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  • I got reborn,after an immortal dispersed my soul!!!

    I got reborn,after an immortal dispersed my soul!!!


    Allen,16,has girlfriend,average grades,likes anime,manga and light novels,an extremely ordinary person.One day while Allen was walking home from school, he fell in a hole. Or at least that was what he thought it was. It turned out to be a space/worm hole opened by a god who was looking for a disciple.The god was strenghtening the soul of the Mc,to make it stronger,but the mc irked him with his cursing,resulting in the god using too much force.That was how Allen died. Or did he? I am gonna change some worlds a little bit,because I don't know everything about them. i doont promise ill write everyday but ill write at leat 3 times a week while i have ideas

  • A commoner's wish

    A commoner's wish

    Magical Realism

    Steven is a 10th grader.Green eyes,dark hair,has had a girlfriend,average grades.Nothing particularly special about him,except that he is incredibly obsessed with light novels,manga and anime.His only wish was that he can learn some magic,cultivation or something fantastical at all.But everyday he woke up in the same world,in the same body leading the same boring life...Or did he?


Making it premium is a sure way to earn some money, but patreon may get you more.So one is secure and the other is kinda lucky-ish. View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C0
3 days ago
The ending is lame af. View More
· C210
3 days ago
Is it just me or is it so monotonous that you could guess the end ant it kills the joke....we need something new.the author is basically repeating what happened with every tamed beast so far.... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1708
1 week ago
You would be worse than him.You dont have the balls to take a gun barrel and put it next to your head.Foking idiot. View More

kuuhh: Uh so yes basically you're usueless, a coward, everyone can make you make anything. They can even sexually assault you you dont resist. You're a piece of **** .........

The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) · C24
1 week ago
This novel is actually pretty cool.Even though I started because I thoght that it is only fking no story. View More
The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) · C24
1 week ago
While it sound funny, imagine a grown woman crying and hitting a man in her anger.It looks sad... View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C299
1 week ago
("Holding a gun")When is the next chapter?(scary smile) View More
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Supreme Emperor · C15
1 week ago
Just do it smartly.Not with plot armour. View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C0
2 weeks ago
Next chap? View More
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Supreme Emperor · C12
3 weeks ago
Momo for the win View More
Reincarnated in the My Hero Academia world as Todoroki · C44
3 weeks ago
Please tell me you are gonna update the HP story! I need more ninja house elves... View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C38
4 weeks ago
By BG do you mean Bulgaria if so im here xd
no harem btw View More
In Marvel as a Slime (MU) · C10
4 weeks ago
I am interested even if you have girls in bed how would you take them all.After all realistically speaking 4-5times is a limit that is hard to overcome View More

soloturk_35: If I were him, I called all my girls and **** them all together. 😁😁😁😁

Sex Stories · C27
1 month ago
You better think about you cr*ppy plot View More
Craftsman System In My Hero Academia · C2
1 month ago
Finally someone with a good backstory and no mistakes.Praise the Lord!!! View More
When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C1
1 month ago
Bad enough to make me stop reading it.
Revise your plot.Think of something else, please.
Stop using didn't where you should put hadn't. View More
The Irregular In ATG · C1
1 month ago
It seems ok but you should edit it. Correct your mistakes ,please. View More
Saitama: The Strongest Hero arriving in the Cultivation Realms · C1
1 month ago
I activate my house elves!
They can teleport around you and behead you... View More

Ilumie: Thanks for the chapter, like how he just doesn't give a f*** about how a potential serial killer is being groomed in the cupboard XD

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C7
1 month ago
My mind exactly View More

OneSmiling: Yugioh?

The Card Apprentice
1 month ago
Although what you've written is okay it lacks originality
Please try to think of your own plot not only copying what happened in the episodes
Thx I vri much View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C5
1 month ago
You could have built a lot stronger character as you have said
At the same time while I would like you to continue I think that this story has potential that has been a little wasted View More
(Dropped) Boku no Toraburu · C0
1 month ago

tekite: Read more. This cliche setting is just cringe now. Its not about the MC doing something else, its the author writing about people who are not just 2 dimensional. Everyone in this novel has 10 IQ would u disagree with me? With the way they have been acting and the things they have been saying and doing? Interstellar civilization my ass, its just a copy paste of a cultivation novel template.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C40
1 month ago

Hollow_Tears: So 3 things bud. first it seems you have not read a lot of Chinese novels bc they tend to have mc's who rise from the ashes, or dirt, or poor (whatever you want to call it) face slap people who look down on the mc(usually people with a higher standard noble, rich man, or whatever). which you obviously do not get bc the same thing is happening to mc.
2nd the author already hinted at what he is going to do to fix the problem he has got 3 choices. rely on genetic potion making or whatever u wanna call to make money and break from the family, next the school is a higher power and will be his supporter to help him get out of it, or he just leaves and goes to the university and somehow pays for it with his "talent" or the author does not bring up having to pay for school which would be another dumb thing 4th something dumb like making a deal or face slapping his clan so the author can show off how awesome mc is and how right he is bc his clan is arrogant bc the author can't write something better.
3rd if u can't notice any of that stuff bc u can't look that far ahead and try to forshadow things on ur own u should not critizize my comment. bc to me it seems like u don't know what ur talking abt. also ur last sentence makes no sense, u tried to insult me for no apparent reason, saying i wait for face slapping that is just the dumbest thing i have ever heard who actually in irl thinks that people want to be arrogant and show off all the time so they can then face slap people, just dumb.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C40
1 month ago

AliefLucas: That reference of school days defeated me....🤣🤣🤣🤣

Peak Human In An Anime World · C7
1 month ago
If you try to drop I'll gather the gang, go to your house, catch you and force you to write nonstop
So please don't (insert cute smiling anime girl here) View More
Peak Human In An Anime World · C7
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
....................................hdgzjgzfjdfizvxy9yofuldykfhmdydksfkdkgchkfldkjzlfhahdHlsrusufsfs4hrstuzhfzfizjfzkhdzkduzfuxkusourzuofxofzoufz0ufxgidyoc9y View More
(Bts)Yoonmin-This is My Kingdom Come
1 month ago
Well done
In other stories the MC accepts everything by saying I'll avenge you and **** like that
I like that you have built a realistic human model a lot
Because the mc is actually stealing someone else's life it is natural and human to feel remorse View More
(Dropped) Boku no Toraburu · C0
1 month ago
I really hope that the statue boy will help them View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1602
1 month ago
I am sorry mate... View More

Vampirecat: Just because you've never encountered it doesn't mean it doesn't happen in real life. I have an aunt who used to be like Lu Man's dad. She stopped only after developing Alzheimer's.

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C201
1 month ago
You do know that these things don't happen really right? View More

Mmunchkin97: I hate people like that. Using their seniority and an excuse of being a "family". Shameless persons. 🙄

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C201
1 month ago
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