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Original Works

  • Living with an immortal dragon soul

    Living with an immortal dragon soul


    The young man Valentine dies after trying to save a snake. This snake was the weakest child of the noble eternal dragon „Drake Reptilion Prime“ who fuses the souls of the two and creates the body of a being unheard of throughout the multiverse. The story of Valentinus Drake Reptilion begins as he is awakened by a voice in his head: ‚I am sorry. Usually I die alone.‘ Tag along with Valentinus as he starts going on humorous and action-filled adventures while exploring his new world. Watch him make friends and enemies while learning about the origins of magic and delving in its depths on his way to rival the gods.


Bibliophileaddict: I wonder if it is talking about Aurora, Hila (though I prefer Hela like the goddess of death from Norse myth), or Sylvia? Aurora and Hila have Super A potential, and Sylvia has A potential. Perhaps it could be considered all of them?

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

CrystalAvalanche: Nah, it's a backtrack to Germinal Organization's mistake of "casually adopting" (kidnapping&brainwashing) a "child" (Han Xiao), only to them be one of the strongest in the future (as Black Phantom).

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

JirouBestGirl: 🙄 that was way too close for Han Xiao.

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

MisterSoandSo: 20 years later ...
Sylvia(Mature Grade A): I'm looking for my master, HX.

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

Arkard: Is this foreshadowing his loli bagging back firing on him in the future!?

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

Castle954: Only a thousand years? Dream bigger Aesop, our Legendary Mechanic will surprise you yet!

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
1 day ago

Ellimist: Finally a good battle scene. Lately all we see is the mc fighting and taking injuries without trying to do better. Even getting mastery in curved swords didn't change that.

Abyss Domination · C77
1 day ago
I on the other hand wonder what he can do to get wizard points
Write scrolls maybe?
What else? View More

Bogart: I'm just saying it would be nice to have balance and consistentcy. I don't want rogue points to suddenly become irrelevant because the MC is obsessed with slaughter points. I just want to see good examples of racking up the supposedly less rare class points.

Abyss Domination · C59
1 day ago

The_25th_BAM: (I'm putting "probably king/emperor/overlord" on familiars whose levels are not yet confirmed since there might be some unexpected twists in the story.)

Current Familiars:
✓Da Zi (Emperor/probably overlord)
✓Dumby (Emperor/probably overlord)
•dumby's minions (Lords and Kings)
•Xiao Hua (dumby's daughter. King)
• Woody/ Amorphic Hell Tree (King/probably emperor)
✓Silly (Probably Emperor)
✓Stripey (Overlord)
•Two orange kids:
-Nan ju (king)
-Bei zhi (king)
✓Xiao Cao (King)
✓Moneymaker (King)
✓Desolion (probably Emperor or overlord)
✓Flowing Light (emperor)
✓Goldie (Overlord)
✓Flamey (emperor)
✓Brainy/ Brain of growth (King)
✓White Paper/ Dragon Slaying Chapter (King/probably emperor)
✓Elder Baby (probably emperor/ Ancient Blood Rage Dragon Variant)
✓Second baby (probably emperor/ Diurnal light dragon variant)
✓Third Baby (emperor/power king kong ant)
✓Fourth baby (Emperor/Aurora Dragon ant)
✓Fifth baby/Xiao Wu(Emperor/Hidden Dragon Ant)
✓Sixth baby (probably emperor/smoke dragon variant)
✓Seventh baby/Baldie (probably emperor)
✓Big Fat Sea (Lord/probably king or emperor)

Dark Child (Great Cutting Altar, Damaged)
(Probably a god tier item in its peak)

Monster Pet Evolution · C568
1 day ago

SadBambina: Honestly the hamster thing was unexpected

Abyss Domination · C73
2 days ago

EugeneCW1: It was already added 18(+1) meaning the base stat is 17

Abyss Domination · C69
2 days ago

Soken: I believe his original intention was kill a few and leave, he did not see himself in any risk. And now he is just angry and wants to use a op skill as revenge. Not the smartest move but believable i suppose. His intelligence is 18 and he can still increase it to 20 so he can still make spells after the wizard god falls

Abyss Domination · C65
2 days ago
I mean if you are in a city you can have fun picking locks but it is comparatively harder to find locks in a forest and traps aren’t everywhere either View More

Bogart: No Author note? Yes!! Seriously though, is he going to even try to get rogue points? For how rare it is supposed to have been; he sure focuses on slaughter points a lot. With the difficulty parameters we were given, I am not even sure how any straight rogue can be relatively competent without killing people.

Abyss Domination · C59
2 days ago

Extra_Entity: Ya but if Ames finds out he’s in BIG trouble

The Legendary Mechanic · C480
2 days ago

dorspking: wheres waldo but when you find him, you kill him for all hes worth because free loot

The Legendary Mechanic · C480
2 days ago
Might be hard not to be caught up in the fight View More

Veriviiner: Can't he take advantage of the wolves and gnolls fighting and finish off the survivors?

Abyss Domination · C56
2 days ago
Feidin has a stronger luck aura View More

You3: but Herlous luck aura is better than Feidin tho. speaking of luck aura han xiao don't do gamlbing cuz his luck stat is 1 xd

The Legendary Mechanic · C476
2 days ago

Dudeman1234: Soran sounded like a shounen protagonist for a minute

Abyss Domination · C47
3 days ago

Empyrean_Asuka: This mother of hers is loose cannon.

Abyss Domination · C43
3 days ago

deemon900: Is this one of those novels where the mc is strong but the little sister is much better than the mc and still needs the mc to protect her, while not doing anything. And the mc works hard to ger stronger but the sister just instantly learns everything? Basically mc works hard and the little sister is better than gods without needing to do much.

Abyss Domination · C41
3 days ago

Ruth13: She must be the gods child. She should have fallen to despair after he died but did not. Since she is a gods child she can us divine spells

Abyss Domination · C20
3 days ago

Spade_Z_: I'm fine with nearly all fetishes but necrophilia is just plain gross.

Abyss Domination · C18
3 days ago

Manaworkz: 1d4 piercing dmg. When used on an unaware enemy deal a bonus 1d6 mental dmg

Abyss Domination · C4
4 days ago

Morgan_Big_News: The Oracle, Ember, stealing the ring, Ames etc... With all that I don't know where the author is leading us but I LIKE IT 😁

The Legendary Mechanic · C478
4 days ago

Snapplemonkey: Personally I would prefer "beep...boop..."

The Legendary Mechanic · C477
4 days ago

Bibliophileaddict: Which speech pattern sounds better for Philip: “hum” or “buzz?” Or perhaps something else?

In other news, I guess the turtle MC had in his past life was likely one who spent more time on land than in water as those kinds with water tanks get dirty real quick and smell awful. So unless he happened to have a small pond that didn’t really require cleaning out back, the “clean” turtle had to have been one who spends more time on land.

The Legendary Mechanic · C477
4 days ago

Joysanz: The look on Dark Star's face when Ames arrives on Norrise!

The Legendary Mechanic · C477
4 days ago
Or he is simply a main character whose luck aura is better than Herlous and worse than Feidin View More

Argathus: Huh, Alvin, a tie with amount of money won. Definitely not a coincidence. He’s definitely some important character who planned on losing to Feiden the same amount he won to Herlous

The Legendary Mechanic · C476
5 days ago
Cliffhanger 😓 View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C312
5 days ago

Mr_SpinelesS: Running away from an Evil Organisation 101: When traveling in an enclosed space befriend the toughest people you can find to increase your chance of survival if your found.

The Legendary Mechanic · C475
5 days ago
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