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Original Works

  • The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan

    The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan

    Anime & Comics


    What would happen if the Uzumaki Clan had a shadow clan that protects them in the dark yet where still destroy alongside the Uzumakis? well just like Kushina who survives the massacre, 2 survivors of the Kurogane Clan join the leaf and on the same day that Naruto was born their son is born as well, receiving the Yin half of the kyubi. Come and watch the story of Kira Kurogane, how he leaves the leaf due to the hate and anger that the people of Konoha is giving them, taking Naruto with him and joining Kumo and how he becomes The Grim Reaper of Kumo, while helping Naruto become Raikage. 1st time typing a novel so i hope u can understand, as for Flamers if u don't like, leave Action Romance Harem for Both Naruto and Kira Reincarnated M Rating in Future Chapters Smart OC Strong but Not OP MC (OP is later chapters for both Naruto and Kira) this Novel is somewhat similar to 3headed-dragon's fanfic novel The Yin and Yang of the hidden Cloud but with some changes. The author is amazing check him out in FanFiction.Net There will be a few bashing [I got the image from google, if the person who made it wants me to take it off, comments on the comment section so i can take it off]

  • The Dusk Emperor

    The Dusk Emperor



    When he became 5 years old, he remember everything in his past life, including the wishes he asked for. He was born on Modern Earth and died in the Hospital due to Cancer. In this Fantasy World of magic and kingdoms and Empires, our protagonist will do what he desires. [I don't own anything related to Naruto and Final Fantasy or any other thing, i unknowingly use in this Fan-fic. They rightfully belong to their respective owners.]


Goddamn mother****er of a cliff!!? View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C58
1 day ago
Isn't this a Xinxia situation..? I like it, I wonder how this will play out. View More
Ghost of the Uchiha · C4
1 day ago
Omg, Alex is amazing! View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C40
2 weeks ago
I think he took his mother-in-law with him. XD View More

XxEagleNightxX: Whoa new world new woman i guess those girls who he fvck that isnt a virgin si not with him only those who are virgin are with him though i dont know if his aunt is a virgin but i think she is

The Hedonist Sword God · C244
3 months ago
Please don't let the MC be under the control of someone. View More
Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer · C12
3 months ago
Ah! Nature chakra! I completely forgot about it lol xD. Now it's understandable, but what IS Madara's E.M.S. Ability since i think i never saw it. Hell, i check Google and only rumors of a weakened version of Limbo is the ability he has but i don't believe that.

Sorry for all the replies. =D View More

Alexandroo: Hm. I think Madara didn't win because Hashirama dominated Senjutsu. If you pay attention, a Biju is a natural Chakra with a soul. So if Hashirama puts natural Chakra into the release of wood, I believe that this represses the nature of a Biju and weakens it. As for Madara's EMS, I believe it was something related to time. It makes no sense for him to take a beating from Hashirama with this power. I think Madara lacked creativity. If he could replicate time's freezing of Jiren in DBZ, then the result would be the complete annihilation of Hashirama. Time and space are far superior to standard elements.

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C45
3 months ago
First of all, thank you for reading this fanfic of mine. Secondly. I despise nerf with all of my being. The reason why they are having problems is due to mental fatigue. I imagine myself as Kira, having to fight in this war from morning to now without resting and in my mind, i actually will get tired, even if my body does not my mind will.

Now about the controlled thing. I always ask myself. If Madara came back into Konoha for the first time with a controlled Kurama, why wasn't he able to beat Hashirama? I'm not on his side but normally Madara should have been able to beat him with hos E.M.S and a controlled Kurama by his side yet he still lost. Just knowing that, i have a belief that controlled opponents won't be able to used their full power against you. This is just my opinion that's all.

But just in case. I like this type of comments because it teach me more about writing, so i can promise you guys, next time something like what's happening wom't happen and besides, the next chapter is the last part of this fight amd i hope you can keep supporting me. ^_^ View More

Alexandroo: Completely disagree, dude. A strong Kekkei Genkai makes you strong, yes. Hard work too, but it's time-consuming. Naruto and Kira have 2 maxims that all strong people on Naruto World have: talent and Kekkei Genkai. The only thing hard work can bring about is a slow and steady increase in strength.
A simple wooden Jutsu used by Hashirama can change a desert in a forest. While Guy at most can double the space with one kick. This is called limitation, a person has a limit that talent puts in and a limit that her body imposes.
Let's take the Guy as an example. I am sure that if he had the body of an Uzumaki / Senju, he would not die using the eighth gate and could still discover more gates, who knows?!
The question is, Naruto went so far in the canon with basically 2 Jutsus. What sets it apart is the body of the Uzumaki and the almost infinite power of the yang chakra brought by the Kurama.
What you seem to be forgetting is that although the enemies are being controlled, they are still a powerhouse and still used their full arsenal against the ninjas and because they are summons of the impure world, they do not get tired and lack chakra. Which in turn ends with the meaningless excuse that they were already fighting for a long time with the ninjas when naruto arrived.
It is also worth remembering that many there ninjas lived in times of war. So the excuse of underestimating the boy is pointless. They are seasoned ninjas who have lived in wars!!! The first thing they learned is not to underestimate anyone, so they survived so long in such a world.
This to me is just excuses. Sasuke didn't beat Shukaku, even though he had Sharingan because he wasn't trained properly. Kakashi was a terrible teacher and that need not be said.
As for the fact that this is a novel of yours and you do what you want, it is correct, but remember this, a fanfiction is created to entertain fans and not many fans like the nerf of MCs and Buffs of meaningless characters that didn't even show up at Canon to help any time.
I hope you continue to improve, you are one of the authors that I like to follow here on this site. You have a great way to develop the plot. If what I said can make you rethink things and get better then I would be happy. If none of this makes sense, then all I can say is thanks for helping me pass the time on my boring days.

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C45
3 months ago
Actually, what i am after is for the people of Konoha to regret. That their bigotry pushed away two people who could lead them to become the strongest Village. That their hate made another village the strongest in the elemental nations. I don't wish to destroy Konoha. I want them to live forever in regret. That is my end goal and honestly, i'm still thinking how to do it xD View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C45
3 months ago
Another thing, they cannot fight all day without getting mentally tired. Naruto STILL hasn't unlock his Sage Body yet and his Kurama link mlde yet. And i'm the type of person that see someone like Danzo as weak but would have strong subordinates with extreme loyalty to cover his weakness.

This is my fan-fac and i could do whatever i want with it. If you don't like it, then please. Make your own. View More

Alexandroo: Lol. Naruto fought the fourth ninja war and only rested after obliterating many OPs characters GG easy shadow clone + Rasengan. In the Chunnin exam, he ended up with Shukaku be a brat and only knew the shadow clone and Rasengan again. Now he suffers to defeat a single Biju and is desperate to fight with figurants and his group is still full of badass bloodlines. This is disappointing. Why don't you give Mokuton and Sharingan to Pakkun then? Fuck!!! If MC can't be badass with these Kekkei Genkai's, then give it to a dog !! I guarantee Pakkun will be awesome!!!

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C45
3 months ago
You DO know how many times he almost lost to get where he is right? The fight against Shukaku was subpar at best. He's suppose to be one of the Nine Tails beast yet when i saw him in the Chunin exam i ask myself. Where is all the destructiom that a tail beast is capable off? The only reason Naruto defeated Shukaku is because Naruto needed to punch Gaata awake. So on my mind, that fight was boring as hell.

Bloodline makes you strong but were was that when Sasuke got trounce sooooo easily against Shukaku???? If he was that strong why he couldn't defeat the Raikage when he invaded the summit talks? Sure, the Raikage lost an arm but he himself sacrifice that arm to hit Sasuke with a single punch that broke his so-call 'absolute defense' and sent him flying AND he was force to run away.

Bloodline doesn't automatically makes you OP. And the other so-called 'OP' character thay Naruto sealed in the war was because they were already fighting other shinobis by the time Naruto got there. If Naruto fought against all of them by himself, he WOULD have die. Hell, he still needed help when he fought against Madara with and without his Sage of the six path mode.

You are 'Implying' that those thay don't have bloodlines are useless, forgetting thay Madara fought agaist Might Guy and he even said thay of he didn't achieved his Sage of the Six Path mode, he would have die on his hands. And Might guy doesn't have a Bloodline. Hell, in PTS, Sasuke would have EASILY lost against Rock Lee.

This are my opinions. Now i'm sorry for this large replied but i wanted you to know that bloodline does NOT automatically makes you the strongest in the world. Hard-work does. View More

Alexandroo: Lol. Naruto fought the fourth ninja war and only rested after obliterating many OPs characters GG easy shadow clone + Rasengan. In the Chunnin exam, he ended up with Shukaku be a brat and only knew the shadow clone and Rasengan again. Now he suffers to defeat a single Biju and is desperate to fight with figurants and his group is still full of badass bloodlines. This is disappointing. Why don't you give Mokuton and Sharingan to Pakkun then? Fuck!!! If MC can't be badass with these Kekkei Genkai's, then give it to a dog !! I guarantee Pakkun will be awesome!!!

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C45
3 months ago
True, but you forgot one thing. Root doesn't exist. Hiruzen ordered in the past for Root to be shut down but now that he knows that they are still active (thanks for the Raikage sending those masks) He'll keep an eye on Danzo, but it will be difficult due to his responsibility of being Hokage.

Danzo has been someone who operates in the dark, so Hiruzen won't be fully be able to keep an eye on him.

All nins that join Root cease to exist, so the bodies won't be that useful. What they need is cold-hard proof, something that he will get in the Chunin Exam. View More

Irina_Akashira: Just try to not destroy the root's corpses

Your MC would can use them as evidence to pressure Konoha

Even if the MC's current status and Naruto's be "irregular", they tried to kill the Raikage's brother and new Mizukage

It has to be used

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C44
3 months ago
True, but were is the fun in that? Besides i prefer it this way. View More

Alexandroo: but he doesn't need to cancel Obito's Genjutsu in the Jinchuuriki, just apply one more Genjutsu to him. And the Sharingan, liking or not, is the absolute weakness of all Jinchuuriki and the Biju's.

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C42
3 months ago
Kira doesn't have the Mangekyo Sharingan YET. And the one controlling Yagura and Isobu is an Eternal Mangekyo user AKA Obito Uchiha. In my mind, There is NO WAY that a Matured Sharingan can beat an Eternal Mangekyo user. View More

Alexandroo: Why doesn't Kira use Mangekyou Sharingan in the Biju and it finishes this up easy and fast?

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C42
3 months ago
This woman is full blown Yandere. The MC only have to become likr Luigi. He doesn't need to do anything and in the end he'll win.

King Barn's family is fully encompose of only hyenas, and in the end, they will all kill themself effectively giving the throne to the MC. LMAO View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C75
3 months ago
Yo entiendo lo que escribes pero tienes que saber que esta es mi primera vez escribiendo una novela fan-fic. Yo estoy usando esta historia para aprender mas para mis otras futuras historias escribirla mejor.

Por lo de sasuke, yo solo tengo mi propia opinion de el. El perdio su familia por la persona que mas admiraba, su hermano. Pero tienes que recordar, el casi mato a Naruto en la primera batalla en Valley of the End. Y lo que me encojona es que creo que fue force plot que Naruto todavia ve a alguien que trato de matarlo como un amigo.

Si mi mejor amigo me trata de matar entonce yo no lo trato como mi amigo sino como mi enemigo. Esta historia es mi propia opinion. Si no te gusta entonce porfavor haz tu propia historia y gracias por leer la mia. View More

TurcoM: Me agrada el fondo que le llegas a dar al clan kurogane, pero si se supone que son la sombra del uzumaki y que siempre están para protegerlos, su unica cualidad es poder absorver chakra del entorno? Sabiendo que el uzumaki tiene mayor cantidad de reserva de chakra, un físico más fuerte, y siendo un clan de sellos, me parece que la historia del clan kurogane esta bien, pero sus caracteristicas, no.
El mc de tu historia parece ser el secundario mientra que naruto, el mc del canon, se le da todo, con quien se queda cada uno da igual porque ahi se ve con quien te gustaría verlo, pero siento que no le has dado un desarrollo a naruto y a kira lo hiciste totalmente desarrollado mentalmente, por mas que sea una reencarnación, no es como si en su anterior vida haya sido asesino, mercenario, o vivido en un ambiente hostil.
Creo que no le das buen desarrollo a los personajes, sino que sólo los basas en tu opinión, mas no les das un argumento, el perfecto ejemplo es sasuke, recién le sucedió de la masacre a su familia y lo tildas por algo que no hizo en tu historia, ademas creo que sasuke sufrió también, ten en cuenta que su hermano al cual admiraba un dia sin razon alguna para el, asesino a todo su clan.
Son muchas cosas que deberías mejorar, en lo personal tu idea me parece fantastica ya que nunca vi una historia con ese inicio, pero no supiste llevar bien, tuviste muchas ideas pero no te paraste a pensar lo suficiente.

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan
3 months ago
This chapter waa amazing. Thx for the chapter. ^_^ View More
The Most Powerful Quirkless · C14
3 months ago
Wow, he murdered his own Father and even spit on his face. It would be ironic that Eli, the son that he love the most do the same thing to him.

I would laugh at that. View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C64
3 months ago
Love it View More
Brightest Doom · C4
3 months ago
Only if the author put him in the story. So it's all up to him. View More

Grandpa_Wang: I agree but killing will alienate him from other heroes although trolling batman and superman would be funny

In Earth-38, With A Sharingan · C4
3 months ago
But he can get a few other peoples who agree with his view. Red hood like one of them. View More

Grandpa_Wang: I agree but killing will alienate him from other heroes although trolling batman and superman would be funny

In Earth-38, With A Sharingan · C4
3 months ago
Haha let's hope not. Having to face the same villian over and over again is a real pain in the ass. View More

Soaapj: I totally agree with you about the killing thing but it will only become a loop if the author decides to makes it a loop lol.

In Earth-38, With A Sharingan · C4
3 months ago
Here's hoping that the MC doesn't shy away from truly killing those that needs to be killed. Otherwise it will become a loop. Like arresting, prison, escape, crime then we start again. View More
In Earth-38, With A Sharingan · C4
3 months ago
Full respect for Shuichi for doing that. Full Respect View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C102
3 months ago
Up to you, as for BlueScorpion. I haven't seen him nor heard from him since, well, a long time. I guess those chapters that he edited for me will be it. :( View More

H_Alex: Is BlueScorpion, or any other editor still working on this? I peeked in the later chapters and saw that grammar gets a little better, though, still not good enough. Question is, should I read it with a hope of a decent grammar? Or should I just forget about this novel?

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan
3 months ago
Yea but taming a lioness like Meleoleona is more fun~~ xD View More

kelpshake: Nah we get to TAME Noelle . And Asta is so DENSE 😔

The Sharingan Hyuga · C96
4 months ago
Fuck no, leave Noel to Asta. Get meleoleona xD View More

airambach26: Get Noel and the other royalty girl to mc

The Sharingan Hyuga · C96
4 months ago
That's good then, go and keep reading his View More

ShibaTatsuya786: That guys has 3 actual good fanfics lmao compared to this trash

The Dusk Emperor · C0
4 months ago
What a piece of work aren't ya? View More

CaptainBoyHole: Don't be so sensitive pussy. If I wanna read some trash and comment on it that's up to me not you. Don't go looking to get your feelings hurt by being so sensitive.

The Dusk Emperor · C0
4 months ago
If it's trash, then stop fucking reading it. Seriously if you don't like it, make a better one yourself, and stop wasting your own time reading this fan-fic, really. View More

CaptainBoyHole: I don't know why I didn't drop this when I realized he'd have sharingan. Most sharingan MC fan fic are absolute trash.

The Dusk Emperor · C0
4 months ago
Lol Yasaka is his woman as well with Kunuo being his child? That's pretty cool View More
Reincarnated in High School DxD · C15
4 months ago
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