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Original Works

  • Dice mage in the elemental battleground

    Dice mage in the elemental battleground


    A 18 years old wakes up to find himself in a completely black space, soon, he have a conversation with a system somehow created by him, next he reincarnate as 3 years old orphan called Alter with affinity towards a forgotten element. This is the story of Alter path to becoming the best

  • the other side of the world

    the other side of the world

    Magical Realism

    The youngest archmage in history was ambushed by his enmies, seeing that he was going to die, he used a forbidden magic which would kill him to take down his enmies with him, that was the end of the history of a hero and also the start of another one He reincarnated as a baby named Ren in the modern era, because of the lack of magic power, Ren was simply a kid with a high intellect Thanks to the advanced machinery , humanity explored 20% of the world, the remaining 80% was unknown,, any attempt at exploring it was useless, When Ren was at 13, Magical power came back, and the chaos era started again, Humanity had to face the other side of the world


Im pretty sure that she isnt flat , even (forgot her name , death esper big sis of aurora/aura (life esper girl ,also forgot hername)) felt envy toward her didnt she ? View More

Will_Treaty: No no you're mistaken. Shes still medium height with great legs and thighs so shes no LolI shes jjst flatchested. Our flatchested goddess

The Legendary Mechanic · C595
2 weeks ago

Also our webnoel names are very simillar lol View More

kuryuu: May HX's urgent mission would have a hidden reward and give him the title "Shattered Star's Cockroach"

The Legendary Mechanic · C574
1 month ago
So you are questioning arrodes without even wondering how a book or a mountain could be a waifu , bruh View More

Surely_Panda: ..... with Arrodes wouldn't Klein just be looking at himself as he does it?

Lord of the Mysteries · C713
2 months ago
That.... a way to see it ... View More

lindatan90: She is probably repressing her desire to speak and act...

Lord of the Mysteries · C704
2 months ago
I mean the aura she gives is like the silent type girl View More

lindatan90: Hmm 🤔🤔🤔 but she never scheme anything so far tbh...

Lord of the Mysteries · C704
2 months ago
I''d say the cold scheeming girl... idk but it gives that feeling View More

lindatan90: Nun who repress their desire?

Lord of the Mysteries · C704
2 months ago
If we continue using the school example what role would sharron be :? View More

SaintBookwormLich: Well🤔, they are kind of different embodiment of intelectual beautiful ladies: Edwina is like a more avid bookworm class girl and Cattleya is more like a A+ class president... Edwina is awkward in her interactions where Cattleya is more aloof. Know as shipping potential I prefer Madam Sharron for Klein... 🤔 I wonder how meeting with Klein’s Gerhman Sparrow could be? 😂 Anyway, I doubt Klein will keep Gerhman Sparrow that long? Let’s see his new Identity will be...

Lord of the Mysteries · C704
2 months ago
Spoilet dont read more if u dont want to be spoiler

Miracle invoker : returning from death is a miracle ! View More

ozush: Seer — foocking fate, can do nothing about it though
Clown — just pretend that you're fine with fate
Magician — secretly trying to change fate, but tricks barely work
Faceless — nah, just escape it
Marionette — fook you, now I can manipulate your minions, and what can you do about it?

BiZzArO sOrCeRer — EHehEheHE


Lord of the Mysteries · C703
2 months ago
Pull them all to the tarot club! Well not the elf and the boi using sun abillities.... there wasnt anyone on the path of giants right? He could be a member of the tarrot club View More

Dex2: I believe they will all leave the world of the book then from there, they might need a little help to settle down in different areas 🤔. The elf will probably want to search for the other elves... honestly, I don't know where those like the preacher will go.

Just like Azik once told Klein that "being a man without memory is like a lonely boat on an ocean." These ones have memory but are in a strange era where friends might already be dead

Lord of the Mysteries · C701
2 months ago
Am 10th in here bruh View More
The First Order · C26
2 months ago
This book is from the same author of spare me great lord

Now that you mentioned it both of this novels have same author and the translator slot is empty , but the other of novel of this author (spare me, great lord) is obviously a chinese novel that got translated (or so i get the feeling , i think there were some jokes only understandable in chinese ) so i guess the author himself re wrote it on english? Or maybe some mistake.... View More

darkoneko:'s not a translated novel, why is the currency still yuan -_-

The First Order · C4
2 months ago

Kyruu: L' egg

The First Order · C2
2 months ago
L' egg View More
The First Order · C2
2 months ago

interesting_guy77: I have read 30 chapters of this novel.......(Those were the only free ones) and after reading them this is the situation:-
1) starting point of this novel and RPS look same....
2) same type of MC's girlfriend (cheap).
3) as the name says it has a chat system like the one in RPS .
The thing is ,this novel invOLVE :-
1) Greek gods too.(there was one- hades....So most probably there should be others too )
2) mc doesn't take 200 chapters to level up....For power he has a unique cheat that could be used for pretty long time....
3) and then there are items that the mc gets after snatching red packets......they are much different than RPS...
4) and yeah...There is harem.....Until 30 chap there are 2 love interests
5) there is no 5th .....As I could only read until 30th chapter and this should be enough for you guys to know that this is a good novel.....(except for the same start as RPS..)
And yeah cultivation system is different too.....

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
2 months ago

nothinsnew: is this a translated novel?

I Am Legend · C4
2 months ago
If the stats guy says so .... and there is reincarnated into a game .... HECC YEAH! View More

thestatsguy: MMORPG ✓
Hit by a car while saving a girl ✓
Reincarnated into a game ✓
Something’s up with his eye ✓

Good writing and interesting premise... I love it too!

Good luck!

I Am Legend
2 months ago

thestatsguy: MMORPG ✓
Hit by a car while saving a girl ✓
Reincarnated into a game ✓
Something’s up with his eye ✓

Good writing and interesting premise... I love it too!

Good luck!

I Am Legend
2 months ago
Feeding the rinh = useless cause it reached some sort of limit View More

ThrustThunder: "Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer"
What an OP piece of gear. Let's hope the Author remembers all of it's abilities (Unlike a certain other Author of RotSSG)
*Mic Drop* "I'm out Bitches!"
" Little did Southern Azuresword know that Jiang Fei simply had too much of that garbage in his hand."
Yet no mention of him feeding anything to his MAGIC RING that eats items every 20 minutes, or him planning on bringing these items into real life AS WAS PROMISED 47 CHAPTERS AGO!
"Might as well clear the air around him."
Sad that his Enemies know of his abilities before even his allies do. What a crappy Guildmate Jiang Fei is.

The Almighty Ring · C48
2 months ago
Super powers in real life ! hope so... View More

ThrustThunder: In the CW show "Smallville" about a young Superman, Clark Kent accadentally saves Lex Luther from a car crash inadvertently revealing his powers.
The rest of the show revolved around Lex trying to befriend Clark in an effort to learn his secret for his own gain. There is No Way this isn't going to blow up in his face.
"Since you've taken the initiative to break the rules of the game first, don't blame me for what happens next!"
Aaaaannnnnd here we go!

The Almighty Ring · C45
2 months ago
Agreed View More

ThrustThunder: Now this was a well written (If not mundane) Battle focused Chapter I've been waiting for.
Jiang Fei showing off his leadership skills while action happens in the background.
If this keeps up for the next two chapters with a Giant loot haul at the end I'll be a Happy Kitty.

The Almighty Ring · C32
2 months ago

ThrustThunder: Now this was a well written (If not mundane) Battle focused Chapter I've been waiting for.
Jiang Fei showing off his leadership skills while action happens in the background.
If this keeps up for the next two chapters with a Giant loot haul at the end I'll be a Happy Kitty.

The Almighty Ring · C32
2 months ago
I didnt notice the rossete thing , now that you say it it solved a doubt i had about the rosset thing , also , in games it normal to have people using same name in a guild like for example the guild is called potato kin , so the members would use 'Potatokin- XX' or 'PK-XY'

Also i think they let mc take the lead since he could solo the dungeon alone , (and a bit of plot armor! View More

ThrustThunder: "Rosette Rosette Rosette Rosette Rosette Rosette Rosette"
Are all of these girls Sisters?!
"The girls immediately started chirping like curious birds."
And yet the Author is going to expect us to believe these Casuals are going to become the elite Guildsmen of this Novels Gameworld?
"Brother Glider, take the girls and get a formation up!"
So why are they having the underleveled *Blacksmith* take the lead instead of the Tank Character? He doesn't know any agro skills and I doubt he can keep it once the Warriors and Mages start out DPSing him.
I guess Plot Armor will get them through just fine though.

The Almighty Ring · C31
2 months ago

ThrustThunder: Yup. 50 chapters is my promised limit.
The Translator did a mass dump and I just wanted a last hurrah before moving on to the next novel in my growing list I'm falling behind in.
So I leave it to *You* Streek135, to continue on my legacy of commentating on every chapter!
The hard part is is that it has to be creative, original, and get the Most Upvotes like mine have been.
Are you up to the Challenge!?!?
(If not then please F*ck off. Because all writing is valid on this site no matter if someone likes it or not, right?)

The Almighty Ring · C31
2 months ago
There is still conflict between those humans and drawvrs and etc View More

Tomoyuki: Usually it's the typical "humans, elves, dwarves and demihumans unite against the undead/demon race (basically some great evil enemy)" or something like that.

The Divine Wolf... or? · C9
2 months ago
They need problems for plot i guess View More

Tomoyuki: Most fantasy novels I read don't follow that logic or plot development unless their writers are edgy and trying to "subvert" the "good" human thing.

The Divine Wolf... or? · C9
2 months ago
*well i just have a past life u know 100% normal * View More
The Divine Wolf... or? · C37
2 months ago
That what i said , but then suddenly after humans gains power they discriminate against other races in most of novels bruh View More

Tomoyuki: Not so different from humans, who also have so many different races, cultures, specializations and talents, eh?

The Divine Wolf... or? · C9
2 months ago
His ancestor got the bloodline from a dragon obvs... or his ancestor is dragon .... bruh View More

Tyrone_Bedoire: I'm pretty sure I explained that you can transplant bloodlines.

The Divine Wolf... or? · C31
2 months ago
They got different talents and cultures normally , except that they arent different View More

Tomoyuki: I honestly don't see much of a difference between humans, dwarves, elves, etc.

The Divine Wolf... or? · C9
2 months ago
An empire ruled by me with humanoids being the subjects (better if the humanois , i mean like elves , dwarves and the like , were hated by humans so easier to rope them in ) now seriously i dont deny the logic the mc is going with , he got his own liking and opinions View More

Tomoyuki: Logically speaking, if you're a human in a wolf's body, would you...go hang out with other wolves who don't even understand what you're trying to do? Or will you try to find a way to turn yourself back into a human (and that probably means going into human cities and looking for magic)?

The Divine Wolf... or? · C9
2 months ago
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