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Original Works

  • N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning(old version)

    N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning(old version)



    I live on Gronos, a place full of terrible wars, skillful assassins and god-like emperors. Emperors fall like flies, people die in great numbers. Empires, however, they never fall. Life here is spent quickly. You are born, live a life with whatever goals and ideals you have and then die from lead/iron/laser(etc.) poisoning. I, for example, have been an ordinary teenager until the attack that ruined my life. Never gave a shit. Now, I go here and there and harvest lives of good and bad, rich and poor, foul and holy. You pay they die. It's that simple. Or they just die, ask my mood. But after me only emptiness is left. I also go on to complete a task that ends me. But who cares? As for you, dear person who reads this, I have only one thing to say: I know where you sleep, for I am more than I seem to be. My peace is at the same place as my memories, lost to the winds of times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It may be weird how I decided do make my MC a partially schizophrenic madman who slaughters his way through life. It is on purpose. And do not worry, it all ends up well :} Watch for the twists and turns. I'm bad at keeping my mouth (and thought process) shut (and undistracted). So you could end up with a spoiled thing. What a joker I am. Chapters in range of around 1.6k-2.4k words. They will not be going under 1.6k words. The book is changing it's overall direction in meantime so it's changing it's plot rather often. If you are not willing to read some quite complicated shit, then go around this one. WARNING!!! It's on hiatus and in rewriting process. I'll republish it as another novel in due time. More at the end of the novel. (may seem shitty and confusing now but I hope that rewriting will solve those probs)

  • N°1: Collections of Gronos

    N°1: Collections of Gronos


    This novel... No, let's call it a book or whatever. This is a collection book holding many stories based on Gronos and its men. They are primarily war stories with varying points of view.(FP and TP) If u wanna get to know the planet Gronos go read my first novel. Releases will be one story for a day. If the story has insufficient words, readers will be provided with another one. But will of course have to provide me with info of what to change, and of course support in powerstones. No things come free. Special info: Stories might leave Gronosian universe and add a spicy touch to my work.


So far quite interesting, dff.
Imma follow thru with reading this.
World situation sounds quite interesting and gives me an idea, keep going so as to not allow me to copy you😂
Not as if I was going to anyway 😁 View More
Fiance Is A Crime Lord · C1
1 week ago
Romance is not that heavy there tho, it's medieval and ****...
I literally hate romance heavy novels View More

Khavos_Rudd: I had avoided 'The Union' on face value because of the romance tag; I find it annoying to read 'romance' from some shut-in with no sense of what the word means. I`ll take a look it since you feel it compares to COBI

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago

Khavos_Rudd: As I understand it, Taixuan, the head of his clan, confessed that the boy got lost during the outbreak of the 'red zombies'. He had kidnapped him and assigned one of his men to hide away in a city that was later badly hit by the attacks and was thus lost forever.

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago

Khavos_Rudd: I totally agree; this was, hands down, the best novel I have ever read save for Desolate Era.
The ending was kinda abrupt though, but this, in my opinion, was due to the dream vision he had where he gets to come back ad kill the chancellor before all hell breaks lose. I suppose the reason was because throughout the tale, ZT was a faily man thus letting his family die to push a plot that was ending would leave a bad taste. Yet, it was necessary to show exactly what would happen if the Demons got their way.

As for the racism...jury still out. Recall the mental transcendence ZT undergoes as he realizes that the Demons were simply an off-shoot genetic split of humanity? And his reasoning for believing that conflicts would always happen?
People are always saying that the book is racist but keep forgetting that the main villains in it are Chinese and demons. Sure, depictions of foreigners are bad yet his interactions with other races are actually deeper than what I have ever seen in other books. Where have we seen a main, male Chinese xter in these works actually marrying a woman from a different race? We are always given the 'pure and chaste' excuse to describe the MC's preference for a Chinese woman, a categorization that implicitly leaves women from other races as 'impure and unchaste'/ White women are almost always described as forward and lustlful!
This work was the best around and actually trumps DE due to its plot and characterization.

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago

Khavos_Rudd: 3rd?
I hope there is a Desolate Era somewhere in your count!
Which are your best?

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago
Two original novels are def my favs here:
Steampunk Apocalypse and The Union

First one made me wanna write a novel and publish it and the second is just so damn well written

And, yeah, I didn't even know of desolate era before u mentioned it😅😆😂 View More

Khavos_Rudd: 3rd?
I hope there is a Desolate Era somewhere in your count!
Which are your best?

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago
So it ends.

Oh, boy, was it interesting.
My third favorite novel on Webnovel 😆
Has one hell of a time waiting for these last few chaps.

Happy New year to y'all mfs out there who're still horny teenagers✌️😂 View More
Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago

SovietUnionA11: even though a lot of people say in the comment section that this novel is racist and nationalistic, its still one of the best novels ive ever read; i really loved it, especially how the story developped in a way that keeps you craving for more content; it has really good caracter developpement, the author is also really attentive to details and the story was awsome in general; the only thing thats slightly lacking in my opinion is the ending, it was too abrupt and I was slightly disappointed about that; nevertheless this story as a whole was AMAZING; i advice you to read it and dont care about what others say about it being nationalistic or racist.
Anyways, thank you author for having written this novel, I always read it in my freetime and sometimes in class when the subject is too boring tbh.
Its a really really nice story. Happy new year❤️

Castle of Black Iron · C2015
3 weeks ago

Theodoric: Shiver me timbers.....
This is, well, troublesome in the least....
Fred could be some sort of a battle God(since he had that reminiscing moment), that guy in the beginning of every chap could be either grand councilor or the thing from Shivan mine. Leo would probably end up as the witty human.
Crystal tho... Well I don't have a conspiracy theory for her yet.....but I could bet she'll be some sort of a big fish later on....
Anyway, this gave me chills.. literally.
I'm sitting outside alone it's like 4:43 am. And 12°C..
And I do know what Reverie's insanity means.
It means some scary sheet will come for them...

Oh and don't forget that I'm listening to some quite satanic metal atm(not all metal is satanic kids just some of it)
So ye, it's dark, cold, and creepy, what else would you want?

The Eternal Guardians · C16
3 weeks ago

Daoist_Leonidian: Is it truly immoral? I would consider the enemy sending more than 10 to fight me to be immoral! It is wrong to not give me the better odds!

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C348
1 month ago
But it's immoral🧐 View More

Daoist_Leonidian: WOW use the enemies own forces as kamikaze troopers... harsh. I LOVE IT

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C348
1 month ago
I just finished rereading this piece of art.
It is bcs of this novel or better said author, that I started writing my own novel all that time ago..

It pains me to see how it's been nearly a year without any notice form Sloth.

But most logical conclusion for his absence is severe trouble irl.
I mean, if it was school or work, he would've noticed us.
It takes a couple of minutes to write a notice of such kind.
He either died or is lacking electronic devices.

Eh, slothy, if ya reading this, I hope you explain your 9month absence.
Even if you dropped the novel, it's ok.
I just hope you ok.

Well, now it's really time for me to move on. View More
Steampunk Apocalypse! · C193
1 month ago

Theodoric: When I read that line that announces dupes pregnancy I nearly chocked on my phone while trying to stifle my laughter.
I am dying.


I thought I'm good at bombing in a novel, yet here you are.
Snoozy-sensei cannot be beaten in that area of expertise.

Steampunk Apocalypse! · C191
1 month ago

ShadowS0ul: I can see where you’re coming from. It would definitely be an option to further "drag out" the story^^

Castle of Black Iron · C1995
1 month ago
So, it's like 4 am here and I'm depressed, disappointed in life and extremely bored.
Then I saw your review and the argument below.
Time to kill the boredom.
(Warning. My English might not be of your level, oh high and mighty linguist, for I am not a native English speaker)

I'm currently at the last chap of this masterpiece of a novel.
Yes, it is quite childish and weird at the beginning.

It's about a kid, in a post apocalyptic world, in a completely male school. Ofc he's gonna be a horny little motherf*ker.

Much later he gets stronger and more mature.

As for rape. Well he didn't even rape her for Christ sake.
But he did smt much much worse (killed someone important 😋) in the future.
He got a big backlash from his immoral attempt of rape.
The tree literally said no-no.
I don't see why argue with everyone here about that?
Yeah, rape is bad, but I do believe that severed limbs, heads, and broken skulls are way better than that.
I mean, is it better to rape a woman or to go about choppin' heads and limbs, killing wolves for fruits and all the other stuff.
Rape, if you ask me, is a lower crime.
It's just a violation of one's integrity.

Fun fact:
Depending on where you from, there's up to 80% possibility that half your ancestors are children of raped women, or are the rapists.(that's logically way in the past when things were simpler and humans knew how to conquer).
That technically means that most of us exist bcs of rape.

If you don't agree it just means that you don't live in the region where conquests were common.

Ofc I advise you to do some research in history, it'll help you cope with these informations I gave you.

Oh, and ofc, please do react to this.
I am bored af and will be bored af in the next couple of days.

Also, a piece of mind:
I hope you aren't this vile towards original writers?
Especially the new ones?
Bcs those guys need encouragement and support.
If you give them a bad review too early then you'll undermine their efforts to go bigger and probably kill their will.
And make it harder to them to push through other novels.
All bcs one jackass decided he gonna give one star bcs he missed a plot point.....

Peace out ✌️ View More

Lzsd80: The author is to inconsistent and honestly he's just not very good. This story is littered with so many instances that just make you roll your eyes and wonder if the author has ever had any interaction with living beings because the scenarios he comes up with the actions of the people in this novel are simply unrealistic. The hardest part was getting through the firs 110+ chapters because it felt like I was reading a novel written by a child. That or he is a closet pedophile.

Castle of Black Iron
1 month ago

weploks: ummm no

Castle of Black Iron · C1995
1 month ago

ShadowS0ul: Sorry to disappoint, but according to stats guy in the reviews there are only 65 chapters left🤷🏼‍♂️

Castle of Black Iron · C1995
1 month ago
Yea, I am aware of that.
I was just joking, bcs the plot twist literally made it possible for couple hundred new chaps😂 View More

ShadowS0ul: Sorry to disappoint, but according to stats guy in the reviews there are only 65 chapters left🤷🏼‍♂️

Castle of Black Iron · C1995
1 month ago

SnoozySloth: Story seems interesting. The writing is a bit rough and there are quite a few grammar mistakes, but I've seen much worse.

N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning(old version) · C1
1 month ago
And now we can have 500 chapters more, yay😂😂😆
Now he'll be like going around and having that Deja Vu feeling all the time😆😆 View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1995
1 month ago
Old comm, but I still need to say:
Why the heck do you think makes you right and everyone else wrong?
I mean I didn't read many mangas not watched too many animes but I can smell a cliche or a overused thematics a kilometer away.
And I'm gonna tell ya, as an author, you dude need to chill down.
I am aware that this novel is prob dropped, and I am aware that this is an old thread but idc.
This novel is like a holy book to me, it made me start writing.
If I ever finish my works, I invite you to read them and dig out every single place I plagiarised other works.
Second expansion is a complete ripoff from everything I've ever read seen or heard ya know.
All that with a touch of my style.
Same as everyone.
Impossible to make something completely new that nobody else thought of a day before you.
There 7 fuckin billion people on this poor planet, everyone with a brain of their own.

I find this author quite interesting indeed. And I don't care what a random fella has to say bout it.

This is democracy and you've been beaten I believe.
Why spit on him?
Did he rape your dog?
Did he insult you?
It's absolutely not ok to go around telling people that they copied others and are talentless.
It's bad and immoral.
Makes you look like a villain.

And did you write that novel that you've been challenged to write?😈 View More

NippleGod: Not enough world back ground I feel like this is a mix of full metal alchemist world with the seven deadly sins homunculus but there called the seven nightmares. .... many stolen names and ideas from other famous creators shows that you could have just made up yourself to save the trouble. Literally have one punch man written word for word in your novel bro that’s just plain stealing. Forced plot of moving from one organization to another to fast no consistent power scaling literally everyone is at the same power level. Trash mc being put through so much stressed to further your plot cause you don’t know how to write a story just about him. Too many full metal alchemist rip offs what was the point of having all his arms and legs ripped off bro do you know what phantom limb pain does to you I don’t care how strong. A rapper is you should be going through something when you forcibly get your limb cut off.
Dad forced to die Cause no one orginization can keep him safe for long.
My advice to you is stop stealing sit down for a second and make your own story bro cause I’ve read it somewhere else

Steampunk Apocalypse!
2 months ago
Soooo, we don't know any thing about MH parents yeah?
Soooo, if this Ji pup wants to 'exterminate' his clan he'll have to work some more🤔
Aaaaand, there's some sort of a possibility that MH parent are some sort of badass strong cultivators (if that woman that appeared during Song clan husband searching was his mother that is)
So good luck to Ji guy with that😆😆😆
If he survives that is....😂😂😂 View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C304
2 months ago
Well cr*ap😑 View More

jillyvon: Yeah, almost a hundred chapters left

Castle of Black Iron · C1974
2 months ago
It's been nice reading this, is it really gonna end soon? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1974
2 months ago

Rivruhs: 5 chapters in 1 day???Holy hell is today xmas???

Castle of Black Iron · C1974
2 months ago

atratusimperator: They're just behind and we are just about to the end of the story.

Castle of Black Iron · C1974
2 months ago
Actually, in Chinese mythology dogs were never (or rarely) named.
Mostly they are referred to only as "dog"
Sooooo, he prob gonna be nameless till the end View More

Wenaluna: Gooddammiitt the feels mahn! Name him already!

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C131
2 months ago

Fifi: Wait, it should has fur, right? What the copper mirror doing? 😁

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C131
2 months ago
One question:
Why does everyone hate plot armor?
I mean this is quite a good novel so far and it has 1600+ chaps.
Without plot armor it would end here and now, which would be highly anticlimactic and would arouse anger from reader right?
And this time it wasn't the "out of the blue" type of plot armor, it was placed there before. So it was well planned.

Of course it would be better if novels could go without plot armor, but it is simply impossible
As the MC grows more powerful, especially in cultivation world, he ought to find himself in dire situations.
I mean him being at the 8th stage and meeting a foundation stage guy, he is dead for sure.
If not for armor View More

LoliDaoist: Plot armour comes into rescue 😒

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C66
2 months ago
It says rare, not indestructible 😁
You can make ten wooden chairs in a world without wooden chairs and they would be considered rare, but would not be special in any other way View More

Your_Majesty_Fina: "the hellspike is very rare, theres only 100+ in this world"

Destroyed by a random arrow.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C63
2 months ago
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