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Original Works

  • Kaiba in Doulou Dalu

    Kaiba in Doulou Dalu


    Seto Kaiba died after many years, he was wondering what next life would be like but, instead of a normal after-life, he was offered a proposition he could never deny from something that he knew very well. Now he is in the Doulou Dalu world, a world full of overpowered beings and dangers everywhere, and he will fight to reach his rightful place, to become the supreme being he truly is. . . . . . . I am doing this story just as a test and because the idea could not leave my head, any ideas and suggestions are more than appreciated. There will be some amont of OOC in this, but I hope it isn't that great as I intend to make this Kaiba based in his best version. The Abridged Kaiba.

  • Barbatus King

    Barbatus King


    So, I died. How, you ask? Who knows, I sure as hell don't. Now I am taken away to the world of DxD and have these weird 'missions' to complete or it is 'bye-bye life'. Well, at least I am someone important. The heir to the house Barbatus takes the stage, and I will survive. (grey OC/MC, progressively OP, other franchises characters like Danganronpa, Overlord, and a few others harem as it is DxD)

  • The Tech Prince of Britannia

    The Tech Prince of Britannia



    Before I went to hell I was offered a chance to live in one of my favorite worlds as long as I help the collective consciousness of humanity to not be destroyed by the Emperor. Well, at least I get two wishes before going. Now, how will this world behave when someone with unprecedented intelligence enters the stage? (SI-OC, mechas and other techs from other animes, AU with time, Harem accepting suggestions) . . Current confirmed members of the Harem: - Nunnally Vi Britania - Marrybel Mel Britania - Kallen Kozuki - Nina Einstein - Nemu Kurotsuchi (Bleach) three to four more options are open, tell me who would you like to add in the reviews

  • Smut Anime Game Online

    Smut Anime Game Online


    I never had much going for my life, now I finally got the game S.A.G.O. and can enjoy my time banging any anime girl I wish! It is time to throw all caution to the wind and fest on all depravities I can. (Anything is valid, pure smut fic, this is my first smut fic better be warned) (Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, nothing of what I put here has any relation with reality, all works I mention are property of the creators, ask what character you want to see next from any of the words mentioned in chapter 1)

  • sword magic knight

    sword magic knight

    Anime & Comics harem OP Fate Grand Order

    Shiro had finally died, but before he accepted the deal with Alaya to become a counter-guardian Zelretch intervened and reincarnated Shiro. Now, Shiro is the prince of Clover Kingdom but his aim is still the same. He will be a Hero of Justice, and being a magic knight is not a bad choice to do it. (harem, reincarnated Shiro, later OP Shiro, bad grammar expected, F/GO characters, Black Clover X Fate cross-over) Harem members: - Noelle Silva - Mimosa Vermilion - Sol Marron - Illya - Mordred - Tamamo - Jeanne (Ruler)

  • One Eyed G Re:Birth

    One Eyed G Re:Birth


    As a partial Amnesiac, one Nico lives a full life as a Spec Ops Agent of the Guild, visiting an old friend he hadn't seen for a while. That night, he and said friend witness something that'll send them on one bizarre adventure. OC X Harem but with a few twists This story involves large amounts of gore and while the world itself is the one from Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 the story will be considerably different. It will have cross-over elements of Tokyo Ghoul, Devil May Cry, Berserk, Date a Live, Prototype, Fate series, Diablo, Warhamer, and others. PS: This story is just me reposting the story of a friend who didn't want to post it himself but wanted to see the response from the community here is Webnovel. Check it out because it is really good and well done

  • Heroic Heir in DxD

    Heroic Heir in DxD


    High school student? Check. Heir to a human organization that deals with the Supernatural: Also check. Young Castiel Emiya, son of Shirou Emiya, lives what some might consider a double life. Involved with the supernatural since birth, how would he affect the world of DxD? Let's find out! (DxD fic with multiple elements and characters from other stories including some wuxia elements like Spirit Bones from Doulou Dalu, slight bashing on the start of some DxD characters, Harem)

  • Sacred Savior

    Sacred Savior

    Anime & Comics

    Son of the two strongest exorcists, Vasco Strada and Griselda Quarta, accompany Fabio Quarta Strada as he forges his way through the world and bringing salvation to those in need. (harem, Sephiroth Grail user, deviates from CANON in aspects from early in some aspects, OP OC in time, ideas appreciated)

  • Terror Infinity - God's Dimension's Team Demon

    Terror Infinity - God's Dimension's Team Demon


    A new take in Terror Infinity formula, what would happen if God's Dimension system decided to create a team of its own with the only objective of sweeping through the other teams who have been getting too weak and try to force them to grow? Let's find out?

  • Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back

    Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back

    Anime & Comics Harem Crossover Cultivation World

    Reincarnated on the world of ATG with the inheritance of Heroic Spirits I will show everyone not to underestimate me. Well, as long as the Origin God doesn't screw with my life any more and, wait why I am the adopted son of this b*stard? Fuck, I hate this shit. A mix of Against the Gods with the Heroic Spirits of Nasuverse, there will also be characters from Kimetsu no Yaiba, it will be harem and the update schedule is unknown but I will try at least one for week

  • The Bow of the Vale

    The Bow of the Vale

    others harem war Crossover Romance Subplot

    He died protecting everything, but the Goddess that favors him is not done with him yet. In a whole new world with new allies and old allies by his side he must protect Westeros from the threat that is coming, his name is Tigrevrumd Arryn. Probably r+18 because Game of Thrones, Tyrion, and Oberyn; slight AU as Women can also fight and command here, even if that is highly frowned upon.

  • Rising of the Shield and Spirit Hero

    Rising of the Shield and Spirit Hero

    Anime & Comics Harem OP Violence FGO Rising of the Shield Hero Unique System

    The country descarded me and my brother, treat as like we are scum, a supposed 'rapist' and his brother, the thief. They say whatever the fuck they want and, want us to act docile? Fuck them. We will survive and we WILL make them regret crossing us, the Iwatami brothers. (MC's Naofumi's brother, class cards, harem undecided, lots of swearing and profanity, and much needed bitch slaps)

  • Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back (temporary title)

    Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back (temporary title)

    Anime & Comics Harem

    Forced into reincarnation by a bored supreme God I now live surrounded by murderous idiots who like to talk of honor and whatnor when comiting the worst of crimes... joy. I can only be grateful I have something up my sleeve and I will not let anyone stop me in my path. (Fem. Yun Che, OPness, Harem, possibly wincest)

  • Chains of Heaven

    Chains of Heaven

    others Harem Against The Gods library of heavens path Enkidu Martial World Coiling Dragon

    Being reborn with hardly any memories of his previous life a boy suffered his entire early years on the hands of those who should be his family. After being thrown away he decides not to take revenge, instead he decides that he will do all he can to help others who are suffering, to face the greatest challenge the world has to offer. Change the world to a better place, stop the wheel of suffering that the world is on. For that he will face many enemies, create allies, and much more. - Harem; - Characters from other anime-verses; - MC with some gifts and items from other franchises; - Accepting suggestions for inheritances and other ideas as long as they are related to: A) Most animes; B) Coiling Dragon; C) Desolate Era; D) Martial World; E) Soul Land and associated worlds; F) Martial God Asura; G) Perfect World; H) Heaven's Path Library; I) God of Slaughter; J) Spirit Realm; K) Otherworldly Evil Monarch L) Long Live Summons; M) Ancient Strengthening Technique; N) World Defying Dan God; O) Shura Wrath; P) Emperor's Domination; - AU of ATG with some characteristics of other Wuxias.

  • Fate Grand DxD

    Fate Grand DxD

    Anime & Comics Harem Highschool DxD FGO Heroic Spirits

    My name is Max, with the help of a ritual I find by accident I summoned 14 special helpers in my objective of survival, but why does it seem like the world REALLY wants me to die? Seriously, it is like there is the end of times coming or something. Well, I am the heir of Mammon, the Demon of Greed, so I will end up winning in the end, no matter what.

  • Normality - Danganronpa

    Normality - Danganronpa

    Anime & Comics R-18 Sex Mind Control Danganronpa Normality

    Meet Matt, the Ultimate Pervert, gets the Normality Earings. With this he can rewrite what is normal and what isn't. And he will enjoy this, a lot. (Pure Smut and Lemon fic; Danganronpa; Cross Posted with Chyoa in the fic Normality; oral, anal, BDSM, NTR, and any other fetish is okay; Requests are also okay and appreciated)


Most will, some however might become more like femboys to be taken (Kiba and Gasper being the most likely) View More

TheZenith: I don't care if the mc is fat and ugly, or that the girls give anybody blowjobs, but if possible castrate and ntr all male characters >: D

Normality - Danganronpa · C7
7 hours ago
Thanks for the compliment. I do try View More

Robbertguy: Love it. Thank you for the chapter. This is like a breath of fresh air in comparison with all those look alikes out there.

Chains of Heaven · C16
4 days ago
fixed, I was originally wrote Carrot from One Piece instead of Medusa, only now that I changed View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Since when did medusa have fur? I understand scales, but please link me a picture of medusa with fur.

Chains of Heaven · C15
4 days ago
And how is any other MC of a Wuxia not a hypocrite in some way? Enkidu has his heart in the right place, that is more than most View More

akasuna123: Hypocritical rant

Chains of Heaven · C15
5 days ago
There is a difference between Enkidu and someone like Shiro. Enkidu is not mad.
He puts his own and his friends/family safety first. His desire would be to help whenever he can help while moving forward and trying to make others follow his example, even teaching people in how to act without so much greed and dishegard.
Enkidu will not be alone on his path and he will not simply go mad over it View More

LoSap: You can't save everyone.Even universe-level + characters can't do this.Instead of chasing a stupid but beautiful dream like (Emiya Shiro from destiny) is it not better to become strong enough to protect those who are important to you.In this universe, the fairest law will be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.Beat the bad save the good.

Chains of Heaven · C14
6 days ago
But isn't this a good dream? And it is not extrictly necessary to become higher than the Heavens, just strong enough to at least create a holy Land that truly is peaceful and welcome all races.
Besides, wouldn't it be interesting? To try and become as high as the Tao itself for a greater purpose than to be able to reach it for the sake of it?
It always annoyed me a bit, how most MCs of Wuxias train to reach the peak of Martial arts for the sake of reaching the peak, they kill who knows how many innocents for the sake of this only to feel the satisfaction of being above everyone else.
Enkidu has an actual objective that he wishes to accomplish beyond just reaching the peak. View More

LoSap: If he really strives for "justice" , then he needs to stand on a level equal to or higher than the celestial Tao and create his own universe with his own rules.Yes and... ehh if humanity aspired to justice it would have reached it long ago(.Everyone can't be equally rich and happy someone wants more it's written into our genes.

Chains of Heaven · C14
6 days ago
But isn't it also good to try? To hope for a change and work for it even if it never works?
His desire is for justice and kindness in the world, if the heavens don't care and no one cares why not have at least one person that do? And even if he never succeds in changing everything at least he will try and at least he can create a true paradise somewhere. A place that truly does what it can to help all without discrimination View More

LoSap: I see a child who does not want to accept the cruel truth of the world, the heavenly Tao is indifferent all misfortunes and successful combinations of events are the result of your karma and fate.What is good and what is evil?In the world of cultivation, there is no white and black-the truth is gray.The hero believes that this world is too cruel.However, if you look at the modern world, under the cover of rules and education, everything is the same.Humanity is too limited, wealth, power, we condemn those who are not like us, and we praise them.Ahem seems me need to less to think.

Chains of Heaven · C14
6 days ago
Yeah, he did. But, truth be told, anything that might have any relation to his clan is enough to 'trigger' him, he thought the lion might be related to them so that was the result.
He would not act against the clan unless they commit something bad to others or if he finds one of their actions he cannot forgive no matter what, View More

LoSap: This world is rotten.Said the guy who caught the deception and almost ate the poor lion who was the Manager of the test: / while saying that the beast is an evil thing:/

Chains of Heaven · C14
1 week ago
FGO, but she looks a bit more like a mix of her Lancer (child) self and Gorgon View More

Kurigohan: Medusa fgo or medusa btth?

Chains of Heaven · C14
1 week ago

shahidpathann: Its a good combo of various universes and is much more refreshing in my opinion if you are searching for a decent fanfic with everybit of component then this is for you
Thanks author for such amazing idea of ypurs hope you keep getting such wonderful ones...😊😊😊

Chains of Heaven
1 week ago
Honestly speaking, he will either kill or punish those who deserve it. He is VERY nice as a person, but he will also kill a lot in time View More

amaturewriter: OP MC...keep the Harem small man..something realistic not idiotic like 10....one man style MC [why not?]..romance and fluff [I want some happy ****..no whores]..dont separate lovers.honestly its too common and stupid. No angsty tragic dark ****.....but ad some bash ..its fun....Kills all those that wronged him

Anyway good luck and good show

Chains of Heaven
1 week ago
Next chapter will show how much of a 'white knight' he will be.
Trust me, he will want to help as many as possible but that does NOT mean he can't be quite brutal sometimes. And a foodie too I guess kkkkk View More

kelpshake: Lol that makes no sense at all ... atleast to me.

Having your mc talking about changing society of a whole world and HELPING people but doesn’t even have strength to do it. Frankly I’m getting bad signs of the novels I usually dislike the most with mc being a typical white knight so please confirm or not if he’s gonna be a white knight.

Chains of Heaven · C3
1 week ago
This discord is for what exactly? View More

Mephistophvera: Hey dude😊
I've created a discord server for us author to learn from each other😉
Please consider joining🙏

Chains of Heaven · C10
1 week ago
How about you make a team of girls who like Shiro. A five person harem is not that big and it would be fun if the one to lead this team be Shisui (imagining him having a team of girls who like the 'boyfriend' of his sister should be fun).
As for harem to Shiro, I believe HInata, TenTen (she could be a year younger perhaps), and maybe Haku (she could have gone to Konoha instead of stay in Kiri and there be helped along by Shiro) could be nice. Or you could replace Haku for someone else from Nasuverse, I dunno View More

Ryuu_Sama: I liked the hinata part I like Shiro, now I don't know if I support 5 genis and 2 Jonins, that would come out of the naruto universe, since all the villages are 3 genis and 1 Jonin I would really hate this ...

Naruto : A trio reincarnated from nasuverse · C10
1 week ago
I do have a purpose. Don't worry, I just used this because I wanted to show some differences between him and other MCs. Like, if it was Zhan Xuan, then he would have still gone out to kill the wolf instead of stopping when he realizes he is pregnant.
Enkidu is similar but also different to other MCs from Wuxias. Also, I really like Zhan Xuan in general and I take heavy inspiration from his character to my own. Well him and a few others as you will see in the next few chapters, try to guess who kkk View More

HikenSabo: I can understand using some faceslapping or other scenes from the novels you are using as material. But this is a complete copy of Zhang Xuan's entrance exam to the master teacher academy in library of heavens path. Can you try to be a little mire creative please? Unless you are doing it with a purpose in mind.

Chains of Heaven · C9
1 week ago
Well, now it is a bit late to change it.
Anyway, what is done is done. View More

Moonfang148: Nah, I went and checked again. It's Bi Ji, it's a minor mistake and Ji Ji could be used as a nickname so no real problem there, it just caught my attention is all

Chains of Heaven · C4
1 week ago
Almost. It is only that he does try to help others, a lot even. To the point where one might even think he goes too far in being nice.
But, if the person is the type that, for instance, kills 1000 or 10000 people just to make his weapon a bit better or to practice his martial arts, or r*pes hundreds or thousands of women just for fun, then he won't go easy on them. Even if the person has a strong backing or is too strong Enkidu will still try his best to stop them, and that includes killing them.
He does not seak killing, but he certainly is not afraid of dirtying his hands with it. Also, he does not involve those who are not responsible for an act. The destruction of an entire sect because ONE person was evil or their leaders were evil is something he would not do, he would incapacitate or kill (preferentially incapacitate) those trying to stop him but his main target and the only one he would aim to kill would be the actual offender.
And if someone plans an act of revenge against him for this (family of those who he killed) then so be it, he will take them on and accept it as long as they do not touch those who are not to be touched. View More

Apri_7531: But u introduction ur MC to be saint here . Killing is last option for him.

Chains of Heaven · C8
1 week ago
Was it? When I looked in the Fandom I could swear it was Ji Ji View More

Moonfang148: Wasn't the Emerald Swan called Bi Ji? Minor thing i know but still

Chains of Heaven · C4
1 week ago
That demands blood, and he is not afraid of that.

My best analogy for him, to those who know, would be him becoming something like those Upper Three Heavens guards that regulate the Nine Heavens in the Transcending the Nine Heavens novel. They move and eliminate evil whenever they go, cost what will and help others. Well, their objective at least would be about the same. View More

Elsontiger987: I don't care who the love interest is as long as he's strong enough to protect them. Because with his goddy to shoes attitude towards people I won't be surprised if he forgives someone that tries to ra** his woman.

Chains of Heaven · C8
1 week ago
Actuallly, fun thing.
R0pe is one thing he does NOT forgive. Like, if he finds one he will go to where the person is and if anyone tries to stop him from killing the r0pist he will kill them as well. Just to make sure really.
If anything, when you say he is a 'goody two shoes' you ought to remember that he is in a world where only talking does NOT work and he wants to change society as much as possible. View More

Elsontiger987: I don't care who the love interest is as long as he's strong enough to protect them. Because with his goddy to shoes attitude towards people I won't be surprised if he forgives someone that tries to ra** his woman.

Chains of Heaven · C8
1 week ago
Think of it this way, in this world killing is something pretty much necessary and Enkidu accepts that. What he can't accept is a person using his/hers strength to kill or inflict pain on others when they do not deserve it and cannot defend themselves. How would it possibly be fine for, let's say the Bhrama God to go and destroy and entire Star Realm to kill only one person who may or may not even be there? Killing millions, if not billions, just because he can.
It isn't, but he would be praised for it anyway.
Enkidu wants to make it where, if one does something like that, using his strength to indiscriminately kill or hurt others, the person is to be punished accordingly. Basically, he would try and be a sort of police, not overly stern but still WAY better than what there is at the moment. For that he will help others and have followers in time, not like those other MCs of Wuxias who are forever alone and all that. More like Tang San in how he helped his friends raise with him and all become powerful and help one another. View More

Malcolm_Massey: That's fine with me. It just seemed like he was incapable of killing. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the reply.

Chains of Heaven · C7
1 week ago
Oh, oh, or instead make it not Okita Souji but make Angelica, the one who has the Gilgamesh Class Card, is sent to the world of Naruto by Zelretch, fusing her with the card and sending her there only to screw things over with Shiro a LOT more.
Zelretch does likes to annoy, having Angelica who at once likes Shiro and is half-Gilgamesh in his team DOES sound interesting in my ears. View More
Naruto : A trio reincarnated from nasuverse · C11
1 week ago
Tamamo as the one inside Shiro's Reality Marble. It is never said if the Jinchurikis are Male or Female so it stands to reason it is both, by dividing it and putting the Yin side (the one associated with females) inside Shiro which has the UBW which must also contain the Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu the two could join together (the chacra/energy of a nine tails fox that is more than abbundant enough and a perfect catalyst in the form of theEightfold Blessing of Amaterasu) to basically summon Tamamo as the form which the Kyubii would take.

Chiron and Scathach as the two Jonin instructors for team 11 which has five Genins (Shiro, Rin, Artoria, and perhaps Chulainn and Medb, just for the luck of Chulainn who would try to push her to the 'chick magnet Emyia' if only to get rid of her. Either that or have Jalter as the granddaughter of Danzou and Jack The Ripper as the other two, I can totally see Jack becoming fast friends with Naruto and calling Shiro Mama) View More
Naruto : A trio reincarnated from nasuverse · C11
1 week ago
He is, it is just that he will not enjoy or look for the act. But, he will kill.
A lot View More

Malcolm_Massey: Add the beast gods or whatever it don't matter to me. So is the MC never going to kill or something?

Chains of Heaven · C7
1 week ago
What do you mean by that? And also, he WILL be OP, just not insta OP View More

Supreme_Lin_Fan: If course, and please don't make your Mc super naif

Chains of Heaven · C7
1 week ago
I said she was a servant, yes, but not what her own heritage are. I mean, it is a devil clan who has a history of destroying others for a long time anyway.
Also, I am still deciding what his mother would be exactly. View More

robocoaster1: You can kind of say that Enkidu is a mutation of it since he can change into chains rather than a Sword since both are weapons but changing to a tree would be ineffective in battle since they can't move. I'm also pretty sure at the start it mentioned that his mother was a servant or something similar which for the wood spirit race being sold as slaves makes sense while it doesn't for the celestial race.

Chains of Heaven · C6
2 weeks ago
I am thinking instead on adding someone from either BTTH or One Piece, not sure which View More

mati98akd: Please don't add anyone from dxd ... it's so common

Chains of Heaven · C6
2 weeks ago
I was actually thinking his mother could be a descendant of the Celestial Race, but unlike Hong Er who is in the form of a Sword she would be a descendant of one who could turn into an Tree which it's roots can lock away anything and everything, a natural existence only a step bellow the Creation Gods and the closest friend and confidant of the Life Creation God. An existence that even in the Age of Gods would be considered a miracle existence and after many generations most of this bloodline's powers diminished but Enkidu still is awakening part of it's power. View More

robocoaster1: I would suggest making his mother part of the wood spirit race as it would give him getting the creation gods legacy more meaning since they are the first race she created and it would explain how a devil could get the legacy even if he is a defective one. As for harem there are lots them to choose from, not just in ATG but LoHP had some good female characters so pick the ones you feel you can write best.

Chains of Heaven · C6
2 weeks ago
And I may make it the Beast Titan, just for that extra irony View More

Ghost151: How ironic.

Levy with the power of a titan.

Chains of Heaven · C6
2 weeks ago
Harem: Rin, Saber, Hinata, Tenten, Haku, and Sakura (daughter of Orochimaru for the ****ed up childhood thing)
Teacher: Definitely have Chiron for that, both as Academy teacher and Jonin instructor; View More
Naruto : A trio reincarnated from nasuverse · C0
2 weeks ago
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