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Original Works

  • Dream Star

    Dream Star

    Contemporary Romance Music Romance Idol


    “The one I love..” Terashima Lila entire childhood revolved around staying strong for her family and friends. Music was her means of escape. A means of conveying the deep feelings and emotions in her heart that she couldn't convey normally. But when her curse bloodline separates her from everything she built the past sixteen years of her life, and singing slowly degrades her condition further - what will Lila do? “I love her but I have to let her go.” Austin Kiryu, since he met her when he was four years old. His world has only revolved around her, he never thought that one day he would have to let go of her hand. And facing the cruel reality of his hanyou bloodline and his family..? “I love her but she will always belong to another.” Karashima Haruka, entire life revolved around trying to find that one person. The one person who would break down all her walls and take his hand. --------- In Japan 2035 16-year-old Terashima Lila is not your average teenage top idol. With a rare cursed bloodline, which people refer to as Hanyou's, half human and half demon. She faces the challenges and dangers in her cursed bloodline for the very first time. Leading her to leave the place she knew as home and the comfort and safety of her family and friends. Arriving in Light Town, and attending Light Academy under the disguise name as 'Kiku Ari' her new life begins. Here in this place, what people will she meet? What things will she learn? When a chance encounter on the first day of her entrance in the Academy with the person who vowed to win her heart emerges. Last year he told her, "You don't need to love me just stay by my side," but before he left he said, "I will snatch you away from him." People described her as bubbly, innocent and cheerful, but after she left everything behind. Lila slowly closee of her heart and maintained a distance from others. Her only solace is Karashima Haruka a man, surrounded by an air of mystery different from her beloved. Someone with a dangerous past. If that were all then Lila would not be drawn to him, he seems to know more about her then he let's out. A unique music romance novel that focuses on a single girl's journey and burden behind being the top idol. Join Lila on her journey to achieve her new dream, while struggling with her hanyou lineage and getting caught up in a triangular romance. To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? What will change? For her, the two of them were both equally important. Which hand will she take? ___________________ ------------- *CURRENT COVER - Edited, original image found on pin interest - Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Updates: 2-3 Chapters every day ~ the first 80-95 chapters are old content which I'm still going through and re-editing. - A side note regarding the story: the first half of the story will focus on the second ML Karashima Haruka and the female lead Terashima Lila story. Then the second half will move back to the first ML Austin Kiryu ---- Genre: Music, Romance, Fantasy. Supernatural

  • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

    Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms



    "At some point in my life, you became my source of strength. But right now you are not beside me. The things I wish to accomplish The things we dreamed of when you took hold of my hand that day. Even without you, I will..." Queen Lyn is facing the biggest crises she has ever faced since ascending the throne. Her most trusted friend Queen J, the Queen of the land of snow has marched her armies to her land. Will she be able to protect her Kingdom, the kingdom of mist and still keep her friendship? 3 years ago, when they last met. It was during a large scale battle, the last words you said to her were, " Trust me. I will fix this. I will protect you." Even with the end of the battle, the two friends have not reunited again. In the present day, Queen Lyn must face the facts that her dear friend wishes to wager war, and her kingdom is already suffering signs of famine. In the snow kingdom, rumours are flying around that their Queen has been possessed by a demon. The snow kingdoms advisors and people are lost on what to do while there is no food shortage or lack of jobs. Violence has increased and the citizens are afraid to leave their homes. This is a test. Another trial. With the help of her knights, trusted friends and advisor. Queen Lyn must act. But what is a Queen without her King? The person that has her back, is him. After 3 months of no contact, she concludes that he's vanished. Is the King of mist disappearance connected to the upcoming war? -------------- Cover: Only edited the image, the original is found on pin-interest join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz 30/3/19 update: 2 chapters everyday (UK timezone) Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade

  • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Fantasy Romance Fantasy Fantasy Romance Kingdom Princess Kings Witches Magic


    "I would give you everything There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do To ensure your happiness I'll cherish every part of you Because without you beside me I can't survive." (Part of a series: This is Book 1) The Year 4014 A woman with long black hair that fell past her shoulders stood in front of the ivory bed, her gaze fell on the window, "If only I wasn't a princess," Princess Lyn, 16 years old wishes to discard her noble lineage and believes the world has long become corrupt. She wishes to change it, not as a Princess. But as Lyn. Because of the cursed birthmark she was born with, her whole family shuns her. Confined in the northern area of the castle, where little people know of her existence. During this time a man who is the complete opposite of her appears before her. Somebody who is always smiling and carefree, but in the depths of those bright eyes lay a hidden secret. A temporary truce is made with the Sound and Mist Kingdom, but hostility between the two sides remain. Can Kazuya, the Sound Kingdom ambassador ease the tensions? Or will he lead to the downfall of the already crumbling alliance? --- *Cover does not belong to me. Edited original image but picture still belongs to the original owners* Join Me On Discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Part of "Lyn Journey" series (1) Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams (ongoing) (2) Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms (ongoing) (3) Empress Lyn: Overlapping hearts - Side Purple Flower The Wolf and Beautiful Blade Updates: 2 Chapters everyday (UK Timezone)

  • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)

    The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade (August 16)


    "Will you become my girlfriend, Madam Melina?" Melina froze in shock before she calmed herself down, "One I'm 14, I'm too young. Two, what's the catch?" "Ah, you catch on quick. I'm looking for someone who can chase away the pesky fiance my parents have chosen for me." "Aren't you an elite... Getting engaged with someone you don't know should be normal?" "But, I dislike her and I want you." ---------- *Cover does not belong to me. Edited original image but picture still belongs to the original owners* 4 years have passed since the events that aspired in Queen Lyn. Returning to the Mist Kingdom, a 18-year-old grown up Melina discovers while everybody has changed. One person seems to remain the same. Appearance wise he is different, he seemed to have discarded that riduclous silver hair of his and simply kept it a dark shade of brown. But the smile on his face and the look in his eyes have not changed. She still couldn't get a read on him. Four years ago when Melina was fourteen, this man 'proposed' to her but his proposal was a cover up to get rid of his present fiance. She firmly refused even to the end and expected to return to find the fool married. So when he once again tells her upon meeting after so long. "Will you marry me?" Melina is utterly speechless. She returned to seek assistant from the Queen. But with the Queen being pregnant, her actions are limited so the Queen once again assigned someone to help her. It just happened to be the very same man Melina desperately 'forgot' during her journey. Series • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams • Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms • Empress Lyn: ? (title pending) --- side: • Purple Flower • The Wolf and The Beautiful Blade UPDATE; (Slow) Weekend Updates

  • We Will Meet Again

    We Will Meet Again

    Romance Mystery Romance timetravelling transmigrated


    Love across time [Meiji 1895- Tokyo 2019] After a mysterious case where her mother was murdered when she is 10 year's old, and where she was branded as the murder - Kaname Setsura has spent the past eight years building up skills to build up her reputation and clear her name. Against her family wishes, 18-year-old Kaname Setsura, accepts her scholarship to a famous art University, ST Rinkan. In that place, there is a 'clue' to the events from what happened eight years ago. Before she is to get accepted, she is about to marry the man she loves. But on the day of her graduation, an accident occurs, leading to her fiance to fall into a coma. Distraught, lost and uncertain Setsura shuts herself away from the world, and her half brother uses this chance to send her away abroad. Setsura accepts, but on that day, a grand scale earthquake occurs, right as she is about to board the plane and she wakes up in the middle of the roadside and finds herself in the year 1895. With the help of a man named 'Akito,' she settles into the Meiji era and discovers that the three major "accidents" in her life that occurred, one in 2011 and the two in Tokyo 2019, are connected to a series of cases in 1895 "Mysterious cases of the shard"


🧐🧐🧐 So when will Shi Enxi forget this guy? 🙄 Just focus on your hubby Mello. Guess it will still take time for SE to fall in love with Mello, but gahh can't stand this other man 😩😩. View More
My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C44
2 hours ago
🤣🤣 what an idiot, does she really think this plan will work? Hubby Yuansheng will probably find out and stop things. Or Xinying herself will catch on 🤭 RS, please use your brain more. Maybe then you'll stand a chance against Xinying. View More
Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife · C179
2 hours ago
Siyi, I know you've been blinded by hate. But, seriously. If you gained power, why didn't you just research properly? Mian has nothing to do with your revenge. You should have focused on HSQ 🙄😐😐😑. Seriously, you say Mian is living a better life than you. But that's because she earned it. Remember how much she suffered before? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ when she was in the Huo family, she was treated as an outcast. But you don't see her trying to kill people. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2006
3 hours ago
😔 Well, HSQ this is called karma. I can't pity you even if you got hurt for Mian. Just remembering Song Yishi's death makes me shudder 😱😱 her death was beyond brutal. So I have no sympathy for this man. 🙄🙄 Does Siyi really think he can get away scot free and live happily with the money he gets from this? Wake up - you'll get killed by your so called girlfriend. She definitely just wants the money, she's using you. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2005
3 hours ago
🤗 Just rest now Pudding, you've done your best. 🙄 Siyi your insane! Why don't you listen to Yanyan? She's more rational than you right now. Yanyan suffered for so long too, but do you see her seeking revenge on anyone? View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2004
3 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: *sigh* I know QC had to go to the bureau but still, I wanted him to be there for his Mian 😩😩😩. QC clearly wanted to stay too, Gao Ran, your timing is so bad! 😤

😲hhh SY admits that he's only a bystander! Good, good. Improvement.

My Youth Began With Him · C1976
3 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 😅 Those two aren't little angels though.. 😱 Huo Siyi? Haven't heard that name in so long, I'm surprised the author brought back this character. Thought we were done with him 🤣🤣

My Youth Began With Him · C1977
3 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 😐 You know I've always worried about these kids attitudes for a reason. If they ever get kidnapped and speak the way they do, they'd be one step closer to death. Look at them, is this really the right time to act spoiled? 🙄🙄 gosh, they are lucky these men are people Huo Siyi hired. They are as stupid as him.

My Youth Began With Him · C1978
3 hours ago
😍😍😍 Yes! Hubby Chu is the one who will rescue them. Thank goodness 🤣 author, there is still hope for this novel.

🤭 Well jokes aside, this must be the first time Pudding's high IQ came in handy. If it were a normal child they wouldn't have been able to remember that much information 🤔🤔 View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2003
9 hours ago
😔😔😔 The kids have been acting like awful people the entire time and I honestly disliked them. But, they really don't deserve this. My ❤️ 💔 for them. 😭 Little bean has always been my favourite, despite her attitude - she cares a lot about her sister. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2002
9 hours ago
😱😱😱 They got found out way too quickly. I'm glad the twins are acting sensible for once, if they ran back inside for Mian, it would have been bad. 🤔 With this cliffhanger, QC, Gao Ran - appear next chapter please. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2001
9 hours ago
Dahai your a good person 🤗🤗. Now that he has a good opportunity, of course he would help rescue the twins. I'm glad he caught on quickly. Yanyan 🤗, thank you for coming back. As long as you get the twins to safety, -then I'm sure QC will find you. If they get found, Yanyan could simply point out where Mian is. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C2000
9 hours ago
😱😱 Yanyan? Are you actually going to help? Protect yourself and your daughter! 😲hhh wait, maybe she's going back inside to help the twins? Please don't bother with Mian-HSQ right now. You'll get killed 😓 View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1999
9 hours ago
🤔 Well, I guess this plan is better than nothing. If HSQ agitates Huo Siyi then Mian won't get hurt... But really Siyi has completely lost it. He must have suffered a lot over the last few years. But even so, why can't he be like Yanyan? Look at her, she's a changed person now. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1998
9 hours ago
😐😐 Mian, are you an idiot? This is the time where your supposed to 🤐🤐 it! Don't make it worse for yourself. Hey Siyi, Mian just said she isn't related to the Huo family at all. No reaction? 🤔 Father? Remember what that father did to you, he threw you away the moment he realized you weren't related. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1997
9 hours ago
🤔🤔 Well, HSQ seems vulnerable right now. I actually don't think he has a plan this time around. What an idiot, even the ultimate villain has been reduced to nothing 😆😆 🤔 Author, is this really the same man that killed pest Yishi? View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1996
9 hours ago
🙄🙄🙄 So that's how Siyi became powerful. 😐 *sigh* Siyi, your really an idiot, getting involved with this dangerous woman. The moment you show weakness you'll get throne away.

🤗🤗 Yanyan, it's okay. Just make sure your child is safe. Hubby Chu will rescue Mian. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1995
9 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 😔😔😔 Poor hubby Chu. It's okay, just make more children with Mian. Children who actually love and respect you.

Seriously these kids are so insensitive to their dad. I get that SY took care of them and they have the right to be so attached. But since they know the situation between the three, don't they know how insensitive they sound whenever they bring SY up in front of their dad? 😤😤😤

My Youth Began With Him · C1972
9 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 😏😏 Regrets? Us readers wanted more fluff and shameless scenes from the main couple 🙈🙉🙊

😭😭 Why is this trip arc over so soon? It was way too short!!!

My Youth Began With Him · C1971
9 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 🤭🤭 Your just realizing this now Mian? Mian, your not completely to blame. The main reason for the twins behaviour is because of the Su family spoiling them, Mian's other friends didn't help either - encouraging such behaviour. 🤔 They've been raised as bratty children who care a lot about money - they aren't like Mian who was raised as a normal child and had to go through hardships.

My Youth Began With Him · C1970
9 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: Mian don't feel so bad, you had the right to lecture them. Everybody has been spoiling the twins too much over the past few years. They've been letting Pudding be whenever she acted arrogant. Seriously, it was long overdue. Pudding needs to use her brain a bit 🤣🤣 and THINK! Your attitude sucks.

My Youth Began With Him · C1969
9 hours ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 🤔🤔 If you ask me this talk is long overdue. Mian you have a case of Princess Syndrome too you know 🤣🤣🤣. 🤔 I hope from now on these kids start to act more like kids.

My Youth Began With Him · C1968
9 hours ago
🙄🙄 So you'll desire anybody who likes John? Why are you so hung up on Caroline who means nothing to John, shouldn't you be after Catherine? I'm still suspicious about this brother, maybe he's connected with those who kidnapped Catherine 🤔🤔🤔

And John, quit being so overprotective over Caroline - let the stupid woman fall into your brothers hands. She deserves it. View More
The CEO's Painted Skin · C461
11 hours ago
🤣 Let him harass Caroline, who knows the two may be a perfect match 🤭🤭. Caroline deserves a psycho anyway 😤 View More
The CEO's Painted Skin · C460
11 hours ago
🙄 Caroline, can you stop being so selfish? Your sister is missing, this isn't the time for your "all about me" logic. Just stay quiet 😤😤 nobody has forgiven you for the whole seducing John thing yet. View More
The CEO's Painted Skin · C459
11 hours ago
🤣 Kira, just because your handsome doesn't mean every girl has to fall for you. You'll find that our dear FL is different than all those other girls 😆. 🤔 He's already starting to notice her, how long until the fluffy cute scenes? 🤔🤔🤔 View More
My Future Wife is Androphobic · C7
12 hours ago
🤗🤗 Be happy from now on Nancy, focus on the people who love you. Don't get involved in people like your ex ever again 🙄 or your so called best friend. 🤔 Hope we get a glimpse into the future where Nancy is happy with Troy, and maybe with a child. View More
Serendipity - A Chance Encounter · C365
12 hours ago
🙈 A schedule is not needed. They will do it whenever they want regardless of time and place 🙊🙉 View More
Serendipity - A Chance Encounter · C364
12 hours ago
😲😲😲 "Hinari Chen.." 😍😍😍 is that the same Hinari from ILYM? 🤔 small clue for the future 😌 glad things worked out for her and Zaki.

🤣 what kind of book is it though? A book written by Hinari 😆 *predicting disaster* View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C16
12 hours ago
😅 I'm sorry, I'll start posting again tomorrow. View More

RinS: I really miss the novel, when will you update?

Dream Star · C499
14 hours ago
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