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"In the unforgiving corridors of time, I was brought to the brink, my life teetering on the precipice of destruction. But fate has granted me a remarkable opportunity – a return to the past, a chance to rewrite my destiny. Brace yourself, for when our paths cross once more, the world will bear witness to an unrecognizable future!"

Enter the realm of Alternate World, a virtual playground where mere mortals are elevated to the status of gods. The moment this game touched the lives of players, our world, our very existence, was irrevocably altered. People discovered newfound abilities, and playing the game became a way of life, a livelihood.

Among those players was Manato Tsukasa, an unwitting protagonist whose life was thrust into turmoil on the eve of his wedding. In the shadowy depths of night, enemies emerged, determined to snuff out his existence. He stood on the precipice of death, only to be granted an unexpected lifeline, a return ticket to the past.

With the past before him like an unwritten book, Manato seized this extraordinary chance with relentless determination. Armed with the knowledge of his past mistakes, he embarked on a journey to exact revenge upon the architect of his misery. The game that had once been his escape from reality now served as his crucible, transforming not only the gaming industry but also the very fabric of our world.

Yet, little did Manato suspect that Alternate World held secrets far more profound than any player had ever imagined. The game's mysteries ran deep, and the truth, obscured beneath layers of illusion, remained tantalizingly elusive. As he delved deeper into the game's enigmatic depths, Manato would soon discover that the lines between reality and virtuality were destined to blur, forever changing the course of his life and the world itself.

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    LV 11 Badge

    Hello guys, Kyosei here, I know my update stability is very very slow that I am honestly not sure what to do about it. It might take me a while before I reach the 100th chapter but bear with me. The chapters will be slow for a while in this novel because all my attention was focused on my contracted novel. I have to earn money or I can't pay for my expenses every day. I also have work I need to focus on so I am quite having a hard time writing a single chapter and if I have to push myself, I ended up sleeping due to fatigue. But once I finish the Chat group for Magicians, the updates will be frequent again. Thanks for everyone that still sticks around.

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    Honest review. I actually like the beginning but after that MC becomes puss_y , he doesn't want to change past but he did , he doesn't want to gather too much attention but he did by becoming no. 1 , and he is such a coward that he can fight those bully with background but when he sees player in his class he becomes scared like really they don't even know you avatar and they won't know until you tell them .He is So what's the point of becoming scared , coward

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    writing quality:4. not many problems and it is legible. Some editing would really help. stability of updates:5. very frequent. not much else to say here. story development:5. story is developing. fast. very fast. mainly due to the insane leveling speed of the main character that there needs to be a fast plot development. character design:2. main character is bland. side characters are bland. every person seems bland. All that is known is a not very ugly guy grinding in insanely fast speed because he knows things due to reincarnation and that he isolates himself. world background:2. not enough details that would explain the world. It is one thing to neglect the real world as the main focus is the game but to neglect the world building in the game as well? that's a big mistake. in the beginning village it can be excused because MC really just skipped past it and just grinded until he could enter the city. But even after he enters the city there are still no details. MC just goes somewhere and he is there. where is the direction? what does the place look like? what are the landmarks? MC is just grind grind grinding that the world building is severely lacking. THE BIGGEST FLAW OF THIS BOOK: EXP GAIN Before level 10, the exp for a level up seems to be in the hundreds. between 10-20 the exp seems to be in the hundred thousands seeing the levels he gained from killing first boss class monster. okay. explainable as he has 300% exp gain from his title. good explanation right? no. MC is a VERSATILE class, which author stated IS INSANELY HARD TO LEVEL UP. Following that reasoning, MC should at best be slightly ahead of the other players, given his knowledge from reincarnation that gives him an edge over others. However, by chapter 34 every other player is still below level 20. guess where our MC is at? OVER 50. Author also stated in the beginning that it took him about 25 years to reach level 500 so here I thought it would take awhile but our MC gets to level 50 is like less than a week (or is it a month?). In any case. at that pace, MC will probably get to level 500 in probably a year. Don't expect too much. It's not the worst, but neither is it the best. If you can ignore the exp problem, this is great for reading if you got nothing else and are waiting for other novels to update.

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    even though this novel seems to have been republished it still has very bad english. Terrible world background and story development. It is as If it was written by a 2nd grade kid.

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    ok first off, I have read up to chp 116 the story it self is good the execution is not.. as I was reading I noticed a ton of inconsistent thing like when he kill the necromancer in his mansion he should be pretty high lv, definitely above lv 50 since in the past he bought tier 5 skills that can only be bought after lv 50. Now I'm reading that at the end of Chp 115 MC is lv 49 yea nah Like I have said in the beginning the story is good but the execution is not because of these inconsistencies. if you can turn off your brain and just enjoy the story anyways have fun, if not wait for a rewrite is it ever comes. I also have have some problems with the MC's personality and reasoning something in regards to his family and friends but whatever, as long as Author-san can fix the inconsistent content of this book with regards to lv and progression this book will be great

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    This Is My Review A a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a. A a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a Thanks for the great story thus far sir. Hoping for more and faster updates. The progression is great by the way.

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    I use to love this novel but the new updated version completely destroyed it... Author fix this bull**** please. .................... .................... ......... ......

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    I've read upto chapter 39 and this are my views so far. 1. Great world buildup, the whole ancient technology turned vr is really good and the back intime thing too. 2. The mc's buildup is a little underwhleming considering he was one of the most powerful players is hard to believe given his choice in equipment and skills. 3. A good rpg gamer knows that although active skills are important, passive skills are a great boon especially in early and late stages, but so far with his low mp he ends up choosing all the active skills with really no passive boosts, at least mp regen skill or mana potions or something. 4. Before he died the mc used quite a few skills. Then you said that they could use skills in the real world. but then his mother gets into an accident and instead of using the skills from the game he decides money matters first, with the possible case of amnesia or even memory loss don't you think the mystical power of the skills would do better than modern medical means, also if they need certain conditions or lvls to use skills in real life you should have specified them early on. 5. Now the last, mc has a cheat weapon, it can gain lvls by 'devouring' other equipment, but instead of feeding every equipment you sell most why? since devouring basically any equipment gives it exp then super grind of equipment should have been the way to go. And the mc's constant fear of using better equipment is unfounded in my opinion. But anyway this are all purely my opinion and views and you are the writer and you can do anything you want, but im just laying it out there so that maybe it will help in your endeavours.

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    it starts out great, but every thing is over explained , I guess it would be a great book for someone who knows nothing about video games, ill continue to read more when I'm less annoyed with reading every little thought and action someone takes

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    It was a good ride

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    The story is very interesting .I wish you could upload more chapters with good content to read .It is very good to read .

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    LV 14 Badge

    Good story marred with many of the same problems that all regressor-vmmorpg stories have: 1) Equipment is never changed - until way too late, if you want to press your advantages you will of course make sure that you are wearing the best equipment, feeding the growing weapon with as many weapons as possible to increase your stats, etc. 2) Not learning skills - I understand that you have the Versatile class and have to manage many skills, this does not prevent you from learning all of the passive skills instead of leaving the skill points sitting there, once again you are in a race against time. 3) Trying to act "low key" - This is the stupidest thing ever, you want power? Being a lone strong person doesn't help, he needs allies, fame and fortune. Let people know how important it is to be by your side. 4) Money - He said he would help his parents, and yet, nothing so far (or maybe I missed it) And my last point, work on the grammar and sentence construction, sometimes it feels awkward.

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    AI generated!!The idea is very common but still enjoyable. But unfortunately AI can't keep up with its own ideas. Its lacking in consistency and its quite noticable that it wasn't written by a real human

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    Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LV 11 Badge

    140 Character?

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    Its amazing. Eco exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp Exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp

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    5 5 3 1 4 Everything fine but the characters and the stories development along with consistency in its narratives. The author ignores past statements and sometimes make things harder or easier on mc by ignoring past statements, abilities, and passive effects along with many others. The writing quality is fine but to people like me I would advise to ignore this novel, the inconsistency gets really annoying. Tbh, I don’t even know how I read all the current chapters, I’d usually would have drop something like this first 2-5 chapters... must be because of how rare Vr original novels are..

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    I thought this one was really weird. You can cast skills from a video game outside of the video game (Not a spoiler, from chapter 1). Not just improve your body, but literal video game skills. This was really weird to me. Additionally, I felt like it was a mix of several cliques that made a worse amalgamation of them. The betrayal of the lover, reincarnation back in time, but they do it in a weird way that I am not a fan of.

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    I know I didn't give 5-stars, but this is still a 10/10 I would recommend novel.

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    Author Kyosei