us go to the academy, then." He lifted them both. "Eh??... WAIT!!! DONT-" (Touma and Saku) And jumped to Kyoto.

Base in the continent of Karack

The imposing War Machine walked trough the corridor. People would instantly move out of his way in order not to get killed. After a few minutes. He is then greeted by the secretary. "Hello War Machine. Grand Commander Meier is waiting for you at his office." He spoke. This was Ivan Sharif of U.S. He is a secretary to Commander Manuel Meier. He is a middle aged man of average height, and youthful looks. He wears a formal suit instead of the W.M.A uniform. His hair is pinkish and short. He has a full beard which he keeps neat and thin. "Please follow me." War Machine did as asked. After a few minutes of destructive intimidation and a walk. They arrived at the office of the grand Commander Meier. The place was a large office. It had trophies and pictures of war and family. The desk was large and at the center of the room. Directly pointing at the door. Sharif knocked on the door. "Come in" A strict voice spoke. "Please proceed." Spoke Ivan. War Machine entered the room. And the door was closed.

A man sat in a big office chair. The man looked like he was in his late fifties, with black hair, and brown eyes. He has a thick mustache. He looked at War Machine straight in the eyes, and spoke.

"You are going to school"

War Machine's masked helmet cracked.


Well. Here's the new chapter. please don't forget to enjoy and comment. In the update, I chanced the last names between the commander and secretary because I got confused and decided not to fix much. so Manuel Meier is the grand Commander and Sharif is the secretary.

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