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Original Works

  • An Assassin's Vengeance

    An Assassin's Vengeance


    Trained under the Elysian Kingdom to become a killer ever since he was a kid, Sylus is now betrayed by those who he cared for. Barely escaping from the Elysian Forces by the skin of his teeth, Sylus now plans to exact his vengeance on the place he used to call home. Will be on RoyalRoad as well This is my first time writing a novel so please criticize as much as possible. I know the beginning of this wont be the greatest but i'm hoping future chapters will be a lot better

  • Life of A Web Novel Author

    Life of A Web Novel Author

    Realistic Fiction

    You guys are probably like wtf? why should i read about the life on an author? Well let me tell you, that the life as an web novel author is one of the funniest things you can become and I'll show you what we do and say.

  • Journey To A King

    Journey To A King


    As a peasant that survived through poverty and war. Jax Fore was sick of how a peasant was treated. Being used as meat shields and given nothing but slob to eat. Jax wanted to change the world so people like him could live. But he had no power, nothing. But on the day he thought was his last, he heard a voice "Do you wish to become a king? Do you wish to create a world where you can achieve what you desire?" This will also be on RRL under the same name. Itz_Minh I will be doing a chapter a day

  • Living With A System That Tries To Kill Me!(Dropped)

    Living With A System That Tries To Kill Me!(Dropped)

    Realistic Fiction

    I was told this system would help me I was told that this system would make me stronger I was told that the system would be my long life friend SO WHY IN THE HELL IS IT TRYING TO KILL ME! I will be trying to update this 4-5 days a week. This will also be on RRL under my name Itz_Minh please support me through https://ko-fi.com/S6S6F3CD# just donate $15 for an extra chapter

  • Legacy Of White

    Legacy Of White


    Alister White was born in a noble house that is about to have its noble title taken away. Born with feeble power, Alister still tries his hardest to become the strongest to prevent the title to be taken away. Even though he is bullied and was pushed back on more than one occasion he still goes on. Now on one day where he thought would be his last, He finds the sword that holds the Legacy Of White

  • Mercenary Empire

    Mercenary Empire


    Dominic Red was born in an age of chaos. Trained to be mercenary by an old man who saved him when he was young, he took every job to survive. Watch him as he uses every skill and tactic to make the enemy collapse and tremble at the sound of his very name

  • Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer

    Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer

    Realistic Fiction


    Reed Aniston grew up in an orphanage which was actually an assassin organization. He was taught everything an assassin needed to know at his age and became one of top if not the top assassin of his time. Now his time has ended. Betrayed by one of his closest colleagues, he was captured. He was interrogated for weeks, his captors used everything they could to make him speak, but nothing worked. Then,they finally used the person he cared most. Forced to the end of his wits, Reed went berserk and massacred everyone. After killing everyone, Reed dies and take his first step to another world. gonna update this probably 3 times a week. Gonna try to make my chapters the best as possible so you guys don't read terrible chapters. PS Ranking Rank 1- 6 chaps Rank 2- 5 chaps Rank 3- 4 chaps Rank 4-10 3 chaps Rank 11-25 2 chaps Ranks 26-50 1 chap After this will be PS ranking I owe you guys 11 chaps. welp ok (might die of over writing but it's fine) I DON'T FEAR DEATH ------------------- I have a patreon account but I don't have much of a stock but if you want to help out there's a one dollar option! I would appreicate it if you do Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Itz_Minh https://ko-fi.com/S6S6F3CD paypal.me/ItzMinh I have a discord as well if you want to hop in on the fun!! https://discord.gg/BUnyWKX


So are we gonna get the extra chapters that were missed? View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1385
4 months ago
Wow they actually mentioned real Webnovels View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1329
6 months ago
With the word count being at a low level and each chapter now costing 10 stones each. Can we have now have 3 chaps a say now View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1196
8 months ago
I meant next chap not this one View More

Itz_Minh: I swear to god imma hang myself if the chap ends with a simple power up and more enemies

The Lord’s Empire · C1068
10 months ago
I swear to god imma hang myself if the chap ends with a simple power up and more enemies View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1068
10 months ago
This sure took a turn... Interesting View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1024
11 months ago
First View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C963
11 months ago
We’ll now we know the fiancé yang ming’s master set him up with View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C951
11 months ago
First View More
The Lord’s Empire · C982
11 months ago
You read it in MTL?! I feel sorry for your mind View More

Lagrange7: i read ahead in machine translations. doesnt happen. The next 10-20 chapters are kinda good

The Lord’s Empire · C978
11 months ago
Now im just waiting for that BS chapter that stops zhao fu’s conquest for all of china View More
The Lord’s Empire · C978
11 months ago
First View More
The Lord’s Empire · C966
12 months ago
I know. I think everyday “why do people read this?” They’re soo many things wrong with this story atm. I plan on fixing it when im done with the volume. But yeah it’s understandable. View More

Rawr_Kitten: Sorry dude im dropping this its so bad at this point its not even worth trying to suffer through this

Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer · C5
1 year ago
Oh i forgot to change my author thoughts... this was when I was going through with finals. But, that’s over. Next chap is next week View More

JackReach5: We'll wait for more

Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer · C43
1 year ago
Lots of people change gender there. Hence the reason a lot of people are called lady boys View More

Yue21: Facking finally kill them all hahaha!!!!
Whats up with the gender in thailand though 🤔

The Lord’s Empire · C921
1 year ago
The fact that they’re trying to kill their own world protectors just irks me. If zhao fu does die, they are screwed View More
The Lord’s Empire · C918
1 year ago
Lol using old characters vpaa View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C840
1 year ago
Its the guy who gave yang ming the contact lens View More

Daoist23472342: What

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C813
1 year ago
Sooo si ji wasn’t labeled a traitor to the world or something... wow View More
The Lord’s Empire · C887
1 year ago
Well one of them I think... View More

Itz_Minh: No, its gotta be hit other body

The Lord’s Empire · C886
1 year ago
No i think its his other body View More


The Lord’s Empire · C886
1 year ago
No, its gotta be hit other body View More

BlackFish91: Wait did World Protectors from other worlds came to fight?

The Lord’s Empire · C886
1 year ago
Yup, same author as well so View More

Kamitsuki: Ohh is that one a good read?

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C794
1 year ago
Oops srry i meant very pure and very ambiguous. Idk how i mixed those two up View More

Kamitsuki: Im confused... Isnt this SPSF?

So Pure, So Flirtatious · C794
1 year ago
This is very similar to a scene in so pure so flirtatious... Same authors so eh ok. View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C794
1 year ago
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C771
1 year ago
Exp View More

Tristan: See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon

The Lord’s Empire · C859
1 year ago
First View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C761
1 year ago
Theres a few flaws that I plan on fixing all questions will be answered when I return. View More

TheSoundOfSilence: What's up with the cultivation that doesn't change the body ? How can you be stronger without your body strengthening itself? Is it something like magic? But it doesn't seem so, since the assassins didn't use it...

Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer · C16
1 year ago
I haven't dropped it, I’ve been too busy with irl college stuff. Sorry I haven’t made an announcement, but I do plan on making a comeback with a butt load of chaps View More

TheSoundOfSilence: Why did you stop "reincarnated contract killer"?

The Lord’s Empire · C796
1 year ago
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