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62.5% War Machines: Order vs Chaos / Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Demoralizing Truth

Chapter 4: Demoralizing Truth - War Machines: Order vs Chaos - Chapter 5 by RDZ96 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Demoralizing Truth

Karack Continent main Base

After that revelation. War Machine immediately manifested out his handgun and pointed at the Commander. The man lifted his arms in surrender with a chuckle. He then lowered them and spoke again "Listen up before pulling the trigger. How old are you? 14? 15, Maybe? How long do you think you can go without the knowledge of anything that's not pulling a trigger or causing death and destruction." War Machine slowly lowered his gun. "Do you really know about the 65% of death at your hands in the war? I'm sure you do Shenyuan Shouhu Zhe. And I'm sure you know the truth behind them." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Zhe took off his helmet. It revealed a teenage boy with long silky ginger hair that reached his waist. He has fair skin that was surprisingly smooth, which is rare for a male of such experience in combat, and imposing physique. He had a handsome face with a stern expression and a terrifying aura. His eyes were caramel in color, with big pupils. He wears multiple piercings in each ear, similar to his thighs and gut. Also. Since he is deaf, he has earpieces that allow him to hear, get higher frequency, or mute the noise altogether.

Meier spoke again. "Tell me. What do you really think of everything as a whole? You are one of our biggest strengths in this war. But. I'm more than certain that you, War Machine, know that the Chaos army have stronger beings. Yes…You are one of the four horsemen, but you are the weakest amongst them." Zhe got clearly mad. "You dare to speak to me like that? I think you may recall that I am the General of Army. The highest rank in the entire World Military Association." He spoke with authority.

Ivan smiled and nodded. "Yes. Yes of course… You are the teenage General who has to listen to his elders." He stood up and stretched. "uuugggh. Ahhhhhh. That hits the spot" His back popped pleasantly "Ohohohoohh. That's good." He looks at Zhe. "Listen up child. You are not even halfway to maturity, not even purity. Yes, you have downed 10% of their army overall. That is amazing...Astronomical even. But… You have also have downed 55% of ours. You need to learn a lot more than simply killing. There's enemy, and there's allies. You must learn to distinguish between them"

Zhe rolled his eyes with a emotionless expression. "They need to learn to get out of my way. And also need to learn to kill the enemy before I arrive. If they don't, then they die. It is that simple." Commander Meier looked at him with a clearly disappointing expression. "I really had high hopes for you. And first Commander Mitsuki Hatsudenjo taught you so much about combat, and about war as a whole. Yet. You manage to be a bigger threat than the enemy." Zhe only lowered his brows. "Heh. I don't know how you and all others have survived this war without me. I've done most of your job already. Sacrifices are to be made"

He then looks at the desk, and his sights fall on a specific item. It was a picture that has Meier, with a red haired woman and two boys. They seemed very happy in the picture. Zhe recognized who they were immediately, and his expression turned to rage. This confused Meier, who was watching him the whole time. "Why are you staring at the picture of my family with so much hate?" Zhe only looked at him with disgust. "I'm surprised that you would have such weak ties Meier. That whore mocked me showing the picture of those two shits. She was a mother. So what? Stupid bitch. Mocking me with her good life with her sons. I enjoyed killing her more than anyone. Enemy or ally." Meier opened his eyes in disbelief. He looked at him in the eyes trembling in anger. "What…..What did you just say?"

Zhe's expression changed from anger to emotionless in an instant. "I killed her. I suffocated her while putting that picture in her line of sight. Heh. Those seizures actually made her look cute though." Meier was enraged. He pulled out his weapon and aimed. He cannot use his ability anymore because he was gravely wounded in the battlefield. So weapons are the only means for him to defend himself. "You....YOU DAMNED FUCKER!!! YOU LOOSE YOUR FAMILY, AND YOU TAKE IT OUT ON EVERYONE WHO HAS A FAMILY????" Zhe simply manifested his handgun again, and aimed. But before anything can happen. The door was busted open by Sharif with clear panic. "SIR!!! THERE ARE FIVE PYRAMIDS FLYING OUR WAY. IT'S THE DECIEVER!!!!!!!" Meier couldn't believe it. First. His granddaughter dies at the hands of an 'ally', and now this. He ran outside, with Sharif and Zhe running behind.

While they ran through the corridors, the entire continent of Karack was lifted, causing them to stumble and fall. Everyone in the land either fell or stumbled. The continent was floating in the air. When they managed to leave the base, they saw the five pyramids. They were massive in scale. Four of them were the same size of the 147 meters in height. The one in the middle however was more than twice as tall, and large as a whole. A whopping 300 meters tall. They were floating. There were two reasons for such feat.

The first reason is because they had the technological capability to fly, of course with proper and continuous maintenance.

The second reason is because there was someone was holding them in place with telekinesis.

This person had a maid dress, neatly and clean. The physique was imposing, with wide shoulders, yet slim and flexible. It could be said that it was an athletically petite frame. Size wise, it could be stated that surpasses that of Shenyuan Shouhu Zhen in height, but not as wide, in terms of muscle. It had long boots, which were black and had spikes. In the forearms, there were long, leather fist-dragon-claw spiked gauntlets, that ended in actual dragon claws in the hands and were black in color, the spikes where perfectly stainless steel gray. It was a combination of tungsten carbine, and stainless steel, sharp and durable.

The entire continent was moved closer to the pyramids, specifically, to who was pulling the continent. Meier saw the person from afar. He saw who it was about, and ordered Zhe to flee. "ZHE!!!! LITSEN TO ME. YOU WON'T SRVIVE. THIS BEING IS INVINCIBLE!! THIS IS THE DESTROYER!!!! YOU NEED TO LEAVE!!!" That was an order from Meier to Zhe, who refused vigorously. "What do you mean give up!!!! I will kill this shit!! The only thing it has done is lift a continent with the mind!!! And I'm sure it's a fake!!! Pure party tricks!!!" He pulled out his sniper rifle, tuned the noise out, and aimed at the head. Then, he pulled the trigger. The bullet exploded with great speed and force, going to the desired destination, only to bounce off a force field that was around the being who manifested it, and the pyramids. This was a first for Shenyuan Shouhu Zhe and shocked him to his core. Because he, who has killed countless with a single shot, and demolished places and force fields and any other type of protection in one shot, did nothing against a single being.

The one known as the 'Destroyer' pulled an incredulous and shocked Zhe directly toward the shield, and made a breach to let him pass. It got him in a close distance, about 15 feet away. Zhe saw his face, and his eyes widen. "You look like-" He could not finish his sentence. He was interrupted by a voice in his head that said something terrifying, creepy, ravenous. "Toy…You are a fun toy. I want you. I want you forever. My toy" That got him deep. The worst part of the experience is that he could tell that it was the person in front of him saying those words, which made it far worse. He struggled and created his most powerful weapon. The monstrous, 14 foot shotgun. But he did not pull one. He pulled the maximum he's allowed to create, and it was excruciating and difficult. He aimed both at him at point blank range "I'M NO ONE'S TOYY!!" He then pulled the trigger. The blast created a shockwave and smoke. The pyramids trembled due to the sheer force that the attack generated. The entire surroundings rumbled with incredible force. Yet, when the smoke cleared, that same hand that brought him close, was visible, in the same position, without a scratch, nor the gauntlet. He heard the voice again, and it was not pleased with his actions. "Bad. Very bad…Toy needs to behave…Toy needs discipline. Toy will be free for now. But I will claim you. My toy. Mine forever" He then turned Zhe around. And with the closing of his fist, the continent of Karack was destroyed, crushed. The land fell slowly to the sea. Everyone, and everything was destroyed.

Zhe was broken. His eyes were wide open, and he was still. He felt something he has not felt in a very long time.

He was afraid.

The voice inside his head spoke. "Poor toy. Sad. So sad. I want to make toy feel better. But toy doesn't know who it belongs to." Zhe was turned towards the hand. The hand drawn Zhe closer, and softly flickered him to the rubble. Zhe crashed in the only rock that was visible and out of the water in less than 0.0001 milliseconds. He was devastated. His armor was destroyed. His body was bloodied, with wounds and gashes and cuts so deep that he will have lifetime scars. The pyramids and the monster that held them turned, and left. "I'm sorry….Meier." Zhe did something he has not done since that day. He cried. In pain. In agony. In despair. "please.. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!!!" He screamed in fear. "Please…someone…come and….hold me…please..hic" he said as he cried himself to sleep.


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