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Original Works

  • Exaimistís: School of Warriors

    Exaimistís: School of Warriors


    Greece was the centre of all the Pantheons, atop Mt. Alymepeii stood the great academy of Exaimistís, known to be the birthplace of great warriors known as vassals; people possessed by the soul of the gods and given the abilities of the being itself.

  • I'm sorry, Please Heal my Pain

    I'm sorry, Please Heal my Pain

    Romance romance love comedy highschool pain rebound

    Christian is a high-schooler whose life began to turn upside-down right after his girlfriend had left her for another man. Many days have passed but still, he is unable to push her away from his mind and memories still come stumbling back to him. Due to this, Christian had to resort to a girl that he never expected to interact with - as a rebound. ~ To heal his pain... ~ What will happen to Christian's life? Will he get back on his feet and forget his memories of the past but then pass his pain to another once the truth comes out?

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Romance romance thriller mystery

    Kanna Kashimoto; an American of Japanese descent enters the part of the website that is based on popular beliefs is a dangerous place - the dark web. This temptation to enter the dark web was to bring about something grievous to her life... P.S. This is a short story but this is just the first book of many and I wrote this on another site and I just thought of transferring it to here... :>> =Book Cover Picture taken from Pinterest=

  • I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise

    I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise


    Jian Chen is the campus crush and is very famous, he dreams to be a CEO of a company. He has dated many girls in the past but has never ever really fallen in love with one for he couldn't really love someone after losing trust in people the day his parents left him. His secret was that he was an otaku, and when girls learn of this fact, they immediately will dislike him. One day, a girl confessed to him and as usual Jian Chen planned to break up with her after some time but he unexpectedly falls for her. With the same mindset, Jian Chen still wants someone to fall in love with him as a person and not because of his looks, so he tells her the truth about him. Scared about the answer that she will give him, he starts running away until he was caught in an accident. When he wakes up, he realizes that he had just become the person that he dreamed to be - in a parallel world.


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Avatinius: Is it back?

I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise · C6
2 months ago
Reading Status: C3
The translation quality is of no doubt, unscarred and is perfect in so many ways, at least to my viewpoint. The correct use of grammar, a huge library of vocabulary just won't stop striking my mind with amazement.

Updates don't happen regularly and would be commendable if the author starts picking up the pen and begin writing.

Story Development as of now is great, it begins with a world constructing prologue that is commendable. The story of a brotherly rivalry ending in a world ending cataclysm is one overkilling Cain and Abel backstory.

Characters are described clearly and their characteristics are shown crystal clear. Though, the brothers aren't properly described and my mind wonders what beings they might be, but no less than a great and commendable work of art if I would say.

The World Background is explained clearly and I expect that it will be slowly built and should appear even clearer as the story progresses on.

Overall, a nice story and is unique from the trendy genres nowadays, despite being an outsider, this literature shows that it is truly worthy to add to your library. View More
A Tale of Twin Seas
3 months ago
Thank You for this Review 😁 View More

Azshao: The quality of writing is commendable, but still needs some work. Grammar, spelling, and syntax errors can be solved with a quick skim by the author.

The author updates regularly. I envy him, to be honest.

The story develops, but not in a unique and unpredictable way. It seems too cliché.

Characters' designs leave much to want for. The school girl, the intimidating boss, the obedient butler...these are merely overused stereotypes.

World seems well described, and is realistic.

Overall, an average novel.

I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise
3 months ago
140 words? please elaborate.. thank you View More

A_Luqman: Hmmmmm.... ............ ............
Interesting.......... ................ ......

P/s: just want to have 140 words though

Exaimistís: School of Warriors
5 months ago
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