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It was the year 2169. The apocalypse finally arrived.

Global warming, zombies, nuclear war, all at once. Just one tipping point and the world itself would crumble.

Then, Nova Corp, a hegemon of the corporate world, seemingly convinced the global super powers into doing the impossible: Taking everyone online.

And they did. Everyone, poor or rich, was taken into the VRMMORPG: World Online.

A fantasy world where anything was possible. A utopia, unlike everything that the real world was.

But what was supposed to become a method of existence, became a battleground for supremacy. Companies, world powers, and the rich battled to become the greatest.

The disparity between the poor and the rich grew. There was no justice in this world. It took Darwin's words further than any other.
Jake, as poor as one could get, was caught in the rift, torn apart by the unfair system.

He was a dog of the Shadow King Guild, and even though he was absolutely loyal, in the end, the guild cut him off.

He was without an anchor and left in the cruel world. He knew no Utopia like the others.

But one day, when he opened his eyes, nothing was the same anymore.

Opening his eyes, he found himself ten years in the past. He was done being the henchman now. He was not going to let himself be used anymore.

Now, it was time for him to fight back. So what if the strongest were going to stand in his way? He was going to be unstoppable.

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    Yo, I’m going to say it, this is the next RSSG. The this book is really good. Everyone has to give power stones. I’m already hooked on this book💯 only thing I can see, is that it’s missing some elements to make the book more full. It dwells a bit empty? Idk the right words but I’ll write another review when I find them

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    I absolutely love this book, its been 33 chapters and i feel like a review should be written about this great story. Even though its only just at its beginning, i feel like the author has done a really great job in making it work. Now i dont want to say this is the best or even one of the best. As everyone has different likes and dislikes and personally this novel has (atleast till now) everything that i like, so i am going to mention what i liked about this novel and if you find you might also like some of the stuff I mentioned give this novel a try you might enjoy it. 1. The MC wakes up in the past with memories of his future. Basically its a second chance novel ( I absolutely love this trope). 2. The MC has his priorities right and doesn't delay matters and handles them with caution and due diligence. 3. He is not a perfect person doesn't know alot of stuff and is trying his best to learn and make up for his weaknesses 4. The author tries alot of things related to game which i haven't seen before much atleast on webnovel originals. 5. It reminds of Rebirth of the Strongest Sword God, which is definitely in my 10 top webnovel list. So yeah i love this book. Note for author: Love your work 😁👍 Hope you are contracted soon for this novel and you put out more chapters faster cause its good.

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    Author here. This is my wsa addition, and a book that I spent a lot of time trying to perfect. Although I don't dare claim that it is, I think that this is a well written book. There will be guild building, op mc, absolutely no harem, and good progression, I promise. and ever since I finished my exams, I have also tried my best to maintain a 2 chapter a day release cycle. I think that you will love the book as long as u give it a chance.

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    Author, I'm going to be totally honest in this review (Until Chapter 30). About the story: It's interesting. The classic back in time with valuable information, added to the VR theme. How did the protagonist go back in time? I have no idea. There wasn't any hint that he had a title, item, or anything like that that made it possible. I don't know if there will be an explanation in the future. There is little (almost no information) about the events of the world and how everything got to the point where humanity is. All I know is what's in the synopsis. There was no detailed explanation while reading. For me this hinders the immersion in the work. The VR world is very interesting, seemingly gigantic, with the potential to be really captivating when more elements are inserted into the story. Apparently Jake won't be a nice protagonist who will forgive people who want to make his life difficult. I believe he will be ruthless with enemies and I believe he will take good care of those he cares about. Now I'm going to talk about the problems... I'm going to start by talking about the problem that has irritated me the most so far. 1st Character details: The author has a big problem in this area. When I read I feel that all people are walking mannequins. I don't know what the protagonist family looks like! This is serious. When an attendant appears "A pretty attendant". When Jake meets the Queen, the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, "Jake turned to see a perfect woman". When he meets Myriad Arrow, a important character "Tall over six feet, but with a slender and athletic build"... Bro, the eyes, the skin, the face... I want details. What color is the hair? Is it long or short hair? Straight or curly hair? Details! At least for the important characters in the story. Wait... What does the protagonist look like?! 2nd short chapters: That's my opinion. I believe the chapters need to be between 25~50% longer. Reading ends very quickly. It will also be good to enrich the story with details, interactions and thoughts from the protagonist and secondary characters when necessary. 3rd Depth of the protagonist's relationship with important people: I found the mc's interaction with his family very shallow. I don't know what they're thinking, what they're feeling, what they like and don't like, what they think of Jake, what Jake thinks of them... I hope the mc's interactions with his family improve and that Jake can have a good relationship with future important characters. I hope you can consider this review and I hope it has helped you in some way to improve your story. Keep up the good work.

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    Another novel with the same old plot, get every1 inside a VRMMO, make the protagonist be a nobody then send him back in time, still waiting for a novel where the protagonist will be someone great without having knowledge of the future... Anyway with no romance/cute interactions and no life outside the gaming world, this feels like a cultivation novel where the MC cultivates for 1000 years and we read 10k chapters of the same thing happening over and over again, plot isn't very interesting either so...

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    This book has a lot of pros but the cons have started to outweigh then IMO. I have read until chapter 250 so I can say objectively that the story has a lot going for it story wise but when you pad your word count on literally every single chapter with a notice not to pirate, which will happen regardless, then I lose trust in your integrity as an author. (I understand not wanting your hard work to be given away for free but I shouldn't have to pay for your insecurity.) Second, filler chapters and filler content to pad the word count... With the amount of information that is nonrepetative in the 250 chapters I read you could have gotten the message across in half that number. That said, I do enjoy the concept and ideas you have but they need to be executed more efficiently. (Yes I understand that most webnovels are padded with repetition and filler but that doesn't make it right, does it?) With some slight tweaking and focusing more on story development rather than useless banter between characters then this story could be great.

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    suppot new story it good [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=coins][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]suppot new story it good [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=coins][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Right at the start, you are captured by the I justices of this new world. The author knows just how to bring you in to the plot and make your ant to see the underdog rise. Fight and push forward with our loveable MC, you won’t regret watching him become a complete bad**s ! Definitely worth the read. Just remember to bug the author for more chapters or else you’ll binge it all.

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    This is trying to be RSSG with a rushed storyline and significantly less explanation. Honestly you might as well just go read RSSG. The writing QUALITY, insofar as grammar and punctuation, is fairly well done. EVERYTHING else is NOT. I don't want to spoil anything for someone who might actually enjoy the novel, but I will say the author is a half-step away from the plagiarism realm, and doesn't seem to care. The separate, clean living area for the rich? "'Shadow' King"? "Bright 'Horizon'"? You're not even trying to be subtle about it, man. E for Effort I guess, at least for getting a few hundred chapters out and sticking with it. If you meant this to be a quick rewrite of Lucky Old Cat's original work, then ignore me. If you meant this to be original in any way, shape or form? No.

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    LV 15 Badge

    I think the first guy was wrong this isn't like RSSG its more of a cross-over between RSSG and A New World. Has an MC that uses knowledge of the pass to get ahead of everyone else (check), uses that same knowledge to get legendary class, weapon, and armor when first logging in (check), Uses knowledge to setup up a guild building, hire craftsman, create guild, to not only farm karma but to get further ahead; stating later that the guild building will be useless later on (check). This isn't like A New World where it takes 100 chapters to get to the next day because the author over explains everything to even what type of dust is on the ground. But at the same time, this novel doesn't really say a whole lot either, at least so far...I try to read the first 50 chapters before leaving a review, more so if I want to see how things play out or if I can't make up my mind; for example what I did for "Bloodline system" I read till chapter 500 before I left a review". But, I've read up until chapter 60, and really reading this is equivalent to "I did this in game, then this, then this, and this happen, then I did this, and this, and this, and look I'm so lucky...btw my world is on the brink of destruction, with pullulated air, barren fields & crops, zombie's, massive radiation, etc...but hey we're fine now because I moved us to a better location, so we can play this game that the government is forcing down our throats"...and then I did this, and this, and this,.....haaa it makes no sense lol For those reasons I rated this as a 2.8. It's not bad but, story wise it doesn't make sense why; if his world was full of such destruction the government would force everyone to play a game; when their REAL bodies would still be in a fallen world....

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    This is my first time writing a review for a book and I can say that this has a lot of potential.It has been a while since I read about a non-dumb mc and this gives me a different feeling compared to the other VRMMORPG novels and it gives a fresh feeling.Continue the good work author.

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    Amazing novel! World background is amazing and the mc is amazing. Mc is very smart as to how far i've seen. Everything is fine, the only thing that needs some improving is the writing quality, there are some minor mistakes but thats fine. Keep up the great work, I'll give you 5 stars!

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    i quite like this story. i like that the mc is actually smart and not the fake smart some are. i like that the mc is somewhat weak to strong, and took a interesting way to abuse his knowledge of the future.

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    Alright, I read up to give chapters and I somewhat enjoyed reading it. The premise of taking everything online was what captured my attention the most. the writing quality is good, could be better but it's much better than mine (kek) the characters are somewhat likable and the world background is good as well as the story development so far. keep it up and all the best for WSA 2022.

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    I could read until ch7 because When I saw the status screen again I just droped this.mc killed a fox and gain 2 level then killed 99 fox he only got 3 more levels I think this is wrong.

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    Dropped. It’s a good story at first, but suffers from subtle plot armor. But that’s not what made me drop it, it was the endless chapters with this alliance. They just started off and are heading an alliance of the most wealthy and devious and most powerful people in the world? And they spent so much on not progressing story with this… so many chapters on Nolan…. I didn’t want to waste anymore coins.

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    It has a concept similar to The World Online and even almost the same name, but it is very different, different gameplay. I liked it a lot, I hope more, I found some small bugs, but nothing that makes me go down to 4 stars, could there be zombie players in the future? By being infected while connected and the zombie's mind would still stay connected.

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    LV 14 Badge

    It’s a decent novel not a great one but good to pass the time. Some improvements for author to think about would be details pertaining to characters like hair color , skin color ,personality, relationships , etc. Also, MC so far gets everything handed to him ; there are zero dificulties for him which makes the story bland and predictable.

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    Book is amazing from the story to the MC and cant wait to see the full potential this story can bring. I would definitely say this novel is something you should read.

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    Yay I'm happy you started writing again author please never drop this novel at least get it past 500 chapters

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    Author jdbeue