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  • Era of Pirates

    Era of Pirates



    Nuke Gray, a ten year old child regains the memories of his past life and learns he is in the 'One Piece' World. Apart from the memories, he also has an 'Attribute Regulator' and a Body Refining Technique. One day he will stand at the apex of the One Piece world. Disclaimer: This is novel is just a Fan-Fiction and I don't owe anything of 'OnePiece'.


I don't plan to give devil fruit powers to Mc anytime soon, but once his 'Origin Star' technique advances to the next level, his powers will improve. View More

Rahul_Rox: i thought he will get some devil fruit ,, guess not huh

Era of Pirates · C17
9 months ago
For now...Yes. View More

skraizen: So luna is basically stronger than our mc when she uses her devil fruit. Damn beta mc

Era of Pirates · C14
9 months ago
Luna resembles little like Ain or Carina from film 'gold' but with short hair. For Nuke and Lyn, I can't connect them with the One piece characters.

After some days, I will try to point a character which resembles the Nuke crew. View More

Bachithecat: darklord69: which anime character would closely resemble Luna, Lyn, and nuke, if you don't mind.

Era of Pirates · C13
9 months ago
I planned to give MC a devil fruit but it will only happen later. View More

HeavenEarthSage: I just want to ask..
Will MC get his own devil fruit?😐😐

Era of Pirates · C13
9 months ago
Then don't read it...... View More

Nobelsky: Now i know why this story is bland till this point...
To put it bluntly... Its too simple...
* Story lack development and the event happen without build up for example
(-) MC just got bunch of memories of someone living in Earth... yet the only thing mention so far is that 'He have memories of One Piece World'. Its like that someone in memories have nothing else to do aside for watching and reading one piece..
(-) There are 'easy to get' training manual that left behind by MC parent...
(-) There is convenient famous treasure Island that doesnt get protected by WG Then MC easily got Devil Fruit
(-) Mc got Sidekicks without proper background and uniqueness
(-) Strong guy appear for seemingly no reason (that shuzo guy)

* To be honest... MC power is boring so far... Its just simple punches and kicks...without proper differentiation, yet he is so strong.
It makes me as a reader doubt that he is strong...

Era of Pirates · C13
9 months ago
Own crew View More

Marsjm23: Will the twi join luffy or create their own crew..? By the way tnx for the chap..

Era of Pirates · C9
9 months ago
I know. Just another 10 or so chapters then the story will pick up the pace. View More

Thunderblaze: Author i have a suggestion. I think u should make the main character start in the new world. No need to start at the four blues if he is so powerful. Also such an abnormal island should not be in the four blues

Era of Pirates · C7
9 months ago
I got a different idea for Nuke. View More

Kurumi523: Chiosr the best devuk fruit with the mc wuth unkimuted potential dont let it be overshadiwed by her firstmate

Era of Pirates · C7
9 months ago
No Harem and I will not be pairing Boa Hancock and MC View More

BreezyNovels: Will this be harem? If so then is Boa Hancock going to be apart of it? If its not harem then will the pairing be MC x Boa Hancock?

Era of Pirates · C1
9 months ago
Half an hour...you will get another two chapters. Enjoy!! View More
Era of Pirates · C1
9 months ago
1st View More
World of Chakra · C31
1 year ago
ooo Yeah View More
World of Chakra · C26
1 year ago
Thnx View More
World of Chakra · C25
1 year ago
Thanks View More
World of Chakra · C22
1 year ago
Nice View More
World of Chakra · C9
1 year ago
Good Plot. Try to increase the power level of Mc View More
World of Chakra · C4
1 year ago
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