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airambach26: Author have mc get incest with his sister and mother and get more harem members please

Eternity with my family ( Twilight fanfic) · C8
3 weeks ago
2 too many members make writing harder View More
Word Soul Magic Dominate Fairy Tail · C12
4 weeks ago
Fire and water affinity to cook food in any environment View More
1 month ago
Dang i ran out of free passes. Oh well I’ll just listen to it in its Vietnamese audio form. I love being bilingual View More
Losing Money to Be a Tycoon · C49
1 month ago
Just go to Toriko world for the food already View More
My Multiverse Trip · C415
1 month ago
He has super luck and barrier magic he needs to practice them. Though he won’t become op instantly he can still become a lot stronger. I mean if he doesn’t use them there is no point in having them. View More
Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C53
2 months ago
His harem is becoming too big remember what you said about big harems View More
My Multiverse Trip · C185
3 months ago
I thought he left infernape with the girls? View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C398
3 months ago
Isn’t the previous headmaster Phineas Black painting hanged in the house? He needs to stop him from warning Dumbledore in the future. View More
Dark Lord Dumbledore · C20
4 months ago
Mantis more offensive especially for giant summons View More
Reincarnated as Shino Aburame in Naruto (Hiatus) · C0
5 months ago
There is no need View More
Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C25
5 months ago
He can call upon the ghost of Simon, Ur, and etc to help the people get closure and call upon powerful mages/dragons to learn new powerful magic. View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C342
5 months ago
Avatar there are so many naruto dbz bha View More
Marvel: My Rules · C0
6 months ago
I see Kaguya appearing for a few seconds before being one punch by our MC View More
A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C11
6 months ago
1000 years before for all extinct races like you stated View More
Endless Adventure · C91
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Haven Online · C105
6 months ago
There is no need go watch p o r n if you want lemon View More
Blue Devil · C0
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
Percy Jackson: The Ancient God · C1
7 months ago
Jackie chan adventures is a great way to get 12 powerful abilities that could augment some of his own. Imagining sky demon vs blue devil View More
Blue Devil · C0
7 months ago
Need panda furry moment the girls would cuddle and love it View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C125
7 months ago
Where is the pet panda View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C104
8 months ago
Adventure Team’s stress relief
Support type
Maybe allow him to give boosts to others depending what they did with him View More
· C12
8 months ago
Who says unicorns have to be all pure and good
Look at the trailer Onward (unicorn are raccoons)

Good way to hide his true nature while having a good image View More
Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C0
8 months ago
Where’s the mass update? View More
Everything Start from the BTTH · C83
8 months ago
Really? Some scum has 1 gold 2 purple rings. Do you understand how hard it is to have that configuration it has to be a strong genius with strong mentality like Tang San View More
Douluo Dalu : Frozen Heaven Spear Lord · C14
9 months ago
You totally forgot the fact that you gave Oscar a different ability for his third ring (invisibility). I feel that they should all be stronger since he purified their spirits and bodies. You View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C70
9 months ago
Your grammar is acceptable for a fanfic. I heard there is grammarly that may help. Don’t know if it cost money though. View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C26
9 months ago
Choose the one that benefits you the most View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C0
9 months ago
What was the point of reincarnating so many times if he loses the the physique View More
1000 Reincarnations (ATG Fanfic) · C12
9 months ago
He he exchanging daughters between two groups. Bebe can’t leave Linley View More
The Burning Fiend · C124
9 months ago
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