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Original Works

  • Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens

    Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens

    Eastern Fantasy Romance Action Female Protagonist Cultivation Adventure hidden gem Martial Arts Female Lead Xianxia wuxia


    A little girl rises amidst the bloodshed world of cultivation. A vow to the heavens that controls her life or death. A heartfelt love that lasted for ninety-nine lifetimes. Ah Chun, a little girl who lost her mother meets an immortal cultivator named Mei Liling. Mei Liling takes Ah Chun on as a disciple and teaches her about cultivation. After making a vow to the heavens, Ah Chun's path in the world of cultivation was set. She now has no choice but to become the strongest or give her life to the heavens and die. A long journey is ahead as Ah Chun grows from a girl who knows nothing into a legend that the storytellers will talk about for years to come. "Mr. Li, what is the meaning of this? Your daughter has my birth mother's bracelet. " "So what if I took it! A beggar like you should have died off months ago. You were lucky that we didn't sell you to a slave trader to become some plaything for the highest bidder! You and that slut mother of yours did nothing for this village! You should have died along with her!" "Mother is it ok to kill someone like this trash over there?" "Chun'er if you let him live and just beat him, he will most likely try to get revenge, so it's better to remove him from this world altogether." "Un! Chun'er understands and has learned Mother's lesson well. Chun'er will now rid this world of trash who do not know right from wrong!" Updated Daily! Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne join the new discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD New Cover Art!

  • Young Miss Strike Back!

    Young Miss Strike Back!

    Contemporary Romance Reincarnation Romance Female Protagonist Comedy Mature Drama Female Lead Romantic Comedy


    Death... That was all Lin Xiaoxiao got as she tried to walk down the red carpet at an awards show. Well, it should have been her death but when she woke from the darkness, she found her self in the body Xi Xiaoxiao. A girl who was the unwanted daughter of the Xi family. Beaten and enslaved, treated worse than an ant crawling on the ground. Lin Xiaoxiao promised she would get revenge on the Xi family for treating a little girl in such a horrific way. While taking back her title of top actress of the entertainment world at the same time! As an ex-top actress who can stop her? The one thing she did not count on was this devilish man who forced a kiss on her and whats worse is her body and soul cant resist him! "Little beauty how about you help me warm my bed tonight?" "I told you a thousand times don't call me little beauty! As for warming your bed... Not happening." "Then how about I warm your bed then?" "Mmm... This I can agree to. But after it is warm you will need to leave so I can go to bed. I'll be in the other room, take your time." "Then I will just warm your body Instead." ".......Ah! Okay...." *Warning Sexual Content In Some Chapters* Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne join the new discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD **Cover not mine! Only added the text to it! All rights to the original Artist.**

  • Something Is Wrong With The First Young Miss

    Something Is Wrong With The First Young Miss

    Fantasy Romance Cultivation Romance Rebirth Transmigration Female Protagonist Female Lead Reincarnataion Face Slapping Reborn Romantic Comedy


    "Hello, readers! Wu Shuyu here! I'm The female lead of this novel! So I just want to let everyone know this novel really makes me look bad! So I decided to try to clear my name. I do not, and I repeat, I do not swindle people! I do not hit people either! I am a really good girl! I swear! Ah! One second... Hey, mister would you like to buy this Stage Breaker Stone!? It's only 100 silver... Huh? You say your cousin's, uncle's brother's, aunt's, ex-husband's, brother in law's, nephew bought one not too long ago and it turned out to be an ordinary rock? Hey, why are you taking out that sword for! Ah!~ Sorry everyone I need to cut this short! I need to run away real fast!" Wu Shuyu a girl who likes to cuddle other girls died and was reborn into the General's Manor as the First Young Miss, Wu Shuyu who had just recently died. The First Young Miss was not able to cultivate and was treated worse than trash. Now taking over her identity Wu Shuyu will swindle her way through life... Err I mean, take revenge on those who harmed the body's original owner. While climbing her way to top of the cultivation world and at the same time trying to find cute girls to cuddle and a cute man with a big thigh to latch on to! "Hey! Hey! This is really making me sound bad here... Oh **** here they come again gotta run!" Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne join the new discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Updated Daily! New Cover Art!

  • delete me please man

    delete me please man

    Magical Realism Female Lead

  • The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls

    The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls

    Eastern Fantasy Cultivation Comedy Romance Female Protagonist Female Lead Yuri Reincarnataion LGBT Xianxia Wuxia


    Transmigration: Check Cute Girls: Check Lots of Sex: Check Enter Xiao Wu a twenty eight year old office worker who left a birthday get together with some friends overly drunk. She woke up to find herself in a different body of a young eighteen year old girl. After being born into a new body she decides to no longer live the life she did in her past life. She is now determined to live a life filled with the sensual pleasure she had fantasized about in her past life. Enter Song Lei a man who meets Xiao Wu in a forest. He instantly takes a liking to Xiao Wu and after inviting her to his sect he tries everything possible to make her his dao partner. The only issue is Xiao Wu doesn't seem to be moved by his advances. Wait why is she kissing that girl over there!? Why is she putting her hand in that the girl's robes!? This is a story of Xiao Wu who loves girls and Song Lei who loves Xiao Wu. Will SongLei ever win Xiao Wu Over? You will have to read to find out! Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne join the new discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD **Cover Art Not Mine! All Rights To Original Artist** Will Update Once I Make New One!

  • Eternal Saga: The Beginning

    Eternal Saga: The Beginning

    Fantasy Action Harem Comedy Romance Magic Drama Romantic Comedy Tradegy Adventurer

    What would you do if the world around you suddenly changed? The people you love and care about suddenly start vanishing. Even the objects around you start to disappear as well. This very thing took place for a young man named Arata. His whole world tossed upside down when an unexplainable event occurred and changes his whole world literally. I new world is born and now Arata has to survive in a strange place that was once his original world. Follow him as he struggles to survive in this new world, making new friends, lovers and much more. Updated Weekly

  • How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating

    How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating

    Fantasy Action Comedy Romance Magic Mature Female Protagonist Female Lead Yuri Transmigation


    Meet Sora a young girl who well, loves girls and magic. She is utterly obsessed with both. She goes out and spends all her money on yuri manga and books on magic. She even watches those hen... "Hey enough already! They get the picture! I'm a damn lesbian alright!? " Yes, yes, sorry about that... Well like I was saying, Sora is a lesbian who loves girls and magic more than anything. That was until she stumbled upon a mysterious shop and bought an old book about magic. One thing led to another and the idiot found herself in another world. "Hey! You just called me an idiot didn't you!?" It's fine, don't mind. Don't mind. Will Sora be able to survive in this new world? Will she find love and happiness? Will she finally become smart? Or will she die a horrible death? "That's it! I quit! Find a new female lead for your story. Your nothing but a beep that beep's out of their beeping mouth all beeping day long. How about I beep the ever-living beep out of you!" And so this is our story of Sora the lesbian who transmigrates to another world. Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne join the new discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD

  • Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy

    Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy

    Video Games System Action Comedy Romance hidden gem Virtual Reality Female Protagonist Overpowered MC Female Lead VRMMO


    What happens when you combined a hidden genius with a virtual world where anything is possible? What if that world becomes real? Full Dive... A system for Virtual Reality where the person is put into a dream state that allows them to experience a virtual world. Eternal Phantasy a VRMMO produced by Eternal Games was the first of its kind as it made use of the Full Dive system to allow players to immerse themselves in a virtual MMO. Misaki Mitsu, a hidden genius whose scores were always in the top ten of her grade. She could be considered a rare genius if it was not for the fact that she would prefer to play video games all day and night instead of keeping up with her academics. Misaki slept during class and played games all night. But still was able to keep herself in the top ten of her grade. She had waited a long time since preorders were first announced to play Eternal Phantasy. A game where everything is determined by the player. "Mitsu did you start playing Eternal Phantasy yet?" "Yeah, I did." "I haven't started yet and was wondering what race to pick. Which one did you choose?" "Demon Lord." "..." Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne https://discord.gg/79yyJSD ****Cover art is not mine**** Just the text is.


Loeri: First!

Well... I mean...

I wasn't the first comment, but today I toom first place in ss votes! 121 consecutive days of voting!

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C262
7 hours ago
this is actually an old invite you can use this one if you want to join the discord channel https://discord.gg/79yyJSD View More

Flamekirinwolf: Thanks

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C40
7 hours ago
I missed this comment. But I want to say thank you for reading! View More

Sera_Erebus: First but also your book is incredible! It’s become one of the things I look forward to the most tbh. Thank you author!

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C46
7 hours ago

Sera_Erebus: First but also your book is incredible! It’s become one of the things I look forward to the most tbh. Thank you author!

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C46
7 hours ago
Thank you! fixed! View More

1stSlug: @Author: Mistakes -> "Watase Toshi 'spit' out his tea as 'she' watched Misaki's blunder." should be "Watase Toshi 'spat' out his tea as 'he' watched Misaki's blunder."

Also, why do you feel the need to use his full name each time, but only use first names for most other characters?

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C19
1 day ago
You forgot she killed a Level 100 at level 2 View More

Juny_Ietswaart: In a real game you cannot damage something so far ahead of your level, theoretically their damage shouldn't even be 1. I am excited to see how you are going to make something BELIEVABLE happen.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C71
2 days ago

Razorbackdragon: Take your time and do it right and you will rival anything in the genre. Great start will be looking forward to more. Characters all feel very different despite the current lack of personal growth and small cast so far. The plot is developing slightly in a light hearted manner . Will be looking forwards to see some internal and external conflict. The villians of the story have yet to be revealed looking forward to them and the world building you will do in the future. Keep up the good work!

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Spectral_Uk33: Itssssss niceeeeeee, Naiiisuuuu.... I just wish our world get a VR(or another) game like this... it would be groundbreaking...


I just remembered i was a Novice NEET...

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

wodue: Love the story development, the novel is very interesting showing us a lot about the mc and are environment and also brings people up to speed about how things came about . It's has a lot of potential and hope the author can keep up the good work and not spoil or stop this wonderful nov..😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Madboome: This is a great VR story with some interesting characters. Its good if your looking for something to read and ot also gets constant updates! I would recommend this even though i just joined this app xD Kepp up the good work! :)

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Falsein: Few of the best novel I found that lit up my passion to read it
OP MC if u don’t like don’t read it
Author please don’t give up
Ignore idiot that dislike the novel for little to stupid reason just keep writing there is always people support the novel

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Unknownisthetruth: Author please don’t give up on the novel
Finally few novels that I can read without being bored by it
I love the MC and her harem to come member
Queen plush Demon Lord equal ...
What would happen next?
Author ignore idiot that doesn’t appreciates the book

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

97Alex: So far it is awesome, the characters are great and don't seem one dimensional, the world building could use some expanding on it though i won't complain since it is only the beginning of the story, the grammar is good so it is very pleasant to read and the updates are quick(though i want more xD, just kidding, don't overwork yourself), compared to your other novels, in my opinion this is the best one and I'm sure your other readers love it too. Keep up the good work 🍻
One more thing though, the attributes could use some explanation on what they do, like i know it is obvious but it keeps bugging me that Misaki doesn't add points to wis dex agi, i mean wouldn't wis accelerate her thought process, dex and agi increase her speed and reflexes?

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Zerali: Fun and ejoyable read but i have reached the chapters that makes me wonder if this is yuri/girls love? i am not into this genre and its not tagged as yuri.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Kerail: This novel writing style is very similar to Japanese ligh harted novels and mc is also Japanise schoolgirl. So if you like manga and animes this something for you. If you are more into Chinese or Korean writing style then you may wanna avoid this. So liking or not liking this novel is very much dependant on the reader.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago

Illuminia: I am hooked, I thought this was going to be just another VRMMO style story, which I would have been more than happy with given the early chapters. I did not see the twist coming at all! Was a big surprise for me and had me on the edge of my seat for every chapter afterwards. Definitely worth the read and I am looking forward to future updates with great anticipation!

So keep up the good work author! Looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
3 days ago
the novel is in the middle of a rewrite.... read the last chapter to find out more information from the comments section. View More

Asianess_Pride: Not a rating but a question

The Mc is bisexual? Will she end up with the guy? Or will the guy find someone else? The author said F/F and F/M, are these two separate couples? Is this polygamy? Where the Mc, FL, and ML all end up together? Can someone confirm my worries?

The Beautiful Cultivator Prefers Girls
4 days ago
That's because the percentage changed was still a decimal. I.E. .89. Most games do not show a change until it is a solid number i.e. 1 or 2. View More

Gulth: The skill she got in the character creation said she gets 1% stats per level up, she is level 2 and the stats remain the same

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C6
4 days ago
sorry to hear that! I hope your day gets better! View More

Spectral_Uk33: Ah sorry I'm dying emotionally, just had a bad day... reading the chapter is the only goodthing I had

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C69
4 days ago
still barely alive? View More

Spectral_Uk33: I'm still barely alive and still supporting, thanks for the chapter

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C69
5 days ago
the female private spot View More

Betty4: Author what is secret garden 😚😚😚

Young Miss Strike Back! · C30
5 days ago
it was stated a while back that they were going to wait it out and not interfere. View More

Juny_Ietswaart: The content has been deleted

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C67
6 days ago
it's coming! :P View More

zStick21: More

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C64
1 week ago
found and fixed thank you! View More

Almalya: Hi author, thanks for the hard work ! there was a little mistake in this chapter, you wrote " Misaki went back to a large room wit ha high ceiling and took out..." insted of "with a high ceiling"

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C23
1 week ago
I so want to tell you why it's like this but I can't because it will be a spoiler! So you will have to wait and see! A few more chapters and you will find out! View More

Juny_Ietswaart: I liked the chapter, but I do not like the change in exp gain. The employees of the game company getting more exp isn't exactly fair. And this will create a lot of issues in the future. You basically created dis-equality, sure as hell, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is also very detrimental, why allow everyone to have the system, but at the same time keep them weak, so they cant even properly defend themselves. Now, I know, you'll need power to keep, people who are going to abuse their abilities in check, but by giving everyone access you are creating the problem in the first place. Another thing, your change will cause is the lack of encouragement to hunt the beasts in the real world, who will put their life on the line for almost no gain?? Basically you're having the game company being gods, I am not sure I like this direction. -just my two cents- Get well soon!

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C64
1 week ago
its a treant so its a tree that is a monster so bark was correct View More

Almalya: Hi author, thanks for your work ! just a little mistake, you wrote " Its bark turned a deep shade of dark red" instead of "its back" :)

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C19
1 week ago
I would love to do that But the novel cover I am using is just art I found on the web that fit my novel at the time. I have yet to actually get an original cover made up. But I would not mind seeing what you, readers think she looks like! You can post your renditions of Misaki on my discord here https://discord.gg/79yyJSD I might even use one as the new novel cover! With permission of course! 😜 View More

npplayermp: Invayne, maybe in the near future you could change the book cover image into Misaki looking much more like her in-game self since her body partially changed in this chapter. Take your time on the design, I can wait.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C63
1 week ago

SpiralCat: Its my love, because i feel i have a fate with your story and really like it, & dont forget to get well soon Mr.author.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C60
1 week ago
so basically get better so I can work myself to death after! I feel the love! View More

SpiralCat: Get well soon author and give us mass release of chapter after you fully healed , for now 1 chapter a day is enough. Thank you.

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C60
1 week ago
if it is something beastly husband then it was replaced with Young Miss Strike Back View More

lonelyPeach: Hey author, where is that new story? I searched for it but didn't get it

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C50
2 weeks ago
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