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God messed up several times with his death View More
The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C1
3 hours ago
Well you have my condolences View More
Rebirth of Flash in MCU · C14
1 day ago
Heinrich... Hitler? View More
1 day ago
Thought clones couldn't **** maidens View More
The Harem King · C41
1 day ago
It will turn female like that one sekirei that controls fire View More

G0D1Y: I'm more curious what would happen if he meet a male sekirei ahahahaha

Supreme Harem System · C24
1 day ago
Respect, the fact you could share this with us is great View More
The New Issei · C30
1 day ago
Fuck you heretic, a man must be open to all form of the woman JOIN THE DAO OF WOMEN View More

LucasVictor399: i'm sorry but i'm not from the loli sect so this interest with mc's mom For me i feel a revulsion but the romance is wonderful i just ignore the loli scenes because i really don't like it .. i'm from the milf sect HEHE..

thanks chapter

Incest Complex · C86
1 day ago
Simpler solution, figure out how to only have daughters then **** the daughters when they grow up View More

Nydre: It's really simple, if they cuck him he can just kill them both.

Incest Complex · C81
1 day ago
Nice, always had a mind people couldn't predict View More
Lone_Wolf · C153
2 days ago
Then the crusades began for Da Long View More
Naked Sword Art · C24
2 days ago
Ah this level of shamelessness is truly.... Breathtaking... View More
Naked Sword Art · C13
2 days ago
I would like it if the blindfold became a theme or calling card of mc View More
Naked Sword Art · C4
2 days ago
Well I don't know if there is some function to put the readers name at the bottom of the quote, or there's another Otakubaku running around putting quotes down like me so... View More

HastyZ: Unless their common Chinese idiom I dont take quotes from other books. Main reason being because I'm not that kind of person and also because I simply dont read enough books to get anything worth using. I dont know who you are, but can you be a bit more specific as to what quote you are talking about. I am a bit curious now.

Naked Sword Art · C0
2 days ago

EndlesslyHarem: Really what makes me confused is the plot, even the MC also makes me stressed, I think the writer has a mental disorder.

The Harem King
2 days ago
I have to ask, did you get this quote from me? If so when because I say a lot of philosophical stuff and don't remember where I put this one View More

HastyZ: Thank you

Naked Sword Art · C0
2 days ago

TrueImmortalDevil: I am gonna go look for truck-kun this year dont stop me!

System: Harry The Harem lord · C18
2 days ago
Meep View More
Steps to Legend · C28
2 days ago
Coo im go spoil the fam now View More
The New Issei · C0
2 days ago

LordOfTheMorning: The true question is: who in their right mind would create a gender equality ministry... And this absurd church guy, the parent association? Are you for real? Wtf is the parent association rofl, slap that bored housewife back into the kitchen...

Level 0 Master · C2
4 days ago

Licorice: sadly by the rules if he responded and pucnhed mobsters he whould be disqualified from professional arena

Level 0 Master · C1
4 days ago
We bare bears View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C39
4 days ago

Peace12345: Just going to say this if anyone is interested. I started writing my own fanfic about DxD. I am a new writer so no guaranty on quality but come and give it a try if you want. Just warning those that do want to go it is harem and the MC is ridiculously OP so no complaining about either of those. Click on my profile to find it.

Playing with other Supernaturals · C35
4 days ago

SLayGunner: Only out of personal preference, I would prefer no clones. Toys and other tools (such as torture) are ok though. He should take them himself, not have a huge clone orgy. The only acceptable clone situation is if he is in direct control of them in separate locations.

The Perverted Evil Cultivator · C114
4 days ago
Im with you bro View More

SLayGunner: Only out of personal preference, I would prefer no clones. Toys and other tools (such as torture) are ok though. He should take them himself, not have a huge clone orgy. The only acceptable clone situation is if he is in direct control of them in separate locations.

The Perverted Evil Cultivator · C114
4 days ago
??? Where you at View More
Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C6
4 days ago
Need to breathe specially View More

Meow_catsdontlie: So why doesnt he gain a passive like breathing just for breathing

The Walking Dead's Gamer · C2
5 days ago
I also like building the economic empire, like real estate and production View More
Steps to Legend · C22
5 days ago
there is room for improvement View More
Steps to Legend · C12
5 days ago

Prince_of_Thieves: And where is my harem?!?!?!😬

Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C38
5 days ago
Yep we would write her off as a thot and hoe and go to the next good looking girl/anyone who we feel is coo View More

Bloodysin: If this was a current day Western series then mc would probably be okay with being cucked

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C27
5 days ago
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