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    Our carefree MC who by luck finds a hacking program in a pawn shop for measly amount of cash goes home and install the hack the next moment He finds out that this hack is actally a real life hack and he hits the jackpot ADD THE BOOK IN LIBRARY IF YOU WANT I WILL PROBABLY START WRITING THIS BOOK AGAIN ON 22-11-18

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    Our Mc is a adult of age 15 currently he is in a white space where God (haters gonna hate) has told him that he will accept his any five wishes,lets see what the future has in store for the Mc as he does not know about Douluo dalu more than average,




    a teacher , a master , a somber person , a wise man , he seeks to teach trash , he seeks to smash faces , lost his life for the sake of his students , lets see what future has in store for him, that is ofcourse with a ridiculously strong cheat ? WARNING: I have tried to write fan fics but it did not sit right with me, not so good at english , I somehow want to portray a passionate teacher in a fantasy society of magic and ki and cultivation


U make me feel guilty 😂 View More

King_J: Press like if you’re reading this instead of studying for finals!

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C112
4 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens · C36
3 weeks ago
Best way to deal with someone bullying you cause you a fatboy , go wild on them fuckin male em fall and sit on them , I even actually scared my teacher once hahaha View More
Marvels Strongest Father · C54
1 month ago
Ok bro View More

shinigami8671: Guys if you havent already, please review de novel. It helps a lot.

The Dawn of the New World · C138
1 month ago
Man are you tryna play with us here these chapters are so fuckin short that even a single fight is raking thre chapters ,what the **** is tgis ,dbz View More
A New Path · C148
1 month ago
Reading Status: C77
Gggggggggg g g g g g g g g g g g g gg. G g g g g. G g. G. G g. G. G g. G. G gg. G. G gdgdgood good goood good giid good good giod, startems good at first theb bit creepy then becomes good agaon View More
Beast God
1 month ago
You still expect something from this guy, View More

Zregan: So? Are you updating? Or just came here to make fun.

The Hack System · C101
1 month ago
Black widow falling in love so fast , but thats whats fanfics are for ,good job bro View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C19
1 month ago
Yaaay ,yiiippppy View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
Plz more pl more oh ueah View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
More View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
Reading Status: C4
I solemnly swear to give a true review unforced by any individual , this novel is a real gem , you read it and you that it will not make you bored so I hope the author reads it and feels proud at his work and does not put this into a hiatus I have never given any powerstones before but I will give them to this fanfic View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped)
2 months ago
I have such great ideas for fanfics yet because of meager knowledge of said works I dont write **** View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
If it makes you feel any better
Reborn as Eddie Thawne in DCEU · C14
2 months ago
I am addicted to this story View More
A New Path · C119
3 months ago
Good thinking man 😐 View More

StellarJade: If you feel uncomfortable writing this, then drop it. But in my opinion it's fun to read and not take it too seriously. People need to get that stick out of their as*. You are writing this novel, not them. Don't pay too much attention to what people say, just do what you feel like doing.

Absolute Stealing · C30
3 months ago
Really great novel but there is one thing I cannot agree with
Bane screaming like a pig😂 View More
The God of order in Dc · C2
3 months ago
Hey I am not trying to convey as being rude but how those wishes make him a nerfed superman , I mean he asked for superman power without weaknesss I would like to know as I am also thinking of writing a novel View More

therummaster: So he wasted 4 wishes for a nerfed Superman and 5th wish for pretty much redundant powers.....couldn't he just wish for Superman power as one wish with no weakness and then reactive evolution as another then of course the highly unused double the power every second indefinitely....and that's only three wishes.

The God of order in Dc · C1
3 months ago
Hello hartman I wanted to ask if you are boring ng sentry into yhe fray as you know that sentry project was made after the supersoldier project or something like that , I believe you can get many fucking cards from the hero sentry or atleast the one who had erased all the info of his existence from his own and our minds View More
Absolute Stealing · C23
3 months ago
Plz I beg you to fix the typo mistakes man **** u View More
The Strongest Lucky Draw System · C3
3 months ago
I know this is shameless of me but please give a mass release View More
Absolute Stealing · C5
4 months ago
Man if the aithor is translating from uukanshu I think its alright I dont understand giogle translate really well View More
Absolute Stealing · C1
4 months ago
😭😭 View More
4 months ago
Did the copycat give any credits to the real author or not View More
A Pro Gamer in Young Justice · C1
4 months ago
Can anyone tell me what gravitonium is View More
MarvelousTube (MCU FF) · C20
4 months ago
I dont k.ow the story of x-23 but I agree with u ,the author should concentrate on peter the mc View More

SoTFans777: This started to get BORING!!!

This is because at least 99 out 100 people who reads marvel comic books know the history of how Laura Kinney/X-23 came to be.

So why the repeat of it in this novel?!!!

Can the author just get back to Peter Parker/Spider-Man POV?!!!

This story is about HIM isn't it?

So, please get back to him and only make small POVs of other characters.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C57
4 months ago
So cheesy lines I am getting goosebumps View More
ancient vampire in twilight · C3
4 months ago
Hey z give another chapter View More
How Not To Live! (Twilight) · C6
4 months ago
+BOOM+ View More
In Marvel as a Slime (MU) /{Paused} · C18
4 months ago
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