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Original Works

  • Dungeon Cleaner

    Dungeon Cleaner


    One day. A little man met a strange being in the dark alley, who proposed to him to becoming his agent after he take him somewhere else, with the only mission to clean the stray dungeons which poses a problem to the man for a very long time. To do this, he allows him to have what he can call Talents or Skill, which will allow him to carry out his mission. Even if he is not totally in it. He will accept it for the simple fact of being able to change his lifestyle. By taking only simple talent, that is really missing him. Martial Art Talent because he does not know how to fight other people. Talent bargain because he does not want to get swindle off. Talent of perception because he is nearsighted. He does not know it yet, but what he has claim like talent is then transformed into another sub-branch of power for a total of 12 talent. But traveling will not be so easy, even with more power, in the other world. Late under 17 will come, i go easy and solf, to finally enter a borderline world more mature. Chapter if I feel good.

  • Hidden Gladiator Game App

    Hidden Gladiator Game App

    Martial Arts

    A Death game between, Men and Women. Who summon a Gladiator to fight for them. A bad Score, Equal death. Gladiator can level-up and learn new style and technique. I am not serious here, everything inside is fictional and some thinking on my own. Previously Other Novel. DOn't have enourg slot.

  • The Kingpin Fantasy System

    The Kingpin Fantasy System


    One Day. John Johnson encounter the God of Fortune, and allow him to choose what he wants to do after he died. For a joke after read a novel about the evil lord that control the underworld, he chooses to become the kingpin from the new world. God grant his wish and give him a powerful system who allow him to manage and purchase and hire mercenary and other henchmen to operate his business when he become other thin after he die. He just chose to become something extremely powerful, tough and charming. God transform him to a Dragonewt with a bloodline of one of the Saint Dragon of Darkness and Time, plus three form (Semi humain - Dragonewt - True Dragon). And last thing what kind of business he want to run. He take the first find he like, alcohol. Woman. Food. Hotel. Just because he like the combination of thing. God allow him to have unlimited Alcohol drink, Food and hostess for run a little business before conquer the underworld. This is how a simple man who will become a very dangerous man in another world. English not my first language. Warning, the Mc is equal or worst to villain from DC and Marvel Universe about cruelty and deception. Careful or not if you want to read. Not very serious. Disclaim don't do what he does. Super Hiatsu.

  • Ojisan Anime Couch-Casting Interview and Enjoy Do H-thing (+18)

    Ojisan Anime Couch-Casting Interview and Enjoy Do H-thing (+18)

    others SMUT Harem-seeking Protagonist Scheming Protagonist Rich Characters Harem and R-18 Anime Crossover Lucky MC Lewd Ugly Bastard couch casting

    Couch Casting x Anime x Hentai x Pervert lead Ojisan. An over forty years-old salary man, is choose to be a lead fictional actor and director, for making erotic interview with female who come to search something or do something, generally without know why she do that. For Helping him, many other character from other fiction come to help him, for making the hottest and lewdest interview he could. Every time he conquered a woman or girls, he gains new ability about the world rule. Summon and buy stuff from somewhere he didn't know. And provoke many problems and what if universe. --- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the original source materials, they all belong to someone else, except my MC or some minor character. Don't Follow some logic, just R-18 with no reason. Smut and easy girls. Super Harem, System, Cheat, Weak to Strong, NTR (Generally with their lover watching), Many First time Intercourse, Target always became pure Lover and R*pe Victim Becomes Lover, S*x Friends, S*x Slaves, Stockholm Syndrome, Twisted Personality and western reference. Teenager from many anime, manga, light novel and game. Immortal MC. No Mind control and hypnosis. She always (maybe) consenting for unprotected s*x, no Pregnancy without plot inside. No bad ending for MC. Super persuasion. Possibly became strong enough to beat Saitama no serious level. Bad English Grammar. Story Writing level equal I don't know. Lewd story. Seriously is just a guy who bang fictional anime girls. NSFW if I could make it. Release? When I have time or boner or whatever circumstance. (Don't have many free time, take nearly 6 hours for writing something near good for me. Or just if I had a precise plan)


if the story go like that. before 100 chapter, he will be already finish and hook to the main timeline. View More
One punch man in MHA · C11
2 weeks ago
just 100 push up why not twice the number. If he do, maybe he can beat saitama from OPM universe. View More
One punch man in MHA · C2
2 weeks ago

nothinsnew: This is one of the review from novel-updates

""" It's tolerable for the first 150 chapters, I read 150 - 400 chapters simply because I invested time into the story and didnt want to drop it. Chapters 400 - 640 was pure sh*t and 640 is where I dropped it because all it was for the last 250 chapters was Chinese nationalism.

From chapters 400+, the MC was supposed to work with american soldiers to save a journalist. After the MC saves the journalists, it is just american soldiers ****ting on china and the soldiers using derogatory terms towards the MC. After the mission to save the journalist was over they decide to kill the MC because he is Chinese (ofc). The MC kills all the American soldiers and goes back to china.

The next mission is going to japan (you should know where this is going). Same thing as above. Chinese people abducted by Japanese people. Japanese people say sh*t bad sh*t about Chinese people. MC kills people for being evil.

Next mission MC goes to america and fresh off the plane, people he knows are being bullied and insulted for being Chinese. I dropped the novel right there because all this novel became was some sick hate driven garbage.

Im over it. """

The Genius System Without Equal
1 month ago
Does every cultivator or reincarnator lack of emparhy and go to slaughter? True he kill some Bad guy, make me ask. Why all wuxia are alike? They are Bad but mc is so boring and thé translator translate like a noob. View More
I Have Countless Legendary Swords! · C5
1 month ago
Who Can not be afrai Seen a little puppy swallow a man? View More
Genius Daddy in the City · C58
1 month ago
Can take a comatose body View More
Genius Daddy in the City · C53
1 month ago
and he have a child and don't return to the initial time he leave earth View More

Addic: Yeah, but the MC is less annoying than that MC in that novel

Genius Daddy in the City · C32
1 month ago
Yes, just bored and tired View More

Indogamer_Indo: Oh......Sooo you still alive huh..sensei

Ojisan Anime Couch-Casting Interview and Enjoy Do H-thing (+18) · C21
1 month ago
Nami is underage in the begining View More
World Hopping Harem System · C0
1 month ago
Oh he rewrite the whole story? I wait for next. View More
World Hopping Harem System · C0
1 month ago
Reading Status: C14
For me, this is just a thrid rate story with just over 600 chapter. Compared to other book, this one show just a lazy one character like any other character, Making him look like a Mary sue with good plot armor. Just wait for later, Perhaps they could become good, but for now he just make me angry. Not Epic! View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 month ago
look like a mary sue View More

WaCrex: Seeing as the name Lin Fan has strong similarity to the authors name, I think the author might be putting themself into the position of the MC in the author's stories. But in the end I don't think it's an obsession and I've come up with a few theories.

One possibility might be what it might be a type of method used by the author to better relate with the character and thus make writing and coming up with ideas easier. I've seen a few other authors doing the exact same thing over the years.

An another possibility might be that the author simply chose to re-use the characters in the next work. This is something extremely common and I'm seeing it all the time. Authors tend to get attached to their characters and instead of creating new ones for their next work.. they simply chose have their existing characters live on but with some minor changes.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 month ago
all transmigrate character are dumb and bold. If someone write a oneshot about a dumb cultivator that die after three by missing plot armor, I like to read it View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C11
1 month ago
not the best thing to beat a beggar anywhere View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C6
1 month ago
he like a mary sue. doesn't expect something from him. View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C5
1 month ago

AlphaHusky: I will miss this gingseng.
Not really.

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1215
1 month ago
I don't believe privilegied child Can bé bully liké that in china. View More
I Am A Prodigy · C46
1 month ago
make me remember the novel a valiant life with a mute system View More
I Am A Prodigy · C21
1 month ago
is thank system, why he cannot reply? View More
I Am A Prodigy · C19
1 month ago
Took decade for releasing one chapter. But that mean we will have more chapter View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C962
1 month ago
Life of a mistress is not the most glorious thing for anyone. Worst when we now china IS not the best place when we coming to couple love. See what happen from the confinement, so many have breakup. View More
I Am A Prodigy · C10
1 month ago
The author just show how dumb he think about his own people. I know they just have one child but making thé Monk part IS like a bullsht waste thing. View More
I Am A Prodigy · C8
1 month ago

: The content has been deleted

I Am A Prodigy · C8
1 month ago
After Reading 7chapter. I rate the story second rate because hé became OP so fast and not develop for now in one day. View More
I Am A Prodigy · C7
1 month ago
No need for multiple pov, just write a little more for making something good View More
Maken-ki fanfic · C3
1 month ago
Oh. Now we can have regular release ?damn if we Can read one per dans than one per week IS good. View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C961
1 month ago
Make NTR for fun View More
Maken-ki fanfic · C1
1 month ago
We all know he will escape and bring death everytime they target him View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1206
1 month ago
First View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C960
1 month ago
For the final goal he need everything to win against harmony wave. And perhaps became a legend in the future when they go colonize the universe. View More

Chaosone: He takeover power, phones,food and material for the world under his corporate flag for the win!!

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C959
1 month ago
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