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Original Works

  • N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning

    N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning



    I live on Gronos, a place full of terrible wars, skillful assassins and god-like emperors. Emperors fall like flies, people die in great numbers. Empires, however, they never fall. Life here is spent quickly. You are born, live a life with whatever goals and ideals you have and then die from lead/iron/laser(etc.) poisoning. I, for example, have been an ordinary teenager until the attack that ruined my life. Never gave a shit. Now, I go here and there and harvest lives of good and bad, rich and poor, foul and holy. You pay they die. It's that simple. Or they just die, ask my mood. But after me only emptiness is left. I also go on to complete a task that ends me. But who cares? As for you, dear person who reads this, I have only one thing to say: I know where you sleep, for I am more than I seem to be. My peace is at the same place as my memories, lost to the winds of times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It may be weird how I decided do make my MC a partially schizophrenic madman who slaughters his way through life. It is on purpose. And do not worry, it all ends up well :} Watch for the twists and turns. I'm bad at keeping my mouth (and thought process) shut (and undistracted). So you could end up with a spoiled thing. What a joker I am. Chapters in range of around 1.6k-2.4k words. They will not be going under 1.6k words. The book is changing it's overall direction in meantime so it's changing it's plot rather often. If you are not willing to read some quite complicated shit, then go around this one. WARNING!!! It's on hiatus till the end of summer. I have some personal s*it to attend to...

  • N°1: Collections of Gronos

    N°1: Collections of Gronos


    This novel... No, let's call it a book or whatever. This is a collection book holding many stories based on Gronos and its men. They are primarily war stories with varying points of view.(FP and TP) If u wanna get to know the planet Gronos go read my first novel. Releases will be one story for a day. If the story has insufficient words, readers will be provided with another one. But will of course have to provide me with info of what to change, and of course support in powerstones. No things come free. Special info: Stories might leave Gronosian universe and add a spicy touch to my work.


hi, this is a surprise
to see a new comment here, i mean :) View More

qiao: Hi

N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning · C1
1 week ago
He has just began speaking, wait for him to hit 'em.. View More

jedi1123: Now we see the evil side of Timothy which I'll be honest is pretty scary.

The Union · C275
1 month ago
Agreed View More

jedi1123: Leopold was dishonest bastardized man but when the time came he upheld his honor and died for a city not his own but his daughter in laws. If anyone of you don't agree I will find you and make your life a living hell.

The Union · C274
1 month ago

jedi1123: Leopold was dishonest bastardized man but when the time came he upheld his honor and died for a city not his own but his daughter in laws. If anyone of you don't agree I will find you and make your life a living hell.

The Union · C274
1 month ago
It's ok
Do what you have to do
I sorta know your troubles although I never moved in my life
(Different lifestyles in America and Southeastern Europe I guess) View More

LeoFraust: I try to release at least two a week, though I aim for three. I fell behind because there’s been many events going on and still coming up, such as I’ll soon be moving. So at this point, I’m just trying to update whenever I can, but I’m hoping to start releasing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I can, I’ll try for either daily or bi-daily updates again.

The Six Guns: The Library · C20
1 month ago
Pain in the as for writers View More

LeoFraust: Sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya. Damned Webnovel doesn’t tell me when someone comments on a chapter...

The Six Guns: The Library · C20
1 month ago
Who wants to bet that teh wismarines found a sewer of sort to get into the city?

And when I read that William got his arm cut I was like:
"Sh*it that is a wismarine blade probably soaked in hundred different poisons.
It would be bad if William dies now.
Imagine, no great inspiring Commanders on the Unions side View More
The Union · C271
1 month ago
This little memories thingy you have in this novel reminds me of the little memories thingy stuff in 40 millenniums of cultivation.

And yeah, I preferred the last version where he used only hammer. View More
The Almighty Tyrant · C83
1 month ago
Or in the afternoon, in this case... View More

Theodoric: Fire and brimstone down the walls.
Arrows and bolts.
Carcasses and rocks.
Ladders and rams.

Ah, I like the sight of a siege in the mornin'.

The Union · C267
1 month ago
Fire and brimstone down the walls.
Arrows and bolts.
Carcasses and rocks.
Ladders and rams.

Ah, I like the sight of a siege in the mornin'. View More
The Union · C267
1 month ago

Krazii: They're suddenly on demon snake island? This series needs some serious editting.

Castle of Black Iron · C725
1 month ago
I have a question for you, Leo.
What's your release schedule like?
Or better said:
What should it be like? View More
The Six Guns: The Library · C20
1 month ago
Yeah, me too.
And Roman were actually more like 6-7 thousand men.
But who cares. View More

jedi1123: Well good luck Holm though with William and the Vanadian legions they should hold for a while. Also every time I hear legion I think 10 thousand men not 5 thousand.

The Union · C263
1 month ago
Wismarines have been reminding me of Persians or some other Oriental great power(Turks, Arabs, even Carthage has come to my mind).
It also makes sense for Wismar to be like them since it is the only enemy that is giving a headache to Roman-like Castonians.
Like genuine Persia did to Rome.

That is why I like this novel so much.
It is highly relatable to ancient ages here.
But it also has a great resemblance to middle ages.
I mean look at the situation now:
We have wismarines who believe in Ashkara, and everyone else who believe in the Omniscient.
Wismarine culture is highly Oriental while everyone else is like western european.(everyone else that we have met till this point that is)
Situation is like this for Vanadis:
They are Byzantine empire.
Byzantine empire is the first empire to be assaulted by Turks and Arabs in the medieval period.
It means they had a great grudge against each other.
Hard unification of Castonia and Vanadis is also going in favor of western Europe becoming unified with the east Roman empire.
The story of brothers is also speaking for it, telling us that Castonia and Vanadis are the same but different.

Anyway, I got carried away.
Of I go View More

jedi1123: Honestly they should have seen this coming. Also the trade war is like historical Venice and Instanbul then called Constantinople.

The Union · C262
1 month ago
Well, I know this message is late (a lot) bit good luck to you. View More

LeoFraust: Sorry for the lack of chapters. Fitting into my bee schedule to take care of the multiple projects I’ve set up has been a lot rougher than I first expected. My update frequency will likely be at one or two chapters per week now, rather than one every two days. I’m working on recording and editing some crappy videos, drawing and planning a concept for a short comic web series, looking into local book publishers, practicing music, and struggling to find any time I can spend relaxing now... and just when I get back into working out again, I get sick too... so that was neat. I’m also still working on editing and revising previously finished novels, putting more notes into this novel here, and planning my next series as well. The good news is, I haven’t stopped writing, I’m just in over my head...

The Six Guns: The Library · C18
1 month ago
Will do View More

LeoFraust: I hope you like it more than the first part. Let me know what you think.

The Six Guns: The Library
1 month ago

LeoFraust: I hope you like it more than the first part. Let me know what you think.

The Six Guns: The Library
1 month ago
I will....
Finish this perfectly.

Also, I have a feeling of what type of music to listen to.
Sorry for my previous questionings about your mythology knowledge.
It's good.😁 View More
The Six Guns: The Library · C6
1 month ago
Ok, so you added Norse gods. Nice.
Loki, the trickster God, a mischievous bastard. Laurence, yea right.
I knew you're gonna make the Norse gods rush in the moment I read "two Ravens".
Odin's scouts.
I hope there won't be smt like Greek gods stole Norse gods' home.
Rock on... View More
The Six Guns: The Library · C3
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
Imma post a review before reading,
Just to say that
If this one is as good as the first part,
I'm gonna love it.
And since it's only 20 chaps atm, I'm gonna be done with it in a couple o dayz View More
The Six Guns: The Library
1 month ago
I need to ask:
Why the fu*ck are you mixing Greek Titans with Norse mythology?
You know Valhalla ain't the only heaven, but it's too overused.
Eh, I don't blame you tho, Leo.
But I do hope that you know more of those mythologies than meets the eye. View More
Respawn: Last Man Standing · C23
1 month ago
Chronos, a Titan of ancient Greek mythology.
God of time and harvest if I remember. Usually portraited with a sickle.
Also a father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera and one more goddess (I think it's a goddess I forgot both name and gender).
Chronos ate his children bcs one of em was destined to bring him down from his place of rule upon everything.
He lost a battle against Zeus who escaped being eaten and was locked up in Tartarus together with other Titans.
So yeah quite a guy. View More
Respawn: Last Man Standing · C17
2 months ago
My stock is more than 55 atm..
Didn't read in a while, Soo gonna start now and catch up in a couple o dayz. View More

MJAgo: 👀 ok my stockpiled chapters reach 6 now... hmm im just reading titles of new chapters to find when he will beat up that aunt so i can read them all without any cliffhanger to distribute me...hope it will not take mere than 30 chapters...

Spirit Cultivation · C239
2 months ago
I hate to but I am gonna say it:
But I didn't expect it tho😂 View More
The Union · C246
2 months ago
I'm gonna donate a war elephant to Tim. Is that enough?
Ok, then I'm gonna rise my offer to three stones a day
Fair enough for ya, mate? View More

PortgasAce: If everyone who reads donate at least 1 power stone per day we should be able to get the book to Top 20 at least

The Union · C242
2 months ago
Weren't there two legions left in Canton?
None was mentioned in the past two-three chaps except Goldentooth. View More
The Union · C241
2 months ago
Extreme outnumbering would be the answer I suppose. View More

jedi1123: Exactly it is ridiculous for this to happen. How in the hell did peasants even beat three well trained, well armour legions of one of the fiercest countries in the world.

The Union · C239
2 months ago

CreamAndCookies: I'm the author of this novel so of course I will rate it 5.0. I know it's not perfect for everyone, but for me it is. I may be biased, but a human being is a biased entity. We love our creations and barely see the flaws in them. Because of this, I need your help. Give me your suggestions to make this novel better. Also if you want to support this novel, don't forget to vote your power stones. This will be a journey for both you and me. I hope we enjoy this journey and reach the end with a smile on our faces.

The Union
2 months ago







The Union
2 months ago

jedi1123: Kill em all for I care those people are F'ing monsters. I must say this Timothy loses I'll write an essay just like his brother incident.

The Union · C222
2 months ago
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