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How much you wanna bet he will say it has something to do with zetsu which I wouldn’t understand but I guess it’s the only route he can go plus they have too many plot holes with the fourth being alive and from what I can tell naruto isn’t seething in hatred so these last 2-3 chapters are literally irrelevant unless the uchihas died since tobi said itachi is the one fixing his hatred which is insanely backwards since from what I’ve seen it’s sasuke and itachis whole family that’s helping him he hasn’t gone without family and if it’s naruto that old mans death would have mad him sad and angry but it will make him train harder so it wouldnt happen again since we all know even without kuruma he is still a genius on the level of itachi and kakashi hell mabye higher and since he was called a demon all his life and he had a family he never had health issues such as malnutrition, possible beatings from older people, and depression well he may have had partial depression but not like before so even then the plot holes need to be filled before continuation of this book or it’s gunna be confusing also yes they have no period as this is one entire full one thought paragraph View More

Dion0486: So naruto is like Sasuke looking for power because of hatred but how does obito know he is the child of prophecy when the toad sage does not even know ?

Namikaze Naruto · C15
1 day ago
Fucking stupid if namikaze had a eye power even obito wouldn’t be able to touch him he would be unstoppable even in rage as he literally is using space-time jutsu uncontrollably View More
Namikaze Naruto · C14
1 day ago
Not only that she kept spouting hot **** about it being bad to help others who cares about good and evil yin and yang is eternal even if he killed all of the dicks in his world the next generation of dicks would come after he died anyway View More

hope123612: Oh he just got murdered by her..of course he would be angry like hell...😅

Academia. · C1
1 week ago
Correction his brother as we all know he is an uchiha View More

FBI_B1TCH: Well that was unexpected, though I'm glad that Naruto has at least one friend he can count on

Namikaze Naruto · C8
1 week ago
You haven’t watched naruto? View More

GodOfAdventure: Feels rushed. Why did Kakashi teach him chidori when Kano does not have a sharingan?

(It's a 1 chapter donezo) Three Souls Merged in Naruto · C0
1 week ago
Well done you have joined the ranks of unbearable urge for a new chapter in my book I neeeeed mooooorrrreeee View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C9
2 weeks ago
There was only 2 other fanfics that made me feel so made and hurt and they were of 2 ntr situations that **** gets me feeling extremely malicious View More

Blasphemer: Me too been awhile since something made me so mad I wanted to just drop the whole thing,being manipulated till you die and doing it again for entertainment,that's just sad man like really sad.

2 weeks ago
I’m getting heated reading about this 10 year old naruto god which is literally bullying a guy who even if he wants to say he didn’t bullied into suicide and is trying to do it for a second time View More

Blasphemer: Hopefully he doesn't screw the mc over :/ I feel kind of sad for him;poor kid got his life screwed over just for entertainment...

2 weeks ago
Oh and if this is too confusing gourmet cells can pretty much make him more immune to climates/elements even abstract things such as poisons also Lightning can’t be used if Enel is laying on his face View More

TrSDTKW: Hmm why not be stupid creative if he has water fruit why not mix it with gourmet cells or make him produce gourmet cells and the water he makes are like a pure condensed form of them so it could bring changes to the world and make more creatures it would be a crazy change but would allow creative freedom but this is just a suggestion or you could make him have gravity powers included into the water powers to make him like a living trench

Ultimate Fruit · C6
2 weeks ago
Hmm why not be stupid creative if he has water fruit why not mix it with gourmet cells or make him produce gourmet cells and the water he makes are like a pure condensed form of them so it could bring changes to the world and make more creatures it would be a crazy change but would allow creative freedom but this is just a suggestion or you could make him have gravity powers included into the water powers to make him like a living trench View More
Ultimate Fruit · C6
2 weeks ago
Oh totally he both saved her life the life of that village and offered you house and home for free totally a bad person rationally staying with the dangerous person who can do these crazy things and all he is asking is to be by his side seems fucking insane to accept🤡 View More

Haseeb4343: Leave nami alone.
There is no batrayal.
Anyone who has mind would not sell there whole being to some random person who helps them once without knowing his background story.
In my opinion what nami did was a thing which a rational person will do, she was given a choice and she chose what she believed was correct.

Conqueror of All · C58
3 weeks ago
Yo mc can literally air slap the earth and it would go poof View More
Overpowered Godly System · C10
3 weeks ago
Please tell me he will stop being afraid of hiashi it’s unfit for his level of genius View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C13
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C2
Don’t read the synopsis if you want to get a feel for the story actually read it. Not trying to be a douche but the author doesn’t know how to work with a synopsis so it really has no point as he will make the main character’s personality and the synopsis not even matter by chapter 2. Forced Mc, Champion of god trash, and general stupid plot of someone with the possibility to be strong being forced even when they haven’t trained for anything. Simple thing trash start hope this book goes somewhere for others just not me. View More
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Journey to the True Martial World · C4
4 weeks ago
Put him in a cultivation novel he would be a perfect candidate to piss everyone off View More
Prince of Cooking · C3
1 month ago
He by the time he reaches god level will be 10000x stronger than tang San so what does he care View More

Blablabla45: Are sure you go for wang dong?
Because in original mc have a son with difference woman and tan san almost killed the son and mc.
And the son is baby. Tan san is really know for his kindness and he is going kill baby for that reason.

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C21
1 month ago
Waaaaait I juts realized the story he will leave and in an extreme way once he hears his sister is treated like dirt when shrek was gunna merge with that school View More
Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C19
1 month ago
He isn’t fully reincarnated he just knows bits and pieces of his old memories View More

EternalNightKing: Isn't he reborn and know douluo story line why is like he don't know the crown prince is a fake

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C17
1 month ago
Oh yeah don’t send him to shrek where he can learn op **** from tang San but send him to a already known trash school that discriminates others based on status really dude come on being in shrek isn’t cliche it’s smart View More

ObliviousW: Don’t send him to shrek it’s cliche

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C17
1 month ago
It’s not really you have them don’t mean your proficiency in using them will be great View More

KnightShade420: getting a sword that gives you every zampakuto's abilities makes his bleach systems kinda useless.

ZORO in HSDxD · C1
1 month ago
Bro kids smart af nowadays View More

victor1997: Did you try looking in the recycling bin in the computer that’s were the deleted stuff usually ends

Douluo Dalu : White God · C0
1 month ago
Fuck all that I’m just wondering when imma see that Danzo execution View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C10
2 months ago
Nah no Alabama **** period View More

Mantioc: No mom if had sisters could have said yes but no mom

DouluoDalu2: Second Chance · C0
2 months ago
DouluoDalu2: Second Chance · C0
2 months ago
Fuck lazily if he just goes to a gravity he hasn’t been to before one that presses him to the floor on start like what happens to Yamaha he can make do with the trash version of the saiyan dna he has now also with frost demons natural potential he should be unstoppable after training for 1 year with extreme regimens View More

Wrathos: You do know with a more pure sayain dna, frost demon physic and progressive power. Even if he lazily trains for a few hundred years he will be at least bu level during dragonball nevermind dragonball Z.

The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C7
2 months ago
Can anyone please tell me where the extract card concept is from I know I’ve read something like this before View More
I am in Naruto · C1
2 months ago
Gay like too gay I didn’t need to read that View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C168
2 months ago
Welp here we go with the grammar nazis but before I continue for in hell(hell-in Christianity a place where souls burn for eternal time also place where torture happens always) so if hell ain’t bad enough then Jesus your mentality is worse then those gangsters srry now bad to the point it’s his mind his book wanna be a grammar nazi go do it in a school English class as he doesn’t have to write this at all View More

Zerot_Solar: Grammar dammit don’t upload it like this at least use grammarly 🤦‍♂️

1-This chapter is a mess you wrote the plurals when is one person.

2-You mixed past, present and future in all your text.

Now the story have sh*tty beginning thanks to all the drama of his family without a reason, the MC is worse than the gangsters if he have 3 wishes at least show that he have heart and wish for the demise of these gangsters(in the most horrible way) 😑

PD: Really even if your chapter need more time at least make them readable 😔

Reincarnate as Satou from DeathMa · C1
2 months ago
Can someone tell me where the card stealing thing is from I forgot I remember reading something like this a while back View More
I am in Naruto · C0
2 months ago
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