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  • Strike Force Zulu

    Strike Force Zulu


    This novel is set in David P. Forsyth's Sovereign Spirit Saga with his permission. It is not considered fan-fiction and is part of the canon of the world. Colonel Richard Phelps, US Army, Retired, was working as a consultant for a large IT firm just outside of Denver, Colorado when the world as we knew it ended. This is his, and those he saved, story of survival.


They probably did. Since they offered a contract and it was rejected they are likely trying to tap into this particular market View More

quicksilv: Wow you are right if i didnt know better i would say they made the prompts based off this story lol

Data Dragon Danika · C341
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C79
Omg!!! This a complete riot and one of the better reads I have seen here on Webnovel. I cannot possibly give any higher praise for the author or his work. Well done!!!

I love the concept, the character development, the innuendos and references to true proper legendary movies and tv shows, the storyline and world building.

Almost every chapter has something that will make you smile, most will cause you to chuckle, and many will cause insane cackling and possibly induce snorting. View More
Dungeon Core Online
1 month ago
_chomps check the paragraph comments I have added a few edits here and there for you View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C26
1 month ago

DaoistCubone: Actually, it should be "My bad, bro. Let me get ready."

The Archaic System · C1
1 month ago
It is your story so do what you want without worrying about the sensibilities of others. You are basically calling all of the world's deities false in the statement anyhow, why bother worrying about whether you name Aalah or Yaweh? Who factually are the same anyhow? The Jews came first and worshiped Yaweh, the Christians believed He had a son named Jesus, the Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet of Aalah who is also Yaweh and that Mohemmed was the final prophet of the same. There is no difference in whom those 3 religions pray to excepting Jesus, just the methods and dogma associated with the religion. Look to the Japanese, Chinese, Hindu, Norse, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native North/Central/South American Indian, old Egyptian, ancient Middle Eastern pantheons for names and personalities of deities if you want more than a single one. View More
Marvel's True Demon · C2
1 month ago
Thank you lmao View More

Einlion: * high-speed golf clap*

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C909
2 months ago

Einlion: * high-speed golf clap*

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C909
2 months ago
However and how many you like to release. Thank you for asking though View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
2 months ago
Claro q no... Xq estoy el principe en verdad View More

zZtobyZz: Soy el príncipe de azkaban

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C139
3 months ago

DavidEzeM: Vahn está casi obligado a ir a Fairy Tail. Tiene una pelirroja hermosa para enamorarse, magia, magia asesina de dragones, dioses y demonios, y llevar a Terra. Será divertido ver a los "Dragons Slayers" quedar inconsientes solo por su presión. (Terra debería ser más fuerte que los dragones, por ser un dragon verdadero y casi nivel 4) ^.^

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C880
3 months ago

Einlion: Research, identifying the strongest canon entity, and comparing the system of power in general

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C880
3 months ago
At least there ARE male defenders lol. Can you imagine what would be said had they all been female. Vahn is not just claiming the 50th Floor he is actively making it into his own industrial agricultural haven of flowers with very very spiky and painful thorns.. View More

Heinz5003: But for some unknown reason, the Loyalty and Allegiance values of the female defenders seem to be at least triple that of the male defenders.
Thanks for the chapter :3

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C877
3 months ago

Einlion: That's like saying the word 'chakra' is overused in Naruto. Innates are a core part of this story, why wouldn't it be used?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C874
3 months ago

dragonfang1917: Thank you for this comment. I know that very few people are the ones that cause a stain on the general public and that's why I'm trying to make this book apart from the first chapter completely without religion. It's just in Israel there are constant reports on the news and as someone who has lived there for a few years I have some experience and am not randomly creating this content.

Vampire in the Harry Potter World · C1
3 months ago
Salam Aleko. I would like to say as someone who has experience with the extremists aka Islamic Terrorists that they often shout Allah Akbar when perpertrating their acts of violence. They do it when they shoot, they do it when one of their own is killed, they do it before pressing the button or making the call to set off explosives and afterwards if they survived and get to see the havoc they have wrought in what they believe to be in the name of Allah.

I will grant that not all Muslims are extremists or terrorists, but there is no reason not be factually correct when portraying their activities. I understand the desire not to see the name of Allah or His prophet Muhammed's name used in ways that would demean, slander, or be otherwise blasph. However, if the moderate Muslims do not wish to see that, they need to take back their religion and their God from the extremists and make it so that the rest of the Non-Muslim world do not see and hear naught but a curse or malicious meaning when those words and names are said.

All the best and peace be upon you. View More

vultar: dude the story is awsome and promising but could you please refrain from painting all muslims as terrorists ? and i'am very glad that you erased "alahu akbar" that the terrorist said before good luck and keep up the good work

Vampire in the Harry Potter World · C1
3 months ago
He is only OP for the record he is in... Another reason Ein is trying to get him moved on to the next record. View More

L42: Dont know why but every time I see Vahn getting more OP than he already is, I kinda get bored with the story + Vahn's personality is kinda confusing, and feels only relatable to a robot some times. I like the story and everything but it's slowly getting more and more annoying and boring... maybe its just me : /

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C867
3 months ago

WalachCZ00: Wow. Didnt expect these people to still be here. I thought they were gone already? If he hates this novel why doesnt he just stop reading lol.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
So... My Troll friend... Shall we begin?

Story progression? This novel has more chapters, released for free out of the authors kindness, than any other novel out there on webnovel. It has an actual plot and is well written compared to almost every other novel here.

Ein has already limited the actual H scenes quite a bit considering how many there could be.

The story is progressing quite well. If you do not care for the direction of the story you can kindly go back under the bridge and stay there. View More

scynex: When will the story truly progress?
It's all about vhan getting laid lately just around 10% to 30% of the story truly tells about important key and almost 90% about sex and how to make a woman beg,

the story is getting carried to be more like sex fantasy, it's better to make a second novel dedicated just for sex scene and focus this novel for action and story progress instead.

Just my thoughts, . .

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
Don't feed the Trolls Ein... They just get off on your responses. Let us handle them. You have your fan base and I am sure we can do that. Right everyone who actually has intelligence and does not live under a bridge? View More

Einlion: Do you get paid to be an asshole, or do you do it free of charge?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
Thank you Ein my friend. Another great chapter. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
Ein has already said he will be limiting the H scenes to important events with key girls. Otherwise he will be doing nothing but writing erotica and not really be developing the plot. View More

Sai_Das: Just wondering but are there only going to be h scenes when it’s an important girl or something?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
Writing is much different than reading. Have you tried writing in your native language first? I can speak and read Spanish as well but I cannot express my thoughts as well when writing in it. Practice writing in your language and get good, then work on trying to translate into English and make that work and be able to make the translation read well in English. Then go into writing in English View More

kuroPawel: Thanks for the chapter, can somebody tell my why can't I write in English? I'm reading in this language a few hours a day. In the same speed as in my native language, but when I try to pure a few more words I don't know how to write.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C866
3 months ago
True that's how I justified it too... But a slug is not a bullet. Shotguns fire shells that hold various things such as pellets, slugs, flechettes, bean bags, rock salt, or even phosphorus aka Dragon's Breath... View More

SoulessReaper: it's a slug round

3 months ago
So if this your "medium pace" I am frightened for anyone you might be in a physical relationship with... Plot... Plot... Did I say plot? Describe what he is thinking what he is seeing what he is feeling... Thoughts and responding to them generally take milliseconds not minutes... Therefore you can add lots more of it... His interactions with his system are not developed. He could be having entire conversations in his head with it select all of his options and be done within maybe 5 minutes...

And I am not trying to tear you down. I am trying to provide feedback and constructive criticism View More
3 months ago
You don't really need to ramp up with more chapters... You need to ramp up the word count and plot building in each individual one. I shouldn't need to take less than a minute to read a chapter. Ideal word count is 2000 to 3000 words each for web novels. View More
3 months ago
Not the case in some countries... Most Islamic countries limit is 3 wives. If rich and powerful enough can have more although not common. Other countries limit to 1 wife but accepted to have mistresses, girlfriends, and friends with benefits if you can take care of them financially. Generally only Britain and it's former colonies are the only ones that are freaked out about monogamy in a strict sense. You would think Catholic countries but not so much so long as it's a Latin based country... View More

LiZhu: Yeah, they aren't jackasses, they're just law breakers! You cannot marry more than one person, the law says that. Unless you live in some super liberal country, but by then you probably just split in half to reproduce because everyone is a gay furry transgender.

3 months ago
Lmao. View More

SuperHippo: This, i vote for this. Simply because I don't like harem ending. Have as many girls as you want to fall for MC, but don't make the MC become a polygamous jackass (personal opinion, if anyone who read this were in fact in a polygamous relationship, in no way am I implying that you're a jackass :))

3 months ago
Army: Green Beret, Rangers, SOAR
Navy: SEALS, Fast Boats
Marines: Force Recon
Air Force: Para Rescue
Joint: Delta Force View More

Dredd44: Special forces for army is green berets and delta
And navy seals for navy not marines even though they have force recon

3 months ago

Kurotora: Navy seal's are NAVY which makes them sailors, not Marines

3 months ago
That is not the fault of the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, or Marines...

Take your complaint to Capital Hill my friend. They decide where the troops go, when they go, and why. Once someone signs the dotted line they become property of the government and no longer get a choice. At least not without going to military prison for disobeying an order.

Historically, I will grant you are correct but you are directing your anger at the wrong group. The US has always been a champion of freedom, it's the politicians who pull the troops out before the job is done or send us someplace we should have never been in the first place.

Trust me we always HOPE that we are going for the right reasons. We HOPE the sacrifices we make, our blood, sweat, tears, and lives are worth it. And when you are on the field, the only things that matter... Are those brothers and sisters around you and your family at home. Remember, sometimes the only reason the bad stuff happening elsewhere is not happening at home too is because we went somewhere else first and kicked their tails around their heads and slagged them back to the stone age so they would not have the capability to do anything like they actually truly want to do here. War is what happens when politics fails or the other side has nothing with which to negotiate. View More

TrueImmortalDevil: i know the US is better to live in then alot of places >.> but what i meant is that a US soldier now a days have never REALLY fought for their own freedom ... at most they have interfered in some internal conflict and in ALOT of cases made it ramp up in violence and then pull out

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C689
3 months ago
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