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  • Rogue God at the Highschool

    Rogue God at the Highschool

    Fantasy StrongMC R18 Harem Gods Demons

    Once upon a time there was a god so powerful, that everyone feared his name. Well he was also the most noble god who sacrificed himself for the multiverse. Fate acted its part and his wish of having a relaxing normal life was fulfilled...or so he thought.. Watch our mc who embarks his journey in the world of godly and magical beings with his women*cough*companions. Tags: Harem, R18, strong mc, romance, demons and gods, arrogant mc.


All people envy thinngs they don have. View More
DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C2
2 days ago
Noooo if you drown him all fishes and fisherman will die.
If you hang him executions will die first.
Basical conan can make anybody die near him this is his immortal karma ability View More

Thoth0: Someone just hang Conan for me. Or better yet drop him in a lake.

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C554
3 days ago
Reading Status: C40
English is totally unreadable. Nothing new a copy paste of canon storyline with a showoff mc...
Will not waste more time on this useless novel's review. View More
Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction]
3 days ago
Shitty story asia will feel 'pain' so he will save her but not isami. All I see is a whinpy hypocrite and pushover brta mc.
Along with grammar.
I m going to drop this now View More
Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction] · C7
3 days ago
Carry them in one arm each. Are you that dumb mc with your high int stat..... View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C46
3 days ago
Its just authors way of increasing chapter count.
Pointlessly acting arrogant. What will he inspect from the void? More importantly did vimana have that much speed of travel?
It was for moving on a planet not a spaceship you dumb author. View More
Harem God of Origin · C54
3 days ago

TyrandeWhisperwind: I am the exp of my sword
Exp is my body
And exp is my blood
I have created over 1000 reviews Unknown to death
Nor known to life
Have withstood pain to create many reviews
Yet, those hands will never write proper review
And so as I pray...

Harem God of Origin
4 days ago
This is first time i see english butchered in the title Xd View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C547
5 days ago
I bet u never chat. Learn how to spell?. Is this english lecture u dumbass...XD View More
Hentai God System · C15
5 days ago
Its a dumb mc for dumb author. Ofcourse mc is a whimpy ass who cant do the right job. I bet he wont get to fick tis lady as either the effect will be removed or he will be interrupted.
I bet one more thing the update speed will drop at 30+ chapterd and then it wont go above 50 chaps.
.......XD View More

DaoistKindran: I really don't know why he waste time with other things other than sex.... tight job?...he is wasting the time of the pill, he is dumb or what?

Hentai God System · C15
5 days ago

Alex_Lockheart: Awesome troll him more Xd

Rebirth 1973
5 days ago

tekite: I can kill them bc they are not human- um dude werent you going off about Cao Cao calling the fox woman non human or sth? What a fucking hypocrite

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C542
1 week ago
Have you read his previous worh ghostsuckerz haha mc got cockblocked until it was dropped.
You should care more about your works as i dont really see updates there as promisex in start.
Ghostsuckerz View More

GhostyZ: Are you blind or dumb? I am guessing both. But did you already see what the MC did to his mom and the elf maid. Just wait till the real R-18 comes Alex Cuckheart.

Hentai God System · C8
1 week ago
Awesome troll him more Xd View More

Mumbajumba: Do you have a pepee mr.brick? İf you have, why do you have it.just curious. I have Never seen or heard about a brick that has a pepee!

Rebirth 1973
1 week ago

Mumbajumba: Do you have a pepee mr.brick? İf you have, why do you have it.just curious. I have Never seen or heard about a brick that has a pepee!

Rebirth 1973
1 week ago

Mumbajumba: Do you have a pepee mr.brick? İf you have, why do you have it.just curious. I have Never seen or heard about a brick that has a pepee!

Rebirth 1973
1 week ago
Reading Status: C19
Well there are many issues. First one is romance it is nonexistent. Every harem story needs proper romance to build up intreast and anticipation.
Fast paced story is good but it looks like authour lacks talent to describe scenes.
The currency system is messed up. And yes if he is good in business then why is he not using money properly and behave like xianxia protagonist in money matters.
There is no reason for that much popularity with girls.Being best in grades and with good looks donot make girls headover heels for you.
Do you even know how technology works author. He joined a company for hardware knowledge but worked in soft department then how the hell he learnt their hardware.
And are yoh joking that someone with 160 iq can learn all knowledge from harvard in some months. Looks like your iq is too low to understand this.
Well english is too messed up and sometimes you write $2 as $20 or 10000 in place of 5000.
Overall its too disappointing. View More
Rebirth 1973
1 week ago
Its not a hentai god. Its a cockblock god...XD
Whats the difference. In this life he is still basically fapping not doing real act View More
Hentai God System · C8
1 week ago
I dont want to see your ****. Whats the meaning of doing all the titty**** and all. Just keep him virgin all to 50 chapters where you will just drop the story View More
Hentai God System · C7
1 week ago
You said it will not be the cliche development but you did the same. Fucker author its just the cliche development to incresase plot View More
The path of the lustful demon · C119
1 week ago
A special organ girl cultivators have that author made up
*pfff* .. haha View More

GardenDevil: What's a colitis?

The path of the lustful demon · C4
2 weeks ago
I know u are a nigga author but keep this **** to yourself dont waste my time. View More
Limitless Dream System: Primordial Creation · C50
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C40
Its starsts good and gives you some hope. But after readi g next chapters till nearlt 20 it gets annoying.
And next chapters it becomes illogical.
And most depressing thing is that it is a false harem.
He does not get a single girl other than bleach
It looks like this mc is going round to get girls for broken mc from other stories.
Authors brain is like ****. He wants us to accept the idioticity he imagined. View More
Bleached Multiverse
2 weeks ago
Too much **** brainless author all attacks were just enough to shatter the shield nothing more.
Fuck if someone treats you like that bad and you dont even show resentment. He did nothing to teach them a lesson.
This story has too much **** and self made views. View More
Bleached Multiverse · C28
2 weeks ago
Well it just looks too forced. It looks obvious that you are finding gf for saske in this chap.
Well I like the story more when mc and his girls are given screentime.
It looks like ichigo is on gf finding mission for lost boy sasuke. I seriously hate stupid male mc from animes. And here is when i drop ur novel. View More
Bleached Multiverse · C16
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C50
Well this was one of the most satisfying novels i have ever read. Although it is on haitus but I think it has great potential and can become a great story. Hope author gets past hisjob issues and starts writing again. View More
Adventures of Lord Genesis
2 weeks ago
I hope you present us with some good chapters man.
This has potential to match atg.
Also I would like to suggest the first wife to be lover of his eighth incarnation.
Op mc nerd op waifus..XD View More
Adventures of Lord Genesis · C50
2 weeks ago
This was birth of gandalf the great mo...XD View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C57
2 weeks ago
Do you have any sense of money author.
This hotel will be more wealthy than empires. 1m can buy an empire and 5k for a single room?
I dont think I need to show calculations. View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C37
2 weeks ago
They should save taught him pleasures of flesh.
By the time he comes you will have extra family..
XD View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C7
2 weeks ago
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