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Original Works

  • The Mech Touch

    The Mech Touch

    Sci-fi Adventure Sci-Fi Male MC Male Lead Science Fiction Crafting Mechs Starships Mech Designer Space Opera


    Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme! Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs as a builder instead of a soldier. When Ves graduated from college, he returned to a new but empty boutique. Left with a small, newly founded mech workshop that his father painstakingly built with a mountain of debt, Ves somehow needs to make ends meet with the bank breathing down his neck. In the midst of his despair, he found salvation from another legacy his father had left. "Welcome to the Mech Designer System. Please design your new mech." --Join The Mech Touch's unofficial Discord server: https://discord.gg/APB5KCU

  • Ignition - An Interactive Quest

    Ignition - An Interactive Quest


    Every race lives on massive floating continents that are held aloft by an endless ball of mist. Seven suns blesses seven different races, and the upstart humans claim the Seventh Sun as their own. Mavon and Kinore are brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive on the broken world of Mongrath. With their growing Sparks, they aim trace their origin and beat back the apocalyptic waves of monsters from the mists. Ignition - An Interactive Quest is a story written by both the author and its readers. It is a tale that is spun by the preferences of its readers. You determine the choices Mavon and Kinore make, thereby influencing the entire course of the story. The decisions you voice in the comments will always shape their responses at the start of the next chapter by vote. The quest is a fun and refreshing story format on Webnovel. Be the weaver of your own adventure. Take part in the course of Mavon and Kinore’s epic journey as they seek to mend the shattered lands of Mongrath. Multiple choices are presented at the end of each chapter. All it takes to influence the story is to voice your vote in the comments.

  • Sentuhan Mech

    Sentuhan Mech


    Zaman Mech telah tiba! Sayangnya, Ves Larkinson tidak memiliki bakat genetik untuk menjadi seorang pilot mech ternama. Melawan takdirnya, dia mempelajari desain mech untuk menunjukkan kecintaannya terhadap mech dengan cara lain dan membat ayahnya bangga. Saat Ves lulus kuliah, dia kembali ke sebuah butik kosong yang baru. Ayahnya telah menghilang. Diwarisi sebuah bengkel kecil yang dibuat dengan susah payah oleh ayahnya dengan segudang hutang yang baru ditemukannya, Ves entah bagaimana perlu memenuhi kebutuhan sementara bank mengawasinya dengan dekat. Lalu dia menemukan keselamatan dari warisan satu lagi yang ditinggalkan oleh ayahnya. “Selamat datang di Sistem Desain Mech. Silahkan disain mech barumu.”

  • Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl


    Children grow up under the guidance of their parents. They learn all manner of lessons from them such as love and responsibility. It is no different for parahumans, whom offspring often inherit similar superpowers. Still, powered or not, you are usually stuck with the folks that birthed you. But what if your parents are interchangeable? Worm fanfiction.

  • Dragon Age: Jack Effect

    Dragon Age: Jack Effect

    Video Games

    Jack ended up in Ferelden after the suicide mission. Andraste, dragons or darkspawn, she didn't give an F-word. All she cared was getting her due and getting back to Citadel space, and she would not let anyone get in her way. If she had to subjugate this backwater world in order to get off this mudball, then she'd burn it all. Dragon Age/Mass Effect crossover fanfiction.

  • The Star Empire

    The Star Empire


    A reviled Harry Potter was imprisoned and exiled into space. Many centuries later, he wakes up to a solar system devoid of magic, but infested with crime, piracy and corruption. He adjusts to this violent era like a fish to water. Harry Potter fanfiction in an original science-fiction setting. Reposted by the original author of this fanfiction story (RahXephon aka Exlor) due to persistent demand. WARNING: This fanfiction story contains descriptions or references to questionable and distasteful material, such as EXPLICIT SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, murder, abuse, slavery, exploitation and probably a lot of other nasty things that are perpetrated by either Harry or someone else.

  • Free to Play

    Free to Play


    A new service has come to Brockton Bay! Ever wanted to don a cape and become a superhero? Now's your chance, as Free2Play offers superpowers to anyone at absolutely no cost. Everyone who applies gets a superpower for free. What are you waiting for? Apply now and become a shining hero or dastardly villain now for free! (Optional power-ups may also be purchased for real money.) Worm fanfiction.

  • The Star Alliance

    The Star Alliance


    The year is 2599 and the Hogwarts Training Fleet of Witchcraft, Wizardry and Space Travel is accepting the latest batch of magician cadets. A bewildered Harry Potter enters a world of starships, intrigue and interspecies war while exploring new worlds and meeting diverse alien races. Yet will the human race be able to maintain its monopoly on magic? Harry Potter fanfiction in an original science-fiction setting.

  • Fus Ro Worm!

    Fus Ro Worm!


    You are Taylor Hebert. Having triggered your superhuman powers through suffering an ongoing campaign of bullying, you have aspired to fight the city's crime with your newfound abilities. Yet for all your worldly ambitions, you are always aware that your parahuman abilities differ from the norm. What does it mean to be the Dragonborn? The quest for answers is ever ongoing, though much more pressing events will test your resolve... A former Worm/Skyrim crossover fanfiction interactive quest. Now turned into an archived story.

  • The Star Hegemony

    The Star Hegemony


    After Voldemort, the Dark Lord Harry nearly destroyed the magical society after a century of war over the Hallows, only to fail and be transported to an alien Batarian slave camp in space. From the shattered remnants of the Systems Alliance, will Harry be able to save humanity, or doom it even further? Harry Potter/Mass Effect crossover fanfiction. WARNING: This fanfiction story contains descriptions or references to questionable and distasteful material, such as EXPLICIT SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, murder, abuse, slavery, exploitation and probably a lot of other nasty things that are perpetrated by either Harry or someone else.


TrueGodOfExp: Lucien: Have you heard of the Lord o' Mighty, E=MC^2?

Throne of Magical Arcana · C523
1 day ago

Exlor: Congrats to myself for reaching 1000 chapters!!!!🤩😁😆🤗🥂🏅

The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago
Congrats to myself for reaching 1000 chapters!!!!🤩😁😆🤗🥂🏅 View More
The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago

yeeeharrr: Chapter 1000!!! 🙉🙉🙉

The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago

Aurelzin0: It’s 1000🥳🥳🥳

The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago

radude4411: Big 1K what a great story!!! Heres to the next 1K🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾🍾

The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago

killab: 1000!!!!!!! WE MADE IT PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

The Mech Touch · C1000
2 weeks ago

Remorce: Fantastic chapter title, honestly.

The Mech Touch · C999
2 weeks ago

Spawn4: Damn, that came outta nowhere. Good writing

The Mech Touch · C999
2 weeks ago

errantsystems: Only this story can have a cliffhanger where the MC, in preparation for a great battle, attempts a breakthrough in a cave by...writing a physics paper. And yet it works 😂

Throne of Magical Arcana · C496
3 weeks ago

Cole_Honeck: You know, I expected many things to happen, but NEVER IN MY WILDEST MIND DID I EXPECT EVIL AI DWARF BE CAUSE FOR ALL OF THIS ARC AND KNOW, I LOVE IT.

At the beginning of this arc I found it was extremely slow and bit boring and especially slow when they were just getting to the ship. But now, I find that sence being on the ship it's been all worth it. I now realize how forshadowed all this was be it sandman cores used by CFA as computer which was mentioned way back at the beginning this arc, finding out Ves has metal scroll which was lost to time, and finding out that MTA and CFA were originally part of Five Scroll Compact. I will say that beginning was more drawn out but at end of the road you've gotten back track.

Exlor please keep doing what you do, and thanks for amazing novel.

The Mech Touch · C932
3 weeks ago

Terrac45: This is probably my most favorite moment in this series yet! Totally worth the money for the advance chapters! A true 10/10 golden comedy moment right there! Nobody, not the pirates, not the Flagrant Swordmaidens, probably not even the System itself could have predicted Ves' actions that day! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Mech Touch · C960
3 weeks ago

NAJ_P_Jackson: Not the kind of "Riding" I was expecting. I feel cheated. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The Mech Touch · C919
4 weeks ago

Bobby0707: VES MY MAN roast those poor sons of b****** into giving up thats just mean

The Mech Touch · C960
4 weeks ago

Bobby0707: And not even stopping when they on the ground and begging for mercy

The Mech Touch · C960
4 weeks ago

LightningSwordsman: It wouldn’t surprise me if after they get back to the bright republic that it becomes standard for when ever they are facing pirates to let the mech designers verbally attack the pirate leader about their choice of mech design.

The Mech Touch · C960
4 weeks ago

Thornier: Ves's mad dog tirade has me laughing my butt off.

I never expected a tongue lashing so fierce that it could defeat 60 mechs.

The Mech Touch · C960
4 weeks ago

killab: He got that anger.

The Mech Touch · C959
4 weeks ago

killab: Be better give them the sauce

The Mech Touch · C958
4 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The King's Avatar · C1
1 month ago
What a sublime chapter. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C408
1 month ago

randoeveryman: Bruh, what?!!!!?

The Mech Touch · C911
1 month ago

DaoistCitizen: This is completely unexpected... wuwang was a son of heaven huh. Quite the start for an mc too... a wastrel whos power was supressed would have insanely good potential alongside a supreme sword as his protector to later dominate the world. Little did they expect the chaos divine swords pangu to take over this guys identity.

Carefree Path of Dreams · C785
1 month ago

CelestialMeatbun: Denying a pretty girl's invitation is the first step in becoming a hermit. 30 years of being a V will transform you into a magician and 40 yrs. Is being a Sage.

Elixir Supplier · C69
2 months ago

pokeperson1000: Sigh... the money attack against the lower class... I don't blame them. I do, however, blame the people on the hospital side. It's their fault for claiming that they cured the boy without a plan on how to deal with repeat cases. Bastards greedy for reputation.

Elixir Supplier · C23
2 months ago

McDroppedAsABaby: "Dying son! No problem!", "I got some dates, chestnuts and magical detox herbs here" *mc opens up the left and right side of his trench coat*
"also i dabble in the arts of traditional chinese medicine, kekeke" *mc creeps closer to the mother while scratching his stubble beard*

(This is the perfect image i need/hope from our mc)

Elixir Supplier · C15
2 months ago

PlotArmour: On 420 The president of Rock corporation Dwayne Johnson thinks to himself with deep and profound thoughts.

I Found A Planet · C88
2 months ago

PopcornSectJunior: Regardless of the literature, Loki has always and will forever be a traitor to Asgard

Shadow Hack · C639
2 months ago

Robbini: CAN'T BE. Obviously, the exercise has gained a consciousness and personality and spying on the MC.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C12
2 months ago

RainingThunderYep: Dang Lucien even tricked Ell into changing his entire being. They might as well make Lucien their new God.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C471
2 months ago
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