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  • Strike Force Zulu

    Strike Force Zulu


    This novel is set in David P. Forsyth's Sovereign Spirit Saga with his permission. It is not considered fan-fiction and is part of the canon of the world. Colonel Richard Phelps, US Army, Retired, was working as a consultant for a large IT firm just outside of Denver, Colorado when the world as we knew it ended. This is his, and those he saved, story of survival.



There you go... Mass release please good sir View More

Einlion: Mass release requires chipotle with extra beans.

Babel · C33
1 week ago
Lol. Yup. Einlion is indeed the author of both this and EPIC... and our adorable murder floof’s journey too... View More

Einlion: I am the Author o_o...

Babel · C13
1 week ago
Hmmm... as an IT professional I could care absolute zero about the emotional well-being of a customer/player etc... particularly when there is an error in the system I administer... error takes 100% precedence.

As a person and customer I get it entirely and would be posed too, but professionally? Myles did the right thing. Fix it first, fix it now, find out why, make sure it never happens again... View More

Win3519: I'm still pissed at Myles. I may understand the reasoning of his actions, but he was too callous to the emotional well being of the players.

Data Dragon Danika · C412
2 weeks ago

Nasu: I would want to be in Fenrir's familia in the future =)

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1226
3 weeks ago
Feudal society and a promise from one’s Lord is highly motivating. And it is not as if life is worth much to everyone else and he knows as an orphan without backing he has little to no actual worth either. Might as well offer your life in exchange for something better as opposed to just being beaten to death for no reason other than they could View More

Kyoang: Yeah, never read or saw that story so I never seen it or heard of it. The main point of my statement is that he is willing to risk HIS LIFE for a mere promise to someone who he knew for a week.

Blood Creed · C21
1 month ago
The first kindness and trust ever given to him by anyone ever... if you would not pay it in kind then are you truly worthy of receiving it?

For a real life example look at the story of the coach who hugged the boy who brought a shotgun to school in order to kill himself... watch the boys reaction to the hug... View More

Kyoang: Mmm...... His mentality is troubling. Just for a promise he will risk his life for someone he barely knows.

If it's out of desparation I would approve but there is no desparation nor someone important thus......... Change his mentality/way of thinking please.

14 years of hated and discrimated is nothing compared to our modern society. There are worse happening and he would risk his life just for mere promise ..... Smh

Blood Creed · C21
1 month ago
I was thinking Singularity personally View More

Joseph_fitzgerald: I would have called the spell gravity crush not mega gravity bomb

Chrysalis · C398
1 month ago
A “Cuddle” of Companions View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1199
1 month ago
Don’t mind the haters Ein. Not every fan will enjoy every world... great job as usual View More

Einlion: What the heck? Why would you even comment this?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1197
1 month ago

Kaosdao2: Personal Log of Master Cat Susu : "Dear diary. My plan commences. I have tasked my other servant Siegfried so serve as a protector of the female mate, called Luvia, of my greatest servant Vahn. She will go unto the world and gather allies. It is a good thing she is protected. For she can produce future and valuable new servants to serve my needs. One can never have too many good servants...."

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1194
1 month ago

Surcres: Increíble, no hay mejor manera de empezar el día de hoy, gracias por el capítulo

Chrysalis · C389
1 month ago

xcares: "Vibrant go slaughter a horde of ravenous homicidal brainwashed monsters"
Vibrant: "Sure-sure! Sounds fun!"

Chrysalis · C384
1 month ago

SickBlad: Name:[Vanh Mason]
Race: whatever, candy man

[candy man]
Candy men have the natural ability to attract others towards them. This includes the instinct to take a bite from them, as their body parts taste like candy and are extremely useful ingredients for tier-9 alchemy.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1150
2 months ago
Reincarnation rarely does a you say as only a minute nonzero number of literally everyone anywhen remember even a portion of their past and/or future with an even smaller percentile getting to remember everything. That and depending on the system you either evolve or devolve based on what you did in the life before or that you are literally you in all times on all worlds right this moment and that there is no real second ago or about to be and our limited perception of reality forces us into this false concept of linear time and third dimension of space. The cycle of violence comes about as a result of being forced into this limited construct not the true universe around you View More

Zareq: Well 2 points here
1. Da Vinci wasn't technically reincarnated when he? became female. (At least that's how I understood it)
2. We are also assuming that reincarnation is a real thing and isn't just part of another belief system that is supposed to help people live better lives but instead perpetuates an endless cycle of violence and destruction

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1149
2 months ago
Seconded and honestly why does it matter folks? Attraction is attraction regardless of physicality, gender, age, race, etc. Acting on it or not is a choice, everyone has been everything at some point in the infinity that is time. There is nothing more than the spark of thought and emotion that is the soul and it exists concurrently in all times. So if that spark calls to you, grab it and cherish it. Don’t let the container bother you so long as you harm none and do not break whatever laws are relevant in your location, culture, and time. Remember morals are imposed upon the individual by society and not all that is considered immoral is actually so, particularly elsewhere in the multiverse. View More

Einlion: Going by that logic, you would never be able to have sex with anyone as, with souls reincarnating an infinite amount of times, they were bound to have been male at some point :P

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1149
2 months ago

Einlion: Going by that logic, you would never be able to have sex with anyone as, with souls reincarnating an infinite amount of times, they were bound to have been male at some point :P

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1149
2 months ago
She is literally physically seconds old dude... mentally sure... physically? Lmao nope. But all good. View More

Immortal_Potato: Confirmed. This potato confirms she is a 100% legal loli!

The Divine Anime System · C88
2 months ago
SNAFU View More

AoiUsagi: FUBAR

Out of Space · C170
2 months ago

Neobear: A grenade effective range is up to 5-6 meters and as long not next to the main hull, u will not destroy the hull. But for AP ammo, it can punch through an alien n continue on through several interior bulkheads, and is easier to damage critical components. It is not that they cant trust the marines to hit the target ... it is hitting the target and the bullet over penerates...

Out of Space · C6
2 months ago
Reading Status: C373
The author has done a really nice job presenting a world that contains game elements, slice of life, romance, and builds their world well. The plot is fun and cute and well worth the read View More
Data Dragon Danika
2 months ago
For the Colony! Now pay attention with those ANTena and smell the scent I am spreading here. We shall lay down our lives in protection of the Queen and Colony. Unlike the 20, I believe we will be overrun due to nothing more than sheer numbers of Biomass headed our way. But before I gloriously fall in defense of the Colony my stomach will have burst due to the amount of the enemy I have ingested. My mandibles will be cracked and dull. My carapace will be shattered.
Remember this my fellow ants, so long as the Queen, the younger queens, and the Eldest survive this, it does not matter if every single one of the rest of us falls. The colony will live on, mark my scent!!! Now follow me and let’s EAT these walking lumps of Biomass!!! Charge!!! FOR THE COLONY!!!! View More
Chrysalis · C370
2 months ago

Cliff_Sect_Leader: MARK MY SCENT! Absolute genius! Clap SFX

Chrysalis · C370
2 months ago
It IS NOT pedo!!!!!

She is of legal age. LEGAL LOLI!!!

Just because there is a large age gap does not make it pedo. She is not a child, if she was then it would be pedo IF they did something then.

Pedophilia. Specifically and scientifically means love of the child’s form. View More

Not_Wearing_Pants: Thanks for the chap!
Today is the day where pedo bear celebrate another successful operation conducted by its pedo club member!

Godfather Of Champions · C723
2 months ago
The comma is a common delineator in many countries. While the US uses a period, there is nothing wrong with using a comma... View More

nothinsnew: 0,5 is confusing. 0.5 is good

The Avarice System · C4
2 months ago

TrueImmortalDevil: Ops that wasnt meant for you lol

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1098
2 months ago

TheProtagonist: Why choose one when you can have all of them ... am I right?!?

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C225
2 months ago
What would be interesting is if his harem quest reactivated. He is likely going to need another dimensional anchor after all, his current intent aside. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1098
2 months ago

Einlion: There is a reason that even Vahn mentions it like that. And as Aalan said, it is mostly due to circumstances that things developed this way since, before the HGW, Vahn was doing a decent job at controlling himself. It was the combination of summoning Fenrir, Rin getting possessed, and the general nature of Heroic Spirits like Nobunaga that essentially 'corrupted' him.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1097
2 months ago
I can understand that. But something to remember... Vahn just had a birthday and is over 150 years old at this point. That is a long long time to have something around you and then for it to be suddenly gone for the first time while knowing you won’t get it back for probably an even longer time. Most people seek out the known, the common, and that which makes them comfortable in situations of stress. And for all the years Vahn has lived her still sees himself as a young man... he has a lot of growing up to do still. View More

Alexever17: Thanks for the reply. I guess I just was expecting a no harem arc and am now just confused because it basically became the same as danmachi

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1097
2 months ago
Life or death situations, being saved from disfigurement and maiming, accomplishing a long held goal, anything that causes a severe emotional response can be used as fuel for arousal. Once arousal is present it is very easy to flip the “on” switch and get a female into bed. Is it conniving? Maybe? Wrong? Maybe? But morality is merely a guide and outlook imposed on individuals by the masses. What is moral in one place may be taboo in another.
Vahn’s actions enable him to feel safe, loved, gain important allies, and he is not locking himself into anyone’s perceived right or wrong. He has the strength and ability to be himself. And he does so without shackling himself to any morals other than his own.
Some would call him names, mostly in jealousy that they do not have the same strength or could not obtain the same results... I personally applaud him. View More

Alexever17: Hmm somehow I feel like I missed something while reading the story over the last 40 chapters. So many girls just popping up and having sex with vahn on like the 3rd meeting. I understand that vahn is a beast of a man but I dislike this part especially since he did not want to build a harem. But here we go.
Well, whatever. I enjoyed the story before as a harem even though I hoped for a change in this arc. Kinda disappointed about that

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1097
3 months ago
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