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What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Author: Draekai

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In the most cliched fashion, a giant truck-kun smashed into my World, killing everyone with it.

And in the next most cliched event, I was given a second chance in life by the gods to live another life in a world of swords, magic and dragons! It’s literally a dream come true!

Be a hero? Who has the time?! Conquer the world? Like hell I’ll do something so troublesome! Diving into dungeons, exploring ancient ruins and meeting all the weirdos of the world? Sign me right up!!

I’m only interested in travelling the world to find the most interesting materials I can use to write the best story I can! I’ll show you my creativity and dazzle this new world with the stories I’ll write!

I’ll fight with dragons, swim with krakens, wrestle giants, eat all the cakes and bed the beauties! Time to live this life however I want!


A psycho is running around the world saying that they are the hero who will slay the demon lord? Why is there such a crazy person?

There’s someone out there threatening the world with nukes? How did they even find out how to make those?

Some crazy hobo is going into other people’s houses to smash pots to look for money? That guy really must be crazy.

What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?


[Character Creation:]




Any R-rated scenes will be denoted by a '*' followed by an 'R' with the number of 'R's showing how much of it is R-rated. '*R' would be around 25%, '*RR' would be about 50% and '*RRR' would most likely be the entire chapter.

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    Sometimes you just get the feeling of "Fine, I'll do it myself" and that's what happened here. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'd like to think I've come quite far since I first started my journey in writing. I won't say this is the culmination of everything I've learned, but it most definitely is one of the stories I've sunk the most effort into working on so far. Hope you guys enjoy your stay!

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    Good novel, but I drooped it at chapter 20. That FuT@ thing came out of nowhere, no prior warning was given, there's no tag, review or warning. I hope this review will help those who have FuT@ fetish to dive in, and those who don't have to stay away from this. I felt clickbaited; if I have found some warning I won't have wasted my time,,,, ( If the FUT@(A) word written, the review became soft banned)

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    So many bots and dummy accounts are rating this book 5 starts. Anyway, before any of you read this, you should be informed that the MC is a fut@. Yeah. Don't believe me? Read chapter 20.

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    LV 4 Badge

    The writing is decent, but there's been little to no story a few dozen chapters in and the author springs a reveal of the MC being female way too far into the story for my liking. The worldbuilding would be interesting, but it's all tell and no show, so the whole story so far has been a giant training arc carried by fluffy interactions.

    View 6 Replies
    LV 14 Badge

    Can already tell this is garbage just by the title. Not sure what kind of delusions you had to think that any normal person would enjoy a novel where the main characters fantasy is to have a harem. A harem is completely fine, but when his main aspiration is to have a harem, he’s just become a perverted loser who—in reality—would never receive a woman’s touch.

    View 27 Replies

    I Don't know why but just synopsis makes me to stay away from this novel....😅😅😅😅

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    Irrational and boring. 📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴

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    Couldn't get past the first 30 chapters because of how cringey it is and how uncomfortable it makes me.

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    Oh, right, Draekai, the idea juggler of the highest order. They will tease you with so much and then make you trudge through 600+ pages of non-substantialness. Novel excells in nothing but promising, you want R? Bam, we will stretch aging to 1000+ pages, while telling you about all lewd boons they chose in char creater. You can literally skim through almost whole chap and you wont lose much. I rate It as a typical "please buy more chaps" webnovel trash. Well, thats what I get for forgetting how their "disciples smth" novel went...

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    ... Why Fut@? Like I know people have their things but just... why? completely ruined the story for me but that's just me

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    Is this also a Yandere story'? i honestly want this to be one. I hope so, and if it's just harem, then it's fine also. I pray for the almighty Yandere Goddess to make this into one.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Author-san, I loved your previous novel, that's why Im willing to give this a try, but before I do, I have a question, will this stroy have NTR? I hope not. :(

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    Already know if it's Draekai it will be good, therefore begin reading this and support it just as we do. *I'm looking to see any Yandere tendecies*

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    Main character girl discovered at chapters 21 and she love girls so bye and why would author hide that fact until chapter 21 so fishy so it’s the end here I will just delete it from my library

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    Should of read the reviews didnt know there was fut@ until chapter 20 should of added tags for it.

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    Beginning was good. But dropped the novel at chapter 20. Synopsis of the novel is not clear about the gender issue of MC. What a waste of good writing quality.

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    Story seems fine, but the problem I have with it is fut@, I know people like the author and his audience are into those, I'm absolutely straight and felt uncomfortable with it. But still, story is fine 👍

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    It is So interesting. I really liked all the characters . The writter has potential. Character development was top notch. Thank you very much

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    A story like this should deserve a higher rating. however I hate being lied to, even if it is a lie of ommision.at ch20 the Fut@ gets introduced, and while i have no personal preferance either way, disohnesty on the authors part will make me never rea.d another chapter

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    I hope that this novel will be good. Your other novel is fantastic and is also a harem novel. So the harem in this novel will probably turn out great with all the experience you have. I don't have much more to say except that I hope that there will be as little science as possible in the novel.

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    Author Draekai