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  • [Dropped] Hacking Life with a Poker Face

    [Dropped] Hacking Life with a Poker Face


    I dropped this because I realized I had no logical way to do the grow, and I just kinda gave up. I understand my mistake was jumping straight into a novel. I'm currently planning to write another novel, and this one I am definitely taking my time to prepare. --- Prol Helman, on Earth, was an excellent hacker and programmer who served his country, and prevented countless deaths. In retaliation, he is eventually captured, tortured for a seemingly endless period of time, before finding himself dead. Countless questions present themselves: How did his digital assistant follow him on the path to reincarnation? Are the beings judging him truly gods? Will they ever determine if his actions were ethical? With deep seated military training, and a quirky personality, his actions aren't quite what one would expect. Follow him on his path to a new world. --- I'd say this is inspired in part by System Programmer, which I'd recommend. It's an interesting premise I'd like to explore, and I'm just using part of the premise to put into play many ideas I've had for a long time. Please enjoy. Release Schedule: Undetermined. Hopefully daily. Tags: Adventure Cultivation Action SwordAndMagic Reincarnation System Weak To Strong Magic Programmer If you like my novel, I'd enjoy if people went on the website and added tags.


Harems exist in real life, no point denying it or calling it unrealistic. But it's equally possible he develops a love triangle, or JF is with someone else when he returns. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C136
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C34
This story is quite enjoyable. There's plenty of fresh ideas and stuff to enjoy.
The description is interesting, though there's a lot of mysteries left unanswered still. View More
Phoenix Phire
3 months ago
*dying, second time you use dieing
Great novel, only mistake I've noticed is that one. View More
Phoenix Phire · C31
3 months ago
The problem with a smart MC, is that his intelligence is limited by that of the author. View More
Rebirth 1973 · C0
4 months ago
I wouldn't sell a job I loved for such a stupid reason like your parents not bothering to understand. View More

KenJustKen_1st: ** It depends, perhaps parents have full control until their child reaches age 21. Another more likely reason is that his culture has him listen to his parents at any age. This is something we use to do in the United States but sadly no longer do.

Be well!

Taming Master · C17
4 months ago
I mean. She knew what she was in for. Her fault for picking a fight she knew she would lose. View More
Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C165
4 months ago

Magikrap: ... Why is he going around and blabbing about his abilities? He's gotten increasingly douchy and arrogant since the beginning of the story. It's kind of annoying.

Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C71
4 months ago

Dvaita: Ugh. Spineless MC syndrome strikes again

Touch of Fate · C146
4 months ago
Reading Status: C48
Sorry if I mess with your average. I don't want to be overly critical, so try and take this constructively. Ive read up to about chapter 50, and I like most of the main cast.
I'd even consider me getting annoyed with some characters as good writing, if that's your intention.
Grammar wise, your writing is fine with the exception of a few homophones you need to study.
If you haven't learned it by the later half of your story, the thing that irritates me the most about your writing is that you haven't learned to "show, not tell". It's an important skill they'd teach in any professional writing class where I live.
If you research that a little bit, and learn it, I firmly believe your skills will increase tremendously.
Practice makes perfect, and keep writing. Even if some people don't like your writing, as long as you continually improve, your fan base will only grow. View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation
5 months ago
It can make third specialist, unlike normal ones that can only make second or third specialist. What? So it's normal, then? Right?

This deserved premium? This barely even makes sense. View More
Monster Integration · C2
5 months ago
The mom is so annoying. I understand he's a kid, but, it's so... Pointless. She doesn't understand anything, they're not going to explain anything to her, but she gets a say?
What value does her input have if she doesn't even know what's going on?
She's just a mess of random emotions and confusion that for some reason influences the main character. View More
Abuse of Magic · C132
5 months ago
Are /you/ fucking stupid? My comment is a year old. The chapter was PROBABLY proof read since then, and what you read isn't what I read a year ago. View More

Magixx: Are you people fucking stupid ?!
It means: If he had not gone to the forest for mining MC would not even have reached lvl 8 warrior, but now because of this journey he was even able to get to lvl 9 really fast.

It does not say he is lvl 8 at the end rather that he does not know how long it would take to lvl 8 if he did not go to mine the metal.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C67
7 months ago
The ****? He makes his own money and he's twenty, how a parent going to sell his ****? View More
Taming Master · C17
7 months ago
I noticed, however, there's nothing limiting him to that that the devil stated. View More

ShinYuhao: He only steals ability related to soccer though?

All Soccer Abilities Are Now Mine! · C12
8 months ago
So far this feels a bit painful.
1. Still no idea why in the hell the brother hates him. Not even a slight mention or hint of there being an actual reason.
2. The brother was five when he left, and has a massive advantage, there's not much to be jealous of.
3. He doesn't seem to be reincarnated, so his actions don't make a lot of sense. There's a purpose behind them, which is fine for anyone who isn't a ***** ten year old. Talent is all well and good, but, a lot of this is obviously at the convenience of the author. View More
The Demon Against the Heavens · C4
9 months ago
Agree about the naming sense being great. Progressively more annoyed with each grammatical flaw I see (Not that most people would necessarily notice), though. View More
The Demon Against the Heavens · C1
9 months ago
Can't he steal the language knowledge? View More
All Soccer Abilities Are Now Mine! · C12
9 months ago
He has no pants?! *Concern* View More
The Almighty Ring · C3
9 months ago
Doubt V anticipated their arrival.
Biggest criticism of the novel is it probably needs a spellcheck on the earlier chapters, and the grammar could stand improvement.
The content itself is entertaining enough though, and you've shown improvement over the chapters thus far. Keep it up. Also, your novels rating is 4.5 right now, which is pretty solid. View More
The God Virus · C33
9 months ago
I... What? I spend that much on Chinese food.
But it does sound like roughly 183 chapters worth of spirit stones, not counting free ones. So if you read more than 200 premium chapters a month, it's probably a good deal? View More

ForeverFrozen: any1 else not gonna get elite membership cuz of the huge price on it(24.99$)

Monster Pet Evolution · C122
9 months ago
God damn. Not even halfway through the chapter and that's annoying me. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C62
10 months ago

Daoist_NoLife: Isn't this like the game they played in Gun Gale Online?

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C5
10 months ago
Fuck it. I'd spend 40k on one. Wouldn't want to, but... Probably would. View More
Resurgence of the Rogue Blacksmith · C1
10 months ago
I still don't understand this story. Why does anyone give a **** who HELPED them, and they seem so mad? And if they had the situation under control, why would he intervene? It doesn't make any sense at all. View More
Fallen Guardian : The last Shadow · C16
10 months ago

BlackWatch: stupid CO, not verifying an important intel and when sh*t goes to hell they blame others

The Legendary Mechanic · C79
10 months ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was always under the impression that the cost was automatically calculated based on the word count. I don't think the author is to blame for the cost? View More
Dual Cultivation · C86
10 months ago
Reading Status: C8
I like it so far. I enjoy alternating perspectives, the only weakness being that many people hate the redundancy. The author attempts to avoid it by summarizing the second time around, which works pretty well. I'm interested in seeing the next chapter. I'd like it if he grows more forces, helps the princess. But don't let me affect your plot, I'm just interested.
For actual potential readers, it's worth it if you like a strong character with little sense. He misses the point sometimes, but he also understands everything. He may be an *****, but he was a neet, so his social experience is a bit questionable. Despite this, he's an enjoyable character to cares about others while still retaining his true nature. I won't say his personality is profound, but I deeply enjoy how others see him, and how things play out with such a dual reality. View More
My Sister The Villainess
10 months ago
They were all knocked up if they were conscious?! Great goddess of fertility! View More
Extrasensory Perception System (EsPerS) · C112
11 months ago
What the ****? Every chapter for half the novel is premium? This Daddy is pretty rich, but that's going a bit far. I can take the last ten percent as premium. That's one thing... But everything I haven't read?! View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C265
1 year ago

Ashram: why do I get the feeling that this supposed minibus will turn into a [Chrome Shelled Regios]?

My MCV and Doomsday · C547
1 year ago
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