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  • Challenger Room

    Challenger Room


    waking up in a dark room made of stone, the first thing they felt was confusion, cold, and fear. idea drawn from a livestream. patreon.com/MINIMALISTC

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    Realistic Fiction

  • hollow knight

    hollow knight


    In a dark place, forgotten by many and visited by no one for a long time, our hollow knight wakes up to discover the mysteries of this place and to know who, or what, he is. I do not own the hollow knight nor the cover rights if the creator wants to withdraw.


danitaier: Let me explain, the enmity with All Might stems from 6 crucial factors,
1 ° The resemblance between Izuku and All for One, both offer power to those who do not have, and bring down those who have, both plan each step carefully before executing, and both do not care about the consequences as long as the goal is achieved.

2 ° All Might has already proved to be the type that supports many, rather than the few, proof of this is that at no point in the series did he support the Quirkless, beyond the moment he passed One for All to Izuku, remembering the fact that he himself was one of those Quirkless, and that people with Quirks can be defeated using weapons and close combat.

3 ° All Might is a pacifist who wants to keep the false peace he has achieved at all costs. Izuku is a threat to that peace, because as said earlier the Quirkless gain power, is not good news for that society, due to This Izuku is a direct threat to All Might's goals with the power and overwhelming technologies he possesses.

4 ° A U.A. clearly discriminates against learners for those who have potential, think of it their entrance test eliminated many people who had unimaginably useful Quirks in fighting villains, as they wanted to create a generation of heroes that resembled All Might, someone who could enter. and destroy the villains effectively.

5 ° Heroes work for the government, so the will of the government must be theirs, just like the police in this respect, you will never see a policeman going against the will of the government to directly keep the job, and the government is full of people who They want the Quirkless to remain oppressed.

6 ° The unknown is always scary to everyone, All Might does not understand Izuku, because he is not a super intelligent soldier, Izuku's actions are those of a veteran soldier who knows how the Government works, because he was in the war, the methodology by behind Izuku's actions is basically to guarantee peace, making the government understand that if a war breaks out, they will lose.

These 6 factors, are the reason for All Might's enmity against Izuku, All Might at this moment is equal to Superman, an extremely powerful and capable being in combat, but who does not have the mindset to do what is necessary, the situation is the same.

The Most Powerful Quirkless · C9
6 days ago
Will it be the same or will it change? View More
· C16
1 week ago
Didn't he come from another world?

Did he lose the memories? View More
revise · C42
2 weeks ago
Exactly, so many will not want to enter, as they will have to show all their strength to the "enemy".] View More

LittleApple: why hide there streght? if they do that they will not get anything and they will waste chance to get high rank and if they hide there strengh they can only get lwo level quest bosouse there rank requirment to get hight level quest

revise · C34
2 weeks ago
WTF, can't I just hide my strength? View More

LittleApple: hahahah taht will never happen ;D
there always a test before you get your adventure licence if your strong enough why not give high rank
It will balance the weak to stong ,its imposible that you have strength of vice admiral then after test you get F rank its imposible
Imagine "Desert King" Sir Crocodile doing manual labor labor quest is it funny to see that

revise · C34
2 weeks ago
You just listed the advantages on the navy side.

On the hunters' side, most are a disadvantage.

One thing I want to know is, if my rank is D and kills a pirate rank A, will I be Punished? or something like this. View More
revise · C34
2 weeks ago
I find this group a bit useless?

Since people can receive the rewards by surrendering the body to the navy. They just changed that they will have a rank and receive navy missions.

As the government will know every bounty hunter's capabilities and information, only novice people will want to join this organization. View More
revise · C34
2 weeks ago
it's ....... heal? View More

LittleApple: and he dont have have that kind of blood its a skill that he can use he have fastregeneration but it was no use if your body is already breaking.

God power is breaking is body so whats the use of super healing ability\?

revise · C22
2 weeks ago
Doesn't he have fenix blood? So why is he bleeding so much? View More
revise · C22
2 weeks ago
really? because he didn't go to his world and slept with his sister View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C301
3 weeks ago

NulZilch: Please don't remove the confy travel bits of one piece. If he suddenly teleports to one place or another there would be less sense of adventure.

One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C13
3 weeks ago

Ucifr: You thought it was going to be some cool hero name, but it was me DIO!!!

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C115
1 month ago

PryKun: And then Issei will resurface from the explosion and obtain Ultra Instinct

The Wish of the Dragon · C94
3 months ago

Webnovel069: This is weird... How is this novel jumping up the power rankings? Are there still d**b people voting for this?

Dual Cultivation · C209
3 months ago
author, are you going to make the MC be stronger than the others, even Lexi?

I remember that the pills he took were spices, so he had a stronger base and be strong in the future, but he has the same power as Lexi, if not worse.

if he is not stronger than the others, even with special pills, it means that he has no talent and is only strong because of the pills, without them he would be a trash. View More
The Strongest Clan · C21
4 months ago

Daunloco: Who kyouka ? What anime ?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C94
5 months ago
Why Did You Summon Me? · C277
5 months ago

DevourerOfSouls: Author, am I in doubt are you finishing this novel or will you have many other bows going to other worlds? sincerely I want this novel not to end so soon.

The Wish of the Dragon · C90
5 months ago
it is not Yasaka because they have already been hounded before. And Kunou thinks he's her father, because of the aura he has. View More

Hikigaya_0017: Yasaka!!! Hey 👋!!!!
Yasaka!!!! Hey 👋!!!!!
Yasaka!!!!! Hey 👋!!!!!

Why why why I thought 💭 yasaka ark was on the way. 😥😓😓 but it was not why author sama why!!!..

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C442
5 months ago

D4rk_Fl4me: Dont make the MC stupid. Thanks for the chapter

The Lust System · C29
5 months ago

TypeFantasyHeart: MC must give her a health potion so she can discard impurities and fix hidden injuries, better warn her about the pain though

The Lust System · C29
5 months ago
My name is or more accurately was, Xue Feng, I was a famous actor with a lot of success in my life, be it materialistic or sentimental, I had everything I wanted.
How does he have 0 empathy ?????
Just because he has Aizen's body does not mean they are the same people. And if they became one person, he would not have empathy either. View More

Akagami_no_Shanks: I haven't thought about it yet however you have to understand that he have almost 0 empathy so it will prove itself to be hard

Ultimate Antagonist System · C7
6 months ago
Forget it, I just saw that she still has 3 Pawn Evil Pieces. View More
Uchiha Obito : Redemption · C0
6 months ago
Sona, did not already have all its parts of evil ?, if so, how she tried to revive him, soon the story goes before issei, right? View More
Uchiha Obito : Redemption · C0
6 months ago

MJAgo: Ok i came here for lust story but then suddenly it changed to fight between system users on earth, so for now i lost my interest so that means:

The Lust System · C21
6 months ago

DarkKnight32: Also lets not forget about how stupid it is too look for revenge when they will never cross paths if he just goes into another city and uses a different face and lets not forget goe he does not even need money anymore also if he is looking to get revenge eay the f would he not look for battle skills and not some status check or inventory mc iq is 10

The Lust System · C21
6 months ago
Romance? Harém? . View More
The Eminence in the Shadow · C133
6 months ago
makes him use Kido instead of the skills of this world. As another differential, it gives random Kidos by completing missions. View More
Ultimate Antagonist System · C5
6 months ago
in the author's note, places the value of the affinities that have undergone a change. View More
Ultimate Antagonist System · C5
6 months ago

InvicibleGod: emily and her mother got more than 10 chapters this is so retarded as even his own mother got much less wtf

The Super Sex System · C64
6 months ago
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