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Original Works

  • Dream Star

    Dream Star

    Contemporary Romance Romance Music Idol


    “The one I love..” Terashima Lila entire childhood revolved around staying strong for her family and friends. Music was her means of escape. A means of conveying the deep feelings and emotions in her heart that she couldn't convey normally. But when her curse bloodline separates her from everything she built the past sixteen years of her life, and singing slowly degrades her condition further - what will Lila do? “I love her but I have to let her go.” Austin Kiryu, since he met her when he was four years old. His world has only revolved around her, he never thought that one day he would have to let go of her hand. And facing the cruel reality of his hanyou bloodline and his family..? “I love her but she will always belong to another.” Karashima Haruka, entire life revolved around trying to find that one person. The one person who would break down all her walls and take his hand. --------- In Japan 2035 16-year-old Terashima Lila is not your average teenage top idol. With a rare cursed bloodline, which people refer to as Hanyou's, half human and half demon. She faces the challenges and dangers in her cursed bloodline for the very first time. Leading her to leave the place she knew as home and the comfort and safety of her family and friends. Arriving in Light Town, and attending Light Academy under the disguise name as 'Kiku Ari' her new life begins. Here in this place, what people will she meet? What things will she learn? When a chance encounter on the first day of her entrance in the Academy with the person who vowed to win her heart emerges. Last year he told her, "You don't need to love me just stay by my side," but before he left he said, "I will snatch you away from him." People described her as bubbly, innocent and cheerful, but after she left everything behind. Lila slowly closee of her heart and maintained a distance from others. Her only solace is Karashima Haruka a man, surrounded by an air of mystery different from her beloved. Someone with a dangerous past. If that were all then Lila would not be drawn to him, he seems to know more about her then he let's out. A unique music romance novel that focuses on a single girl's journey and burden behind being the top idol. Join Lila on her journey to achieve her new dream, while struggling with her hanyou lineage and getting caught up in a triangular romance. To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? What will change? For her, the two of them were both equally important. Which hand will she take? ___________________ ------------- *CURRENT COVER - Original cover by zushi Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Updates: 2-3 Chapters every day ~ the first 80-95 chapters are old content which I'm still going through and re-editing. - A side note regarding the story: the first half of the story will focus on the second ML Karashima Haruka and the female lead Terashima Lila story. Then the second half will move back to the first ML Austin Kiryu ---- Genre: Music, Romance, Fantasy. Supernatural

  • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

    Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

    Fantasy Romance


    "At some point in my life, you became my source of strength. But right now you are not beside me. The things I wish to accomplish The things we dreamed of when you took hold of my hand that day. Even without you, I will..." Queen Lyn is facing the biggest crises she has ever faced since ascending the throne. Her most trusted friend Queen J, the Queen of the land of snow has marched her armies to her land. Will she be able to protect her Kingdom, the kingdom of mist and still keep her friendship? 3 years ago, when they last met. It was during a large scale battle, the last words you said to her were, " Trust me. I will fix this. I will protect you." Even with the end of the battle, the two friends have not reunited again. In the present day, Queen Lyn must face the facts that her dear friend wishes to wager war, and her kingdom is already suffering signs of famine. In the snow kingdom, rumours are flying around that their Queen has been possessed by a demon. The snow kingdoms advisors and people are lost on what to do while there is no food shortage or lack of jobs. Violence has increased and the citizens are afraid to leave their homes. This is a test. Another trial. With the help of her knights, trusted friends and advisor. Queen Lyn must act. But what is a Queen without her King? The person that has her back, is him. After 3 months of no contact, she concludes that he's vanished. Is the King of mist disappearance connected to the upcoming war? -------------- Cover: Only edited the image, the original is found on pin-interest join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz 30/3/19 update: 2 chapters everyday (UK timezone) Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade

  • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Fantasy Romance Fantasy Magic Fantasy Romance Kingdom Witches Princess Kings


    "I would give you everything There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do To ensure your happiness I'll cherish every part of you Because without you beside me I can't survive." (Part of a series: This is Book 1) The Year 4014 A woman with long black hair that fell past her shoulders stood in front of the ivory bed, her gaze fell on the window, "If only I wasn't a princess," Princess Lyn, 16 years old wishes to discard her noble lineage and believes the world has long become corrupt. She wishes to change it, not as a Princess. But as Lyn. Because of the cursed birthmark she was born with, her whole family shuns her. Confined in the northern area of the castle, where little people know of her existence. During this time a man who is the complete opposite of her appears before her. Somebody who is always smiling and carefree, but in the depths of those bright eyes lay a hidden secret. A temporary truce is made with the Sound and Mist Kingdom, but hostility between the two sides remain. Can Kazuya, the Sound Kingdom ambassador ease the tensions? Or will he lead to the downfall of the already crumbling alliance? --- *Cover does not belong to me. Edited original image but picture still belongs to the original owners* Join Me On Discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Part of "Lyn Journey" series (1) Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams (ongoing) (2) Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms (ongoing) (3) Empress Lyn: Overlapping hearts - Side Purple Flower The Wolf and Beautiful Blade Updates: 2 Chapters everyday (UK Timezone)

  • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)

    The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)

    Fantasy Romance

    "Will you become my girlfriend, Madam Melina?" Melina froze in shock before she calmed herself down, "One I'm 14, I'm too young. Two, what's the catch?" "Ah, you catch on quick. I'm looking for someone who can chase away the pesky fiance my parents have chosen for me." "Aren't you an elite... Getting engaged with someone you don't know should be normal?" "But, I dislike her and I want you." ---------- *Cover does not belong to me. Edited original image but picture still belongs to the original owners* 4 years have passed since the events that aspired in Queen Lyn. Returning to the Mist Kingdom, a 18-year-old grown up Melina discovers while everybody has changed. One person seems to remain the same. Appearance wise he is different, he seemed to have discarded that riduclous silver hair of his and simply kept it a dark shade of brown. But the smile on his face and the look in his eyes have not changed. She still couldn't get a read on him. Four years ago when Melina was fourteen, this man 'proposed' to her but his proposal was a cover up to get rid of his present fiance. She firmly refused even to the end and expected to return to find the fool married. So when he once again tells her upon meeting after so long. "Will you marry me?" Melina is utterly speechless. She returned to seek assistant from the Queen. But with the Queen being pregnant, her actions are limited so the Queen once again assigned someone to help her. It just happened to be the very same man Melina desperately 'forgot' during her journey. Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade UPDATE; (Slow) Weekend Updates

  • We Will Meet Again

    We Will Meet Again

    Historical Romance Mystery romance timetravelling


    Love across time [Meiji 1895- Tokyo 2019] "You..you murderer!" 'It...it wasn't me,' she wanted to say. But the words would not leave her lips. The colour of blood covered her hands, proving the other persons point. It wasn't her, but why? Framed for her Mothers murder when she was ten year's old. Kaname Setsura spends the following eight years gathering information on the case. Against her families wishes, she accepts her scholarship to a famous art University, ST Rinkan. In that place, there is a 'clue' to the events from what happened eight years ago. However right as she is about to marry the man she loves, on the day of their graduation, an accident occurs, leading to her fiance to fall into a coma. Distraught, lost and uncertain Setsura shuts herself away from the world, and her half brother uses this chance to send her away abroad. Setsura accepts, but on that day, a grand scale earthquake occurs, right as she is about to board the plane and she wakes up in the middle of the roadside and finds herself in the year 1895. With the help of a man named 'Akito,' she settles into the Meiji era and discovers that the three major "accidents" in her life that occurred, one in 2011 and the two in Tokyo 2019, are connected to a series of cases in 1895 "Mysterious cases of the shard"


See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C1
1 day ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C1
1 day ago
(^0^) Glad Weichun has changed her mind about Enxi 🤔🤔 most likely because of the kid right? 😊 Weichun get along with Enxi from now on. She is still yifeng and Meilin's daughter 🤣 I really didn't want to hate her. View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C109
1 day ago
(-^〇^-) ❤️ That was a sweet gift.

🤣🤣 Kath it's too late. 🤔 He's probably divided his wealth into two already, with Kath having the largest portion. 😏 Since the first day she moved in, Damien knew they'd live together forever 😆. Lucky girl 🤔🤔 maybe he will try and get the sky for you (nothing is impossible 😉) View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C134
1 day ago

XOMatsumaeohana: "Death more painful than Song Yishi.." (o゚▽゚)(o゚▽゚) Is that even possible? Pest Yishi died so brutally. Don't tell me HSQ you have even crueler methods? HSQ I wouldn't kill her if I were you. One death fine, but two deaths? If two women who are close to one guy dies. Suspicion will fall on him right? 🤔

My Youth Began With Him · C2224
1 day ago
Not mind readers indeed. I do agree with what the author said about "love." But, I do think people can't blame Rick or Qin Chu. How many times have we made decisions without consulting the people who are important to us, believing that we are doing things for their sake? We've all made this mistake before.

Sometimes it takes a serious case of separation to learn this lesson. Both Rick and QC already learned this. Mian and Xixi showed us that no matter what happens, they will love these two forever. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2253
1 day ago
(^O^)/ So happy for these two. One more successful paring 💙💙. 🤔 Guess the author is focusing on all the pairs first, and then we will get to the "serious" arcs again. I want to see Ian, and more of Mian's real family soon.

I hope Xixi and Rick are happy from now on, but wait there's still that fiancé 🤔🤔 View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2252
1 day ago
But you have to look at it from their perspective too. Look at it from both sides. Sometimes people are blind thinking they are doing things for each others happiness. I don't know about Xixi, but how many times has Mian acted carelessly for QC sake? Like that time he was jailed, she made up a lie to get him out of jail. When people do things for the sake of their loved ones, they don't think rationally at all. Nobody is at fault. View More

NY190105: Rick Xixi isn't that stupid....she knew all along that u r a god father ...... This is where the issue is.....Men like Rick and Chu think they are considering their Love's best interest in their acts but they fail to realise men and women don't think alike....

My Youth Began With Him · C2252
1 day ago
I don't blame Rick at all or even QC. Who are we to judge them? Try thinking in their position. At the time, that was the best decision they could come up with. QC underestimated HSQ - he didn't want to endanger Mian. Rick is the same, he knew things would get worse from now on.

It's so easy to say, "I'll protect you at the cost of my own life." "Or let's fight together." But the reality? It's far crueler than most people think. Those words become empty words. What if somebody dies? Then there will be regrets. These two men may look like "trash" to people, but they fought for what they believed was right at the time.

Besides, when your in danger which person thinks "rationally?" View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2251
1 day ago
"I belong to you from now on.." (-^〇^-) ❤️ So sweet.
This means they are dating right? 🤔 No, this only confirms their feelings for one another. They should confirm it verbally still.

🤣 Long line of people who want to be your uncle? Please name a few..who would want to be related to such scary twins... View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2250
1 day ago
(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)❤️❤️ Great job TC. Just reconfirm her feelings not with words but with a 😘. Ning responded so 🤔TC should understand how she feels now right? 🤣 The twins, you two appear at the worse times 😆😂 Let these two enjoy their lovey-dovey moment... 😅 But really these three year old little girls, why are they like this... View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2249
1 day ago
😉 Well TC, 😏 even if you get together with Ning, I don't think you'll be able to make use of that skill of yours 😝🤭 At least not right away. (= ̄▽ ̄=)V Ning, you really like TC... Isn't it obvious? Admit it already. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2248
1 day ago
I agree with QC. It's easy to criticize and blame someone when something bad happens. But if we were in their shoes, would we be able to think rationally? The answer is no. Rick could have explained things to Xixi. But back then he thought this was for the best, even if he regretted it afterwards. He felt it was already too late 🤔 View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2247
1 day ago
🤔🤔 Not the reunion yet. But I'm glad we got to see Dongmei ❤️. Soon, the two will meet soon. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C149
1 day ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C1
1 day ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C1
1 day ago
🤤🤤🤤🙋 Yes I agree, let me have Damien View More

XiaoReiChan: We all want to "eat" Damien, too. 🤭 Am I right or am I right? 😁 If Kath wants to pass, I'll gladly take over. I offer myself as tribute! 🙇‍♀️😂

I really like Ali~ (But not when she's pushing the "you gotta have s€x" line every chance she gets. 😅)

Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C133
2 days ago
😉 Kath looks at you like that because she does want to eat you. 😌 Don't we all understand her thoughts 😏😏 Why would anybody want you to stop? 🤭

I'm glad Kath has a good friend now.
Good boyfriend, good friend.

But, eventually her past 🤔 will come back to her. Let's enjoy the peaceful moments before then. View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C133
2 days ago
(= ̄▽ ̄=)Vヾ(@^▽^@)ノ And things get steamy whenever I catch up 😆😂 Perfect timing I must say. Damien 😘😘 View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C132
2 days ago
🙊🙈 It seems like everything Rubica does, will drive Edgar crazy. I wonder what sort of thoughts he has when he sees her 😉.

Edgar, your so petty. Why do you get jealous whenever Rubica interacts fondly with another man? 😊 Rubica isn't your average noble lady, she went back in time. Cooking and dealing with kids, she can do those things so well. View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C208
2 days ago
🤣 Xiaolei will be controlled by her husbands beauty. How many times has she mentioned it? 😉 Don't worry, your married. You'll see his face everyday and eventually build up a resistance.

😊 Such a sweet family chapter ❤️ seems like the twins are the key for these two to get closer. View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C69
2 days ago
This misunderstanding, your cousin isn't a nymph.
"My wife." 😉😉 That's the spirit Edgar. 🤣 Why do I get this feeling that Ios will accidentally forget the cousin part and defer to Rubica as "My Rubica?" If he says that to anyone they'd get the wrong idea. View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C207
2 days ago
🤔🤔 Minos are you a good guy or not... Since it's gotten to this stage, you should reveal your secrets. Form an alliance.

😏 Seems like Ios and Edgar will bicker every time they see each other. Ios it's cousin not 'my Rubica.' 🤣 that sentence was very misleading. View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C206
2 days ago
😆😂 All of this was for a ribbon.. Oh Ios, I hope you become smarter as the novel progresses. All your useful for now is your brute strength. 🤣 Looks like the family is expanding. But at least they won't be enemies... View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C205
2 days ago
🤔🤔 That hint again.. The kids resembling Yu Chen must be because the brother is the twins father? 🧐🧐

(-^〇^-) Xiaolei, you need to work on building up your resistance. You can't let your husbands beauty get to you. Otherwise he will be the one in charge in the relationship 😆😂 View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C68
2 days ago

XOMatsumaeohana: So between all the girls that has been around your boss you like YR? 🤔 well I think you won't like her if she treats your boss indifferently after she finds out he kills people.. I mean the only reason YR can be so persistent is because she doesn't know. Would she still treat him the same way?

😣 HSQ, I know your a psycho. But are you really going to leave her be?

My Youth Began With Him · C2221
2 days ago
Yuansheng, when will you tell your wife the truth? (・へ・) I want the two to be happy. But, I sense another approaching storm. Stop putting in more effort to hide it. Put effort into telling your wife the truth! View More
Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife · C314
3 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife · C314
3 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C108
3 days ago
(╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥) I'm so happy that Weichun is alive and now she is with Shi Yi 💔💔 You two, hold up for just a bit longer. Mello is on his way with Enxi. I hope nothing happens along the way 🤔🤔 let the four reunite peacefully... View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C108
3 days ago
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