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    Nightmare System

    Video Games WeakToStrong LevelUp RuthlessProtagonist Nightmares

    Karma exists. The world rewards or punishes us all. In what way it may come, we may never know. Sometimes it comes to us as plaguing nightmares for crimes we have yet to commit, or sometimes we are just unlucky enough to be picked. Helleborus, our MC has received both the blessing and the wrath of the world throughout his life of 21 years. He is now given a chance to rise into the sky, or else he will fall into the depths of Hades. Helleborus was always a person tortured by nightmares his entire life. One day after going to sleep, he is met by a disembodied voice offering him a chance to participate in what is known as Impossible Nightmare System. As the punishment aspect of Karma, Nightmare System lures people plagued by nightmares into a world of nightmares where they need to survive, torturing them thoroughly. As a new member of the said system, our MC will try to stay alive with all he has. This isn't a novel where only the MC has a levelling system.


dragoonmk3: When the NPC city's guards start throwing themselves in waves after a shopkeeper accuses you of something:

Nightmare System · C9
1 week ago

dragoonmk3: Oh? Just started now. And I'm glad there's consistency here. ^_^

I always like to read the next chapter ASAP. But I'd rather consistently vet a chapter or two each week, then get a few every now and then, then spend weeks or months in chapter limbo. 😅

Nightmare System · C0
2 weeks ago

NoNameP: I think hell should use them as a pawn and then consume their powers when they grow... they betrayed him

Nightmare System · C44
2 weeks ago

NoNameP: Thanks for the chapter

Nightmare System · C44
2 weeks ago
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1104
2 weeks ago

Kronos1997: That's a nice dream to have...

Nightmare System · C1
3 weeks ago
Dude how many playboys does this city have for all beautiful women to be so fed up of any random conversation with a man? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C89
3 weeks ago

Seregosa: [To be able to appraise the true worth of a treasure under a layer of moss and silt, his eye for discernment must be extraordinary.]

Either that or he's a scammer... Since this author loves faceslapping and this guy seems kinda shady, I kinda think it's more likely a fraud.

Seems these girls are pretty loose, not just ***, even not minding having his children >.<

Library of Heaven's Path · C41
3 weeks ago

Fleure: Jade > Silver. Her teeth had a breakthrough.

Library of Heaven's Path · C33
3 weeks ago

SoToasty: This chapter is pushing the limit of the MC's abilities a bit. His library told him what was wrong with the girl's leg, but as stated previously, the book doesn't give solutions to problems. Also, he just because powerful enough to use the zephyr technique, so he obviously hasn't made time to study any of this crap, yet he casually executed it like an expert. This could be accredited to his perfect cultivation technique, but does not explain his knowledge on acupuncture.

Library of Heaven's Path · C21
3 weeks ago

BobbyWibowo: Well, with your English I suppose such machine translation is easier for you to understand.

Library of Heaven's Path · C16
3 weeks ago

NoNameP: Thanks for the chapter

Nightmare System · C43
1 month ago
It’s also insane they easily endured all those lightning tribulations with so many people levelling up. View More

Snake: Wait what , isn’t this too fast , i am beginning to think that they are faster in cultivation than the mc

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1076
1 month ago

Snake: Wait what , isn’t this too fast , i am beginning to think that they are faster in cultivation than the mc

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1076
1 month ago

firosahoge: feminists hate this chapter

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1054
1 month ago

firosahoge: Chapter 933: MXM has Xuan Yin physique
"Xuan Yin Female Body in the Hongjun Pagoda: the Xuan Yin Female Body was the physique of a female who was extremely Yin, which was very rare. If a male with success in his Xuan cultivation did a double cultivation with this female, the effects would be amplified a hundred times with only half the amount of work… Note: A virgin’s body, a body that has yet to be tainted, a first awakening of love, mutually in love; an absolute condition for double cultivation! Not a single one must be missing, if it is forced, not only will it be useless, both male and female will be in danger from the backlash of the Xuan Yin."

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1053
1 month ago

NoNameP: thanks for the chapter!

Nightmare System · C42
1 month ago
I’m absurdly busy at this point in my life, which will continue to be that way for at least another month, thus the gap between chapters. But I won’t drop the novel, so I thank you for reading. View More

Landon_Sorenson: Thanks for posting again it’s a shame that this isint hugely popular because it’s such a good novel but anyway thanks for posting.

Nightmare System · C42
1 month ago

Landon_Sorenson: Thanks for posting again it’s a shame that this isint hugely popular because it’s such a good novel but anyway thanks for posting.

Nightmare System · C42
1 month ago

luxuria: Just give your bride to be,
your seeds.

I mean the seeds of the exquisite lotus from the three holy lands (i hope the the place is correct)

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1045
2 months ago

Snake: I never thought i would interpret the the title in such a way .

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1031
2 months ago
Is it still rape if you consent in your primordial spirit? View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1030
2 months ago
I mean, yeah, probably. View More

Kazuhiro_Seijuro: Why does getting a girl to fall in love with so easy ???
Sheesh .....
The way it's going he is probably going to accept all the lovesick girls into his life ? Probably having more than 100

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1029
2 months ago

GeneBoatman: Honestly, it's probably because she wasn't allowed to interact with other boys her ages that she immediately fell in love with a stranger that seemed excellent. All of this will be pointless unless he confesses his true identity to her

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1029
2 months ago
Spatial rings don’t exist in this universe. View More

YourGrandfather: I don't get it people of this level all should have relatively big spatial rings. If I were them I always would have spare clothes with me. In addition to food and water (well they can go without food and water for some time) I also would have some replenishing pills and some kind of first aid kit in case I get wounded.
Naturally also a little bit of money is always good.

He is probably over 100 years old and still don't get the basics down.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1022
2 months ago

Swaggerbuns: If igrit was alive and turned into a shadow soldier by JW, how was he a shadow solder of Osborne before? Was he resurected by the architect or something?

Only I level up · C233
2 months ago
To be fair, he can instantly switch places with one of his shadows. View More

4pmbookstack: in earlier chapters, i'm pretty sure jinwoo mentioned that even if there are dungeons in japan, he won't go cause the city might get attacked or something accident happens cuz of the unknown big gate. but here, he just left his country and wanna have breakfast so far away from his home to protect. wow so great.

Only I level up · C213
2 months ago

SDemon: Thomas Andre and Lennart gotta stop meeting like this. 🤣

Only I level up · C213
2 months ago

Sirocco: His definition of fun is getting into fights
He wanted something to do with all his might
His sister told him to go see his friend
So he went on a date so his boredom would end
He went for the only chick that he considered alright
She wanted the D
so he took her to C
They shared all those beautiful sights
And together they lay under the star lights
Their hands holding and their fingers intertwined
And to make love was the thing in their mind
Alas the chapter ended and we don't know what comes later
I could go on and on but you know what happens after. *wink wink*

Only I level up · C212
2 months ago

Zarok: Anyone seeing Aladin taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride ?

Only I level up · C212
2 months ago
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