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Original Works

  • I Refuse Become Number 2

    I Refuse Become Number 2


    This is the Story of Hibiki who refuse to become number 2 in School. He always lose to his best freind Ren in Sports and Rin in Education but one day he become the chosen one ! Follow his journey to become Number 1

  • Reborn with Power of Anime

    Reborn with Power of Anime

    Magical Realism

    Riki is normal Otaku with normal life but he die in the park to save a cat after that he get second change from someone in the darkness he reincarnated with Original Anime System.


oh man lv.7 i think that was just a myth when i look how much exp needed for lv.up 😅😂 View More

SkyAzeroth: Wooopsie ^^

Otherworld Adventure · C166
4 days ago
if you really want save it you can implement 3 of them and we dont mind about effect number 3 we can skip it. View More

xxAlter: The 3rd option is good, but would you guys mind it?

Otherworld Adventure · C166
4 days ago
1. report but low succes change
2. give bad review + comment about how he pirate you and let people know they can read for free at webnovel
3. add word "Read the original at webnovel for free its Otherworld Andventure" random each page View More
Otherworld Adventure · C166
4 days ago
yeah but he lives isolated from so called "Love opposite gender" back then so its still take some time and hard work to learn and hurt ? i know he will be hurt by the Lucia punch rather than love affairs why ? because its world based strong gain respect and weak will back off if know the woman like the strong. View More

attack_the_turnip: Cecil has yet to learn, the longer he hides the more it'll hurt.

Otherworld Adventure · C165
5 days ago
4-5 harem is too much. because each need development it chap and there will be mess to connect each other in the final. View More

Sameer_Uddin_9327: Thanks for the chapter and why don't you make a harem of 4-5 girls for alex.

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C287
1 week ago
dont worry author you can decided yourself. no matter what my PW always drained to this novel everyday :v View More
Otherworld Adventure · C162
1 week ago
its 200 PW bonus chap and our author will make some mass realese when there's a special day like valentine or his brithday. View More

Watts: finally! lol wow, a fun chapter.

Also on the thought of bonus chaps, what about as a surprise during the week or posting them during a celebration/holiday?

Otherworld Adventure · C162
1 week ago
Jon i as a member of cat cultist prove that you are sane because your'e talking to a Cat. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C508
2 weeks ago

xxAlter: Thanks for the advice! I've been wanting to change the release time so I guess I'll experiment a little during next week's releases. If u don't mind me asking, what time do u think would be a good time?

Otherworld Adventure · C143
3 weeks ago

xxAlter: Ah I see, well it's midday where I'm at, but I've been planning to release 2-3 hours earlier, just before I go about my activities.

Otherworld Adventure · C143
3 weeks ago
well your novel in my country updated at 11.00 but most great novel like "Journey toward greatness" updated at 21.00 when most people have free time. View More

xxAlter: Thanks for the advice! I've been wanting to change the release time so I guess I'll experiment a little during next week's releases. If u don't mind me asking, what time do u think would be a good time?

Otherworld Adventure · C143
3 weeks ago

Luft_Rauser: Aika = common sense
Tho she quite far from the thing sometimes.

Playing with other Supernaturals · C211
3 weeks ago
this is my thought webnovel only contract novel that have spot in the power rangking or have huge base reader every chapter so if you really want the contract i have suggestion :

1. try update at difference time. basically most viewer from all over the world and have difference time they can read novel so this method will bring more trafic when you know when most people search novel to read.

2. after 1st method applied you can make some reward like become rank.200 there will 1 bonus chap or give monthly bonus chap to entice reader donate their power stone.

3. you can open P4treon if you want money quickly. View More
Otherworld Adventure · C143
3 weeks ago
ty for the chap~ Hope mass realese at tournament arc~ View More
Otherworld Adventure · C138
3 weeks ago
Ty for the chap View More
Otherworld Adventure · C137
3 weeks ago

CosmicVictor: Oof Author, the situation you're in feels so challenging and frustrating that I did like to know what you would prefer to do. Either option is fine for me as long as you dont drop the novel. I cant speak for everyone but as a reader I did like to know which option you feel most comfortable with . I already feel sad knowing that you might fail an important exam . 😭

Trial of Monsters and Summons · C0
3 weeks ago
Don you miss something on jon title :

1. Cat Worshipers
2. Mad God Nephew View More
Dragonborn Saga · C503
4 weeks ago
well you have 3 option

1.sign the contract but your income depend on your popularity and rate update (well satble imcome for future college is good but you need maitain the quality if you want your novel not ruined cause people dont want waste their free ticket and this option have pros that is your novel will get some support from webnovel either adverstiment or by get to know some writer to exchange opinion)

2.open patreon (you need pile up certain chap so people willing to pay next month to read on your patreon and this option less risk compared option 1 but you need get the reader by yourself)

3.focus your school 1st then decide when you have many spare time to decide either continue for fun or decide serious by pick option 1 or 2 View More
Trial of Monsters and Summons · C0
4 weeks ago
its soon our upgrade version of tang-san will emerge from the final battle of bai vs paul that will come soon View More
Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C109
4 weeks ago
i want arc when jon in the party with his uncle i bet many nasty thing will happen xD View More
Dragonborn Saga · C501
1 month ago
nice pun there and ty for the great chap~ View More
Otherworld Adventure · C123
1 month ago
how to say his summon like heroic spirit emiya but still can't compare with him so why not when liberate make the weapon become like noble phantasm have passive effect like "invisiblel sword" like arthur from fate or "curse cant be healed with healing magic" like lancer and have exclusive ultimate like fate noble phatasm when they liberate. View More

Tomoyuki: ...huh? I don't see how this "liberate" is different from what he is already doing.

Summoner Sovereign · C273
1 month ago
a question : MC cant summon humanoid based lifeform but if he attempt it will be a weapon so it meant was that representative to that sommon right ? so why not make a breakthough his sommon spell by add "liberate" it mean make the weapon type sommon have closer power to their what they represent like fate heroic spirit weapon and add a limitation by when liberate MC can't use summon View More
Summoner Sovereign · C273
1 month ago
so those flying lizard will come sigh i can't wait for jon mock people "hahaha congratulation you defeated the dragon so please be prepared for second round because when the other party revived the second round will start" View More
Dragonborn Saga · C500
1 month ago
Haply birthday Don and i hope Jon never took an arrow in his knee :v View More
Dragonborn Saga · C499
1 month ago
its not the how much the pun is but how much your pun occupied the chapter that's the problem 😂 View More

Tomoyuki: Sorry, but no. And seriously, it's just two or three puns and you're complaining that it's too much? Are you serious?

Summoner Sovereign · C271
1 month ago
still there so much pun that make hard to swallow this novel content. its better if you dont mention about the hater the more you give them attention the more they will harras you and please consoder to decrese the pun its like when you want swallow the candy but you have drink hard to swallo wpill first. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C271
1 month ago
nah it will only make the story mess Bai is lack as MC cause his soft temper and most people will agree that bai will fuse with paul make them have soft spot for beloved one and ruthless charater for his enemy. View More

Shiki_Ryougi: Make bai purify the killing intent and make Paul create a new body and make Paul new body a girl with the Scythe and the Oreo spirit 🤔🤔🤔
Please reply

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C103
1 month ago
Everyone : What a Dragon ? that was just a legend stop your bull**** Jon Dare.
Jon : Did you say "Dare" ?
Everyone : Yeah so what ?
Jon : Odahviing
Everyone : o.o View More
Dragonborn Saga · C498
1 month ago
you know maybe bai personality like tang-san but he different when tang-san know how to deal with his enemy compared to him bai just a charater with hero syndrome like Shiro from fate series. View More

Fanficreader: I can't agree with you guys. I think Paul shouldn't win too he is a mother****er. Please combine Bai, Paul and other personalities together

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C102
1 month ago
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