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THey also love to ignore patents completely and the every so corrupt government always sides with Chinese companies completely disregarding their own laws. View More

Hitmontop: It’s kind of funny that a Chinese company is worried about a patent seeming the Chinese government and companies are notorious for working together to steal technology breakthroughs and put their own spin on them

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C276
1 day ago
2247 chapters according to NU so 2 more. View More

Planeplane: are we nearing its end??

Ancient Godly Monarch · C2045
1 day ago
Surprised the MC is bothering with school instead he should be focusing on gaining strength and expanding his forces. View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C91
3 days ago
MC is stupid giving her such valuable stuff, specifically the watch, it's asking for the weak girl to be robbed. View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C90
4 days ago
SO 900 chapters in, has he beat the teenager who came and stole his love interest in the earlier chapters yet? View More
Warrior's Promise · C901
5 days ago
Reading Status: C35
Terrible everything, no world building, no character depth, bad translation, cliche story, there's nothing redeeming about this, please don't give these translators another project. View More
The Man from Hell
5 days ago
also put down the thesauraus, the whole workd jettisoned him? Wtf is that, that makes no sense in that context. View More
The Man from Hell · C34
5 days ago
what the **** is an illegal son, you mean illigetimate? View More
The Man from Hell · C34
5 days ago
And now i've dropped this. View More
Dark Moon Era · C24
5 days ago
I imagine the trees like the animals are much larger than normal. View More

darkoneko: The zombies can't climb trees, but they can destroy metal doors. They can push or break the tree.
NOOOO not uncle Zhang ;_; why

Dark Moon Era · C21
5 days ago
MC having a hissy fit at the guy who saved him from zombies because there were snakes is ridiculous. View More
Dark Moon Era · C11
5 days ago
a row of purplish human row... View More
Dark Moon Era · C6
5 days ago
Scales difficult to penetrate even with a halbert? You mean halberd? View More
Dark Moon Era · C1
5 days ago
yup View More

Sightless: First Order any good?

Dark Moon Era · C1
5 days ago
The content has been deleted
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C68
5 days ago
Poor dog View More
So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C3
5 days ago
How powerful can his bloodline be? His father died young as did his ancestor. View More
So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C2
6 days ago
Think we need notes at certain points, like why his adopted dad calls him salted fish. View More
So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C1
6 days ago
I'm sick of these cockroach characters Dangtian and Chankong View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1994
6 days ago
What the **** is wrong with the MC, sure be annoyed that the car you wanted was being sold to someone else, but resorting to such insane measures is disgusting. View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C86
1 week ago
MC is stupid trash, he provokes trouble everywhere he goes, it's ridiculous how bad this author is, sparing blackpeak was obviously going to bite him in the ass and yet he did so anyway, and he will live because plot armor stopped people above the 5th level attacking him. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C839
1 week ago
MC deserves death, always acting like a bigshot despite being weak as ****.

This author sucks, always making characters with insane talent but are always causing issues and causing people much stronger to want to kill him. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C751
1 week ago
Why is thisb garbage being translated. View More
The Man from Hell · C31
1 week ago
This MC acts like a child and nothing like a powerful demon, that's always a problem with these novels, nobody ever acts like they should after rebirth, always acting like a normal human who inherited powerful memories. View More
The Man from Hell · C27
1 week ago
Except he can use the treasure to enter whatever the places is called, most likely we won't see revenge until the end of the novel. View More

Biro: wrong, I think it is because he can rally most emperors against a traitor like north river the moment he gets backstabbed, which is what I hope he will do. It isn't a matter of treasures, or even trust, but a matter of pride and reputation. Plus, North River is half a devil anyways, it isn't as if he wouldn't pass a chance to get revenge

Lord Xue Ying · C1249
1 week ago
Shame we never got to see the ferret again. View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C728
1 week ago
Seems this author is repeating the same story style as he did in warlock of the magus world. View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C683
1 week ago
shockingly predictable View More

Mkalio: !!!SPOILERS!!!

North River betrays Xue Ying and take the thousands eye dew drop. Xue Ying gathers some great emperors to fight against North River but he has already escaped through the Snake passage.

Xue Ying will get the thousand eye dew drop closer to the end of the book

Lord Xue Ying · C1248
1 week ago
I wish this was getting 14/week, so many **** novels get 14/week and yet this gets stuck with 7, atleast the quality is high but when novels have 1k+ chapters typically 1 a day just doesn't cut it. View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C61
1 week ago
Most likely they will work together to survive and then the emperor will kill xue ying and steal the item. View More

Shifty_Eyed_Llama: God chapter. Only hope that LXY will be able to absorb that drop before the other 2 reach.

Lord Xue Ying · C1247
1 week ago
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