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    Spirit memories


    Years 2xxx a Bell sounds can be heard, a purple light covered the sky. Golden pillar start appear between the purple cloud, one minute after these pillar shoot in countless direction. The people stuck by the pillar start flying and where take in the purple cloud. After ten minutes the sky became blue like nothing happened. After investigation one million people have been “kidnapped”, the scientific told alien prepare an invasion by studding humans, religious speech about Armageddon incoming, all talk, but no one knows where they are, this phenomenon was called “The Collect”, after hundred years another Collect begin and another million human where take. Since the 1rst collect twenty more have been done. Author note: Hello i hope you enjoy the story, i lake an editor to correct the chapters if someone interested after reading the chapters already made he can contact me with the comments section(better reply to one of my comments will see it more fast ).Good reading :)(33 chapters will be released )


xD some commander will have a big headache when he came back to see a village with his daughter worshiping a ant lol View More
Chrysalis · C402
5 days ago
Well seing the author of the script this is definitvly a remake of the kamasutra in manga version xD View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C70
1 week ago
230kg is a bit too much yooi think no way for him to run 1km with 230kg leg will have collapsed(even with the shoes they correct his position not the law physic the gravity+230 kg+ running no way for the leg to work for 1km ). The author may have not pay attention to the detail xD will 130kg is more okay with this fatty if he is not too tall 130kg can be a big fatty :) View More

C83s: One big problem with this translation is also the weights, most probably the main character weighs around 230 kg, not 230 pounds, a person who weights 230 pounds is just slightly overweight is not hard to do anything while a person with 230 kg well thats 480 pounds, thats a walking mountain, it is sad that the translators hasn't catch this mistake yet, the descriptions of the MC are that he is a walking mountain not a slightly overweight guy, oh and btw if a guy ever says he weights 120 pounds, man that person is suffering from severe malnutrition, while if it is 120 kg, well is just being overweight. Hope they fix it.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C68
2 weeks ago
The zerg are an alien race made of insect (the nest is the spawn camp wich give birth to all of the unit (even the queen xD ) )the bladed here can represent the 1rst attack unit, the gatherer gather ressource , the suicide beetle=scourge(terrorist unit who explode on ennemy) the overmind can transport unit and help increse unit population like a mobil house ^^( in the story he will probably be a mob who can control/coordinate other zerg if he is here) View More

Winzentwinni: Hope this starcraft connection doesn't disrupt me from reading it because I don't know starcraft at all....

Fatal Shot · C100
2 weeks ago
will Klein pay to don't become a female a giggle can be heard in the sky "come my little sweety i am waiting for another sister" xD View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C125
2 weeks ago
For a fan Mc did a big mistake for the other i don't know but Voldy was cruel even when he was a child using magic to torture animal and frightening the other child at the orphanage ^^ View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C8
3 weeks ago
Mc stay away from Ron his stupidity is contagious why do you think you don't think of lottery and instead go rob.... View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C35
3 weeks ago
After the 1rst years i will have ron killed in the entire story after he is useless beside being a moron xD View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C13
3 weeks ago
xD that here you know the MC was not a potter-fan creating a story coming from an orphanage as long as he do one thing with dark tendancy he will be labeled as voldy 2 lol. The amnesya will work better after all he was found in the middle of the school park coming from nowhere xD View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C5
3 weeks ago
yeah spanking and beating are different i was born in 84. Sometime received a spank on the ass after doing some child error(example=>a castle toy bad idea to play with fire since he was made from flamable material) sometime not doing school homework receiving on the tip of the finger a tap from the metal ruler by the teacher...
This don't made me a crazy man who had tendency to violence(the excuse made by some people to induct this law).
Now if a child is spanked he can call the police, a teacher can do nothing even when a student told her she is a ***** ectttt if the teacher lost his temper and slap the student may lost his job even worse going to jail.
Society evolve but some of it made it worse for the next generation. View More

Sadarsa: This statement is sooo very very wrong. People didn't "Beat" their kids in the 80's... there is a huge difference between getting a spanking and being beaten. Yeah, parents were a lot more strict back then, but the punishments came from a place of love. It was done with child's development in mind, to teach them good ethics. It wasn't done out of malice, not at all.

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
3 weeks ago
When i read i don't see a queen fighting but fishing on top of the wall xD View More
Chrysalis · C376
3 weeks ago
dark stain on the statue seem like a cluster of beetle hidden like this as a camouflage... View More
Fatal Shot · C94
3 weeks ago
Well not a hard mission he goes to the other side of the city and ask out each girl he encounter lol View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C1
4 weeks ago
xD they have released 3 beast in the wild with only "basic"training don't want to know what he will learn from them when they consider it expert training xD View More
Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army · C108
1 month ago
Ding:"burningchesthair aquired the legendary class: berserk cosmetician" View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C57
1 month ago
sigh civilization....you play 24hours and in this 24h 18hours are waiting for the computer turn to end xD View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C51
1 month ago
life connoisseur are the base :) what fighter will do without our alchemist ,forgeron,enchanter ectt ^^ View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C39
1 month ago
How can they don't see player as crazy when you see that... xD lucky for us our npc are not this intelligent or we will be barred entry from any town in our mmo lol View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C34
1 month ago
xD poor wearingpant instead of being recompensed for protecting the trainer he was nearly killed by the trainer View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C18
1 month ago
Do beta testers this day are crazy??^^ i don't recall when i tested a game to voluntary suicide lol View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C5
1 month ago
I am more inclined to think that the underworld is real and bru is an overpowered artifact wich linked the 2 world triking the human to think that s a game. In the 1rst chapter bru spoke about transmigration/inhabitant if this was a game he have no reason to think of sherlock as a transmigrator/ indigenous habitantxD View More

Afterimage: It is... although from Sherlock's point of view, it is reality for he is a real demon in a real demon word. Please remember, those gamers were transported from reality thinking they are in a VR game. The thing is, Bru has connection to both worlds.

Gamers of the Underworld · C4
1 month ago
2080=> south park how many time did kenny die ? ^^ View More
The Alterra Project · C2
1 month ago
Where are the power ranger !!! arrogant brat=> you will kneel under my divine beast beast. mc=> call the zord. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C13
1 month ago
this moron if he was a journeyman he will not be with them in this low class treatment... View More
The Mech Touch · C419
1 month ago
You changed sirius fate(even if he die at the prophecy room at last he die innocent) it's time for Ron to dissapear xD a life for a life this useless moron have done nothing in all the true story beside winning 1 checkboard in the 1rst book... View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C61
1 month ago
If someone came to my door and told me my girl/boy is a witch i will call the 18 to have someone send her to a psychatric hospital xD
In all fan fic never the modlu father/mother react like this lol View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C1
1 month ago
xD he own this flower a lot she saved his life 2 time 1rst the wall then this head monster. next time should come with some fertilizer for her ^^ View More
Warlock Apprentice · C95
1 month ago
2 girl at the 2nd round fleur and her little sister will be there too (harry save her and ron at the same time losing the 1rst position in speed) View More

Jetstorm: Ok wasn’t there a half veela girl called fleur coming over for the tournament? Another harem member get?

Harry Potter and The Loa's Child · C103
2 months ago
a chapter wich act like a dictionanry of who is who will be helpfull too many woman name often forget who the woman named is :) View More

Grand_Magus: Lol I was moving to fast and read the comments wrong. I have creative burst right now. But, He's a young man and he's going to play they game just like the rest of us would. and stop being so surprised more than on chick likes him. the Mc is a spiting image of the stories cover photo, A real stud.

Harry Potter and The Loa's Child · C56
2 months ago
"Nobody touch them when i am around" the fu;k man even if you are not here you are not supposed to allow someone to touch them lol View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C215
3 months ago
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