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Original Works

  • Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral (COMPLETED)

    Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral (COMPLETED)

    Book&Literature Romance Fantasy OC Strong Male Protagonist Fan fiction fem-harry potter


    Thank you for reading my fanfiction. I enjoyed writing this story and hope you, readers, too enjoy it. I know it's not the best out there and it has many flaws. But I love my work none the less. It's the first story I ever wrote/typed. I'd appreciate if you write a review and let me know what I can improve on so that I can write a better story if I decide to write another. Again, Thank you for reading. You're awesome. (UNDERGOING EDITING. DON'T GET SALTY IF SOME IN-LINE COMMENTS GET DELETED. I MIGHT EVEN REPLACE WHOLE CHAPTERS) xxxxxxxxxxxx Edmund Vulpis discovers the legacy of his ancestors after his mother dies at the hands of his father. With the memories of his progenitor, Naruto Uzumaki, watch as he takes on the wizarding world with the power of chakra and shifts the gears in the grand scheme of things. xxxxxxxxxxxx This story is mainly set in Harry Potter-verse with certain elements of Naruto. The story follows canon for the first three years. English is not my native language so forgive me if the grammar is inappropriate at some places. I review the chapters many times but still, some errors may remain. Point them out and I'll correct them. If any of you find this story on fanfiction.net, rest assured that I am the same person who published it on that site. So I am not copying it from someone. And neither is he copying it from me as we are the same person. WARNING: Unbridled use of profane language. Read at your own risk. The story also has torture scenes but I think there's only one that's a bit gut-wrenching so you'll be good. Just skip it if you want. Almost all of the story is from MC's POV. I just used past tense and 3rd person viewpoint so it may get confusing given the choice of words in the narration. And of course, I don't own Harry Potter and Naruto or any of their characters.

  • My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will

    My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will

    Anime & Comics Action Anime Fanfiction BNHA Strongprotagonist


    Born with a unique quirk, Midoriya Izuku strives to become a hero. ××××××× That's it. That's the synopsis.... Don't look at me like that! ...Alright keep staring, I don't care anyway. Well, since Midoriya has a quirk, he will be a bit (more than a bit) OC in terms of his character. He'll be strong, and more than a little OP so, don't complain as I have warned you here. Don't expect a wimpy stuttering mess of an MC in this story. I might make it a harem or keep it a nice and simple relation between MC and a girl (Don't even think I'll add yaoi in this, or any of my stories). Also, there will be no genderbend like in my previous work, so, all those genderbend haters, breath a sigh of relief. No female Bakugou and stuff. About the language, yeah I will be pretty loose while using appropriate language for ceratin people or certain situations. Alright, make this an almost completely OC Midoriya fic.. I don't own My Hero Academia or any of its characters. I own nothing in this fanfiction.

  • Naruto and the Game of Thrones

    Naruto and the Game of Thrones



    Naruto Uzumaki was thrust into the world of Planetos after a war against the invading Otsusuki army. Angry at the Gods for denying him a happy afterlife with his loved ones, watch as he lives his life as Prince Edwyn Baratheon and has his way with the grand Game of Thrones. "They all saw it coming. But they couldn't do anything about it. I'll wait, I'll watch and if there's no hope, Westeros shall burn in the fires of my wrath."


You know, it would be a lot easier to get readers if you also mention the MC's sexual preference. Because for many, it'll be tough to read about a man reborn as a woman loving another man. View More
Avatar: Blacklight Virus · C1
5 hours ago
All these idiots threatening author-chan with murder... How mundane. Use your brains people!! You can always give the story a 1 star review!! View More
10 hours ago
I'm pretty certain that I won't make it a harem.

Harem destroys the romantic aspect of a story and the emotions related to it. Writing romance is the toughest thing in my opinion. There's enough fighting, angst, misery, anger and humour in fanfictions. But I've never read a fanfiction that had good romance in it. Right now, I'm **** at writing romance. But I want to improve it. View More

Jam28: I just want more chapters. As long as there’s no harem, I don’t care how the story develops

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C34
17 hours ago
I have a reason for it. Wanna hear it?

If Midoriya was alone with Muscular, he would have kicked the villain's ass. But, Kota was there. If Midoriya proved to be too strong, Muscular would have targeted Kota. Moreover, the shockwaves from their attacks would have blown Kota away. Midoriya held back enough to keep Muscular vested only in him and absorbed the attacks by taking damage. Strike metal with metal, sparks will fly. Midoriya wanted to avoid those sparks. View More

holson_Charles: U right though,, next chapter could go like mc died from a gunshot it’s your story no one can say nothing about it but this is not gonna stop your readers to point out how ridiculous this is... my point is we all know already this is your story u do whatever you want with it but us readers r still gonna say this don’t feel right, why this happen. Like me I don’t see a reason to hold back against villain who r out here killing people if u could just beat them in second.

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C34
1 day ago
I have a counter-argument with good reasoning about the 'man-handling' as you put it but I won't say anything and take the high road by ignoring this comment.

Ah, perks of being the author. I can say whatever bull**** theories and reasons and everyone has to accept it no matter how ridiculous they may be.

But, if you'll insist, I'll give you a proper reason for why Midoriya struggled a bit with Muscular. View More

holson_Charles: That argument “oh I am doing it for free deal with it “ is so annoying,, it’s like cause you giving someone free food you give them dog **** oh hey it’s free.. this novel is fun and all but what did you think will happen when u give your mc almost god like power and getting manhandled by basic villain cause he is holding back. But hey like author said it’s free and for fun...

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C34
1 day ago
I've just added a small A/N to explain it. You may read it. View More

Luxus_Logo: Sorry but he passed out due to injuries right? Just gotta make sure cause If he just passed out all of a sudden thatd be weird

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C33
2 days ago

tutyfruit: thanks ?

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C32
3 days ago
Btw, author-chan, your cover reminds me of an anime named Haikyuu. A volleyball anime. View More
Ultimate Fruit · C44
3 days ago
You can't change someone's absolute desires just by changing their gender. Sanji, man or woman, will always chase women. View More

Daijena: 🤔Now I have so many questions... would a genderbend Sanji still like women? And what about Okama land?.... Nevermind, would probably still be the same. But still, truly many possibilities... Maybe make a Omake or Filler where he gets temporary transferred into one? (Except of course you plan another novel with that setting)

Ultimate Fruit · C44
3 days ago
Finally trying get out of your twin's shadow I see. View More
Dark Lord Dumbledore · C21
3 days ago
What was it that pissed you off? Maybe I could improve it in future chapters? View More

Ezukejyll: Ok that response is actually really funny and hilarious.

And i'm not bullshijting or bashing with this comment, only conveying just how great that reply is xD... and yeah sorry for under appreciating your hard work, i just got pissed on the chapter and let my emotions led me to not reading the rest...

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C32
4 days ago
Thanks for spitting on my efforts to type this big ass chapter and then telling me about it. View More

Ezukejyll: i skipped this chapter thanks.

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C32
4 days ago
Held back so that he doesn't kill anyone. But, he did cripple muscular for life, giving him permanent brain damage and destroying the area of the brain that allows us to conciously control movement of our muscles. View More

Skepparn: Did our mc all of a sudden get weak or wtf happened? Our mc should’ve been able to kill these little shits but wtf is he doing?

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C32
4 days ago
Then you should speed up and I won't say that to you. Simple. View More

Chado_Sama: lol, that 'mad snail's twin' curse still cuts deep!

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C20
4 days ago
I didn't say I hate it. I said it's an odd name for 'HP Universe.' Or perhaps it's because I've never seen Chad as a name used for any protagonist. But, all thing aside, update faster you mad snail's twin!! If not faster updates then longer chapters!!! View More

Chado_Sama: lol, dude, it's set in England in the 80s/90s where American pop culture was watched and followed. I'm Australian and I was named Chad. My parents have English/Dutch/Maltese background and I was named after some American celeb that mum liked. Irks me that people have a hate boner for the glorious name of Chad!

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C20
4 days ago
... Was he nosing her? View More

Ryuu_Sama: I had a nightmare ... I dreamed that Usopp had se*x with Nami ... what a horrible nightmare ...

Ultimate Fruit · C43
4 days ago
I'm not saying it's bad. Just that it's odd for a name in hp universe. View More

Chado_Sama: Why? It's his real name and not being used in a situation where he has to be Harry Potter.

Would you change your name if you didn't need too, especially to common old Harry?

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C20
4 days ago
Yeah. It's an odd name. Sounds more american. View More

Dzerx: Twenty chapters in and I still cringe at the name Chad.

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C20
4 days ago
.... It'll be fun to see a child react to his mother being brutally raped and killed? View More

ABSenior: Guys what would happen if instead of him there was midoriya! then i think it will be fun to see his reaction! Will he choose Hero - Anti Hero - Villain ?

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
6 days ago
I'm disappointed... I read the titles of further chapters... Sorry, but I'm out.After all you made him go through, he followed that path. I won't give your ff a review as it will be a bad one and will drop it's ratings. No one, especially a little kid, has a mental fortitude to remain of sane mind after all that brutality. You went too far with all the barbarism that it's, not trying to sound rude, ridiculous. Hope you know what you are doing and I wish you luck with this story. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C4
1 week ago
This just keeps getting more hostile to everything I believe... View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C2
1 week ago
Arada... Man... Why so brutal? There could have been other ways to induce such trauma. But this... I'll read some more chapters... But if this is gonna be the trend then... I'm sorry. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
1 week ago
...? Really? Sorry bro, I didn't find anything pleasing in this chapter. It was simply brutal and barbaric. I didn't even read the whole thing. View More

Extra_Toxic: You know, I really liked this chapter, as weird as that sounds. Sure yeah what happened in this chapter is f*cked up but it is crucial for character development. Plus I haven't been able to find a decent novel or fanfic this dark in a while, truly a nice chapter. the structure was pleasing, the plot advancement made a lot of sense and was very life-like. Great job author-san!!


My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
1 week ago
He should use chainsaws and drills. View More

CaptainBoyHole: If he uses a sword im out

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
1 week ago
As useful as gammarly is, it can really get annoying sometimes. View More

JadePanda003: Grammarly is even suggesting that damn Jedi every time I edit. It's kinda annoying me sometimes

A Trainer's Tale: Can He Resist A Pokemon's Charm!? · C10
1 week ago

REDLAW: Nejire class 3-A

1 week ago

REDLAW: Midnight

1 week ago
Everyone's crush, the cougar, Midnight. View More

FBI_B1TCH: My friend, I really hope it's Midnight

1 week ago
Well, as you may have understood from my HP fanfic, I don't like to drag things around. Gets boring. View More

Sondre: while this extra tid bit of lore is interesting and all, I am kinda glad that it did not drag on for severeal chapters. I am excited to see what else you will add to the lore.

Naruto and the Game of Thrones · C7
1 week ago
Lol. Talk no jutsu for the win!! View More

Sondre: but in the OG he does have the legendary talk no jutsu, capable of making people suicide or change their core beliefs.

Naruto and the Game of Thrones · C7
1 week ago
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