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  • The Sleeping Dragon of Metropolis (Cancelled)

    The Sleeping Dragon of Metropolis (Cancelled)


    The story of a girl who dreamt of vampires while living a superhero nightmare. Hong Meiling was a cursed girl, that lived thrice and paid six times the price, this is her seventh life. Will she sleep trough it? Or will she change everything in her wake? I do not own neither the Characters or the series they come from. This product is merely a fan fiction without profit.


*feeling the stare*

Alright, maybe he does need someone or some group, he shouldn't be a lonely boy. It just didn't make any sense.

I still like this story a lot though. :P View More
The Path of a Ninja : Eyes of Death & Body of Life · C11
2 months ago
... Why all self inserts are such leaf lovers? I mean, the leaf are a ninja village too, they are kilers and thieves too, just like all the others. If mc is killing everyone on his territory but suddenly sees leaf people and actively helps them, quite frankly, is hypocritical and annoying. View More
The Path of a Ninja : Eyes of Death & Body of Life · C10
3 months ago
So MC decided to act like a piece of ****, wow. Lol View More
Adventures in Animes · C17
3 months ago
Damn, this is getting good! View More
The Path of a Ninja : Eyes of Death & Body of Life · C9
3 months ago

Obito_Tobi: well this just made me crazy already want more and more try make this timeline a little extended cause mc won't be having any good battles until the other war so make the already beginning war extended and extend the 4th great shinobi war too naruto and sasuke can have half of the sage of six paths power for each and mc can have a complete one maybe you can pair him with kaguya she wasn't to be blamed she was throwen by her husband when she was pregnant and lost her closest friend at the hand of the soldiers of her husband making her love turn into hatred and since all ninja clans came from her bloodline then the curse if hatred that stick with uchiha came from otsutsuki bloodline too isn't it so helping her she can be the best choice as a wife and she can give him the complete version of sage of six path power

The Path of a Ninja : Eyes of Death & Body of Life · C9
3 months ago
Some random fire emblem world? Lol

Also, don't worry, I too struggle with endings while trying to maintain characters fidelity.

You know? This story feels more like a jumpchain or a traveling god, something like that instead of a proper story (with, you know, plot) which makes it interesting, so maybe, you can focus on that. View More
Adventures in Animes · C14
3 months ago
It is, romance sucks sometimes. Frankly, thing is, you should just do your own thing and care not for what readers want, I mean, if sufficient people say they want MC to be genderbended would you just make a plot for it?

I don't mean to ignore us, just focus on your plot and what you want to write, and if you're going with what you like, maybe, then lean a bit towards the fans.

To write is to create something, you can't enjoy doing something crafted with a forced opinion, be free. View More

Juleos: Honestly i didn't want to write romance. Its just not my cup of tea. But I wanted to listen to the readers and give them some input in the story. Now Guys I have to say Im really rethinking about this romance thingy. Honestly writing the romance part is a chore.

Adventures in Animes · C13
3 months ago
Nice, entirely pointless but nice.

Let me rephrase it better. You're a decent writer, and that's saying a lot in webnovel. However I truly think you totally rushed this "love" with Shigure a lot, first of all, we have only seen... What? Three interactions with Shigure, it feels really rushed and lame.

Oh, I totally understand, Shigure is smoking hot and I would like to bed her too if she were real, so I guess you just picked your favorite of the show and nabbed her.

Now.. The nature of the MC powers basically sums up to: Anything, anywhere, anywhen. So what I get from this is: MC can know anything he wants (as previously shown) can do whatever he wants (as previously shown) and can influence his own mind to do do.

Then, after knowing magic, because he knows, he doesn't actually learn despite acting as if, he just capped his powers to mesh in Kenichi's world because yes, showed up in the show main attraction, somehow he charmed the number one fan-star beauty and just thought to himself

"Welp, time to go, a unicorn in another land needs me"

You're a decent writer, you have decent ideas and you do write fast, however... You're inconsistent as hell.

you should write the whole plot in a bloc and read it a few times to see if it's just random things hobbled up together because you liked the ideas, because that's what this feels like..

Note that I am not hating, I do like this, just being honest with you. View More
Adventures in Animes · C13
3 months ago
I don't understand Vali's need to be strong so fast. I mean, he has thousands of years and he's already stronger than many, he's so impatient is annoying. View More
Asgardian Sword God · C15
3 months ago
Yeah... Nope. It was a good idea though, so kudos. But I'll be unfollowing now.

Now, I will tell you the reasons I dislike this:

First of all, I understand comic characters are often senseless and with a straight mind towards their opinions, comic characters are heavily opinionated, which is good if you're permanent entertainment. After all, we all know Batmans personality, or Supermans.

However, this is not a comic, you can't write a two-plane character and hope that it meshes good with the cast of the world. On a novel, comic characters are dead and they became beings with more depth.

Frankly, Mara's character till now is just that of a spoiled, annoying brat, she's two dimensional and it's apparently perfect in all she does.

Let me tell you something a great artist said: There's no fun or entertainment on perfection.

Second point: Alright, maybe your character is just young, she's sixteen, so maybe the way she acts it's just because she's stupid despite being awesome in everything. Well, if that is so, then how the **** does a little girl can command and order around strong ans important people?

Now, do you really believe just because your father is (instert X rank here) you can go steal and order lawful people around to do things with whatever you stole? That's... Frankly, no words.

Once again, depth in a novel is important, character exposure, development... But how can you even develop a grown-ass man that is apparently one o y our father friends? You can't, that person should have been written fully developed, not as a super beta kid with no knowledge of basic comunication and total compliance to some criminal brat.

I'd write more glaring points whether it's the structure or the "descriptions" and many things more, but frankly, you're at least trying. Now, this wasn't meant as an insult, just something to make you better.

Good luck writing~ View More
The Diaries of Mara in DC · C4
3 months ago
I have followed this since the first chapter, and reload the page everyday to see if there's a new chapter.

So don't get offended by my next words, they are not meant to offend.

Look, your novel is good. For fans of Noblesse, well, you did follow canon mostly, but you adapted which is awesome. However if you delete this you lose.

Seriously, no matter what you do, when you do and how you do it, people will always demand and complain. If you get butthurt just because of a few comments you do not deserve to have the ability to write, grow up.

I mean no offense, I kinda like you, but getting all offended, teary-eyed, and angry to the point of deleting this because you focused on reading the **** comments and that detracted from the good ones? Frankly that would mean you're just a baby.

Seriously, go to any commentary section on ANYTHING half of the comments would probably be ****ty ones. You're not especial, it happens. Simply. Because people like to complain. As I said, ignore them and grow up, seriously wanting to delete this using that as an excuse is pathetic, if you truly wanna to delete it, find a better excuse. View More
Deleted_ · C0
3 months ago
Just don't change much his personality just because of a whim on a picture. View More
[DROPPED]Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic · C73
4 months ago
Nice chapter, short though but nice nonetheless.

Learn spacing to make the text look better, it will catch more attention and introduce people to immersion easier.

Some times separate a single phrase, it sounds stupid but it highlights certain events.

Also, separate commas and points, punctuation accentuates better with spaces between words, and most important watch out your person, you're writing sometimes in first person, others in third. Decide one, it's confusing.

And don't use emotes on a text, it reduces the importance greatly and makes you seem messy. Other than that, good work! View More
[DROPPED]Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic · C69
4 months ago
Ugh. You're getting worse and worse with each chapter.

Look, I get the comedy relief of the oath and the running jokes, and I wont complain about that since that's your flavor. However, what really pisses me off, is your damn inconsistency.

First of all you're changing the personalities of Harry way too much, first he was a brooding man, then a stoic, then a joker, then a fusion of deadpool and spiderman, and now is just a cheap copy of spiderman. Then all that power and ****; WHICH I AM NOT FUCKING SEEING ANYWHERE.

And you have that fucking mess with Black Cat, going around in circles, it's not fucking fun. And with the personality MC had when he thought about it, he would have done something. Of course, now that he's Spidy 0.5 he wont do ****.

Frankly, Author, you're fucking up way too much. You need consistency, write a fucking sheet or something next time you write something and make a fucking dossier of your characters, the deviations, the personality and all that ****. Then another page of events/important dates. All you're doing now is just a big mess. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C82
4 months ago
This is starting to become annoying. Fucking write what is his relation with Nami and the rest and write some fluff or whatever instead of telling it and using time skips all the time. There's a big difference between writing and telling. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C10
4 months ago
Watching! I like the personality you gave him, he's like an airhead with several trust issues but he's also not evil, that's nice! I hope you only give him one pairing and not harem. Also write it slowly, characters like this must be characterized extensively and the story should be slow, otherwise you will crash fast. Good luck! View More
DC: Parasite · C2
4 months ago
No harem, but only the strongest woman in all the multiverse. Maybe someone like Medaka, or even a Saiyan. But only one capable of fighting him would be really interesting, View More
The Ogre · C7
4 months ago
I admit I am not fan of systems with shop, but at least it's going interesting. View More
Danmachi: Obligations to the Past · C11
4 months ago
Think of an objective and a goal. Now go back to your roots. Think of the first few problems and their solutions, now go back to the time-skips. The equation for novels such as these is relatively simple: Born knowing and slightly weaker than your peers, learning/gaining a skill/ to rival and even surpass your friends, enemy, fluff, mental development, training, enemy, physical development, fluff, getting stronger, fluff. Ad infinitum.

This is one of the reasons Bleach or Dragon Ball are so popular, Noblesse is just like that, as most fighting stories are, since you are blocked, you have two paths to go from here, finish your enemies and make him stronger in the process, leading towards a development be it mental or physical, finish the fluff and end the story; be it killing the protagonist or close it in a wedding, doesn't matter. You just need to follow the equation you have been using. View More
Deleted_ · C0
4 months ago

SlyOW: I'm impressed you know about him, yeah his alter ego is indeed foolkiller. But even if you go check on him you will see that I will change a few things about him in the future.

Marvel's True Demon · C4
4 months ago
Gods in Danmachi can see through lies. :l Just sayin'. View More
Danmachi: Obligations to the Past · C10
4 months ago
Interesting! Sallinger is one of those obscure villains that became deadpool at least once! If I am not mistaken, his alias was foolkiller, or something like that and he killed christians? Need to check it up, but it's nice to see people using obscure characters. View More
Marvel's True Demon · C4
4 months ago
Oh god people. shut up! Let Mr.Author romance its characters with whoever he wants!

Besides, Jennifer can **** the hulks if she wants, simple as that. You annoying whinny bitches. View More
No longer a novel. · C0
4 months ago
MCs personality is quite different in this one. Also, good job. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C76
5 months ago
Look, you're the author so do what you want. However: Are your writing skills good enough for a harem? No they are not. View More
In Marvel as a Slime (MU) /{Paused} · C10
5 months ago
I still don't know why doing this is important. Frankly MC is just an overly top edgy power hungry idiot. But whatever, the fic is good though.

Still, I should have preferred a few more chapters of slice of life, we barely now the girls anymore, Cana has barely appeared. View More
Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C247
5 months ago
Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C5
5 months ago
2! Tenten is waifu! View More
Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C4
5 months ago
Ahaha this poll is weird. But i say

Shazam! From DC View More
saiyan god in dxd( under a rewrite) · C48
5 months ago
saiyan god in dxd( under a rewrite) · C42
5 months ago
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