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Original Works

  • Dream Star

    Dream Star

    Contemporary Romance Romance Music Idol


    A mask of pain. A wall of sadness and loneliness that nobody could understand. "It's futile to explain, the moment something goes outside the norm, people instinctively push you away." Her pain and sadness is only a burden to those she cares about. He hides behind a wall, a long wall nobody can climb. Terashima Lila entire childhood revolved around staying strong for her family and friends. Music was her means of escape. A means of conveying the deep feelings and emotions in her heart that she couldn't convey normally. But when her cursed bloodline separates her from everything she built the past sixteen years of her life, and singing slowly degrades her condition further - what will Lila do? She transfers to light academy under a new name 'Kiku Ari,' and she meets him. The one person who changes her life completely. A unique music romance novel that focuses on a single girl's journey and burden behind being the top idol. Join Lila on her journey to achieve her new dream, while struggling with her hanyou lineage and getting caught up in a triangular romance. To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? What will change? For her, the two of them were both equally important. Which hand will she take? ___________________ ------------- *CURRENT COVER - Original cover by zushi Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Updates: 2-3 Chapters every day the first 80-95 chapters are old content which I'm still going through and re-editing. - A side note regarding the story: the first half of the story will focus on the second ML Karashima Haruka and the female lead Terashima Lila story. Then the second half will move back to the first ML Austin Kiryu ---- Genre: Music, Romance, Fantasy. Supernatural

  • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

    Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

    Fantasy Romance


    "At some point in my life, you became my source of strength. But right now you are not beside me. The things I wish to accomplish The things we dreamed of when you took hold of my hand that day. Even without you, I will..." Queen Lyn is facing the biggest crises she has ever faced since ascending the throne. Her most trusted friend Queen J, the Queen of the land of snow has marched her armies to her land. Will she be able to protect her Kingdom, the kingdom of mist and still keep her friendship? 3 years ago, when they last met. It was during a large scale battle, the last words you said to her were, " Trust me. I will fix this. I will protect you." Even with the end of the battle, the two friends have not reunited again. In the present day, Queen Lyn must face the facts that her dear friend wishes to wager war, and her kingdom is already suffering signs of famine. In the snow kingdom, rumours are flying around that their Queen has been possessed by a demon. The snow kingdoms advisors and people are lost on what to do while there is no food shortage or lack of jobs. Violence has increased and the citizens are afraid to leave their homes. This is a test. Another trial. With the help of her knights, trusted friends and advisor. Queen Lyn must act. But what is a Queen without her King? The person that has her back, is him. After 3 months of no contact, she concludes that he's vanished. Is the King of mist disappearance connected to the upcoming war? -------------- Cover: Only edited the image, the original is found on pin-interest join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz 30/3/19 update: 2 chapters everyday (UK timezone) Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade

  • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Fantasy Romance Magic Fantasy Kingdom Witches Fantasy Romance Princess Kings


    "I would give you everything, there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do to ensure your happiness. I'll cherish every part of you. Because without you beside me I can't survive." (Part of a series: This is Book 1) The Year 4014 Have you ever wonder how does it feel to be a Princess? Is it nice and fun or...actually not? Sadly for Lyn being a Princess isn't as nice as fairytales described. She is an abandoned Princess bearing a 'cursed' birthmark. Queen mother isolates her, Lyn becomes the most unloved Princess. What can she do in this situation? Only study, study and study so one day she can be free from this cage. Lyn thought that she will live her dull life like this for a long time until... A young man from the Sound Kingdom comes into her life like a prince riding a white horse. But, he's actually a thief. His name is Kazuya. He brought new colours to her monochrome life, introducing her to many 'first' times. Sweet, gentle and kind but what if it's all just an act for hidden motives? Is the affection he showed her...genuine? What will happen between the two youngsters trapped in love-cage? What is the mystery hidden behind the birthmark? Can the two of them unite in such a chaotic world? Watch as Lyn begin her love journey on a thorny path haunted by dark politics and bitter life. --- *Cover is commissioned. artist: Zushi* Join Me On Discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Part of "Lyn Journey" series (1) Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams (ongoing) (2) Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms (ongoing) (3) Empress Lyn: Overlapping hearts - Side Purple Flower The Wolf and Beautiful Blade Updates: 2 Chapters everyday (UK Timezone)

  • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)

    The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)

    Fantasy Romance

    "Will you become my girlfriend, Madam Melina?" Melina froze in shock before she calmed herself down, "One I'm 14, I'm too young. Two, what's the catch?" "Ah, you catch on quick. I'm looking for someone who can chase away the pesky fiance my parents have chosen for me." "Aren't you an elite... Getting engaged with someone you don't know should be normal?" "But, I dislike her and I want you." ---------- *Cover does not belong to me. Edited original image but picture still belongs to the original owners* 4 years have passed since the events that aspired in Queen Lyn. Returning to the Mist Kingdom, a 18-year-old grown up Melina discovers while everybody has changed. One person seems to remain the same. Appearance wise he is different, he seemed to have discarded that riduclous silver hair of his and simply kept it a dark shade of brown. But the smile on his face and the look in his eyes have not changed. She still couldn't get a read on him. Four years ago when Melina was fourteen, this man 'proposed' to her but his proposal was a cover up to get rid of his present fiance. She firmly refused even to the end and expected to return to find the fool married. So when he once again tells her upon meeting after so long. "Will you marry me?" Melina is utterly speechless. She returned to seek assistant from the Queen. But with the Queen being pregnant, her actions are limited so the Queen once again assigned someone to help her. It just happened to be the very same man Melina desperately 'forgot' during her journey. Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade UPDATE; (Slow) Weekend Updates

  • We Will Meet Again

    We Will Meet Again

    Historical Romance romance Mystery timetravelling


    Love across time [Meiji 1895- Tokyo 2019] "You..you murderer!" 'It...it wasn't me,' she wanted to say. But the words would not leave her lips. The colour of blood covered her hands, proving the other persons point. It wasn't her, but why? Framed for her Mothers murder when she was ten year's old. Kaname Setsura spends the following eight years gathering information on the case. Against her families wishes, she accepts her scholarship to a famous art University, ST Rinkan. In that place, there is a 'clue' to the events from what happened eight years ago. However right as she is about to marry the man she loves, on the day of their graduation, an accident occurs, leading to her fiance to fall into a coma. Distraught, lost and uncertain Setsura shuts herself away from the world, and her half brother uses this chance to send her away abroad. Setsura accepts, but on that day, a grand scale earthquake occurs, right as she is about to board the plane and she wakes up in the middle of the roadside and finds herself in the year 1895. With the help of a man named 'Akito,' she settles into the Meiji era and discovers that the three major "accidents" in her life that occurred, one in 2011 and the two in Tokyo 2019, are connected to a series of cases in 1895 "Mysterious cases of the shard"


What third level 🤣🤣🤣 she was in the first level before. She skipped over the third level and entered the second. She has that much skill. 🤨 Air commander ? 🤭🤭 Pfft, will you still call him commander when he is defeated by Lin Yan? 🤔 I think this air commander guy might recognize Lin Yan though (not because of her appearance, but skill wise?) He did compete with the apprentice before.. View More
Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You · C177
39 minutes ago
😆❤️❤️❤️ Lin Yan was so cool. 🤣 Well now they have seen her skills, it seems like the Zh1 members won't insult her anymore. 🤔 Nobody made the connection to her and her racer identity though, was it not obvious enough? View More
Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You · C176
42 minutes ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Sword View More
Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband · C1
45 minutes ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
The Devil's Sleeping Beauty · C1
45 minutes ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Ring View More
The Devil's Sleeping Beauty · C1
46 minutes ago
😭💔 Mynovel loves to make me cry (๑-﹏-๑)(╥﹏╥) View More

mynovel20: Xooo.. i know I am making u cry but need to write it.. it will pass soon.. pat pat and hugs

Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband · C618
1 hour ago
😲 Wow how did Yanyan set this scenario up? Where did she find this convenient patient from?

😣😣 Mian, don't go. This is a TRAP. Then again I'm more worried about HSQ taking advantage of this moment 🤔 to capture Mian. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2911
1 hour ago
Yanyan your asking for disaster. Even if QC doesn't do anything. HSQ will... If he finds out what you did, you will die immediately. Yanyan still seems attached to Mingxi. 😔😔 You can still go back if you sincerely apologize and stop right now. I'm sure Mingxi will listen to you.. 😣😣😣💔💔.

Don't do this. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2910
1 hour ago
Are you sure you don't love her anymore Mingxi? You still seem very sad to me 😔😔😔. What happened between him and Yanyan is a tragedy.

🙄 Chuan enough with the Mian jokes, your not helping your friend at all. Can these people stop making it hard for SY? I mean how does he move on if people keep making comments like that. Since SY acknowledges Mian is a married woman then he should know what to do.

Don't want her to be affected by rumors? Well, don't do anything unnecessary. Your undying love for her is something the whole world knows and turns a blind eye to. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2909
1 hour ago
I feel weird about this.. We all know how much Mingxi liked Yanyan - but now he is uncomfortable about the news regarding Wei Ying? I hope he doesn't return to Wei Ying. After all that's happened between them, just being friends is already good enough. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2908
1 hour ago
😣😣 Author noooo 💔💔💔

Let Lu Yan make it on time!! How could you loosen the defences around Mian like that?! Lu Yan you know how crazy HSQ is. Even if you occupy Ian and distract him, there is another psycho around.

I hope Wei Lao can one day forgive Mingxi. I want the friendship between the four of them to be restored. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2907
1 hour ago
Lu Yan probably has a bad feeling 😔😔. Hurry up and return to China so Mian can have extra protection. HSQ is planning something extreme. 😣😣 Mian and the child will be in danger.... The upcoming arc is interesting but it will be heart breaking too. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2906
1 hour ago
😲 Ah Cheng, that's dangerous. Secretly spying for QC, don't you value your life? You know how much of a mad man your boss is.. 😔 I'm so worried about Mian.. We all knew this would happen eventually since Ian mentioned the time limit. But -- HSQ crazy plan may actually succeed this time. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2905
1 hour ago
Yes SY please get a wife soon 🤣... Almost 3K chapters in, you really don't want to give up your feelings for a married woman so easily eh?

🤔🤔💭💭 Mian's nightmare. Prediction of the future? Something bad will happen soon. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2904
1 hour ago
😐 *sigh* I still don't sense the closeness between QC and the children and he's been back for so many chapters now. Instead we are getting SY and the twins interactions all over again. I know SY helped their mom, helped raise them etc ~ but can we have some scenes where the actual father is bonding with his children please? View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2903
1 hour ago
🤣 Well if things are like this between Gao Boyuan and Little bean, imagine how they will be in the future? GB, you have to get stronger if you want to date Little Bean in the future 😏. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2902
2 hours ago
I can't believe Yanyan is dragging poor Gao Ran into this. Does this woman have no shame at all? 😔😔 Please stop causing problems and just focus on looking after your daughter. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2901
2 hours ago
*sigh* When will Yanyan stop? Doesn't she know it's pointless to do this. I wanted her to get back with Mingxi and start all over. But it seems like there is no chance of that happening now. She genuinely cared for him and yet she let her stupid mother influence and destroy her life. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2900
2 hours ago
No need to apologize. I understand that some people don't approve of critics, it's normal. Don't mind my comments and continue reading. You have your own opinion, I have mine. View More

Chiociolla98: I apologize it seems you are close to her as you seem to know what may give her a spurt of growth.
I am just someone who usually thinks that moral support rather than critical will be a strong foundation for improvement. I guess our personalities are the total opposite. You seem more than happy to give criticism for improvement, and I am the totally opposite. I guess you two must be friends so I apologize on overstepping my boundaries.
Well have a good day than

Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap · C1
7 hours ago
😲 First time I've read such a short opening. 🤔 Maybe the author could extend it and give a bit more detail? View More
Daily Tribulations of a Lazy Overpowered God · C1
7 hours ago
No need to apologize. I guess people will think differently of this. Since you appear to be close with the author it's natural you will get defensive if somebody criticizes her. I believe May1st will grow with these type of comments rather than the ones I have seen here so far. I believe my comments are very general and there are other authors who would criticize her more harshly. This book will grow alongside the authors, and I hope the best for her.

As her reader who followed her through her journey, I hope you can suggest things for her to improve too instead of an outsider like me. View More

Chiociolla98: Ma'am I understand being in a high position means you will get some criticism. After all that is how society functions. By no means I was seeing that you should not give a critical feedback, or sugarcoat it.
I did not even it was in such a "high" place.
Ma'am improvement is improvement be it small or large, and undermining the improvement to small means you are undermining the hard work of someone. I do not know you, but as as I have followed the author journey (albeit not closely) I can say yes there is room for improvement both structurally and grammatically, but taking into account that english is not the author first language, I would like to say that she has improved albeit not tremendously but in a steady pace. I am not be an author, and english may or may not be my 1st or 2nd or 3rd language, but that does not mean I will lessen the effectiveness of someone improvement. I may not give a sophisticated judgment as yours, for that I apologize, as I do not have merits such as yourself to judge someone's work.

Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap · C1
7 hours ago
Uh oh ... This is a bad idea. 😣😣😣 They won't succeed in getting away with this at all. Something bad will happen to Sarah's father and his companions.

Your guests are clearly important people to have something like that with them. Think, before charging in! View More
Principled Jewellery · C6
8 hours ago
😆 You really wanted critical feedback from me. But I'm really impressed with your writing style 🧐. I can't spot any errors at all. You describe scenes very well, and you convey character's thoughts perfectly. View More
Principled Jewellery · C5
8 hours ago
🤔 I like how you wrote the flashback. It works well. View More
Principled Jewellery · C4
8 hours ago
I have read all her books. 😃 That's why I can say this. The author is open to criticism as she mentioned to me quite some time back. So I actually thought it was okay to write this, since she seems willing to learn from feedback. I do see improvement. But only minor. Since she has a high position in the competition, I felt like she could use some critical feedback (I don't see any here right now). Let's help the author grow instead of just praising, keep it balanced. View More

Chiociolla98: No problem I don't feel offended.
Ma'am advises are well taken by anyone, if they are meant to be, and you ma'am have not read all her works have you now ? If you did than ma'am you would have seen the improvement is by no mean small as you have clearly underlined.
Ma'am you more than anyone should be aware the power of writing, and the power of how a sentence can change make a impact on someone life.
I am just saying this but authors also are human beings with feelings, and not everyone is the same.
By no mean I am trying to criticize you or offend you, it was just a humble opinion

Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap · C1
8 hours ago
😔 He knew... 💔💔💔 he probably had no idea something this tragic would happen though. Even though he knew people were after him. Qiang still believed he would have a future with Yuyan and the child.

💔💔 Author let's get this part over with already.

🥺😭😭😭😭 (when will I stop 😭😢) View More
Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband · C618
8 hours ago
*sigh* I wasn't going to comment for awhile. Because it feels like I will either rant or post 😭😭😭 emojis.

I hope this bit ends soon 💔 it's far too painful 😔😔😔. View More
Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband · C617
8 hours ago
🙈🙈🙊 Something is 🔥 ~ 😏 View More
Slave to the Darkness · C62
8 hours ago
I'm glad those people got the punishment they deserved. 😐

🤔 Rizie is so strong now. Or is she only pretending? Is she truly okay setting her man up on dates with another woman? I guess it's good she is planning the outings so she knows where they are. But it's still weird 😔. How can she be okay with this?

Dion feels weird about it too. View More
The Doctor Who Loves Me · C276
8 hours ago
Apologies if you felt offended with this comment. But this comment was intending to help the author. I mean no harm by it at all. It's constructive criticism. Loads of people have advised her on how to improve and this is her fourth book, but only small changes.

The pace of improvement differs per person.

Again, I am not trying to insult the author in anyway. I genuinely want her to improve since she does have interesting ideas.

Constructive criticism = Positive and negative points. I've pointed out the positive side and the negative. 😃 And I've done this with many authors, and nobody has taken offence to it. View More

Chiociolla98: To be honest it seems that instead of giving a heartfelt comment on how you feel about the novel, it seems you are degrading the author on how she is writing. It is kind of insulting that as an author yourself, you would tell them "oh give up honey, it's better that way, don't try right now because your writing skills are really bad".
Now I understand English is not the author first language, and from what I have seen the author has improved a lot compared to before.
Not that I am judging but giving honey with poison is not ideal😊

Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap · C1
8 hours ago
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