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  • strongest omnipotent god

    strongest omnipotent god


    oneshot fucked up the right way

  • Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel

    Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel


    NOT MY STORY JUST REPOSTING CAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN IT HERE. " Greetings! I'm Loki.....God of mischief and trickery....Wish to hear the tale of Kayle Shaw, a man forsaken by his own world and transported to another.... by me! A world of fantasy and magic unlike his original home. A world with elves, dwarves, demi-humans of all kinds and monsters that couldn't be described by words alone. Though upon entering into this new world our Hero quickly discovers everything was much less fairy tail like than he imagined. It's a world run by the strong and ruled by the corrupt. The weak live everyday in torment and slavery with no means of escape while the lands are constantly engulfed in war between guilds, kingdoms, and countries. Follow the man who would eventually flip this world on its head. Starting an orphanage and even establishing his own Kingdom of Shieldfriegan known now as the The Shield of the Weak. A man known by so many names he lost track of them all..... Beast from the East, God Slayer, The Divine Chef, and even for a brief time ' Vali the Reaper ' . But alas all this was only the beginning. This tale is the story ...of my champion." PS. If you enjoy an OP MC in an even more OP world, you'll like this. Also I will hopefully clean and redo old chapters in time since my dialogue might not be great. I also enjoy doing other POV's, because half the fun of being OP in a new world is getting to see how everyone reacts about it.


I would've upgraded the omnitrix first View More
Master of the Omnitrix · C4
1 month ago
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C90
1 month ago
Is this like a rewrite of the original or sum if so please continue View More
In Marvel live as an Ultra-Saiyan [Lost] · C5
1 month ago
So bout how many more chaps till this starts taking off View More
Marvel: My Rules · C8
2 months ago
Not hating but this is slow and boring got potential but u focus too much on other things View More
Marvel: My Rules · C6
2 months ago
I feel like im being cheated here ain't i supposed to be getting more chaps here well there goes a thousand stones wasted View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C369
2 months ago
Pls Take out the gene that makes him weak to kryptonite View More
Genetic Transcendence Dc/Marvel Fic · C3
2 months ago
I prefer this to the original cause scotts a pu$$y withhis whole no killing thing lots of shid could've been avoided if he'd of jus man the fμ©k up and say kill a bit©h to avoid future troubles View More
Born With The Evolution System · C6
2 months ago
I feel like the name of this novel is a let down ever other reincarnation or transmigration novel with an mc that used to be op in the past seems to progress faster then slow down here this dude is literally shaming the name of this novel by taking days to reach 1st level of cultivation really a waste shoulda jus went to earth again that way it would make sense for him to progress so slow should change the name too View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C20
3 months ago
bro is you advertising Digicel like you got shares in there or wuh View More
Mmorpg: Unity · C1
3 months ago
Could've jus killed everyone in this one chap and move on to something else tired of this View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C15
3 months ago
How the fuk can he fight hand to hand combat when he jus learn how to shoot an arrow and became a cultivator in like less than a day how in the hell he pulling that off View More
Reincarnated Inside MU ORIGIN with MODIFICATION SYSTEM (fanfic) · C17
3 months ago
no you aint View More

indianajones: i will

Rebirth in Martial World · C0
3 months ago
keep up the good work bro View More
Rebirth in Martial World · C0
3 months ago
probably cause there are no imediate effects View More

dadadada: Since when did innate affinity with everything and no limit growth become fucking minor cheats?

The New Issei · C1
3 months ago
is it jus me or did this god jus make a saiyan View More
The New Issei · C1
3 months ago
Anybody else feels like this is the way that authors are saying fu<k the system now View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C102
3 months ago
One more pls View More
A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim · C45
3 months ago
this here MC is a pu$$y View More
Myths Galore · C3
4 months ago
okay then View More

BotwaCazador: Stats do raise gradually over time, stats point come with each level. Locking your level will cause your skills to increase but your stats will halt also. Those “players” from Gladis enjoy an enhanced version, where the more they work something the faster it improves. I don’t put the MC stats up often, just when there’s an obvious change. He is currently locked at level 50 because of Mermaid City level requirements.

Phoenix Phire · C13
4 months ago
i'm new here only wanna know one thing whats the point of levels if the Mc stats don't raise View More
Phoenix Phire · C13
4 months ago
could at least put it in the next chapter it isn't really that hard to calculate his stats View More

Anone: I realized too late that I made things complicated with his stats, especially since I'm not really good with numbers 😅😅😅 so I'm trying to avoid stats as a whole and hope no one asks me anything 😁😁😁 but thanks for reading

The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir · C26
4 months ago
I'm new here but I noticed that the armor stats aren't included in his stats cause it should be cause u jus giving him things that aren't being used his armor give +7 each stat per level that's 140 stats each stat then his title give +1 agility and dexterity per level that 20 for the two therefore his stats should be like this

Strength 140 constitution 140
Ability 160 dexterity 160
Intelligence 140 wisdom 140

Along with his 111 unallocated stat points View More
The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir · C26
4 months ago
I'm with him☝ View More

Narastue: If he doesn't mend his relation with shen ziyu I am quiting

Ninth In the World · C12
4 months ago
is this gonna be one of those novels if so pls tell me now View More
Using The Cheating System To Become The Strongest · C1
4 months ago
how long more gotta wait till this dude steals meruems body and start the real story im kinda bored of this hunter x hunter highlight rerun View More
Endless Adventure · C37
4 months ago
anybody knows why I can't for this View More
Sky Adventures · C21
4 months ago
Anybody else thinks maybe this here author might "cough cough cough" just possibly be "walks close one hand over mouth while scratching throat looking left and right and sneakily whispers " might be into BL View More
WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C14
4 months ago
Dude I just found this and you forgot one (1) very crucial and very essential detail since your putting us i.e me under contract and that is what could let me sue you if you drop this or go on indefinite hiatus need a Claus like that to keep you writing so please add that there Claus so if you drop I could sue View More
Godly Sword Arts · C0
4 months ago
and then you run into a creature that has it all in spades and barely survives only to realize that don't mean anything in front of absolute strength. just being able to see hear smell and taste better than everyone else if you can't take a hit and keep coming plus Mc really slow on the uptake and taking notes ain't gonna help a natural disadvantage kill him and let someone with more sense take over View More

druser: obviously not. as we all know better eye sight, smell,hearing taste and touch, is better then strength or intelligence in a fantasy world. guess this is a novel based on someone with a 40 IQ

Evolution (Rewrite) · C12
4 months ago
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