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    "I want to run away from everything." Something clicked around her wrist, and Hui Yin looked down in surprise as Lu Shen bound their wrists together with handcuffs. "If you want to run away, take me with you," he said, his eyes dark. She was bullied, tricked, made fun of, and even killed. She thought he loved her, but he easily exchanged her for another woman. She thought the people around her were good, but they were the ones who stabbed her in the back. She was stupid, foolish, and innocent. That girl was dead. And now, she was reborn. [This book was previously known as ‘Revenge Sevenfold’].

  • Blackened Male God, Bye Again

    Blackened Male God, Bye Again

    Fantasy Romance transmigration angst mature beautifulfemalelead obsessive ancientchina maleleadfallsinlovefirst Yanderemalelead Blackening


    In the first world she transmigrated into, Song Jia accidentally killed the original host and made the monarch so insane with grief that the whole world was destroyed with him. Having no salary for six months because of this fiasco, Song Jia wanted to cry but had no tears. In the second world she transmigrated into, Song Jia had to raise a cute little bun and thought that her job this time would be easy. In the end, the cute little bun became a ruthless hegemon that banned all candied haws because she once ignored him to buy one in the street market. Song Jia nearly flipped a table in anger. Why are these male gods* so abnormal? She just wanted to get her salary, ah! *Male Gods are actually a Chinese term for 男神 (Nanshen); meaning godly males, or OP male characters.


Willowy: Having a god hubby and a godly daughter, Lan Loufeng is the true master in this world.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C665
2 weeks ago
Xie Yi x Luo Lang <3 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C547
4 months ago
Sangjin, don’t die...like seriously, we need some companions for Hansoo that has been there from the Tutorial. And dear translator, updates please! View More
Reincarnator · C426
4 months ago

Undying_LonelySoul: Will I reach 777 power Stones before the novel ends? Stay tuned!

Reincarnator · C426
4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More

MingLin: Thanks for the chappy

Reincarnator · C426
5 months ago
When will the Abyss wholly open? Let these mfs see what the real problem is. And I’ve also been dying to see Hansoo squash Clementine into a pulp for a while now~ View More
Reincarnator · C426
5 months ago
Gah, I’m confused since it’s been a long time that I read this. Is Nerpa that genius guy who was making AIs and VR? Or is a different person? Anyway, I like this version of Hansoo. Being a martyr was too tiring anyway. View More
Reincarnator · C423
5 months ago
I’m getting tired just thinking about how many hurdles there are left, how did Hansoo not go crazy doing these things again and again... View More
Reincarnator · C39
5 months ago
The name ‘Kang Hansoo’ would either become a curse word or a blessing for people from now on View More
Reincarnator · C33
5 months ago
Basically all the Lords are the only one defending the castle while the semi-whatever thing union is only dungeon diving. Hansoo told them to defend now, not later, because the Lords’ will be a mess if they delay any further. Disagreement ensues. MC berserks View More

Keyang27: Please explain what he did to make them all attack him. Maybe I missed something or misread (easy to do with the translation).

Reincarnator · C28
5 months ago
Rereader here. Yeah, the tl is pretty bad but stay with this madman Kang Hansoo~ View More
Reincarnator · C21
5 months ago

_RedVelvet: It's a good novel worth reading... Only, it's ruined by the translation quality

Reincarnator · C21
5 months ago
Bear with these annoying characters, guys. It’s for the greater good. View More
Reincarnator · C8
5 months ago
Hansoo, m’man! Thought I have to wait ages until it updates again. Glad to read about this madman in WN. View More
Reincarnator · C1
5 months ago

Blood_and_Blossoms: I’m going to get this out of the way- I was also disappointed with the ending but not because I was feeling sorry for Lu Shen. Who the FL ended up with was her decision, and I personally think you built up how she could never go back to loving him very well. I also really liked her with Jiang Xu- so that isn’t why I am disappointed.
I was disappointed because the ending literally came out of nowhere. I honestly thought it was a prank. We’ve had almost 200 chapters of build up, and everything was ‘resolved’ in like 15 chapters. Just give this guy some beer and he’ll magically fix all these troubles that have pledged you. Even conveniently erase Lu Shen’s memories so she gets a fresh start.
She literally did everything to get away from him and his obsession, but she was trapped. It just felt... too easy. It was building up to some big conflict or confrontation- but they find her killer easy enough, discover and deal with her brother almost instantly so that plot point is never flushed out- and I’m just left feeling sad.
I respect you as an author and I think you’ve done some great things with this story- but as a reader, I must tell you that while the ending wasn’t bad- it was unexpected and felt unearned. This dues ex machina is a device that every reader scorns, and this marriage god in your story is this. I loved your story because it dealt with obsession, and how it can destroy both people. It was interesting and I felt invested- but as soon as you introduced that marriage god, I’ve felt detached and pretty indifferent.
Maybe it’s just me- but all I know is that I wanted our FL to get out of her situation with her own power. Crazy I know- she probably couldn’t. But even her killing herself to escape him and ending up in the maid’s body would have felt better for me- because she chose to take control, and killed herself- with no ‘guarantee she wouldn’t really die so it doesn’t really matter’.
The marriage god takes all the stakes out of the story and it lost all of its *******. *sigh* this is just a reader rant. I hope you get some use out of this review.
I wish you all the luck in the future

Captivate · C204
5 months ago

FlorentinaAndreea: What is this? Did that Pei bastard cloned himself when we weren't looking?

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C237
5 months ago
He knows it’s you, that’s why he kissed you *wink* View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C506
5 months ago
I think QM won’t recognize her as FJ but as her hacker identity that he met before? View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C494
6 months ago

SugarOverload: FL is so angry at the lack of trust. But does she even know that trust is a two way street? Arrrgghh.... I'm hoping that the plot gets better soon... so tired of her tantrums

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C182
6 months ago
I read the first few sentences and skipped it. Goodbye, my spirit stones~ View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C180
6 months ago
Fine, just have Su Tang swallow Li Lei whole since Ye Xingling is willing to be swallowed by Pei Ziheng. View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C177
6 months ago
Li Lei will be hurt seeing them in that position. I just hope Xia Ling would understand his jealousy and not lash out at him again. Feng Kun x Ah Wei for the world! View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C175
6 months ago
The co-actress that acted with Hui Yin in an idol girl group drama TV series ^^ View More

flowerglow: Who is Bao Bai?

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
She’s back at a point in time where she already died in a car accident. The accident has to happen before HY comes back because Yue Lao said that’s the only time the culprit exposes himself. Don’t worry, I’m planning to re-edit this in the future ^^ View More

VanillaCoco27: U said she's back in her previous life..but why is she dead already. ?.and it' has been 12yrs since her passing... its still confusing,, I don't really understand where this story going, ,,

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
Because she died in a car accident here. HY raised this question to Yue Lao too, in the previous chapters. Now that her body is a corpse, she has to put her soul in somebody else’s. View More

cheche1223: Hi author im an avid reader of your story. May i ask of HY comes back at her previous self why is she not HY anymore?

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
Actually there’s no reason for the title, I just used 7 because it sounds good. I mean, the title wouldn’t sound as good if it was named Revenge Threefold 😅 View More

NerdyIntrovert: Just a question.... Will HY die 7 times in this story, thus the title Revenge Sevenfold or any other reason behind the title named so??

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
Every time she uses the hairpin, that life resets as if she had never changed anything there. So her body with the amnesiac Lu Shen (if this is what you mean by the second life) is still there, doing what HY originally did in the past. View More

_Riham_: So author she will continue to comeback in her 1st life until she kill her brother right ?
And another question when she is in her 1st life what about her presence in 2nd life ? Does she transfer without anyone noticing ?

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
I’m planning to end this after 200 chapters ^^ View More

komorebi_rose: I think you already mentioned this but how long do you think this novel will be?

Captivate · C175
6 months ago
I wish in the next chapter the overlord gets a douse of vinegar from the Mu brothers...probably not though... View More
Overlord, Love Me Tender · C123
7 months ago
Your girl is too dazzling, LL View More

Melisha_Stara: Uh, so he’s just going to ignore the warning? Okay, you want to do this the hard way? We’ll do this the hard way. Li Lei, we need another clean up job!

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C146
7 months ago
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